Police Parades Thirty-Four Youths For Cult Related Activities In Anambra

Anambra state Police Command has paraded thirty-four youths over cult related activities at Enugwu-Ukwu Special Anti-Cultism Squad Unit of the command.

Among the thirty-four suspects who aged between twenty to twenty-five, four were girls suspected to belong to White Angels confraternity.

The suspected cultists were arrested by the officers of the Police Special Anti-Cultism Squad from Ogbunike in Oyi Council area, and Awada in Idemili North LGA, respectively.

Exhibits recovered from the suspects included three live cartridges, expended cartridges, initiation drums, cult Regalia,two machetes, pump action gun, locally made single barrel pistol, among others.

During the parade exercise, while some of the suspects confessed to belong to various cult groups including Black Axe, Vikings, Ayeez, and Viper confraternities and pleaded for leniency, others denied membership of any of the secrete cults and pleaded for their release.

Parading the suspects, Anambra state Commissioner of Police, Mr John Abang represented by the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Haruna Mohammed warned youths against secret cult which he said the command has zero tolerance for, advising youths to channel their energy and talents into things that will be beneficial to them, their families, and the society at large.

Mr Abang revealed that the suspects were arrested from the 12th of this month, and assured that after investigation, the suspects will be prosecuted and afterwards imprisoned if convicted, to serve as a deterrent to others.

He however asked Ndi Anambra to be security conscious at all times and to report any suspicious person or illegal activities to a nearby police station for prompt action.

The Commissioner of Police also advised parents and guardians to always monitor the activities of their children and wards to save them from cultism and other criminal and illegal activities.

The Anambra state Police Command also paraded another suspect, Mr Gerald Chika a native of Enugu state, at the Police Headquarters in Amawbia who was arrested at Emordi market in Awka where he attempted to rob one of the marketers in the market, Mr Kenechukwu Okafor of his belongings.

“Cult Regalia” = Uhuru baseball cap.

Seen them before

Maybe Von, Tayo and Co need to find another fake name for their fake façade of a “humanitarian organisation” and start printing some new, less conspicuous, baseball caps to try slip under the radar.

They have further explaining to do also about why the Nigerian arm of their “humanitarian organisation” need shotguns and machetes?

Understanding The Major Indicators of Human Trafficking

If you wanted to learn about policing/crime would you rather be lectured on the subject by a high ranking police officer. Who after completing his criminology degree sat at a desk and just read about crime. Or by someone who’d been engaged on the streets in the fight against it for for many years?

If you attended a military college would you rather be taught about warfare by an academic who’d, again, only read about war in books or by a veteran who’d actively served in the theatres of battle?

Do you have an interest in understanding the major indicators of human trafficking?

Uche Tobias is the first to confess to people when asked he knows little about it. He just reads about it in books.

Much more fitting to teach about human trafficking would be those with a much deeper understanding in it. Perhaps those with a long standing history of been engaged in the fight against it.

Or perhaps even better still…. Those engaged in it?

The NBM are a criminal organisation who have one or two articles/papers that document they are involved, quite heavily, in this activity.

“There exists an organized crime group. In this case that group is the Neo Black Movement (NBM) / Black Axe (BA). Mr. Alika did not contest that the
NBM is an organized crime group…. evidence shows that the Neo Black Movement is synonymous with the Black Axe, they are one in the same…. They’re involved in drug trafficking, arms trafficking, racketeering, and killing is second nature”

“A Nigerian criminal network named Black Axe…. controlling an extensive network of prostitutes and ordering them ‘on demand’ from Nigeria”

“The Black Axe cult provides an illustrative case study on the idealistic origins of cults and their descent into criminality…. The group, also known as the Neo-Black Movement… was also involved in trafficking women and girls to Italy”

“Black Ax Confraternity…. developed into serious criminal organization… are associated, among other things with activities such as murder, trafficking in human beings”

“Police in Italy have arrested 20 members of a vicious Nigerian organised crime gang… The Black Axe gang is thought to be involved in a number of illegal activities… including prostitution, protection rackets, people smuggling”

Trafficking in human beings – Criminal networks “Aye (also called Neo black movement, or black Ax) are particularly involved in the sexual exploitation of Nigerian women in Europe”

“The Neo Black Movement (NBM)…. maintain that they do not have
connections to Black Axe, however is essentially just a different name that acts as a nominal cover for the Black Axe… involved in a multitude of organized crime ventures such as running prostitution rings, human trafficking”

“Another particularly brutal confraternity is named Black Axe or the Neo-Black Movement of Africa has also taken advantage of the Nigerian-Libyan-Sicilian route…. the traffickers have been targeting younger and younger children in rural areas in order to keep feeding the trade”

