NBM Terrorism Wahala

It’s true when the NBM of Africa come out out and say that every organisation has it’s “bad eggs”. In the case of the NBM it’s evident that the bag eggs very heavily out number those who could be considered “good eggs”.

Here a ‘good egg’ has taken it upon himself to form the ‘Association for Better NBM of Africa’

Speaking out against the National Head of the time and the practice of government sponsored “terrorism” by members of the NBM and describing the NBM as been involved in “one of the bloodiest” events in Edo State.


Dear National Head,

When the Governor of Edo State Comrade Adams Oshiomhole appointed you

As a Special Adviser/Director of Youth and Social Mobilization, several of us were full of optimism and even went to make bold to disabuse the minds of other doubting Thomas who in their opinion conceive the move as bad omen for the Movement.

Our perception should not be regrettable since it was based on the fact that the same patronage was extended to top hierarchy of Eye Confraternity in the State.

       If you can recollect your first assignment was to mobilize Youths and ensure that your party win Akoko House of Assembly re-run election from PDP. Fortunately and unfortunately, the said election was between your party and PDP that was contested by an old lord, a former Temple Head ju name Aslem Agabi {Lord Fayinka}even though your excuse for allowing your over 100 tugs and lords from Zones in the East to harass and lay siege to his village house with rounds of ammunitions in the eve of the election was because he was not a due paying lord. We are also aware the same Lord contributed money for several of your programmes when you newly assumed office as the National Head. That election till date is on record as one of the bloodiest in the history of such event in Edo State .

       As if this was not enough, you again went and mobilize ayes from Futa Jallon and Ughelli to unleash yet another serious violence in another election in Etsako Central local government. The fortunate experience this time was that the election was purely between two lords and the level of tension was low, but we are aware of the encounter you had with the axe men you brought in from Ughelli and how they almost messed and disgraced you publicly when you refused to pay them for the mission accomplished after the election.

We are also aware the Governor gave you the sum of 5 Million naira as part of the mobilization funds, a racket you and three other lords including a former National Head presented to the Comrade Governor. To our shock and surprise you only gave 5 Thousand naira to the said former National Head.

         Your violent involvement in parties politics and elections again reared it’s ugly head last week in the recently concluded ACN primaries in your Constituencies when you were once again openly seen with over 50 lords and thugs shooting and unleashing terror, a situation that showed you and your mercenaries on one side and that of our other brother on the other. Information reaching us has it that you have been more of a bodyguard than friend to the said ju man with your group of lords and temple ayes surrounding your entourage. You openly ordered your troops to embark on sporadic shooting to scare away the supporters of the Lord’s concubine with unbridled impunity.

      It is no secret my National Head, that you did not deny the fact that you were openly supporting a ju man against a former National Head ju name Daniel Akhilele in the House Assembly and to make the matter worse you connived with the party leaders to the upturn the result of the said election which had earlier been announced and declared Lord Dan as the winner of the House of Assembly primary in that constituency. If you recollect my NH, our former National Head before coming out to run got your blessing and green light as a party leader and stakeholder in Esan land.  Prominent lords that were in village could not defend and clarify their ignorance of the shameful mission you were out to accomplish in Uromi, Ekpoma and environs.

    If we may quote your boss the Governor of Edo State in today Punch news paper page 10, “ … I have always campaigned to our people that election is not war and that the language of democracy is ballot box and ballot paper. I don’t see any justification for anyone to carry guns to an election area”.

      In line of the above we wonder if your mission is personal or your boss is only trying to deny you and your cohorts. We shall take the former because we hardly can believe Adam Oshiomhole will encourage internal violence in his party.

   To cut the long story short my National Head, the purpose of this letter is to remind you of the time, funds and energy temples, zones, past National Executives and individuals lords have spent to launder the image of the Movement in good

light and your recent actions have only proved otherwise as this has completely gone down the drain and we are now subjects of ridicule by our friends, associates and non participating members we have been trying to bring back to the fore.

      What moral justification my Head do you now have to preach peace and non violence to the younger ones in the Temples and Zones like Benin Zone where killing and maiming of lives has become a jamboree ?

