The NBM Murders

(Note: The volume of NBM related murders is such that documenting them all has become increasingly time consuming and is a task i have for the moment suspended – Uche 7/7/20)

A collection of new articles where the NBM of Africa are named as responsible for murder(s) or arrested for related activities such as firearm possession. In some instances also where a member himself was murdered by rivals.

Sadly only a small percentage of news reports actually name the group (either as ‘The Black Axe’ or ‘The Aiye Confraternity’) and a majority of cult related killings go unattributed as to who is responsible.

Of these hundreds of unattributed killings I’d suggest somewhere between ‘a very large amount’ to ‘a majority’ are directly related to the NBM’s activities.

In some instances it’ll be possible to marry unattributed murders to secret NBM forum posts where the NBM gloat about the murders and publish what they call “war scores” recording how many members of a rival group they have murdered.

The NBM Murders:

February 2020:

On the 3rd Feb it’s reported that 22 NBM members in Lagos State are arrested and arraigned on two charges: conspired to commit murder and conducting themselves in a way likely to cause a breach of the public peace. The accused persons were alleged to have killed one Ajibola Muyideen, 40, Afolabi Onifade and four others.

On the 16th Feb it’s reported Lagos State police arrested the “most wanted Aiye Confraternity cult leader, Samora, and eight other members”… “for murder, armed robbery and other related offences”. Police sated ““The gang is responsible for a series of violent attacks and gang violence in Imota and environs. One of such violent attacks happened on February 12, at about 8.30 am  which led to the death of David  Nwanga, 30 , of Araro Adamo area”

On the 21st Feb it’s reported two are left dead following a battle between two cults. When “the dust had settled, two people including “Soko” have been butchered to death”. In another report further information is added that the victims were killed and their hands removed by members of the NBM.

Also on the 21st Feb it is reported that 15 people have been killed in the space of 4 days in Edo State relating to violence between the NBM and Eiye. Victims reportedly “mowed down in gruesome manner”.

On Feb 22nd it’s reported that after another clash in Lagos State between the NBM and Eiye “two persons had been hacked to death”.

On the 23rd Feb it’s reported Lagos State police arrest 17 cultists following a battle between NBM and Eiye. Which after “freely brandishing cutlasses and axes” left “many of the participants with various degrees of injuries”.

On the 24th Feb it’s reported 3 people have been killed in different clashes in Lagos State. Firstly NBM members kill two Eiye members who then followed with a reprisal attack leaving an NBM member dead.

On the 25th Feb it’s reported that 4 people are murdered in Benue State. Making it 5 people killed in 3 days following clashes between the NBM and “Red Axe”. A source who “did not want to be named said one Black Axe cult member was killed and in a reprisal attack, four Red members were killed including the pharmacist who was a Red member; he was shot in his shop”

Also on the 25th it’s reported that the Inspector General of Police has deployed a special team to Edo State to curb the killings. The latest violence between the NBM and Eiye there leaving the “son of a Benin Chief was shot and rushed to the hospital where doctors are battling to save him” and “A headless body suspected to be related to cult killing was Tuesday morning found”

January 2020:

NBM member murdered in Delta State during a cult war between NBM and Vikings. A fellow member arrested “while trying to deposit his corpse at the Orerokpe General Hospital”.

86 Cultists arrested in Ikorodu, Lagos State. Reported to be members of the NBM and Eiye Confraternity. “Eleven assorted pistols of different calibre with large quantity of ammunition were recovered from the suspects. The suspects confessed to be responsible for series of violent attacks, murder and armed robbery incidents recorded in Ikorodu area of Lagos State.”

A cult clash between the NBM and Eiye in Ibadan, Oyo State. One individual killed and then a second shortly afterwards in a “reprisal attack”.

NBM member Abdul Ganiyu arrested and facing charges of murder, robbery and illegal possession of gun. Another member also arrested in possession of a handgun. Both admitting to be members of the NBM and murder “Last year, a rival cult killed our member called Sule. We avenged his death by killing Seyi.”

