Benue Zone Wahala

More evidence of recent NBM Temple (University) activity. 

An incident from November 2018 that appeared in the news but was never attributed to been related to the NBM. 

NBM members converged on Lessel community in Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State to attend a meeting. Whilst in the community they used a local okada rider to ferry them to the meeting location. 

Once all the axemen were at the meeting location they decided to attempt to rob the okada rider of his motorbike. He refused to hand over the keys and they killed him.

The news reached the local community and local youths descended on the NBM meeting and a massacre occurred leaving 13 members of the NBM dead. 

The incident made the news but with the victims been described only as “members of a cult”:


Makurdi—No fewer than 13 suspected members of a cult were, Saturday night, reportedly hacked to death in a major fracas with youths of Lessel community in Ushongo Local Government Area of Benue State.

It was gathered that the clash, which lasted over two hours, also left several persons with serious injuries. An eyewitness told Vanguard that the crisis started when members of a cult, who were in the town for a meeting, attacked and killed a commercial motorbike operator, whose motorbike they had attempted to snatch.

According to the eyewitness, “the group had come to Lessel town in their numbers on Saturday night for what we gathered was their annual convention. “They ran into the okadaman, who they engaged to convey some of them to a guest house in Lessel, venue of the meeting where some of them also put up.

“On completing the assignment of conveying them to their destination, the cult members demanded the key of the motorbike, but the rider refused to surrender his bike to them.

“They descended on him and killed him instantly. But the news of the murder filtered into town and the youths in Lessel mobilised and stormed the guest house with dangerous weapons.

“A bloody fight ensued, some of the cult members were hacked to death, while others captured alive led the youths to where other members of the cult were hiding.

“They were all rounded up by the youths. It took the intervention of the Police, who stormed the area, to stop the killing of more cultists, most of whom had been beaten to a pulp by the youths.” Reacting, Benue State Police Commissioner, Mr. Ene Okoh, said: “When we got the information, my men moved in quickly and arrested 13 persons, who were involved in the fracas, but I can confirm that nine persons were killed in the clash.” The commissioner, who disclosed that the command had reinforced security in the town, attributed the bloody clash to a cult fight.

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The NBM however discussed the issue.

Aye Marcus Garvey writes:

“Aye axemen!!!, e get one terere when i dy hear, i just want know if nh truth. The information reaching me is that some strong men where killed during initiation in Benue state, that we lost close to 13 strong men and some where arrested. Due to mis-information that they where Boko Haram or they killed a bikeman. Please forgive me because I don’t know what happened so am just asking, because have observed in the forum that no one has talked about it. Aye axemen!!”


Aye Walter Rodney claims the number of dead to be 50:

“Yes is true, the number of Ayes that was killed were more than 50 including 147.”


Lord Balewa Equiano adds:

“Na inside this November wey pass so

The update I get be say na as them comot from Grd. Vigilante alert koti wey come with firepower fall some men and bambellas. Them still nab some men. An external H, CP and Padded of a neighboring T went down

The matter weak me, I just deleted the photos of the scene, but I will try to retrieve it make men still Obs am, no be Te, Na real

Make the souls of those our brothers rest in the hands of KF

And I urge make men dey package with coordination in all activities”


Aye Marcus Garvey adds some photos of the aftermath:



Western Region Reforms

The NBM of Africa state they have withdrawn from the “Temples” (universities) in order to comply with Nigerian law.

Laughably I saw mention that officially this happened in 1994

Still today though they continue to rule over and have authority over what they publicly claim are renegade or splinter groups of students claiming wrongly to be affiliated with the NBM of Africa. 

It’s clear from the below that the NBM Western Region is still mandated with the job of ruling over what publicly they would claim are unaffiliated members of the ‘Black Axe Confraternity’  


Aye Axemen!

Haven carefully analysed the problems of non registered Lords, forum activities, infiltration of temples by non students and street violence, it is important that drastic measures are put in place to curtail all these excesses.