 Don’t you think, my National Head that nobody has monopoly of violence and one day that the hunter might be hunted down in the cause of any of these terrorist attacks ?,

What happens to the Movement when a National Head is gunned down in a local election?

Where has the brotherhood oath you took during initiation gone?

Why has your appointment made you a hunter of fellow axe men and not the oppressors?

Why has your appointment that would have otherwise unite the Movement creating serious division and thus tearing the Movement apart?

Why for God sake has the good office of the National Head been so dragged to mud by miscreants and thugs you use in your elections?

Why have you performed creditably well to please yourself at the expense of NBM in general ?

Aye my Head please look into these issues and have a re-think.

Long Live our Movement.

Yours faithfully,

Association for Better NBM of Africa .

Bergamo Head Busting Wahala

This a report of one lord who stay in Bergamo ju name JUDE (+39********99) stroge name OBA AKENZUA blended 2010 at Benin zone.

On sunday a groove was at Brembate sopra(Bergamo) very close to my house, and i was invited by ju name Osas, when i got there i saw ju name Jude he ask me to drop him at ponte train station when an going i say ok, so we where together,suddenly i did not see ju name Jude i check for him he was no where to be found then i went home.After about five minites ju name osas call me to inform me that there is cops in that groove because Jude has bust a boy head at the same time Jude called me that i should please come and carry him from the groove i went to pick him, i asked him why did he burst the boy head he denied until i find out that it was true, then i called 3 lords in the town to tell me more about him i find out that he is a constitutor in the town that he did this same thing with one lord ju name Austine that was why he when to Nigeria for blending i believe this great movement will not accommodate this kind of act that is the reason i tender this issue to the zone for observation of ju name Jude.

Lord Abela Titular Crier 2 Italian Zone

Brescia Drunken Wahala


The Brescia inter-talk/seminar commenced @5:10pm with 14 lords in attendance,Lord thiogo wantiogo was the emergengy cp, introduction of lords present was followed and NBM anthem was recited, LP was sang to make the house colorful. Lord thiogo wanthiogo advised lords on issue concerning onelove among our self.

Lord el kanemi told the house that Lord ibin godidi (zonal Head) is on his way to this IT and all lords should be of good conduct and behave their self, Lord nnmadi azikiwe (ju name Ehis) added to what lord el kanemi said by telling the house that we should be very happy and privileged to have our zonal Head in brescia. lord bizingo (Ju name Eghe) asked if the zonal head is coming for our inauguration, Lord el kanemi replied by telling him that our zonal Head is coming to give a seminar not for our inauguration and Brescia as a city has not meet up to the requirement and we all are still in the process.

Lord El kanemi read the requirement needed for operating a neighborhood and told the house that we elected our chairman in our first IT, which was an over sight and was suppose to be number 5 in the requirement but all the same we have done number 5 in the requirement and we should work together to successfully have our neighborhood.Lord sudiata kaiyita( ju name police) asked if our elected neighborhood chairman has been accredited by the zone? He replied and said No but he will do so very soon.

At 8:01 the zonal head arrived with his B1, B2 and verona neighborhood chairman and verona neighborhood B1.

Lord ibin godidi(Head) started by telling lords in brescia to do away from violence and the days of temple behavior is over. If you feel too rugged, why don’t you go to reggio emilia where earthquake happened and donate 2 euro instead of thinking about violence. He also added and said how can a lord enter a train without a train ticket and when he is later sent to the deportation camp, the same lord will start complaining that italians are racist. How can a lord walk up to another guy(ju) and slap or beat him up just because he is an axeman.

We should all work together to make Italian zone one of the best zone in the world. Lord Ibin godidi(Head) ask lord bula wire (ju name marvel) to explain the meaning of July 7, he stood up and said, it is a day were all Ayes come together and flex, Lord ibin godidi (Head) corrected marvel and told him that july 7 is not just to come together and flex. He later added and told the house about july 7 coming up in Padova and the dressing code is black and white or Regalia (African wear) and the time is 5pm till 00 hours.
Lord bula wire(Ju name marvel )was asked to tell the house a brief history of Bula wire, He replied and said that bula wire is a freedom fighter. Lord ibin godidi (Head) asked him if that is the only thing he knows about bula wire, he replied yes.