NBM member Alex Vincent subject to a Benin police manhunt. Wanted for “cultism and willful destruction of a property” after directing fellow NBM members to “take vengeance on Odigie Fabian, a cousin of his he had vowed to eliminate from the surface of the earth for causing the death of his late father Pa Vincent Atinse”

NBM members in Lagos: Sadiq Wahab and Innocent Ahaka facing charges in court (three-count charge of conspiracy, unlawful possession of firearms and membership of a secret society) after been arrested with a handgun.

December 2019:

Lagos NBM member Kayode Abe in court “charged on three counts of conspiracy, murder and belonging to an unlawful society” after shooting a man in the chest killing him.

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Three wanted Lagos NBM members are arrested for murder, armed robbery, violent attacks, cultism and land grabbing. Having reportedly killed a man “the body was mutilated with the two hands severed and a leg cut off”.

30 people reported dead in Benin City, Edo State following a cult war between the NBM and Eiye. Some of the dead including two brothers who had their mouths butchered with axes. Also another victim murdered, butchered and his heart ripped out so that the assailants could drink his blood.

News story documenting the knock on effects of cult violence. Following NBM and Eiye violence in Benin a young girl’s father is murdered, her freind is raped and she’s made to pay $50,000 for safe passage to Europe to take up as work as a “hair-dresser”.

A pastor hires 6 NBM members to kill a female pastor “for becoming more popular than him in church ministry”. Two of the group are arrested and state “we stormed her residence to attempt to kill her, but we were surprised she was nowhere to be found and that was why we fired guns sporadically into her residence before we left”

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November 2019:

6 NBM members in Lagos remanded for “11-count charge of conspiracy to commit robbery, armed robbery, attempted murder and causing of grievous harm”. The ‘grievous harm’ relating to them shooting a man’s penis off.

NBM and Eiye violence leaving 8 dead in Benin.

6 NBM members in Lagos arrested for “a series of violent attacks, armed robberies, and murders”

13 students of Kogi State University murdered during clashes between NBM and Eiye. “Three students were hacked down in the campus while nine others were killed at different places including a 200 level female student and her boyfriend” and “the victims were said to have been brutally murdered and their body parts dismembered”

October 2019:

NBM and Eiye members go on the rampage in Lekki with them “alleged to have used cutlasses, guns and bottles freely”. One resident describing it as “the situation was scary and felt like a zombie apocalypse”. It was reported the cultists “blocked part of the highway and were robbing, attacking people”

Airlord Paul Sunday described how the NBM attacked him leaving him missing an eye. This motivating him to kill 15 NBM members over a 6 year period.

September 2019:

One NBM member arrested for attempted murder and one Airlord (Eiye) for murder (the stoning of an NBM member) in Lagos State.

NBM member arrested for the murder of a final year student of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri. “on interrogation, confessed membership of Neo Black Movement of Africa alias Black Axe Secret Confraternity of which he is the leader of the dreaded cult group in Imo State University Owerri,”

August 2019:

Confessed NBM member Olaitan Rilwan, 20, arrested “with an automatic pistol hidden in his bag” and a further 24 “suspected cultists and armed robbers were arrested during a follow-up operation”

Three students killed and 10 others injured during clashes between Airlords and the NBM at the University of Lagos. “other students and residents of Nsukka now lived in fear as the clashes between the two confraternities appeared to be endless”

23 suspects arrested in Plateau State. Among them two confessed to been NBM members. One “confessed to have participated in the murder of one Chimeze Agwu and Prince Innocent at Chobe market and Ifesinachi junction respectively” as well as “also participated in the shooting of Ugochukwu Efugh as well as an armed robbery incident at Gada Biyu”. The other member “also confessed to have participated in the killing of Chimeze Agwu at Chobe market in early August”

Two NBM members arrested in Lagos “for conspiracy, murder, unlawful possession of firearms and belonging to unlawful society” following the murder of 20 individuals (15 cultists and “Police sources said five innocent people were killed in the clashes after the cultists mistook them for rival group members.”)

