Nigerian mafia, Palermo police blitz: new blow to the Viking

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Date: 4/2/21


(Translated by Google from Italian)

The investigators of the Flying Squad of the Foreign Crime and Prostitution Section had discovered the existence of another secret cult called “Viking”, with an operational cell also in Palermo

Operation Showdow. Hard blow by the state police to one of the most aggressive groups of the Nigerian mafia, active in Palermo. A precautionary custody order was carried out in prison for mafia-type association, serious injuries, exploitation of prostitution and drug dealing, issued by the investigating judge at the request of the group of magistrates of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, coordinated by the Deputy Prosecutor Salvatore De Luca, against of 11 people. Research is still ongoing for three of them. In the past years, following the “Black Ax” and “No Fly Zone” operations, the investigators of the Flying Squad of the Foreign Crime and Prostitution Section, had discovered the existence of another secret cult called “Viking”, with an operating cell also in Palermo.

Emeka Don was also a member of this cult, already the recipient of the arrest of a suspect on July 9, 2019 and in the past the victim of attempted murder by one of the leaders of the cult “Black Ax”, Austine Johnbull, arrested and convicted of this crime. The subsequent operation called “Disconnection Zone” of July 2019 had led to the arrest of a crime suspect of 13 of its top members, so as to undermine the structure of the Vikings or “Supreme Vikings Confraternity”, whose members had been charged with the crime of criminal association of a mafia type. The Viking are a criminal association born in Nigeria, then spread to various European and non-European states.

It is characterized by having a hierarchically organized and branched structure throughout the national territory, with a strong intimidation capacity. The criminal association is mainly active in crimes against the person, above all in the occasion of clashes with the rival cult for the control of the territory and the supremacy within the Nigerian community; on drugs and against property. The purpose of the activities of the criminal team is to make the association stronger, both towards the associates and the Nigerian community and other Nigerian criminal groups.

With today’s restrictive measures, the Palermo Mobile Squad, it is explained, inflicts “another hard blow” to the Viking of the capital, reaching the capture of their leader, Parkinson Chukwuma, accused of management, promotion and affiliation to the group, with the aggravating circumstance of being an armed association. Alongside the members of the Viking Palermo there are also two other recipients of precautionary measures, George Oguike Obinna, known as “Okwele”, accused of brutal violence, and Frankline Duru, known as “Skorò”, who also carried out logistic activities, making his own restaurant available restaurant, in the heart of Ballarò, for meetings reserved only for members of the clan.

And it is precisely inside this place that the physical aggression by Emeka Don, Evans Ifeanyi Chukwu and Frank Chinedu took place, against a compatriot, guilty of not wanting to join the cult; the attack, also committed with glass bottles, had been so violent as to cause him to lose his upper incisors as well as several injuries to his face. The investigative investigations and the statements of some collaborators of justice, the investigators managed to demonstrate, in addition to the existence in Palermo of the “Viking” mafia association, also the presence of numerous prostitution houses in the historic center of Palermo, the “connection house “, and foreigners active in the sale of cocaine and heroin in the main town square.