Black Axe Confraternity Group Donates Iron Shelters To Traffic Police In Osun

Quite a bit of negative press in the past weeks… Maybe time for some ‘NBM Image Laundry’.

The impoverished police of Nigeria, not for the first time, accepting gifts from an illegal mafia they should be arresting. 



A new photo is currently circulating on social media capturing the moment some men believed to be members of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa(NBM) donating some iron shelters to traffic police officers in Osun state.

NBM is the umbrella under which the dreaded ‘Black Axe’ cultist group otherwise known as ‘Aiye’ operate in Nigeria.

The Black Axe has been fingered in most of the violence across campuses in Nigeria.

To this end, is it morally right for the police to accept gifts from them???



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Love the comments from the blog there…..

Julius Tha Freshboi about 9 hours ago

This can only happen in Nigeria.. smh

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Muna Saphire about 9 hours ago

Nigeria police can never turn down gift NEVER, even if it comes from murderer and covered with blood..people that steals mine from accident victims..

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okechukwu nnoduechi about 8 hours ago


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Ucy about 8 hours ago

Chai…wetin we no go see for this country abeg?? They even took pictures and wholely accepted the gifts. They wont be arrested and prosecuted for the menace they cause in the society? 😲😲😲

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Will Warri IQ about 8 hours ago

HAHAHAAHaahahaha! I swear, dem done use Nigeria destiny tey tey…. No be #Curse. Nigeria na confirm tragecomedy!

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Lord Mandela about 6 hours ago

God deliver Nigeria from stupidity.

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Anonymous about 3 hours ago

What kind of rubish has this country turn into? Meanwhile alot of people are in prison for being members of this same cult group. What an irony. Nigeria is a big joke. Soon kidnappers or bokoharam members will donate too. I give up. This rubish should be investigated

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The End about 2 hours ago

The initial objective of fraternities was to fight all kinds of wrongs. But of course, we know how it is in our Universities these days.And the useless policemen even posed with members of the group. Smh. I hope they lose their jobs

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Gaza Gaza about 9 hours ago

Black axes Cults and police 5

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David Chuks about 6 hours ago

Lol, ok seen

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Erwin about 2 hours ago

This is a jaw dropping lunacy. What madness in the country. This is proscribed group that the police even have a unit that tracks and hunts them down. (Anti Cultism Unit). Tomorrow Boko Haram members will also bring their gifts and take selfiies with the IG. Shameless!

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Deeboi about 9 hours ago

Orisirisi… drr

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Aify about 9 hours ago

How can a cult group donate iron shelter to the NPF?

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Anonymous about 5 hours ago

The police itself is a cult. Freedom of association my people, illegal only when a crime is committed. For here and now, no crime yet.

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alli merry about 4 hours ago

some of your superstars belong to this group and they help the community on a daily basis, so forgive me if i said i dont see the reason for the outrage here.

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Enwongo Abraham about 4 hours ago

They so need the iron shelter cos you might never know when the bullet will be flying around. 😂😂😂😂

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Bassey Edet about 9 hours ago


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Marvel about 9 hours ago

I really don’t understand this my country.

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LORAY about 9 hours ago

War against cultism… lol