“Oyegoke  allegedly killed one of the nine Eiye cult members identified as Super with a pump action rifle while  Sholalu, who is referred to  as the ‘butcher’ of Aiye fraternity allegedly  used an axe to kill three Eiye members identified as Master, Omo Coach and Bariga”

Numerous cult related murders documented in Lagos State. Including NBM “gang members from Aiye stormed Adefemi Street and attacked Udeme, leading to his right hand being chopped off. He was later killed and his corpse left to rot”

Rivers of blood, death as cultists reign in Lagos communities

July 2019:

An NBM member is arrested for “alleged malicious damage but went berserk during interrogation” which see’s him destroy 17 vehicles with an axe then chase after police officers with it. “He warned cops serving in the station to flee before his return because upon his return with his Black Axe members, they will “spray” the division and kill everyone”. He was shot in the leg and later died in hospital.

Four murders in four days in Lagos during clashes between NBM and Eiye. One woman “was reportedly hacked to death by cult members who exploited the fights to rob innocent people”.

Four more murders in Lagos and several people injured as cultists “disembarked from the motorcycles and started shooting indiscriminately”. “shot at a pregnant woman and a nursing mother, among others. A bullet was extracted from one man’s ankle.”

300 cultists arrested including many NBM members. In one instance robbery squad members raided an NBM hideout arresting ten individuals and seized “Three battle axes, cutlasses, one sledge hammer, assorted charms, flyers soliciting for fund raising for their annual Aiye celebration and three yellow caps” and also in a separate incident relating to a “conspiracy and murder of some cultists in Agbara where two suspects Ibrahim and Olasupo of Black Axe killed a member of Eiye Confraternity. Two motorcycles and dangerous weapons were recovered”

A student at Cross River University of Technology murdered. “Allegedly shot and cut with machetes in front of the Engineering Department”. He was “he was allegedly killed by suspected members of the Black Axe”

40 murders in a 3 month period in Anambra State. Police name the NBM and Vikings as the main protagonists. 700 arrests made. The Chief Prosecutor stating that “in some areas the youths are sponsored to belong to cult groups by wealthy indigenes who are engaged in power tussle in the community” and also the report states “It has also been alleged that politicians are also responsible for the increasing number of cultists the state. Police investigations showed that politicians employ the services of cultists during elections. They even arm them to protect them during elections.”

One NBM murder suspect arrested in Lagos State after initially haven “escaped after leading eight other members of his cult to carry out the murder. Five members of his gang were initially arrested and charged to court for murder.”

June 2019:

Airlords storm an NBM member’s house in Lagos State with the intention of murdering him. He’s not home so they kill his younger brother and his girlfriend. 15 then killed in reprisal attacks. “These cultists are killing each other like chickens”.

“Black Jesus” joined the NBM 8 years ago and claims he worked as a body guard for some politicians. He admits to killing several rival cultists including a former body guard to a member of the house of representatives. Shotting him several times in the head. the article is on page 24.

Four suspects in Ekiti State “for murder, cult activities, possession of cannabis and acts capable of causing breach of public peace”. Two of them NBM members.

Seven murders in Lagos State resulting from NBM versus Eiye fighting. One victim “they used machetes to cut him in the head and body till he died” and “Last week, the cultists used machete to kill a rival” and “On Thursday, another cultist, Makinde popularly called Ma-Ke, was also attacked and killed with machete around the Wemimo area.” and “The cultists also used machete to kill another member, Salami, at Odunsi on Saturday. At Ilaje, around the Majock filling station, a cultist, Tessy, was killed with machete.” Two others were shot.

202 suspected cultists arrested in Lagos State following the deaths of two individuals due to NBM and Eiye fighting. 54 weapons recovered.