“Human traffickers make $150 billion a year in profit…. gangs like the Black Axe are running the whole prostitution pipeline, which brings trafficked women from Nigeria to Italy…. Black Axe/NBM operate on both ends of the trafficking route, but in different ways”

“These potential profits have attracted at least one criminal organizations, the Neo Black Movement (NBM), a Nigerian cultist group also called Black Axe movement, or Aiye…… involved in arsons, markets taxations, drug trafficking and human smuggling”

“cultist groups” (including Black Axe (Aye) and Supreme Eiye Confraternity) are involved in the trafficking process….. it is possible to establish the proximity of individuals involved in trafficking to members”

“Black Ax (the Black Ax in French or Ascia Nera in Italian, hence the title of the book, Ed) , an organization born at the University of Benin City in 1977, but registered in Nigeria under the name of Neo Black Movement….. engaged in kidnapping or buying young girls for placement in brothels in large cities”

“Black Axe or Neo Black Movement members are involved in drug trafficking, human smuggling, prostitution, fraud, money-laundering and murder in countries around the world.”

“Members of the Black Axe have been identified as human traffickers with members in Italy forcing women into prostitution. Black Axe members in Nigeria have also been discovered high jacking minibuses and public transportation and abducting victims.

“Black Axe has spread to 26 countries including Italy, where its recognized by authorities as the Nigerian mafia for running drugs ,human and sex trafficking networks.”

“Over the past two decades, the Black Axe has also built a lucrative business in human trafficking. Working alongside established cartels, Axemen herd Nigerians across the Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea into Europe”

“Authorities in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Malta conducted the international operation, which was directed at two major Nigerian mafia groups. Police accuse the gangs of people-trafficking, drug trafficking, extortion, and prostitution…. two main groups in Italy are the Supreme Eye and the Black Ax”

“he accuses Europe of being a large part of the problem behind human trafficking… Omoruan says it’s Europe that wants cheaper, younger prostitutes… As long as this demand persists, secret groups like Black Axe and others will continue to be successful and make lots of money”

Interpol: Online African Organized Crime from Surface to Dark Web (will download the PDF if you click)
“Black Axe Confraternity… The group is widely believed to be the same as the Neo Black Movement founded in 1977…. involved in prostitution, human trafficking”

Certainly overwhelming evidence that the NBM are (over) qualified to give such a lecture right?

But of course it’d be laughable to the point of been silly to suggest the NBM would actually give a lecture about human trafficking… despite been amongst the best qualified people in the whole world to understand what the major indicators of human trafficking are.

Yet this is exactly what they did……

A lecture entitled: understanding the major indicators of human trafficking.

Seemingly mostly to themselves.

Lots of black & yellow…. that’s what Uche would be inclined to suggest what a major indicator of human trafficking is.

We’ll note the reluctance of NBM Members here in the picture to wear their standard issue berets or baseball caps with ‘NBM’ boldly printed on the front.

Why is that?

This has already been discussed before. Tayo (pictured below 2nd from the left), the organiser of the event and Head of the NBM’s Spain Zone can explain:

The zone has been fully registered though not as NBM AFRICA but as UHURU FOUNDATION, this might sound strange but the underlying issues here is that NBM AFRICA is currently under investigation in Spain and as we speak some of our members are still been followed by the police to see the kind of activities we indulge. As we were advised by our lawyers, that UHURU FOUNDATION should be the reason for our gathering till the investigations are called off only then we can change our name to NBM AFRICA

Which makes perfect sense…. The Uhuru Foundation doing a lecture entitled “understanding the major indicators of human trafficking” is massively less ridiculous than the NBM holding the lecture. If we can erase our memory that Tayo has just explained that’s who they actually are.

Plus… If changing your name means the police wont turn up and raid the proceedings then it’s an added bonus!

Hang on….

A face above looks familiar? The chap in the top photo sat in the middle of the front row. It’s the same chap in the second photo who’s 2nd from the right. I swear I know him from somewhere!

Vo….. it’s not? It is!

It’s Barking and Dagenham Council’s Communications Manager rubbing shoulders with seriously dodgy individuals as usual. Von Edomi of the Uhuru Foundation London.

“Uhuru Foundation London”?

I’m not aware of any such organisation existing and seemingly it doesn’t (at least outside of this event)

So Barking and Dagenham Council’s Communications Manager has turned up and spoke at a lecture on human trafficking, organised by a group infamous for human trafficking (of which he’s a senior member), to a room full of the aforementioned cretins and he’s had to alter the name of the organisation he represents because that organisation are been watched by the police?

That seems to be the long and the short of it.

Following this revelation I certainly see and am understanding the major indicators of human trafficking much much better.