Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe

Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe, more popularly known as ‘Yinka Mafe’, is a former Majority Leader of the Ogun State House of Assembly. Also the former Chairman, House Committee on Education, Science and Technology.

He was born 4 February 1974.

On the 4 February 2020 he woke up, logged into his several facebook profiles and wished himself a happy birthday and thanked Jesus for another 365 days on Earth.

Later that day, the day of his 46th Birthday, he had a heart attack and died.

The NBM quickly posted the death on their facebook groups lamenting the death of one of their own. Turns out the former Majority Leader of the Ogun State House of Assembly was an Ogun State NBM member.

A politician NBM member is never a good thing. A look back at his life shows it’s nothing short of a huge scandal that he could ever serve, in any sort of capacity, in public service.

According to Wikipedia:

Yinka Mafe had his primary education at Igudu Primary school, Warri, Delta state. He also attended Nana Primary school, also in Warri, Delta state. For his secondary school education, he attended Hussey College Warri, from where he moved to Dom-Domingos college, also in Warri, to complete his Secondary school education. In 1993, he gained admission to study law at the University of Benin.

It then states:

He was called to the Nigerian Bar as Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria after attending the Nigerian Law School Victoria Island Lagos in 2001.

Asiwaju Yinka Mafe moved to the U.K in 2004 and obtained his master’s degree in International Business Law from the Cambridge University in 2006. He took and passed the Qualified Lawyer Transfer Test at the London College of Law where he got his qualifications to practise as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England in the UK. Asiwaju worked as a solicitor in various law firms and later owned the MIB solicitors in the UK after which he wound down the firm and moved back to Nigeria in 2010 to continue his political ambition.

Which is where things kinda get interesting. There are some huge inaccuracies with the later statement.

Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe did indeed move to the UK and operate a law firm called ‘MIB Solicitors’. Though to describe him as having “wound down” the firm is not the case.

Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe defrauded a number of individuals for very large sums of money then went on the run to Nigeria. He was struck off in his profession. Subsequently never allowed to practice law in the UK ever again.

On the 6th May 2010 the Solicitors Regulation Authority held a tribunal against him (in his absence… he had at this time ran off back to Nigeria) where a number of charges were read against him, evidence produced and he was found guilty of the offences.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority state:

On 17th April 2009, DLA Piper wrote to the Legal Complaints Service (”LCS”), on
behalf of their client, Abbey National plc (“Abbey”), expressing concern that some or
all of their clients’ five mortgage advances paid to MIB Solicitors had not been
utilised towards the purchase of the relevant properties, but rather had been dispersed
elsewhere. The sum of £1,651,365.00 had been paid by way of advances in respect of
five transactions during March and April 2009. They indicated the practice appeared
to have been abandoned during mid April 2009. In respect of each transaction, the
Respondent signed Certificates of title, dated from 23rd March 2009 to 7th April 2009.

On 7th April 2009, a payment of £723,000.00 was made with reference to “Samanti”,
and two days later on 9th April 2009, a payment was made in the sum of £695,000.00,
with reference “Yinka”.

It was later found that the £695,000.00 payment with reference “Yinka” was Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe paying his clients money to himself. In true and typical axeman style misappropriating the funds. Stealing large sums of money from people and then running away.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority would further add:

The Tribunal were of the view that this was one of the worst cases of dishonesty that
the Tribunal had dealt with. There had been blatant dishonesty by the Respondent,
who appeared to have misappropriated £695,000 for his own benefit.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority were very helpful when i contacted them and made the original tribunal documents available:

Mafe 10371.09

mafe 10371.09 Order

Upon returning to Nigeria Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe could have put his feet up and lived the life of a king with his ill gotten gains.

However the greedy scoundrel wanted more. He began the pursuit of his political ambitions. Funded by stolen money.

Prior to his escapades in UK:

he had been elected the Councillor of Ward three in Sagamu Local Government Legislative Council in December 1998, a term which ended in 2002.

Following his criminal pursuits in the UK:

he was elected as a member of the Ogun State House of Assembly in 2011 and became the Chairman, House Committee on Education, Science and Technology and re-elected in 2015. He represented Sagamu 1 constituency of Ogun State in the House of Assembly. He was the Majority Leader.

Again his Wikipedia page doesn’t tell the full story. Or indeed any of it.

In 2016 Ogun State Police announce he is been investigated on 15 criminal charges.


“accused of collaborating with a police officer to sponsor cultist activities” , “accused of extorting the people in Sagamu”, Hon Mafe who is also one of the suspects we are investigating in many criminal cases in Sagamu; talking about sponsorship of cultism and many other criminal activities”

Which is of course typical and very usual behavior of politicians who are also NBM members.

“The state has been riddled with attacks from cultist gangs thereby causing distress and pandemonium.”

Which is also typical and very usual behavior in a State where an NBM member has power.

Later in 2018 more typical happenings occurred.

Four gunmen invaded a home and shot dead an occupant. Upon their arrest they confessed the killing had been sponsored by a certain Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe.


Four persons, suspected to be political thugs and members of a secret cult group, have been arrested by the police over their alleged involvement in the shooting and murder of one person in Sagamu, Ogun State.

The suspects, Olushola Adedeji, Olusegun Olalekan a.k.a Musket, Azeez a.k.a Anene and Abolore a.ka A.B, Daily Sun gathered, were rounded up by men of the Zonal Intervention Squad (ZIS), Obada, Abeokuta, last week Thursday in their hide out in Sagamu, for killing a Sagamu resident popularly known as Arsenal-Nice in the town.

Their arrest, it was further gathered followed a complaint lodged at the ZIS that the suspects invaded the residence of the victim and shot him dead. The complainant, who added that the suspects were on the payroll of a member of the Ogun State House of Assembly, equally informed the police that the suspects have been terrorizing Sagamu and its environs.

Further investigation by Daily Sun, revealed that the suspects, who were arrested with some arms and ammunition and presently in the custody of ZIS, had allegedly fingered the member representing Sagamu State Constituency 1 and the Majority Leader in the House of Assembly, Hon. Yinka Mafe, as their sponsor.


The moral of the story is to never allow… under any circumstances… cultists to form any part of government. Murder, mayhem and the misappropriation of funds follows them everywhere.