“Ebonyi State Police Command said on Saturday that it had arrested 11 suspects allegedly involved in various criminal activities, including murder and cultism”. Identified as members of both the NBM and Vikings. The arrests in response to two murders. One where the victim’s assailants “inflicted several machete cuts on him before abandoning him in a pool of blood” and a reprisal murder.

Ten murders in three weeks in Lagos State leading to the arrest of 21 cultists identified as both NBM and Eiye. NBM members storm an Eiye members house who’s killed along with his wife and another woman.

May 2019:

Two murdered in Cross River State following “Axe men vs Klans confraternity” clash. in what the press reports as a reprisal attack. Police anounce four arrests and a handgun seized.

A murder is followed by reprisal attacks which involved “Four people were beheaded and their heads were dumped at Abraham Adesanyan bus stop” due to “cult war was between Eiye and Aiye groups”

Cult war: Decapitated bodies litter Lagos communities

11 dead in Benin including “The latest killing was the hacking of three persons to death” during “renewed cult war between Eiye and black axe”

Kanu, IPOB and the UN

In Lagos State an “ongoing cult war between suspected members of Aiye and Eiye confraternities has led to the killing of four persons” including a security guard “hacked down by an eight-man killer squad in front of a supermarket” and a wine-seller “was beaten to death with a rod”.

“The police in Ekiti State have arrested four suspects in connection with alleged murders, cult activities, illegal possession of drugs and acts capable of causing a breach of public peace…. “. Two “were members of the Aiye Confraternity”

April 2019:

“A student of the University of Uyo (UNIUYO), was yesterday hacked to death”. The “victim was killed by four students suspected to be members of the Black Axe cult”

Cultists KILLS 300L UNIUYO student in Akwa Ibom

Seven murders in 2 weeks in Lagos State. “the lifeless bodies of four yet to be identified persons were recovered… hacked down during fracas between suspected members of Aiye and Eiye confraternity”. “police said that the head of one of the victim was severed off, while others had various cutlass wounds. The police said that the deceased who were members of Eiye confraternity, were allegedly killed by the rival gang, Aiye”

Ten people murdered in Ogun State. “Members of the Aiye descended on the other group killing six on the spot” and the subsequent reprisal attacks.

Three arrests of “suspected cultists in connection with  several killings” who “were  members of Aiye confraternity allegedly named the Chairman of  Yaba branch of the National Union of Road Transport Workers ( NURTW)  Femi Akinboyeku ( aka J pron ) as the sponsor of the attack”

Three Nigerians murdered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during a NBM/Viking clash.

Four attests after 3 murders in Cross Rivers State following NBM fighting with a rival cult

17 murders in Imo State as the NBM are used as political thugs/assasians.

6 murders in one week following the death of an NBM member. The group going mental during the usual reprisal attack.

Five NBM members arrested for two murders in Imo State. One victim “gruesomely gunned down by unknown assailants of a rival cult group… (the) suspects confessed to belonging to Black Axe Secret Confraternity that orchestrated the gruesome murder

Kanu, IPOB and the UN

21 cultists arrested by the police including one NBM member who confessed to the murder of 3 people in Oyo State

Four man armed gang arrested by police as they attempt to undertake a reprisal attack following a murder by an NBM member in Benin.

March 2019:

Three arrested in Imo State following the murder of two people. Both shot dead. Two 9mm pistols and a locally made firearm found in the possession of the assailants who police confirm as “member of the Aiye confraternity”

Two more individuals arrested (including the three documented above) in Imo State. Following the murder of an alleged Viking member. The assailants “confessed to belong to Black Axe Secret Confraternity that orchestrated the gruesome murder”

Four NBM members arrested for the killing of a police officer they claimed was dating a girlfriend of a member of the group in Lagos State.

No arrests following “A young man has been brutally killed by gunmen in Sapele area of Delta state” reportedly “shot dead members of Aiye confraternity (Black Axe)”

A woman who lost 10 babies has her only surviving son murdered by the NBM. “The Aiye cultists continued hitting him with planks. The leader of the Aiye group, Akeju, was said to have brought out a gun and shot my son in the head.”