SUG President arrested during initiation of new members into Black Axe

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NBM Initiation – Code Bursting Wahala


Here and there online can be found a small handful of accounts of how members were initiated/bammed into the NBM/Black Axe. Often they are from members who have been caught by the authorities or members you claim to have turned their back on the organisation.

Generally the accounts conflict with each other and often bare no similarity from one account to the other.

I managed recently to get my hands on 700+ different accounts of members “tracing their bamming”. The majority of the accounts were written in code and would be useless to anybody outside of the organisation.

They would read:

  1. Angle 90
  2. Slave Trade
  3. Jew Camp
  4. Devils Passage
  5. Heavens Gate
  6. Perfect Circle
  7. Temple


However a handful of around 30+ of these accounts were much better and much more insightful. They ranged from fairly detailed accounts to really well written and highly detailed accounts of the process.

Whats more the accounts all shared a great amount of commonality even despite been written about these initiations that happened at different times and in different locations.

From these accounts we’re capable of piecing together exactly what goes on during an NBM so called ‘Initiation’:

Firstly members are collected by pre-existing members and told they are going to walk to a party. The walk takes them deep into the bush and along the way they are joined by other members and also other non-members also been walked to their initiation.

Then they are gathered deep in the bush and told to strip off their clothes and are beaten as they make their way to a location where they are instructed to sit. This is called ‘Angle 90’

Then in single file they walk with their left hands on each other’s shoulders and this is called ‘The Slave Trade’.

They walk to a place that is next known as ‘Jew Camp’ where they are told to lay down and are then beaten again for quite a lengthy amount of time.

The initiates are then told to crawl on the ground where they pass between people beating drums on either side of them. this is called ‘Devils Passage’

Then crawl under the legs of the Temple’s Chairman and this is called ‘Heavens Gate’

And then they enter the ‘Perfect Circle’ which comprises all the members attending the initiation all forming a circle around the initiates and another man dressed in white. This is the Temple’s ‘Chief Priest’.

The Chief Priest then drags each of the initiates one by one into ‘the temple’ which in this instance is the code for 7 candles on the ground in the shape of a coffin (3 candles on the right, 3 on the left and one at the head) and here the CP cuts the thumb of each man, instructs them to suck the blood whilst kokoma is spat into their face and they recite the NBM oath of secrecy.

They are finally slapped with a shotgun in the face by the Chairman and this marks their initiation into the organisation.


(Screenshots to follow soon…. Currently available upon request privately as to not compromise a new source of info)