Die Schwarze Axt – Nigerias Mafia in Deutschland

Film documenting the NBM’s involvement in human trafficking and the subsequent prostitution.


The trafficking of sex slaves from Nigeria to Italy

Source: https://www.geopolitica.info/la-tratta-delle-schiave-sessuali-dalla-nigeria-allitalia/

(Translated from Italian)

The trafficking of Nigerian women in Italy is a phenomenon that has only begun to receive attention since 2015, due to the recorded increase in sex slaves of Nigerian origin: from 1,454 in 2014 to 11,009 in 2016. The International Organization of Migration estimates that in Italy 80% of women from Nigeria are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. Most of these come from Benin City, in the state of Edo. Benin City, in southern Nigeria is the same city where the Black Ax originated, the Nigerian criminal organization that controls the trafficking of sex slaves as far as Italy.


The Black Ax recruits women through four different methodologies: in the first case the Black Ax gives a loan to the woman’s family, but when they are unable to repay the money, the woman is taken away. In the second case, the women are kidnapped or handed over directly by the family. In the third case, it is the women themselves who get in direct contact with the mafia. In the latter case, they are recruited from their social accounts.

Before leaving for Italy, the women are forced to undergo a traditional witchcraft called juju . This practice creates an inseparable bond with the Black Ax; The juju is the way to create a debt of up to 80,000 Euros which obliges women to become sex slaves until the heat- with the Mafia. The juju also has a strong psychological power that ensures that this happens; if the covenant is not respected a spirit could rage inside their body until they die, and if they themselves die or run away, their families will be killed.

The journey from Nigeria to Italy is led by several collaborators of the Black Ax , the passeurs : traffickers of bodies. The first stop is in Agadez , Niger. On the way between Benin City and Agadez, women who are not left to die in the desert are used to bribe the police and ensure quick passage. Once in Agadez they are taken to the slave market, where there are 20,000 to 25,000 migrants every month, all from West Africa to Europe. The surviving women say that their ‘stamina’ was tested here; they were raped repeatedly. In the concentration camps in Libya, Black Ax members work for free for Libyans in exchange for more freedom in smuggling. Furthermore, their role is to make women, through sexual exploitation, earn money to cross the Mediterranean.

In Italy

Those who manage to reach the Italian coasts become part of the inadequate system of CARA and CAS, which after the Security Decree can only welcome holders of international protection (therefore asylum and subsidiary) and unaccompanied minors, no longer asylum seekers waiting of the decision. Without an adequate protection system, women are very often not identified as victims of trafficking. Easily recruitable instead by the Madams , a name indicated to refer to women traffickers who deal directly with sex slaves, their contacts and the money earned. Another figure of the Black Ax is the Kapoit has the role of tending women away from possible anti-trafficking social organizations and moving women from one place to another so as to create instability and dependence, but also ensuring a continuous variety for the Italian clientele. If there weren’t such a high demand for sex, the sex slave business would not have profiled 2 billion euros a year: the estimated earnings of the Black Ax in Italy alone (globally the annual profit of sex slave traffickers is 99 billion dollars).

The legal framework on human trafficking is closely linked to sexual slavery as 90% of victims of trafficking globally are sexually exploited. Internationally the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking of Persons , also known as Palermo Protocol , established in 2000, presents the most accepted definition of human trafficking and also includes for the first time the role of international criminal organizations . Both are decisive factors in the proliferation and profitability of the trafficking industry and have an inevitable influence in the top-down approach to government policies at the national level.

Given the spread of the phenomenon and the number of actors involved, it is necessary to set up a control and prevention system to avoid the proliferation of trafficking with the aim of completely eradicating it. To achieve this, it is necessary to understand the oppressive structures at play and their role in trafficking, such as that of criminal organizations such as the Black Ax.

The Journey Through Hell

You reside in a corrupt hell hole ran by cultists and want out…

In order to achieve that would you:

a) sell everything you own and give the money to an NBM member on the promise of a new life in Europe or

b) travel through the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert with limited water on the back of an open top truck or

c) potter about in the war ravaged country of Libya at high risk of kidnapping (needing to call home and ask for more money when this happens) or

d) float aimlessly in a crappy boat on the Mediterranean Sea or

e) spend a couple of years in a detention camp in Malta or

f) spend a couple of years in a detention camp in Italy or

g) be at the mercy of local crime gangs and mafias upon arrival in Europe

To reach the promised land of Europe in the hope of a new life the answer needs to be “yes” to all of the above.

Unless of course you’re an NBM member and your friends who have already infiltrated key positions in Europe can write you invitation letters, references or provide you false documents. In which case you can lay back and enjoy your ride in an aircraft paid for with stolen credit cards and consume vast amounts of Champagne and Hennessey on your arrival.

Enjoying the money of others willing to pay you dearly to undertake/attempt the journey described above through hell.

One such individual (not an NBM member but in the orbit of them… and probably having paid them for the pleasure) shared an image of that journey through hell. The leg through the desert to reach Libya.

One rule for the Axemen and one rule for you.

See also: https://www.euronews.com/2020/06/21/abused-in-libya-and-forced-into-prostitution-back-home-the-nightmare-of-trying-to-reach-eu


Spain Zone Wahala – The NBM Human Trafficking Bus

Nothing like an internal squabble to overturn a few rocks.

In this case a bit of a disagreement over a case of NBM/Black Axe Human Trafficking.

Welcome to the “Trolley Racket”. We’ll remember that term. 



I  Lord Ibn Battuta, Elder Spanish Zone Ju name Bishop, do formally petition  LORD PATRICE LUMUMBA Jew name Ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED  Spanish zonal Eye regarding his threat on my life and his accusation against me of holding his  SPANISH RESIDENT PERMIT AND HIS PASSPORT.


He went as far as putting my full name yahoo public chat: STATING (SOLOMON EGEDE IS EVIL) of which people started asking me questions regarding his statement, Lord, Ayes and Eiye and Jews alike, prove that he has ability to carry out his threat. 1/3 of my fellow elders and Head were informed about this, which he later removed after 1hour.




The above named lord told my brother Jew name Robin that he is looking for money to ship his bus and open a shop, that he have two resident permits which he has been using to bring people to Spain , that if he know anybody that will need it to rent so he can raise some money, then my brother told him that there is somebody that have contacted me before that is looking for document to travel, when he  Ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED called me regarding this issue, I decided to help him been as a brother , so he can raise money. We contacted the guy (name Lemi), make arrangement on how the transaction will take place and how, money will be exchange.  I told him about my commission for helping in this transaction and we all agreed on a price with me gaining 400euros. He (Solomon Alfred Dixon) called the sisters to meet the guy in my shop, both parties exchange the documents and the guy transferred the money through one Africa shop (MAMA COLLINS shop). We (My brother, Solomon Alfred Dixon and myself) went TO PICK THE EXCHANGE HERE, My brother was given the money and gave it to him, HE COUNTED AND gave me my share for the help and I left him.


Before the guy (Lemi) departure, Solomon was in contact with the guy and him family, even the guy wife in France. They all agreed on what to do when the guy reaches France. Unfortunately the guy was held in Spain for three days and was deported, doing the guy ordeal; he didn’t pick his phone nor want to associate himself with the guy (Lemi) situation. My brother called his number up to 15times, he didn’t pick, he later called, a current elder Jew name Igbins regarding this, informing him that Solomon Alfred Dixon is not picking his phone that the guy (Lemi),  he (jew name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  gave document is with Spanish police at the airport detention center.


I called my current elder Jew name Iduwo regarding this case , requesting for a lawyer to help the guy because the guy have spent about 1,2million naira enough to bring the guy here without stress. I was surprise that four days later, ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED was asking me if police have deported the guy.  I was surprise how can He wish somebody something of that nature. Anyway


Just 3days ago, months after this event, months after  he (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED ) used the gain to open shop and currently happy with his life , he (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  is requesting his SPANISH STAY AND INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT from me , WITH ANIMUS NOCENDI  ( threat to my life)- FOR documents he didn’t give me, nor any member of  my family. I didn’t touch the money or the document; neither did my family in Nigeria. I did this bona fide, trying to help a lord to get out of his currently financial situation of which now he is enjoying the benefit. Where have I gone wrong, that have motivated him to decide on threat to my life? Documents he rented to make gain for himself.


Last week, the guy (Lemi) called me threatening my life saying that my guy (Solomon Alfred Dixon) reported the documents before his departure which is not supposed to be so that both of us must returned his money. He in turn also started threatening me and confessing that I was lucky to have been alive on New Year wash night.


I took this conversation seriously. De futuro, I wish the house to consider this a serious issue because a lord cannot just say this against his own.  (ex abundantia enim cordis os loquitur)  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. I BELIEVE THERE WILL BE A future intention SO MY FAMILY HAVE ALSO BEEN NOTIFIED. My life is at stake here.


Since this transaction, not a day without a line drawn. I want to be able to fellowship with my fellow brothers without future fear or threat of death by one of our own. I am seeking constitutional protection based on this case. Malum prohibitum (something is only wrong because it is against the law) I have not acted in bad faith , that deserve what  jew name Solomon DIXON ALFRED is given me.


I believed that (Ex turpi causa non oritur actio ) from a dishonorable cause an action does not arise. A claimant will be unable to pursue a cause of action, if it arises in connection with his own illegal act. If this is correct then why is ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED threatening my life for what I didn’t even forced him (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  to do neither did I collect the document from him nor even witness the exchange of document during his sales or renting of the documents. Now plan to end my life based on his confession.


We should be praying for one another not threatening one another.(oremus pro invicem)




NOTE: He supposed to know the consequence of renting his document out illegally for trolley racket that is 50-50, if the person get catch the document will be seized and sometime this action can attract problem to him and the guy that used the documents from the national Police, this is why need to educate/oriented lords who are educational disadvantage on simple basic dealing, thank GOD for my Zonal Head who is a lawyer that can advise him on the implication of his past action and also the present action he is pushing for.



Cc: Zonal Head

Cc: Zonal Council of Elders



Lord Ibn Battuta .

Elder Spanish Zone

Ju name Bishop.


Happy Easter to Spanish Zone

May God bless all of us.


Long live Spanish zone

Long live NBM Wordlwide



Aye Axe Men.