Ju name marvel was asked to tell the house what really went wrong that he had to slap a grown up man. He replied and said, that very day he was with lord walter susulu(ju name collins) and lord Marcus Garve (ju name Oz) he was drunk already and slept off in the parco so when he woke up, the two lords started calling him Obote for drinking and sleeping in the parco even a ju came around and laughed at him when he was sleeping. He asked the two lords where is the ju that was laughing at him they pointed at one boy, he walked up to the boy and slapped him twice. Lord ibin godidi (Head) told his B2 to discharge his duty by giving ju name mavel 22 jenet.

Lord Ibin godidi (Head) asked Lord walter susulu (ju name collins) to tell the house how everything happened because he was there. he narrated a similar story but disagreed that no body told ju name marvel that a ju came and laughed at him, He woke up and just went to the boy, slapped him for no reason. Lord ibin godidi (Head) also told lord Marcus Garve to narrate his own side of the story, which he did. Lord Marcus Garve (ju name Oz) told the house that when ju name marvel woke up they told him that he has been sleeping for over 2 hours and so many ju’s have been passing by. Then marvel woke up walked up to a certain ju close to them and slapped him twice.

Lord Ibin godidi(Head) asked Lord El kanemi (ju name Hennessy) if he was there when the whole incident happened and if what ju name Oz said is correct, Lord El kanemi replied and said yes. Lord Ibin godidi(Head) asked the zonal B2 to give Lord Bula wire (ju name marvel) 30 jenet and placing an embargo on him to stay away from alcohol in any public place for a period of 3 months.

Lord ibin godidi (Head) told Lord sodiata kaiyita(ju name police) to stand up and tell the house why he collected money from a zonal exco and lied to him that you wanted to use it to travel along with them to the IT held at marche region which he never attended. Lord ibin godidi told him to fall out for 20 jenet.

Lord Austin momento (ju name wizzi) raised another issue concerning some lords that drink and misbehave, he later use Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) as an example. Lord nnmadi Azikiwe (ju name Ehis) added by saying ju name Eghe do get drunk and become too violent. Ju name Eghe was asked by the zonal Head if what these lords just said are true, he replied and said No. Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) told the house that what these lords are saying are things that happen last year and since this year he have been of good conduct. Lord El kanemi (ju name hennessy) told the house that Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) use to be too aggressive when he drinks but he have not seen eghe in such act again.

Lord ibin godidi(head) asked four lords to observe and contribute on the issue concerning ju name Eghe. the four lords that contributed were Lord Sodiata Kaiyita(ju name police), Lord lourent Kabilla (ju name kizzo. zonal B1), Lord Muta muta Baruka(ju name John. Verona neighborhood chairman) and Ju name atekha (verona neighborhood B1).

Lord Ibin godidi (Head) asked ju name Eghe to fall out for 30 jenet but later reduced to 20.

Lord El kanemi was ask to fall out for 20 jenet for taking laws into his hand when marvel was drunk but later reduced to 8.

Lord walter Susulu (ju name Collins) was asked to fall out for 30 jenet by the zonal Head for slapping a fellow lord and fighting the lord with his eiye brother but later reduced to 20.

The closing prayer was said at 11:59pm by the emergency cp.

FJ 2 2002
Brescia Caretaker committee Member

Asaba – Image Wahala

The city of Asaba (Capital of Delta State) home of the NBM’s Asaba Zone has endured a horrendously violent 12 months (and many more years beside that). 

Searching for NBM related violence and murders in the city over the last year returned far too many results to deal with or mention. 

Some though:

Ten murders as the NBM and Vikings fight over territory: 

Orient Daily gathered that no less than 10 persons have been allegedly murdered in the last two weeks in parts of Asaba while about six youths have equally been gunned down in Awka over the last week in the wake of the latest cult clashes in both cities.