All hands must be on deck to tackle these problems. The zonal heads and Zonal COE especially, have very serious roles to play in this development.

It is hereby ordered as follows:

1. That all fora within Western Region are hereby dissolved. There is no forum in the NBM constitution and we will not tolerate its existence anywhere in Western Region.

2. All non students are hereby directed to either register in the  zone closest to them or come together as a group to apply for a sub-zone.

3. All zones are hereby given ultimatum of two months to create sub zones out of fora under them. We must desist from unnecessary protocols and give sub-zones to any group(dissolved forum) that merits it. Otherwise the region will step in and create these sub zones and bring them under control. We can not continue to ignore these people and allow them rubbish our name without control. Though we must weed out miscreants.

4. All non students in temples who are holding offices in the temple are hereby given 2 weeks to hand over their offices or face de-axation.

5. Members of temples are hereby directed to write petitions against any temple officer who is not a student.

6. All non students who fellowship in temples are hereby banned from doing so and also from introducing themselves as members of that temple. They are to join any zone or subzone closest to them. Note that miscreants that are not good enough to join a sub-zone are also not good enough for the temples.

7. All temples are hereby prohibited from blending any body who is not a student of their school. whether the person is a student of another school is immaterial.

8. All zones are hereby directed to verify, approve and monitor every ITJ to be blended as well as the blending process in any temple under them.

Conclusively, I wish to state that this pronouncement is for the betterment of this great movement and must not be taken for granted.

Lord El-kanemi,
Head, Western Region.

Ike Bobby Onwubuya – Realigning the Temples

Ike Bobby Onwubuya is the former head of the London Zone NBM mafia (serving 2009-2012).

In addition to his post as the head of the NBM mafia in London he also served in the following positions in the organisation:

2007-2009 he was the Zone’s ‘OC Legal’

2005-2007 he was one of the Zone’s ‘Elders’

2003-2005 he served as the Zone’s ‘Butcher’ 

A detailed outline of his roles and responsibilities can be found here

Predating his London Zone membership he had some other, very interesting, positions:

1992-1994 was he was Ihaza at Kiriji HT serving two terms in that position and in the following year he served as an ‘Elder’ of Kiriji HT

What is Kiriji HT? 

Kiriji HT is ‘Kiriji High Temple’ which is the coded name given to the University of Lagos.

Temple code names can be found here for further reference

Why do the NBM use code-names to refer to the universities? 

Ike Bobby Onwubuya and other members use code-names to refer to the “temples” (often referred to simply as the “T’s” because any presence of the NBM in the universities is highly illegal and anyone found to be doing so is liable to upto 5 years imprisonment. 

Although Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s membership and leadership within the university of Lagos predates the  Cult Prohibition Bill

The law clearly states that upon it’s commencement all activity must stop. This is the reason the NBM claim (as an outright lie) to have “withdrawn” from the university system.

Below however is Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s proposal for a “Movement Census and Database Management System” which also illegally includes mention of the “Temples”

He says:

  • upon a Lord or TEMPLE Aye registering “TEMPLE/Zonal officials verifies the registration”
  • The online system will negate the need for “TEMPLE/Zones to report the forms to National (Body)”
  • “The census is a great opportunity to engage the TEMPLE ayes with a view to realigning the TEMPLES and bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies”
  • his proposed system will allow the determination of “the total number of TEMPLE Ayes”
  • that Zonal officials will be able to access “all information pertaining Lord and TEMPLE ayes within their jurisdiction”
  • and can also “monitor the number of Ayes in each TEMPLE and help control the blending accordingly”
  • that TEMPLE Officials can “view and download all information pertaining TEMPLE ayes within their jurisdiction”
  • His system will however restrict the functionality for TEMPLE ayes: “Individual TEMPLE ayes can only view the data pertaining to TEMPLE ayes and cannot download information”
  • but permits “A TEMPLE aye can search for example all the ayes currently in Udi HT to verify a person”
  • and TEMPLE ayes “will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification”


So despite the law stating a multitude of prohibitions regarding the NBM’s presence in any university Ike Bobby Onwubuya insists the NBM should act otherwise (in a multitude of different ways). 

