Police Parades Thirty-Four Youths For Cult Related Activities In Anambra

Anambra state Police Command has paraded thirty-four youths over cult related activities at Enugwu-Ukwu Special Anti-Cultism Squad Unit of the command.

Among the thirty-four suspects who aged between twenty to twenty-five, four were girls suspected to belong to White Angels confraternity.

The suspected cultists were arrested by the officers of the Police Special Anti-Cultism Squad from Ogbunike in Oyi Council area, and Awada in Idemili North LGA, respectively.

Exhibits recovered from the suspects included three live cartridges, expended cartridges, initiation drums, cult Regalia,two machetes, pump action gun, locally made single barrel pistol, among others.

During the parade exercise, while some of the suspects confessed to belong to various cult groups including Black Axe, Vikings, Ayeez, and Viper confraternities and pleaded for leniency, others denied membership of any of the secrete cults and pleaded for their release.

Parading the suspects, Anambra state Commissioner of Police, Mr John Abang represented by the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Haruna Mohammed warned youths against secret cult which he said the command has zero tolerance for, advising youths to channel their energy and talents into things that will be beneficial to them, their families, and the society at large.

Mr Abang revealed that the suspects were arrested from the 12th of this month, and assured that after investigation, the suspects will be prosecuted and afterwards imprisoned if convicted, to serve as a deterrent to others.

He however asked Ndi Anambra to be security conscious at all times and to report any suspicious person or illegal activities to a nearby police station for prompt action.

The Commissioner of Police also advised parents and guardians to always monitor the activities of their children and wards to save them from cultism and other criminal and illegal activities.

The Anambra state Police Command also paraded another suspect, Mr Gerald Chika a native of Enugu state, at the Police Headquarters in Amawbia who was arrested at Emordi market in Awka where he attempted to rob one of the marketers in the market, Mr Kenechukwu Okafor of his belongings.

“Cult Regalia” = Uhuru baseball cap.

Seen them before

Maybe Von, Tayo and Co need to find another fake name for their fake façade of a “humanitarian organisation” and start printing some new, less conspicuous, baseball caps to try slip under the radar.

They have further explaining to do also about why the Nigerian arm of their “humanitarian organisation” need shotguns and machetes?

Understanding The Major Indicators of Human Trafficking

If you wanted to learn about policing/crime would you rather be lectured on the subject by a high ranking police officer. Who after completing his criminology degree sat at a desk and just read about crime. Or by someone who’d been engaged on the streets in the fight against it for for many years?

If you attended a military college would you rather be taught about warfare by an academic who’d, again, only read about war in books or by a veteran who’d actively served in the theatres of battle?

Do you have an interest in understanding the major indicators of human trafficking?

Uche Tobias is the first to confess to people when asked he knows little about it. He just reads about it in books.

Much more fitting to teach about human trafficking would be those with a much deeper understanding in it. Perhaps those with a long standing history of been engaged in the fight against it.

Or perhaps even better still…. Those engaged in it?

The NBM are a criminal organisation who have one or two articles/papers that document they are involved, quite heavily, in this activity.

“There exists an organized crime group. In this case that group is the Neo Black Movement (NBM) / Black Axe (BA). Mr. Alika did not contest that the
NBM is an organized crime group…. evidence shows that the Neo Black Movement is synonymous with the Black Axe, they are one in the same…. They’re involved in drug trafficking, arms trafficking, racketeering, and killing is second nature”

“A Nigerian criminal network named Black Axe…. controlling an extensive network of prostitutes and ordering them ‘on demand’ from Nigeria”

“The Black Axe cult provides an illustrative case study on the idealistic origins of cults and their descent into criminality…. The group, also known as the Neo-Black Movement… was also involved in trafficking women and girls to Italy”

“Black Ax Confraternity…. developed into serious criminal organization… are associated, among other things with activities such as murder, trafficking in human beings”

“Police in Italy have arrested 20 members of a vicious Nigerian organised crime gang… The Black Axe gang is thought to be involved in a number of illegal activities… including prostitution, protection rackets, people smuggling”

Trafficking in human beings – Criminal networks “Aye (also called Neo black movement, or black Ax) are particularly involved in the sexual exploitation of Nigerian women in Europe”

“The Neo Black Movement (NBM)…. maintain that they do not have
connections to Black Axe, however is essentially just a different name that acts as a nominal cover for the Black Axe… involved in a multitude of organized crime ventures such as running prostitution rings, human trafficking”

“Another particularly brutal confraternity is named Black Axe or the Neo-Black Movement of Africa has also taken advantage of the Nigerian-Libyan-Sicilian route…. the traffickers have been targeting younger and younger children in rural areas in order to keep feeding the trade”

“Human traffickers make $150 billion a year in profit…. gangs like the Black Axe are running the whole prostitution pipeline, which brings trafficked women from Nigeria to Italy…. Black Axe/NBM operate on both ends of the trafficking route, but in different ways”

“These potential profits have attracted at least one criminal organizations, the Neo Black Movement (NBM), a Nigerian cultist group also called Black Axe movement, or Aiye…… involved in arsons, markets taxations, drug trafficking and human smuggling”

“cultist groups” (including Black Axe (Aye) and Supreme Eiye Confraternity) are involved in the trafficking process….. it is possible to establish the proximity of individuals involved in trafficking to members”

“Black Ax (the Black Ax in French or Ascia Nera in Italian, hence the title of the book, Ed) , an organization born at the University of Benin City in 1977, but registered in Nigeria under the name of Neo Black Movement….. engaged in kidnapping or buying young girls for placement in brothels in large cities”

“Black Axe or Neo Black Movement members are involved in drug trafficking, human smuggling, prostitution, fraud, money-laundering and murder in countries around the world.”

“Members of the Black Axe have been identified as human traffickers with members in Italy forcing women into prostitution. Black Axe members in Nigeria have also been discovered high jacking minibuses and public transportation and abducting victims.

“Black Axe has spread to 26 countries including Italy, where its recognized by authorities as the Nigerian mafia for running drugs ,human and sex trafficking networks.”

“Over the past two decades, the Black Axe has also built a lucrative business in human trafficking. Working alongside established cartels, Axemen herd Nigerians across the Sahara Desert and Mediterranean Sea into Europe”

“Authorities in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Malta conducted the international operation, which was directed at two major Nigerian mafia groups. Police accuse the gangs of people-trafficking, drug trafficking, extortion, and prostitution…. two main groups in Italy are the Supreme Eye and the Black Ax”

“he accuses Europe of being a large part of the problem behind human trafficking… Omoruan says it’s Europe that wants cheaper, younger prostitutes… As long as this demand persists, secret groups like Black Axe and others will continue to be successful and make lots of money”

Interpol: Online African Organized Crime from Surface to Dark Web (will download the PDF if you click)
“Black Axe Confraternity… The group is widely believed to be the same as the Neo Black Movement founded in 1977…. involved in prostitution, human trafficking”

Certainly overwhelming evidence that the NBM are (over) qualified to give such a lecture right?

But of course it’d be laughable to the point of been silly to suggest the NBM would actually give a lecture about human trafficking… despite been amongst the best qualified people in the whole world to understand what the major indicators of human trafficking are.

Yet this is exactly what they did……

A lecture entitled: understanding the major indicators of human trafficking.

Seemingly mostly to themselves.

Lots of black & yellow…. that’s what Uche would be inclined to suggest what a major indicator of human trafficking is.

We’ll note the reluctance of NBM Members here in the picture to wear their standard issue berets or baseball caps with ‘NBM’ boldly printed on the front.

Why is that?

This has already been discussed before. Tayo (pictured below 2nd from the left), the organiser of the event and Head of the NBM’s Spain Zone can explain:

The zone has been fully registered though not as NBM AFRICA but as UHURU FOUNDATION, this might sound strange but the underlying issues here is that NBM AFRICA is currently under investigation in Spain and as we speak some of our members are still been followed by the police to see the kind of activities we indulge. As we were advised by our lawyers, that UHURU FOUNDATION should be the reason for our gathering till the investigations are called off only then we can change our name to NBM AFRICA

Which makes perfect sense…. The Uhuru Foundation doing a lecture entitled “understanding the major indicators of human trafficking” is massively less ridiculous than the NBM holding the lecture. If we can erase our memory that Tayo has just explained that’s who they actually are.

Plus… If changing your name means the police wont turn up and raid the proceedings then it’s an added bonus!

Hang on….

A face above looks familiar? The chap in the top photo sat in the middle of the front row. It’s the same chap in the second photo who’s 2nd from the right. I swear I know him from somewhere!

Vo….. it’s not? It is!

It’s Barking and Dagenham Council’s Communications Manager rubbing shoulders with seriously dodgy individuals as usual. Von Edomi of the Uhuru Foundation London.

“Uhuru Foundation London”?

I’m not aware of any such organisation existing and seemingly it doesn’t (at least outside of this event)

So Barking and Dagenham Council’s Communications Manager has turned up and spoke at a lecture on human trafficking, organised by a group infamous for human trafficking (of which he’s a senior member), to a room full of the aforementioned cretins and he’s had to alter the name of the organisation he represents because that organisation are been watched by the police?

That seems to be the long and the short of it.

Following this revelation I certainly see and am understanding the major indicators of human trafficking much much better.

Spain Zonal Congress of Mutiny & Wahala

Lord Santos Kabaka (Ikhide Ovbiesu) was the Spanish Head prior to Lord Gaddafi (Oscar Nehi) and the current Head Lord Oba Kosoko (Tayo Olutoryor).

Lord Santos Kabaka uncovers a “grand conspiracy” against him. Dismantles an “illegal” ‘Zonal Congress’. Suspends the Zonal Crier for announcing the aforementioned “illegal” ‘Zonal Congress’. In addition to suspending the former Zonal Butcher who “attacked the elder igbins and resulted in blood spill and police presence”.

Run of the mill problems for any charity.

it has come to my noticer that certain emsils srer being circulasted by the chsirmasn of spanish zone purporting to suspend me as head of the zone and also other frivolous allegastions

accordingly,let me make it clear that according to nbm constitution, in order to suspend or remove an exco member of the zone,there must two third majority votes of the coe which must be supported by snother two third msjority of the zonalcongress,therefore let it be known worlwide that a mere resolution of a corrupt coe like and a corrupt chsirmsn like ju name pomoruyi cannot remove me from office,i am still head of spanish zone until proven otherwise by the zonal congrees which is called for thast purpose.

secondly,last nite ju name omoruyi overstepped his bpounds when he stasrted calling ayes to attend a congreess which he slated for today,let it be known that such congress is illegal as the chairman of council has no righ to summon a zonal congress,this is gross misconduct wiothout doubt,as if that is not enough,ju name omoruyi yesterday gathered groups of ayes at a bar and then a night club which resulted in a violent fight between a former zxonsl butcher ju nasme olitan and an elder ju name igbins,the former butcher attacked the elder igbins and resulted in blood spill and police presence,omoruyi is trying to raise the tension and insecurity in this zoner under my leadership which i will not accept.

All axemen are to ignore the “it” summoned by the chairman as it will amount to an illegal gathering,and actions will be taken against all those who take part in it.

Finally, it is my `pronouncement that from this moment henceforth,ju name  omoruyi,lord martin lutherking is hereby suspended for gross misconduct from all nbm activities indefintely.

similarly,the zonal crier  ju name edgar who sent out the message for” it “without my instructions and my approval, is hereby suspended indefinitely as this is grand conspiracy and misconduct.

lord santos kabaka
head spanish zone


Below is the NBM’s Spanish Zone’s Annual Report Sheet 2018/19 compiled by the Head of the Zone: Tayo Olutoryor.

Interestingly in it’s race to register the NBM in all the countries it operates the Spain Zone have had to lose their name. Registering instead as ‘The Uhuru Foundation’. Why?

“the underlying issues here is that NBM AFRICA is currently under investigation in Spain and as we speak some of our members are still been followed by the police to see the kind of activities we indulge. As we were advised by our lawyers, that UHURU FOUNDATION should be the reason for our gathering till the investigations are called off only then we can change our name to NBM AFRICA”


Upon inception, my administration as the Spanish zonal head held a very crucial meeting both with myfellow executives and the council of elders of the zone wherein important issues were raised and the way forward intensively deliberated to ensure that all hands on desk. The highlight of all the issues discussed was the urgent need to register the zone with both the state and local authorities in Spain.

Subsequently, and upon my request as the head, the council was asked to review and audit the financial status of the zone where there were perceived irregularities, though the committee set up for this purpose is yet to finalized all their investigations, some persons indicted so far was made to refund some monies to the zonal wallet and this has since been done.
Myself and EXCOS also took upon ourselves the onerous task of bringing together most aggrieved Lords in the zone with issues emanating of the previous administration. This we were able to achieve by visiting abodes highly concentrated by Lords assuring them of a new dawn and the blueprint to take the zone to the next level was also given. We ended up by reviewing issues that led to the suspension of some Lords in the zone, while others were revoked, others were granted amnesty.


In reviewing my blueprint for Spanish zone, I will like to buttress that the constant financial demands from the Region and National body has to a large extent hampered my vision for the zone. However, Myself and my team yet have been able to achieve more than 50 percent of my blueprint for the zone. The following are the cardinal points of my blueprints=




From the aforementioned cardinal blueprints, so far we have been able to achieve 70 percent of it while others are still in the making. The zone has been fully registered though not as NBM AFRICA but as UHURU FOUNDATION, this might sound strange but the underlying issues here is that NBM AFRICA is currently under investigation in Spain and as we speak some of our members are still been followed by the police to see the kind of activities we indulge. As we were advised by our lawyers, that UHURU FOUNDATION should be the reason for our gathering till the investigations are called off only then we can change our name to NBM AFRICA and I am glad to say from the last discussion I had with the lawyer the police are getting more convinced by the day that we have no skeleton in our cupboard. We sincerely hope before the end of my administration things will be done properly as regard our trade mark. Above all,it is worthy to note that we cannot continue to gather illegally in a lawful country like Spain, hence the importance of the registration.


This is one area where I would say we have scored 100 percent so far. We can recall that barely 3 months into this administration, the cold hands of death took the life of one of my forum coordination (LORD NELSON MANDELA)who was on a visit to Nigeria and never returned. The zone responded quickly and ensured that he was given a befitted burial and also making sure that those he left behind were properly taken care of. Finally the sum of two million, two hundred thousand Naira (2.2 Million) was spent. Subsequently, other members of the zone have equally benefitted from the zonal welfare package either by way of child birth or marriage celebrations. Consequently, a total number of ten (10) Lords have benefited with a whooping sum of two thousand, four hundred and fifty euros (2.450 euros).


Ever since the announcement of the NBM National ID card scheme, Spanish zone has also embarked on recertification and accreditation of her members with the view of screening those ready and constant members of the zone. Meanwhile,there has been a cry out to all and sundry about the very need and importance of the recertification exercise. As admonished by the council, the period of grace to take part in the awesome exercise has been extended to the middle of this year 2019 after which all doors will be closed and those that ignored or refused to take part will be published as Non-members of Spanish zone and will cease to enjoy any rights or privilege whatsoever.


Though we have not really done enough in this area, but as we speak, plans are already going on to partner and collaborate with other sister organizations which has been mapped out for seminars and others for visitations and subsequently making donations as much as possible.


So far Spanish zone has been able to cooperate with the EU region and the National body at large. Spanish zonal members have also participated in seminars and inter-talk meetings organized by the region. In the areas of finance,we have also ensure we meet our financial obligations to both the Region and the National body. We have paid part sum for the Italian case, we have also paid our Regional dues, while Spanish zone was among the first seven (7) zones to pay for this year’s National Convention. Not to forget the fact that our National elders have also made adequate representation of Spanish zone at NCOE meetings.


Apart from the above achievements, we have also made other giant achievements. We have organized a compulsory Monthly LEADERSHIP TRAINING AND ORIENTATION CLASS for ALL Spanish Lords which will run for a period of one year. Opening of a zonal account and website are currently in process, hopefully they will be included in our subsequent annual report.


The constant financial burden from both the Region and National body has been our biggest challenge. After meeting these financial demands, we barely have something to deal, with regards to our plans and blueprints for the zone. Monies raised from dues are never enough, as we now rely on individual voluntarily donations/contributions in order to meet up our financial obligations. Another heavy challenge is the fact that Lords no longer have the interest of the MOVEMENT at heart. They lack the zeal to attend inter-talk and most times they prefer to sit at home doing nothing flawlessly. Because of their massive numbers, compelling them with a suspension notice has been seen by many not to be the best option.


  1. Both regions and National body should look for an alternative source for funds thereby reducing the heavy reliance and dependence on zones for funds, zones also have their own projects which are highly financially demanding.

2. There should be a lasting solution to the problems of those unwilling Lords in every zone in order to ensure every axeman is enticed to fellowship with a zone.

3. The National body should organized a scheme, it could be educational or business oriented that will improve the life of the grassroot axeman who happens to be the bedrock of NBM WORLDWIDE.

Finally, my special thanks goes to my executives whom have been very supportive all the way and also to my council of elders for been my guide. I will not forget to appreciate the good work of my indefatigable Regional head (LORD MARCUS GARVEY)and the National head NBM WORLDWIDE (LORD MOKITI MOZUZU) may KOROFO continue to increase your wisdom as you guide NBM to the next level.


KB’ 2002,


Blending in Diaspora

Rare insight into the blending (Initiation/Recruitment) process of new members in diaspora. In this case new members been recruited in the Spain Zone. 

As explained below the potential members are firstly vetted by the Zonal Council Of Elders and then upon approval are transported to the “bush” (no idea what their idea of the “bush” would be in Spain) where they are given their FM (First match) which involves other members beating the life out of them several hours in order to prove they wont succumb to police interrogations in the future. 

Better details now posted here

Then they are sent of their merry way to commit as much crime as is humanly possible (in the Spain Zone it’s most commonly fake lottery frauds & credit card crime). 

Interesting addition below too of a “re-blending” of a member who had been de-axed from the NBM. In his case de-axed due to causing a disturbance at a NBM ‘boogie night’ which led to the “police invading the venue” and also “stabbing the zonal chairman and gross misconduct”

Very typical behaviour for a lot of axemen so not really seen as good reason to permanently exclude the member. 


Aye my Regional Co.ordinator.

Aye axemen,



With reference to our telephone conversation this is to inform you that we have completed the blending of our balance of Jews as requested,the initial was conducted according the Neo Black Movement of Africa,the jew was interview and screen by the Zonal Council Of Elders,the jew want to bush to pay the FM before them were duly initiated according to the Neo Black Movement,this bring us the end of this government after a successful election.


The name of the blended lords are :


1.Jew Name :Martins Akitain.

Lord Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Qualification:Diploma Holder.

Work as Construction worker.


2.Jew Name:Sam Obi

lord Martin Luther King Jr. 1


Personal Business here.


(3) Jew; Robinson Egede.

Lord Idris Alooma 1

Qualification: LLB Uniben.

Personal Business.


4) Jew name:Goddy Felix Imosunu.

Lord NeLson Mandela 2.

Qualification Diploma From EDSU.

Farica work here.


5)Jew name:Emma Iweriebon

Lord Desmond Tutu.


Factory Foreman.


6).Jew Name: Brown Iyekekpolo.

Lord Askia Mohammed 2.

Qualification:Diploma From EDSU.

Worker here.


7)Jew Name: Solomon Alkhomogbe.

Lord Patrice Lumumba.

Cerificate in pub.Admin Uniben Campus 2.

Factory Worker.


8)Jew name: Ken Igbogun.

Lord Walter Sisulu 1.

Qualifiaction NCE College of Eduaction Benin City.

Factory Worker.


9) Jew Name : Efosa Amadin.

Lord Jaja of Opobo 1.

Qualification:Diploma in Uniben.

Factory work.




10) This was a lord that was de-axe from the Neo Black Movement 2004 because for dis-organizing a Zonal Bnite which led to police invading the venue and also stabing a the zonal chairman and gross misconduct.

He was blended back  to the movement:


Jew name:  Osaze Iyawe.

Lord W.E.B DU Bois 1.

Qualification: Diploma Uniben.

Private business.



(11) The son of one of our founding father who base in benin.

Jew: Vicent  Ikubo.

Lord Shaka Zulu 1.

Qualification: Diploma Holder.


We thank Korofo for guarding all us through this period to a successful handover.We member of Spanish Zone are very happy for what Korofo as done.


Aye my lord.


Lord Steve Biko 1´

Zonal Chairman.


Lord Ibn Battuta

Out Going Zonal Head.




Further Spain Zone activity documented here: https://bemigho147watch.wordpress.com/tag/spain-zone/


Spain Zone – Resignation Wahala

NBM in the Spain Zone scratch their heads over whether or not a member can resign from their position as an ‘Elder’… Added complication in this instance with the member doing a u-turn and attempting to reacquire his position. 


Today brings to mind another historic step in our movement especially here in spain. My former head ,jew name bishop wrote a letter of resignation and forwarded same to all forums and other zonal officers,in the letter he said he was resigning his office as an elder of the Spanish zone ,which office was confirmed on him by korofo via section 47 of the constitution of the neoblack movement of Africa 2004 as amended, however in a turn of events, jew name bishop has once again resurfaced from the blues to reclaim that position as an elder in the same Spanish zone where he resigned .today the council of elders through the chairman,lord ibn yashim,jew name emma has refered to my office this seeming contentious matter and to determine the position of our constitution as to whether or not bishop can reclaim that position.


Although our constitution is completely silent on the questions of resignation yet the law is not all together silent on this particular issue, section 65 subsection 9 and 11 must be called to question and read together with the provisions of section 5(11),sect 27(3) and section 65 (1).
section 65 subsection 9 it quote in part that …
members shall carry out the movement ASSIGNMENT with DESPACTH… while subsection 11 of the same section 65 says that members shall always show good example.
The interpretation to be given to section 65 must be one that will foster the intention of the drafsmen,so what was the intention of the law when the draftesmen put this section together? Bishop was given an assignment by section 65 to become an elder by section 47,and was expected to carry out this assignment with despatch as contemplated by section 65,but what did he do with this assignment as an elder.he resigned from that assignement as an elder and abandoned the movement which in the opinion of the law is misconduct and a big furk up and by virtue of subsection 11 he failed to show any good example by that singular act of resignation,he didn’t resign because he was sick or incapable or because he had any deformity as contemplated by the constitution,he resigned because according to him ,it was being rumoured that he was the one causing trouble and division within the Spanish zone,I am of the view that jew name bishop had other alternative areas to douse such
rumours than resigning and leaving the movement in disarray especially when the movement needed him most.

AYE AXEMEN,MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL OF ELDER,I greet you all in the name of korofo, there are two legal options open to the council of elders

Since the constitution is silent on this so called resignation issue,the council of elders can revert to section 27(3) of the constitution which states as follows
That in the event that any member of the council of elders is found wanting in the discharge of his duties or of gross misconduct, he shall stand removed from office by TWO THIRDS MAJORITY of members PRESENT AND VOTING.
What this means is that the council of elders can come together and consider this so called resignation as misconduct and thereby remove bishop as an elder by a vote of two third majority of the elders that are present during this meeting where the issue is to be resolved, and that puts the issue to rest.

the council can invoke its powers under section 5 (11) of the constitutuion which stipulates that ..THERE SHALL BE A ZONAL COUNCIL OF ELDERS WHICH SHALL BE THE HIGHEST LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL ORGAN OF THE ZONE.
What this means is that the council can constitute itself into tribunal or disciplinary body and reach a decision whether or not bishop,s resignation amounted to misconduct or not,in this way bishop will be summoned before the council to defend himself and after which the council shall reach a verdict on any disciplinary action to be taken against him which may also include removing him as an elder. the constitution says that the council is the highest decision making body
Finally ,in order to forestall a repeat of this melee, the council should take immediate steps to enact a bye law dealing with resignation of officers of the movement with regards to the Spanish zone in so far as it is not at variance with section 1 of our constitution.
Aye axemen…aye
I remain
UDI 97

NBM Barcalona Wahala

Don Tete Smart,

The following allegations were made against you by Lucky Iriemwin to the zonal council of elders and in the principle of equality and justice,we deem it fit to inform you of these allegations and ask you to defend yourself accordingly in writing.

(1) Lucky Iriemwin alleged that you accused him of being a police informant even as a black Lord
(2) Lucky Iriemwin also alleged that you accused him of sending one ju name OSAYANDE to prison
(3)Lucky Iriemwin further alleged that you accused him of advising his girlfriend to also pack out of the house .

In view of the aforementioned allegations,Lucky Iriemwin has petitioned the council of elders demanding that you prove your allegations or disclose the legitimate source of your information and accusation against him.

Finally, please in your response remember to write your strong name,ju name,temple and year of blending and your present zone or forum and or position and telephone contact,after your response the council shall sit to consider both applications and may, if neccessary invite both of you to address the council in person.

You are to respond to these allegations immidiately.

Greetings from Madrid

Santos Kabaka
Udi 97
Head,Spanish zone


The accused response:


strong name Malcolm X ,ju name don smartete ,temple ikpitan year of blending 2004 present barcelona forum spanish zone

The following allegations made against me by Lucky Iriemwin it was not an accused but words about what i heard from jew and jewress saying
(1) he inform the police about the contract marriage of his brother wife jew name AB
and he agreed to that, ask him,
(2) osayande in prison is not caused by anybody, i only ask if he call osayande 2days before he was arrested, then he started calling names that jew name oscar is the one telling people about him that he is police informant, then i say to him you are not, but why calling ju,name oscar, then he said i will look for all ways to bring oscar down even as a black Lord he doesn’t care and i will go as far to africa to native
dr and ayelala to brind oscar down then i said to him you are not talking like a Lord, jew name kelvin ask smart are you sure that lucky is a Lord i say yes but i dont understand the way he talks abut ju,name oscar.
(3)there was never a time i accused him of advising osayande girlfriend to pack out of the house i only ask if he was aware that the girl is going to pack because she said that you and some other friends of osayande know that she is packing,

Spain Zone Wahala – The NBM Human Trafficking Bus

Nothing like an internal squabble to overturn a few rocks.

In this case a bit of a disagreement over a case of NBM/Black Axe Human Trafficking.

Welcome to the “Trolley Racket”. We’ll remember that term. 



I  Lord Ibn Battuta, Elder Spanish Zone Ju name Bishop, do formally petition  LORD PATRICE LUMUMBA Jew name Ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED  Spanish zonal Eye regarding his threat on my life and his accusation against me of holding his  SPANISH RESIDENT PERMIT AND HIS PASSPORT.


He went as far as putting my full name yahoo public chat: STATING (SOLOMON EGEDE IS EVIL) of which people started asking me questions regarding his statement, Lord, Ayes and Eiye and Jews alike, prove that he has ability to carry out his threat. 1/3 of my fellow elders and Head were informed about this, which he later removed after 1hour.




The above named lord told my brother Jew name Robin that he is looking for money to ship his bus and open a shop, that he have two resident permits which he has been using to bring people to Spain , that if he know anybody that will need it to rent so he can raise some money, then my brother told him that there is somebody that have contacted me before that is looking for document to travel, when he  Ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED called me regarding this issue, I decided to help him been as a brother , so he can raise money. We contacted the guy (name Lemi), make arrangement on how the transaction will take place and how, money will be exchange.  I told him about my commission for helping in this transaction and we all agreed on a price with me gaining 400euros. He (Solomon Alfred Dixon) called the sisters to meet the guy in my shop, both parties exchange the documents and the guy transferred the money through one Africa shop (MAMA COLLINS shop). We (My brother, Solomon Alfred Dixon and myself) went TO PICK THE EXCHANGE HERE, My brother was given the money and gave it to him, HE COUNTED AND gave me my share for the help and I left him.


Before the guy (Lemi) departure, Solomon was in contact with the guy and him family, even the guy wife in France. They all agreed on what to do when the guy reaches France. Unfortunately the guy was held in Spain for three days and was deported, doing the guy ordeal; he didn’t pick his phone nor want to associate himself with the guy (Lemi) situation. My brother called his number up to 15times, he didn’t pick, he later called, a current elder Jew name Igbins regarding this, informing him that Solomon Alfred Dixon is not picking his phone that the guy (Lemi),  he (jew name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  gave document is with Spanish police at the airport detention center.


I called my current elder Jew name Iduwo regarding this case , requesting for a lawyer to help the guy because the guy have spent about 1,2million naira enough to bring the guy here without stress. I was surprise that four days later, ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED was asking me if police have deported the guy.  I was surprise how can He wish somebody something of that nature. Anyway


Just 3days ago, months after this event, months after  he (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED ) used the gain to open shop and currently happy with his life , he (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  is requesting his SPANISH STAY AND INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT from me , WITH ANIMUS NOCENDI  ( threat to my life)- FOR documents he didn’t give me, nor any member of  my family. I didn’t touch the money or the document; neither did my family in Nigeria. I did this bona fide, trying to help a lord to get out of his currently financial situation of which now he is enjoying the benefit. Where have I gone wrong, that have motivated him to decide on threat to my life? Documents he rented to make gain for himself.


Last week, the guy (Lemi) called me threatening my life saying that my guy (Solomon Alfred Dixon) reported the documents before his departure which is not supposed to be so that both of us must returned his money. He in turn also started threatening me and confessing that I was lucky to have been alive on New Year wash night.


I took this conversation seriously. De futuro, I wish the house to consider this a serious issue because a lord cannot just say this against his own.  (ex abundantia enim cordis os loquitur)  For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. I BELIEVE THERE WILL BE A future intention SO MY FAMILY HAVE ALSO BEEN NOTIFIED. My life is at stake here.


Since this transaction, not a day without a line drawn. I want to be able to fellowship with my fellow brothers without future fear or threat of death by one of our own. I am seeking constitutional protection based on this case. Malum prohibitum (something is only wrong because it is against the law) I have not acted in bad faith , that deserve what  jew name Solomon DIXON ALFRED is given me.


I believed that (Ex turpi causa non oritur actio ) from a dishonorable cause an action does not arise. A claimant will be unable to pursue a cause of action, if it arises in connection with his own illegal act. If this is correct then why is ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED threatening my life for what I didn’t even forced him (ju name Solomon DIXON ALFRED)  to do neither did I collect the document from him nor even witness the exchange of document during his sales or renting of the documents. Now plan to end my life based on his confession.


We should be praying for one another not threatening one another.(oremus pro invicem)




NOTE: He supposed to know the consequence of renting his document out illegally for trolley racket that is 50-50, if the person get catch the document will be seized and sometime this action can attract problem to him and the guy that used the documents from the national Police, this is why need to educate/oriented lords who are educational disadvantage on simple basic dealing, thank GOD for my Zonal Head who is a lawyer that can advise him on the implication of his past action and also the present action he is pushing for.



Cc: Zonal Head

Cc: Zonal Council of Elders



Lord Ibn Battuta .

Elder Spanish Zone

Ju name Bishop.


Happy Easter to Spanish Zone

May God bless all of us.


Long live Spanish zone

Long live NBM Wordlwide



Aye Axe Men.



International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 1

Here is an index of recent Neo Black Movement bad behavior (like stabbing a fellow NBM member), misconduct (been insubordinate to a higher ranking elder) and gross-misconduct (embezzling Zonal funds).

Also it documents any resulting suspensions and de-axeations that occurred should this bad behavior, misconduct or gross-misconduct attract any police attention or arrest (the worst cardinal sin a member can commit).

International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 1

(Clicking the underlined title will take you to the full story)

Apapa Zone Wahala – Complaints about “anarchy” and “hijacking” of the leadership in the Apapa Zone. Including an “unlawful violent event” (Which of course is different to the ‘lawful violent events’ like when the NBM are sponsored as thugs or killers by politicians). Also allegations that elders within the zone forged educational documents contrary to the NBM constitution in order to gain Lord status.

Belgium Zone Wahala – Complaint and recommendation for the de-axeation of ‘David Aghahowa Omorodion’ after a “little misunderstanding” led the aforementioned Lord to stab another member in the neck leaving him in hospital in a coma. Stabbing a fellow member in the neck been purely ‘bad behavior’ additional reasons for his removal from the NBM are included: Stealing the Canada Zone’s Chief Priest’s hand chain and passing on NBM information to a jew (non-member)

Benin Zone Wahala – Complaints regarding the “misappropriation of funds” and embezzlement of money given to the Benin Zone leadership in order to secure government positions for various politicians. Complaints also on how the promised “job slots” within Edo State Government were not fairly distributed. This money and these jobs awarded for the NBM Benin Zone’s help perpetrating political violence, political killings and generally helping to rig the elections. This is not the issue of the complaints of course…. it’s the embezzlement of the corrupt payments and hijacking of the government jobs that is the real issue to the NBM.

Canada Zone Wahala – Details of an NBM pedophile ‘Nestor Omoruyi Amayo’ in the Canada Zone raping a 13 year old girl (over the period of a year… therefore since she was 12 years old). The NBM conducted their own investigation which included “Lord Kwesi Wiredo interviewing the little girl”. Also the NBM conducted an image laundering exercise to “protect Nestor’s name, by so doing, our (Neo Black Movement) name too”. Mr Nestor fled to Nigeria and is currently wanted by Canadian Police on rape charges.

France Zone Wahala – Lord Yakata Samora pleading to be found innocent on the charge of embezzling Zonal funds… and blaming others.

Greece Zone Wahala – Details of Greece Zone embezzlement, insubordination, disobedient acts, chaos and panic that has led to the Greece Zone becoming “dis-functional”

Germany Zone Wahala – Accusations and complaints that the Germany Zonal Head is using “Zonal money” for his own personal use (naughty), spending otherwise too without any approval from the Council of Elders. Also accusations and complaints that the Germany Zone Chief Priest is doing exactly the same. Also accusations and complaints that the member holding the role of ‘Ihaza’ could be doing the same… but nobody in the Zone knows who holds that position.

Further accusations that the Germany Zone Chairman is “incompetent” and furthermore that him and Zonal Head conducted an illegal blending of a ju from Luxembourg without complying to the correct procedure (informing the NCEO for ‘authorisation’ and then passed to the National Head for ‘execution’)

Complaints too about 450 Euros lost when the Berlin Carnival of Culture kicked them out for been a “criminal group”. I wonder you wrote to them and told them that…..?!?!? 😀 😀 😀 😀

Accusations too that the Chief Priest, aside from stealing Zonal money, is not actually an axe-man.

Many other accusations and complaints too. Huge wahala in the Germany Zone.

Ike Bobby Onwubuya Wahala – Ike Bobby Onwubuya complaining about how it “looks” that Spain Zone NBM property was raieded by police and quite a huge and sizable haul of stolen goods and drugs discovered. Ike Bobby Onwubuya I would imagine worried how this might look to see his employers who at the time was a big high street UK bank. Also Ike Bobby Onwubuya voices his displeasure over a failed terror bombing and how the NBM will come under greater scrutiny as a result.

Ireland Zone Wahala – Accusations that Lord Laurent Cabilla ( Ju name Suba Emmanuel) took it upon himself to, against the constitution install himself as ‘acting head of the Zone’ following huge disorder and fighting in the Zone. Upon the troubles been rectified the Zone held their first IT (Itohan) which was then followed by a party to celebrate Lord Katanga newborn baby girl. This culminating in some “some public order offenses ( i.e shouting, screaming, fighting disturbing the entire neighborhood)”. NBM member Abella verbally insulted the chairman resulting in a charge of ‘Gross Misconduct’. Other trouble, tension and chaos also documented including an attempted ‘mutiny’ to oust the Zonal Head.

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Complaints by the Italy Zone of the Head embezzling Zonal funds, been monitored by the Italian Security Services, his phone been tapped by the security services, attacking someone with an axe, beating up a lady too…. but most worrying to them his house raided by the police (this causing huge concern due to two computers been seized which held “NBM datas”)

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Details of a robbery within the zone. Also details of a party including children and women (some of whom were pregnant) in which 200 NBM members were in attendance. In addition to slapping the attendees the voilence was escalated to the use of bottles and tear gas. Details of the de-axeation of a Lord for “attracting the attention of the Police”

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 3 – Details of the murder of an NBM member in Italy following a gambling argument over money. Members of the Zone instructed: “resist any form of violence that will escalate the already existing problem”

But it’d be ok to use violence to end the problem? or use violence is situations where the violence would not lead to an escalation?

Japan Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Details of an NBM member (Lord Dan Walter) who paid money to an “agent” to be smuggled into Japan. Things didn’t go as planned and the member ended up in South Korea. He was then helped financially by another Japan Zone member to get back from South Korea to Nigeria and then into Japan as originally planned. An agreement to pay back the money was made but Lord Dan Walter stopped making payments causing unrest in the Zone. Arguments and fights ensued. Disrespectful comments to NBM Elders been the final straw and a committee was formed to investigate the matters.

Japan Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Details of a Japan Zone member Lucky Aghaku (Lord Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu) suspended for dancing inappropriately with the Zonal Head’s wife. Also whilst an attempted punishment was been carried out by the Zonal Butcher “he gave the butcher (lord kinta kunte) a head butt in the eye that caused him severe injury in the eye”

On another occasion at a Japan Zone ‘jolly’ Lucky Aghaku also began dancing “inappropriately” and took control of the Zonal microphone much to the disgust of the Japan Zone Chairman. After repeated warning and his bad behavior not stopping the Japan Zonal Head ordered the Butchers to take him outside for his 5 minute punishment. Lucky Aghaku was unwilling to take his punishment and for a second time headbutted the butcher (lord kinta kunte), elbowed Lord Barack Obama and started destroying the venue. Additionally injuring Thomas Sankara, the Zonal Head and spitting in the face of the Zonal Eye. Insults made about the Zonal Head and his family resulted in an “emergency coe meeting” to be called and a proposal made to de-axe Lucky Aghaku.

Netherlands Zone Wahala – Details of a Police raid in Holland on the NBM hang-out ‘Grand Café’ where 111 Nigerians were arrested. The document details concerns over the security of NBM members acknowledging the “obvious fact in the whole situation is that most members of the Nigerian community as well as Axe Men are not systemized as per Residence Permit, Visa or otherwise. Further arrests of an unknown number at “an Afro Shop in The Hague where mostly Nigerians hangout”. This led to all NBM meetings been suspended in the Netherland Zone for security reasons.

Rose View Court Hotel Wahala – Evidence of the NBM holding meetings at Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’s hotel (Rose View Court Hotel) and how this contravene’s the law and makes the hotel subject to seizure and Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo himself liable for arrest.

Spain Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Spanish Zonal investigations uncovering embezzlement of Zonal funds by NBM member Leo Giebaen (Lord santos kabaka) and a plot to kill the Spain Zone’s Council of Elders.

Spain Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Accusations about Spain Zone NBM member Uwaifo Okonobo (Lord Aye Bulala) for stealing money from a fellow NBM member and insulting the Zonal Head which resulted in his de-axeation. He was traced to a house but fired shots at the people trying to regain the stolen money. He then fled to Sevilla.

Another dispute is described where a Spain Zone member (“Odion”) living and working in Spain illegally had been using the ID papers and bank account of another NBM member (“Uwaifo”) in the Zone (“he give his documents as help to a lord to secure a job). Uwaifo did for a little time pass on Odion’s earnings but then stopped and kept the money for himself.

Uwaifo is reported to have done the same to Spain Zonal Head when the Zonal Head first came to Spain….. running off with 9,800 Euros of which only 2,000 Euros was recovered after he was hunted down in hiding in Sevilla

Part 2 will be coming soon…….

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Spain Zone Wahala…. Once Again

Aye axe men,

With reference to the mail below we have been sent to all zone as regards the suspended lord below:
Strong Name: Aye Bulala.
Jew name:Uwaifo Okonobo.
Temple Blend: Ogunpa (Ibadan)
Year 96..

He has refused to answer the call of the COE and also he did not make effort to repay all the money he stole from the lords below,he want as far of insulting the zonal head and he refuse answering his phone.After give two weeks since last year to write a appeal before the Zonal COE.He refused no man is an island.

HE has been DE-AXED from the movement

We bring to the notice of NBM worldwide and Lagos Zone/Benin Zone must especially,that the Aye name below have been suspended indefinitely from the movement and also declared wanted by Spanish Zone:

Strong Name: Aye Bulala.
Jew name:Uwaifo Okonobo.
Temple Blend: Ogunpa (Ibadan)
Year 96.

The reasons are stealing/obtaining in the different Stage:

He want to an Eiye man house (Airlord) the son a Benin politician (Bob Izua),them were in a company one lady/girl,according to a lord that reported matter to the zonal,the girl want into the bathroom free herself,to cut the story short on coming back the girl discovered that her pause is open,she was all alone with Jew name Uwaifo before she left just 10minute interval, € 600 has been taken from her wallet,meanwhile the Bob Izua son was in the kitchen try to make food or something for them,the girl start shouting her money that Jew name Uwaifo have taken her money,the Eiye boy now apprehened the aye to bring the money out,the next thing the aye did was to bring out a DOG (pistol) from his body and he left the house to his own house on his going 50 euros drop from his pockage after he claim he has nothing with him.

The girl want to trace the aye house,he gain entrance to the main flat where the aye release 5 shot on the air,which attract the police,the matter was report to the police,he ran away to another city call Sevilla (his Hide joint).The matter was report to the Zonal Head,the zonal call him and warn him bitterly for this gross misconduct,he appologize for his conduct.

The Recent one his the most saddest time in the Zonal,which all lords make vow to make sure he pay for this evil,this involves a lord in the Zonal,he give his documents as help to a lord to secure a job normally European black way of life,the lord Jew name Odion work monthly why the salary is paid into Uwaifos account because he is the legal owner of the documents,that is how it is here,Uwaifo duty as a black man even without NBM relationship is to withdraw the money I give it to the lord jew name odion who is working with his documents,the first two month according to the lord,Uwaifo withdrawn the salary from his account and give it to the lord,the lord give him something from it as a sign of appreciation that he lend him his documents to secure a job,which we suppose to for a follow lords.

The month on June,before my Zonal Head want to Nigeria,Jew name Odion report that is more than month he work and the copy have paid the salary to his account,uwaifo withdraw the money and travelled to his Sevilla his Hiden Joint,My head personally call Uwaifo to return the money he said when he come to Madrid,so the lord worked for the second months the money was paid into that account,he denied he did see no money in the account,the company now presented a prove that the money was transfered to the account.

So when my zonal head came back to Spain,find out that is no longer the month issue now two months which amount €2,700 (Two thousand seven hundred euros), My head call him personally to return the to teh lord,he refuse,he later refer the matter to teh COE,the COE send message even through the zonal Head to him 5 times,he did not honour the invitation from the COE and on one occassion he off his phone on my Zonal head.

Till now he as not return the money to the Lord Jew name Odion June and July monthly salary,if an aye can do this to a lord where are we going and the movement,the head advise the lord to stop the work and look for other documents.

We appealing to NBM in diaspora and Nigeria Zones to take note and Identity of this aye whenever and whatever is found with him should be seize ,which will be converted to the equal how money he took from the lord and paid back.

He did similar thing to my Zonal Head in the year 2004 when he was working as with my Zonal Head as new comer to Europe.He took 9,800 Euros from the house,money that belong to people,he ran to the Sevilla 5 hours drive from Madrid,my and want to search for him in company of two other lords in a car that same morning,only to find him in a hotel,my Zonal Head only sucided in getting just € 2,000 from him,till today he did return the balance put my Zonal head in tied corner.

Enough is Enough.

If he refuse to bring back the money he took before xmas the COE have no options to DE-AXE him and treat him like a jew,then the money will be easy for us to get any where.

Korofo on Guard.

Lord.Ibn Battuta.
Head Spanish Zone.
K.B 92

Lord Dedan Kimathi
Spanish Zonal Chairman
K.B 95

Cc National Head For National Executive
Chairman NCOE For National Council Of Elders
All Regions NBM Worldwide
All Zones NBM World wide
All Forums NBM Worldwide
All Lords London Zone
All Axemen World wide