This paper learnt that the killings in Asaba are perpetuated by two cult groups, the Vickings and Eiye confraternities who are locked in a supremacy battle while that of Awka is reportedly a bloody battle between the Vikings and Black Axe over control of two motor parks along Enugu/Onitsha expressway.

Source: https://orientdailynews.com/news/grips-asaba-awka-residents-over/?


Five murders in a week:

Tension has continued to mount in Asaba, the Delta State capital, following the murder of a bread seller by some gunmen suspected to be cultists.

It was also gathered that the cult rivalry between the Black Axe and 2-2 Confraternity, which started last Sunday, had claimed the lives of four other persons.

It was learnt that the Black Axe, in preparation for the burial of one of their members, said to be a hit man, who was reportedly killed on Monday, had attacked the rival group on Friday.

Two persons were reported to have been killed in Bonssac and another two killed in Umuagwu.

Source: https://punchng.com/asaba-rival-cults-clashes-claim-fifth-victim/


Another ten murders:

The Delta state government and the police are currently battling fruitlessly to restore normalcy to Asaba, the capital of the state as cultists have overrun it with their nefarious activities.

No day passes by without the news of death either perpetratated by one cult group or the other thereby wasting lives of human beings like that of chicken.

In the last few weeks, it has been from one rival cult to the other which has sent over 10 different cult members to their early graves

These ruthless boys of the underworld carry out their activities in brood daylight, causing fear, panic and sometimes in the night leading to sleeplessness.

In a press release Monday by the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Onome Onovwakpoyeya and made available to The Nigerian Voice, he disclosed that “On the 7/5/2019, a shooting incident was reported at Cable area of Asaba as a result of the face-off between two rival cult groups; the Aiye confraternity and Vikings

“Also, on same date, a corpse was found on the ground with knife stab on the left rib, some metres away from scene of earlier shooting and has been deposited at FMC, Mortuary. The deceased was later identified as Chijine Chigbata male, 54yrs old, a security guard with a private firm in Asaba.

“On 8/5/2019, the continued face-off between the two rival cults, claimed two more lives of suspected cult members. The victims, one Jude Nwakama male and Okwudili Ozah male aged 26yrs were attacked with battle axe and knife at different locations in Akuofu and Oduke area of Asaba”.

Meanwhile, one Samuel Okwuonyekwu male, a confessed member of Aiye confraternity and two others have been arrested by SARS Operatives in connection with the crises

Source: https://www.thenigerianvoice.com/news/278142/cultists-on-rampage-in-asaba-delta-capital.html


Twelve murders in November 2019:

ASABA – No fewer than 12 members from different cult groups have been killed and others injured in the last one week in the ongoing cult war across major cities and towns in Delta State.

nine persons had been killed in series of attacks and reprisal between two rival cults groups including the Aiye and Ogbu.

It was gathered that some major hotels in Udu area now play host to these cult groups. It is from some of these hotels that the members plot their next strike.

Source: https://nigerianobservernews.com/2019/11/many-killed-injured-as-cult-groups-clash-in-delta/


Delta State implemented ‘Operation Crocodile Smile IV’ and ‘Operation Safe Delta’ as a response. This involved in recent days the arrest of 50 suspected cultists:

No fewer than 50 suspected cultists have been arrested by a police squad, ‘Operation Safe Delta,’ in Udu council area of Delta state.

The Herald gathered that the suspects were nabbed at different brothels and hideouts across the local government area.

Confirming the development, the Delta state commissioner of police, Mohammed Hafiz Inuwa, said the arrest was made to curb the continuous cult rivalry in the locality.

Source: https://www.herald.ng/operation-safe-delta-police-arrest-50-suspected-cultists-in-delta/


The NBM themselves, understanding the major problem of their image been tarnished, also stepped into gear and enacted a master plan. A plan never before conceived….

They visited an orphanage.

I wonder how many of these children are orphans thanks to the NBM themselves.



Source: https://spadeng.com/2020/01/07/1883/

The need for public spirited individuals, corporate organisations and non governmental organisations to rise up to the occasion and cater for the needs of orphans and the less privilege in the society has been stressed.

Members of the Naraguta Trust Foundation in collaboration with Asaba Zone of Neo Black Movement (NBM) of Africa made the call while presenting various items worth hundreds of thousands to some orphanages in Asaba.

The items presented at the Trinitarian Foundation for Orphans and the Helpless at Uda layout,Achalla Ibusa,are various types of food stuff, cereals, beverages, toiletries, diapers as well as cash among others.

The leader of the team, Mr Edwin Ehiagwina said the gesture was part of efforts of friends to put smiles on the faces of orphans and the less privilege in the society in the spirit of the season.

He said most people children celebrated the Christmas and new year festivities with their parents and loved ones whereas some other children have been abandoned by their parents for one reason or the order and left to be catered for by orphanages.

Mr Ehiagwina noted that orphans should not be left alone in the hands of care givers at orphanages but should be catered for by all well meaning individuals by contributing to their upkeep and education in order for them to be useful to the society.

He said the group decided to provide the items to the orphanage in collaboration with friends of Asaba Zone of NBM of Africa to show love and care in oder to make the orphans and less privilege not feel neglected by the society.

Smile however came the way of ten years old Chinoso whose father abandoned him at the death of his mother because he was physically challenged in his limbs when the group gave him a new wheelchair to ease his movement.

Receiving the items Reverend Sister Eunice thanked the group for the gesture saying that the orphanage depended on such kind spirited groups and individuals to cater for the well-being of the inmates.

She noted that the orphanage had fourteen children and solicited for more support from members of the public.

The group made similar donation with cash at the Mother of Divine Grace Orphans behind NTA Asaba where Reverend Sister Mary Asumpta thanked them for the love shown the children with the provision of food and other items saying it will go a long way to assist the home cater for the children .

She said the home had twenty children.

The Naraguta Trust Foundation also renovated the ceiling and roof of a three classroom block and provided seventy two pupils desk to Umegbali Primary School, Okpanam in Oshimili North Local Government Area.

Prince Gabriel Nwanazia and Jude Armstrong who commissioned the renovated block said it was part of efforts to provide conducive atmosphere for learning for the pupils.

The Head Master of the School, Mr Patrick Okonji thanked the group for the gesture and prayed God to bless them as their efforts would enable the pupils learn in a better environment.




NBM – Masters of Election Violence

Was quite surprised to see this posted in a Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) Facebook group. 


The Department of Political Science University of Amsterdam is looking for two PhD candidates to work on ‘Elections and Violence in Nigeria; funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and led by Dr Ursula Daxecker.

Essential: A Master’s degree or equivalent in political science or closely related discipline.

Salary: €2,325 to €2,972 gross per month.

Closing date: 15 January 2020.

Please share, so Nigerians can apply.

All the details via


Though to be fair there is no individual with more expertise in the field of ‘Election Violence’ in Nigeria than a member of the NBM. So it was probably posted in the most fitting place. 

Lets not forget the Benin Zone Wahala where members of the NBM squabbled over the “misappropriation of funds” in regards to money given by the Governor of Benin to ensure his victory. 

This is widespread and the NBM are utilised throughout the country to ensure various individual’s route to power through the use of violence and election fraud.  

I used to joke that if you see members of the NBM holding banners saying they are against something…. Then they are almost certainly doing it. 



They say they are against something (cultism, fraud, human trafficking, rape, drug abuse, violence, kidnapping, terrorism, vote buying, election violence, illegality, oppression, racism) then they are very often the masters of it. 

Benin Zone Wahala

Nigeria, effectively a lawless and dis-functioning failed nation (aside from functioning for those who pervert it’s functionality) is a country that can demonstrate a level beyond that of simple ‘corruption’.
It is a country where corruption itself is able to be corrupted. Below is an example of that. Where large payments given to corrupt organisations by corrupt government officials are channeled away as corruption within corruption.
The text below is taken from ‘petitions’ of infighting internally occurring within one such corrupt group: The Neo Black Movement of Africa (aka ‘NBM of Africa’ and ‘Black Axe Confraternity’). They are documents which outline payments and government positions allocated as rewards by gangs/cults to perpitrate political thugery, violence, killing and corruption.


The National Head ,
N.B.M Worldwide,
We wish to bring this to your knowledge because of what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander,so we want the National Executive to treat this.
(1)CASE OF 35 MILLION GIVEN TO NBM FOR ELECTION OF COMRADE GOVERNOR FIRST TERM IN OFFICE:It is well known to all Lords in Benin that Lord Patricks Lumumba played as a leading role in first term bid of Comrade Governor not as an individual but as the National Head of NBM Worldwideto this end the sum of 35 million was given to this great movement to assist the Comrade Governor to victory.This money was distributed through the then Cheif of Staff Hon. Sam Iredia
(2)MONEY GIVEN AS SECURITY MONEY TO PROTECT THE VOTES:During the April 2011 election into the house of assembly.senate and house of Representative,money was equally given to Lord Patricks Mulumba,this was to ensure that the votes of he’s party,the Action Congress,was protected and mostly because of the role he played in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State where he fights against a Lord in the opposite party Hon. Cheif Lucky Imasuen(Former Deputy Governor of Edo state).
(3)ISSUE OF MONEY RAISED UNDER LORD PATRICKS LUMUBA FOR NBM NATIONAL HEADQUARTER OF EVBORIARIA IN BENIN CITY. over four million was raised and uptill now there have been no work done on the site, and the money have never been accounted for by Lord patricks lumuba, even if Dr Amadasun is under suspension from the movement for a similar issue
Donors-(1) Hon. Paul ohubamu #500,000.00
(2)Hon. M.A. Iduoriyekamwen #1000,000.oo etc
(4)FUNDS COLLECTED FROM AVARIANS OVER THE BURNING OF BENIN ZONAL ARENA. When benin Zonal Arena was burnt down in a peace deal, Avarian were asked to rebuild the burnt down arena. Later, Lord Patricks Lumuba, collected an undisclosed sum of money from them and uptill now the arena was never rebuild. Also, Prof Wole Soyinka was brought to see the burnt down arena to further humiliate NBM.
(5)POLITICAL APPOINTMENT AS COMPENSANTION TO NBM. As compensation for all these use of NBM to fight political opponent even if they were members of this same movement, political office was given to him not as an individual but as a personification of NBM.
(6)AKOKO-EDO RERUN ELECTION: Lord Patricks Mulumba collected serious funds from the Comrade Governor to ensure that a fellow Lord Hon Anslem Agbabi and Hon. Saiki Samuel do not win the rerun election into the house of assembly,strong men were seriously mobilized to fight against their fellow brothers.
(7)KOGI ELECTION:Lord Patricks Mulumba was equally given millions in the name of movement to mobilise strong men to Kogi State to ensure the victory of political associates in that state.not as an individual but as a known NBM Leader.
(8)COLLECTION OF FUNDS FROM CAPTAIN HOSA OKUNBOR:Lord patricks Mulumba collected millions of naira from captain Hosa in the name of NBM for he’s relection into the office of the National Head of this movement.
(9)ISSUE OF #750,000.00 MONTHLY FROM GOVERNMENT UNDER LUCKY IGBINEDION REGIME: Lord patricks Mulumba,as a Zonal Head collected the sum of #750,000.00 monthly as a compensation for the role NBM played to ensure the victory of PDP as at then.
(10)CONVERSION OF APPOINTMENT MEANT FOR LORDS IN THE ZONE INTO HIS PERSONAL USE:After the April 2011 election into the house of representatiove ,senate and house of assembly was given to NBM as neighbourhood watch co-ordinators and other offices,Lords Paticks Mulumba and former chairman National Councils of Elders converted this appointment into theirs,80 slots was given to NBM,they took 60 slots and gave 20 to the Zone.
(11)ISSUE OF HANDOVER OF FORMER HEAD OF BENIN ZONE TO POLICE: Lord Patricks Mulumba deceived former National Head of the Zone Lord Mammar Gaddafi to the state police headquarters and handed him over as a criminal and a killer to the state commissioner of Police.
We want the National Executive to use their good offices to investigate all these and that we shall come out with proof at anytime when called upon.
Thanks for your tradition co-operation.