He states really clearly the law is to be ignored and the NBM should enact his plan “bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies”

His proposal in full:


Movement Census and Database Management System
The Census and Management system will be a 3-phased projectof which we can choose which to implement
1.       Phase 1 :- Census and Database – Conduct a Census and build an online membership database for the movement
2.       Phase 2:- Interactivity – enhance the database on phase 1 to be a closed interactive network for the movement. All registered verified members can interact, share pictures, share documents, send private messages and integrate into the database
3.       Phase 3:- Movement Management system – enable the system to help National/Zones to manage member’s attendance and dues. Sending information to individual members on how much they owe and collecting data on attendance
I will focus on only Phase 1 for this proposal
1.       Carry out a Census that systematically records information about our members and serve as a headcount to determine how many we are and where we are located
2.       Create a Database out of the census information that would serve as an effective membership management system for the movement
·         The census will be carried out through a system of Online Self-Certification. 
·         Each Axeman will be responsible for registering themselves on the online system.
·         The system will be onlie 24/7 so that each Axemen where ever in the world will have the same access to certify themselves. The worldwide coverage of an online system makes it an invaluable tool above a manual system
·         The Census will have 2 concurrent phases where the individual Axeman registered, and the Temple/Zonal officials verifies the registration
·         The main advantages of online self certification are Efficiency and Time saving– It minimises the efforts of getting people to fill forms and waiting for the Temples/Zones to report the forms to National, then manually entering each individual form on a database
·         A product of the census is that every axeman will have a unique identifying number.
·         The census is a great opportunity to engage the temple ayes with a view to realigning the temples and bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies
Census Time frame
The Census will be an ongoing exercise however there would be a time frame for delivering the initial phase. The NH would be able to deliver a census report at the 2013 convention which should give a total number of registered Axemen and making the database system available for use
Census Information
Each Axeman will log on to the website and fill out a form which should not take more than 5 minutes of their time
The information to be obtained
Ju Details
Strong Details
Current details
Ju Name
Strong Name
Zone/Temple registered
Year of Blending
Current position
Temple/Zone of Blending
Country of Residence
Temple Attended (if diff from temple of blend)*
Head at Blending (Ju Name)
Head at Blending (Strong name)*
Age range*
Year of Lordship induction
Venue of Induction
* Optional information
The Census is really a by-product of the database. The database holds the information that we obtain from the census and it would be constructed in such a way that we split the data stored in many ways to obtain any kind of information we need.
When the database is complete, the advantage to the movement will be immeasurable. The advantage and views for different individuals are
National Officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining every and anyaxeman and zone in NBM
·         Can select to see for example the total number of Temple Ayes and the Total number of Zonal Ayes
·         Can see the number of Ayes in a given location like Brazil and can determine if they can have are ripe zone or not
·         Given the number of people in different zone, National can decide to change the national dues structure based on the number in a location
Zonal officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining Lord and Temple ayeswithin their jurisdiction
·         Can monitor the number of Ayes in each temple and help control the blending accordingly
·         See the number of Ayes within their jurisdiction and can contact those slacking and those who do not even know about the existence of the zone
·         Can monitor the migration of Ayes between zones
Temple officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining Temple ayes within their jurisdiction
·         Individual axelords can only view the database but cannot run reports and cannot download information
·         A Lord can search for example all the ayes blended in Udi in 1997 to verify a person
·         Every individual will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification
Temple Ayes
·         Individual temple ayes can only view the data pertaining to temple ayes and cannot download information
·         A temple aye can search for example all the ayes currently in Udi HT to verify a person
·         Every individual will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification