No words for this…..

The above visualisation has been amended in order to remove any ambiguity regarding what was alleged to infer an endorsement by one of the entities to the NBM and it’s activities.

I must stress that I believe neither the UK government or the London Borough Barking and Dagenham endorse any of the illegal activities carried out by members of the NBM. Furthermore I don’t believe any reasonable individual would.

The connection lines between the aforementioned entities represent a connection between employer and employee and therefore represent employment and therefore stupid employment decisions made due to ignorance and fecklessness.

I must also stress that I have no reason to believe any of the individuals above themselves are engaged in any of the listed activities personally or endorse these activities. Although it is prudent given their membership to what the Crown Prosecution Service described as a “notorious crime gang” to have an open mind in respect to that.

Trying to get ‘Travel Papers’ from the UK Home Office

Ever wanted something from the government? Good luck with that.

Ever got confused whether you’re Nigerian or Sudanese? No me neither.

Ever been born in Nigeria, schooled in Nigeria, gone to university in Nigeria, joined a Nigerian cult and then decided you want to be Sudanese? I dont suspect many people have no.

Here’s an NBM Axeman trying to get ‘travel papers’ from the UK Home Office after entering the UK illegally and assuming a Sudanese identity for the purposes of seeking asylum.

I was granted ILR in July 2008 and since then I have explored all possible means to get a new Sudanese passport, but it cannot be possible for me without evidence of an existing or previous one. 

A fellow Sudanese confided in me that the administrative decree issued since 28th February 1993 is still in operation, it authorizes the Sudanese authorities to arrest any returning Sudanese who left after the 1989 coup and have stayed away for over 12 months. In my own case, I have stayed over 8 years. I am now settled in the UK with a wife and 2 children who were born in the UK

 Any application for a new passport will alert the Sudanese authorities of my presence in the UK and this will jeopardize my safety of that of my entire family who was born here.

 This travel document will help me to run our family boutique business effectively, as I presently rely sheer luck in ordering merchandise for our shop. My inability to travel abroad for business is affecting our business drastically. But with the travel document I can be able to go by myself to buy better products in order to maximize profits with which I can take better care of my family as this is our only source of livelihood.


It must be pretty hard to provide evidence of ever owning a Sudanese passport when you are a Nigerian cultist.

I dont fancy this chaps chances….

The reply:




but… what? The UK Home Office are suddenly the most helpful government department in the history of the world!!

and… what? The UK Home Office are telling him to rework the request ?

and… what? The UK Home Office are telling him to rework it with some lies??

and… what? The UK Home Office are telling him which bits to delete and what to add.

All a bit odd.

Maybe he should add as well as been Sudanese that he’s also homosexual (like a good number of the NBM are purely for the purposes of immigration)?


Nothing like a bit of immigration fraud and some prayers to keep you in the UK illegally.

I guess having a member in the UK Home Office helps a LOT too.

You’ll always have homosexuality to fall back on if they discover you are really NIGERIAN.


NBM and the UK Home Office’s Operational Guidance

The United Kingdom’s UK Home Office has ‘Operational Guidance’ that serve as information to be used by officials in helping them understand many of the problems within Nigeria. This guidance is used by officials to help them understand and aid making decisions relating to problems such as Boko Haram, Religious persecution, Female Genital Mutilation, Victims of trafficking, Forced marriage, Gay men and lesbians, Prison Conditions, The Niger Delta and of course:  Cults, gangs and vigilante groups (including fear of juju, student confraternities and bakassi boys).

The full UK Home Office’s Operational Guidance can be viewed here:

One would hope such “Guidance” was 1) well sourced 2) factual and 3) fit for purpose.

However sources are poor, statements made are in places false, misleading and contradictory and as a whole is arguably therefore not fit for purpose.

Sections that almost address an issue stop short of fully addressing it and often refer to what is “believed” or what is “indicated” by a very limited amount of sources (some of which been unknowingly to the author the protagonists themselves!!)

One example of such is the section that reads: “Secret brotherhoods operate all the way up to elite levels of society and it is widely believed in Nigeria that people in power form secret networks where conspiracies and abuse of occult powers are a matter of routine.”

The reality of what the UK Home Office is attempting to address here is: it is not only a case that it is “believed” groups such as the Neo Black Movement “form secret networks where conspiracies… are a matter of routine” it is undeniable and proven FACT that they are even as we speak.

A fantastic example is the “secret network where conspiracies… are a matter of routine” in Edo State which is very well documented and occurring right now.


and also:

Just two examples of horrific high level corruption within just one State in Nigeria.

So, given it would be possible to upgrade the reported occurrences of corruption and conspiracies from merely been “believed” to been that of FACT, it is then very ill advised to then quote Edo State officials in the “Guidance”. Therefore having the corrupt Edo State officials giving the “Guidance” to UK officials when saying: “federal government is doing its best to tackle the problem of cult violence in Edo state” without pointing out in the same breath they are not only “believed” or “indicated” to be part of the problem but it is FACT they are the problem.

The Police in Edo State “are facing a shortage of patrol vehicles… no divisional operational department has more than one police vehicle”. Why is this? There is evidence that over the period of only one year the Edo State Government paid in the region of 60,000,000+ (Over 60 Million Naira) the equivalent of over 300,000 USD to just one of the cult groups (NBM of Africa) for the purposes of political corruption. This in addition to the allocation and instillation of members of the cults into positions of power within the government.

A back of the envelope calculation (but bare in mind the figure of 300,000+ USD relates to the proof of payment to only the NBM and not additional payments made to the other cult groups operating within Edo State) suggests the police would have had the funds to purchase many patrol cars should the funds been made available to them and not to the NBM.  It would also have enabled the police to have electricity which they have been without at Edo State Police Command for the past seven months (

Regarding the aforementioned “allocation and instillation of members of the cults into positions of power within the government” it could be investigated by the author(s) of the “guidance” that these government positions even include specially created (and zero-functioning) positions such as: Chairman, Edo State Committee on War Against Indiscipline and Senior Special Assistant on Youth Enhancement. These been roles where a cultist is given the role of fighting cultism. A typical ironic and paradoxical Nigerian approach to addressing the problems of cultism.

Another glaring contradiction within the “guidance” relates to violence perpetrated by cultists. The guidance states it is “indicated” that “as a general rule, cults do not engage in violent activities against those not involved in cult activities”. Given the source is the also not fit for purpose ‘Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’ document about the Neo Black Movement it is not surprising this “guidance” is also inaccurate.

The “guidance”, also on the subject of cult violence, manages to contradict itself by documenting the opposite as been true (which is the reality of the matter). Cult violence is not limited at all to inter-cult violence. There are many sources that “indicate” the FACT the opposite is the case.

Political violence (as acknowledged as occurring by the “guidance”) is not limited to been perpetrated against other cultists. Kidnappings (as acknowledged as occurring by the “guidance”) are not limited to been perpetrated against other cultists. Armed robberies and rapes are also not limited to been perpetrated against other cultists. The “guidance” finally rubbishing itself when correctly stating of the “hundreds of deaths” they are including that of “civilians” (non-cultists).

As with the ‘Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’ document about the Neo Black Movement the UK Home Office has managed to produce a piece of literature that is 1) ill-sourced 2) not factual and 3) not fit for purpose. It is beyond unhelpful and counter-productive but arguably dangerous. It, like the ‘Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada’ document about the Neo Black Movement, needs to be urgently reviewed, corrected, bringing up to date and written in a way that reflects the facts of the matter. As should be expected by all government literature relating to matters of international and domestic importance.

I will be petitioning the UK and Canadian government to attempt to resolve this matter, bring to light the seriousness of the short comings of these documents and encourage a more accurate, better sourced and more fit for purpose documents on this subject.

I would also recommend the previous entry here relating to the ‘The NBM and the UK Home Office here:

UK Home Office…. and the NBM

The UK Home Office….

What do they do?

“The Home Office leads on immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime policy and counter-terrorism and works to ensure visible, responsive and accountable policing in the UK.” –

This is great news. Finally a government department that deals with many of the criminal aspects relating to the Neo Black Movement of Africa.

They deal with immigration matters… therefore ideal candidates to mention Olatunbosun Aiyere to. The UK solicitor and Neo Black Movement member who coaches fellow members on how to pretend to be gay in order to gain asylum in the UK. The ‘go to man’ in the UK to help perpetrate immigration fraud. Hopefully the Home Office can help deal with him!

They deal with passport matters… including passport fraud. Therefore ideal candidates to mention UK Neo Black Movement ‘carders’ like Alex Osebor to and how many fake passports he’s created during the course of his full-time work as prolific ID thief. Could also kill two birds with one stone and mention to them the passport fraud carried out by Akugbe Dennis Ukhurbor in his pursuit of duping victims during 419 scams.

They deal with ‘drugs policy’ so therefore ideal candidates to mention the fact the UK is currently allowing a global mafia linked to cocaine and heroin smuggling to operate with impunity.

They deal with ‘crime policy’ so therefore ideal candidates to mention that the police spend much of their time in the UK chasing dogs that poop where they shouldn’t and ZERO time investigating any serious matters such as the Black Axe.

They deal with ‘counter-terrorism’ so therefore ideal candidates to mention that the Neo Black Movement include members with extreme ideologies such as Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s:”if any black warriors had the guts to sink 4 jets with all it’s white passengers into the twin towers in New York, the Pentegon and the White House many black Africans would rejoice”

The Home Office seems like a one stop shop to dismantle the NBM crime machine!

It was quite hard to find an email to contact them… Then I found one:

It is even a ‘GSI’ address (Government Secure Intranet) which means this chap handles sensitive data (as you’d expect dealing with immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime policy and counter-terrorism). Even MI5 use Government Secure Intranet email addresses.

This should be THE MAN to go to!!

But wait…..

Jude Moedu?


Jude Moedu is pals with Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo (Head of the NBM), Olatunbosun Aiyere (Immigration fraudster), Alex Osebor (credit card thief and passport fraudster), Dennis Akugbe (419 scammer and passport fraudster), Ike Bobby Onwubuya (militant and extremist) and many many more criminal NBM members.

Maybe someone should point this out to him?

But wait…

Jude Moedu is not only working (or at least recently was) for the Home Office but is actually also a senior member of the Neo Black Movement.

Not good!

This goes a long way to explain why the London Zone and the Manchester Zone members seem to be covered by the “covenant of security” existing in Londonistan

I guess as long as Ike Bobby Onwubuya sinks his jets full of white passengers into the White House and not the Houses of Parliament then everything is cool!


September 11 Retrospective