Yours in Movement
(1) Zino Fazeez
(2)David Diop
(3)Kenneth Kaunda
(4)Scadela Ekhator(Mahmood Gadafi)
(5)Odinga Odinga
(6)Chucks Okungbe
(7)Oyo Stephen
National COE Chairman
National COE Member
All Zonal Heads
All Zonal COE chairman
The Arena,
Benin Zone,
The Ag COE Chairman,
Benin Zone

The zonal/council of elders( COE) to investigate various monies/properties that was misappropriate under this regime, by the zonal head (lord muammer Ghadaffi) since the zone does not have an auditor.
1.About N3.5m was given to the zone by the governor during the governorship election.
2.N380,000 as a part of zonal money given to the zone by Edo state government.
3.How 40 names was compiled back to government house as part of the names requested by the government for lords employment.
4.Lord Samora Mitchel (Ebo Amagba) N50,000 donated after receiving an award from the zone.
5.Jew name Edion 1 donated N20,000 after receiving an award from the zone
6.Lord Asoro N100,000 donation after receiving an award from the zone.
7.Jew name Paul Ohunbamu N50,000 donation also as a recipient of the same award.
8.Jew name Micheal jones N68,000 gift toward arena renovation.
9.Ireland head donation N50,000 as gift towards beautification.
10.Jew name Isele bought 10 drums of paint where 6 was used,the zonal head took 4 to his personal house
11.Jew name Abu donated N160,000 to fix split A/CS cannot also be accounted for by the zonal head.
The Benin Zonal COE should carefully investigate these monies and properties for proper accountability because the movement does not belong to one person.
Lord Mammer Ghadaffi
Ikpitan 1996
Benin Zonal CP
Cc: National head
Cc: National COE chairman
Cc: National COE members
Cc: All axemen world wide

Lord Kaduna Nzeogwu 1
Ikpitan 1997
Member COE
Italian zone
National Head
NBM Worldwide,
Chairman, NCOE,
Scribe NCOE,
OC legal NCOE
Members NCOE,
Zonal Heads,
Zonal chairmen,
We the dedicated members of Benin zone wishes to expressly state our position on the committee that was constituted at the last NCOE IN Umuhia to look into the various petitions that was submitted to NCOE chairman, that in respect of the said issue we are categorically stating that the committee lacks merit and more so we don’t have confidence on the chairman of the committee Jew name Omelele, for the following reasons:
1) The said chairman of the committee, tried as NCOE chairman then to impose Jew name Henry Omeregie as Head of Benin Zonal when the zonal COE was exercising the process of bringing in a new Head.
2) Omolele has been a party to various petitions that has been emanating from Benin Zone to NCOE right from when he was an NCOE chairman till date by way of inciting, instigating and sponsoring Jew names Kpangoli, fola, Henry Omeregie and co.
3) This same former NCOE chairman has used Benin Zonal status to gain appointment from the state government as a special adviser to the state governor.
4) It’s also amazing that this same man and Dr. Mayor hijacked 60 slots out of the 80 slots allocated to NBM Benin Zone for immediate employment by the state government.
5) We are not satisfy with the educational qualification of this former NCOE chairman, for investigation has reveal that he went to school of health, therefore he was awarded certificate of completion or attendance which does not make him a lord as specified by our constitution.
6) This man spends most of his time in Benin though His family are in port Harcourt, got appointment and work in Benin but does not attend zonal IT’s except when there is crisis, due to his personal attachment to a certain clique in the zone that has been refusing to let the zone move forward.
Our national Head its worthy to note that with the above stated reasons, the Benin zonal members has lost confidence on the committee set up by the NCOE chairman to look into the various petitions and also we don’t have confidence on the chairman (Omolele) of the said committee based on the fact that he is an interested party therefore the committee investigation cum findings will be sentimental and biased which will be inimical to the growth of our great movement in Benin zone.
Sir, as the national Head who is in charge of the day to day running of the movement and for the fact that the NCOE meets quarterly, that is why we want you to please use your highly coveted and revered office to look into this petition so that Benin zone can move forward positively.