Ike Bobby Onwubuya – Realigning the Temples

Ike Bobby Onwubuya is the former head of the London Zone NBM mafia (serving 2009-2012).

In addition to his post as the head of the NBM mafia in London he also served in the following positions in the organisation:

2007-2009 he was the Zone’s ‘OC Legal’

2005-2007 he was one of the Zone’s ‘Elders’

2003-2005 he served as the Zone’s ‘Butcher’ 

A detailed outline of his roles and responsibilities can be found here

Predating his London Zone membership he had some other, very interesting, positions:

1992-1994 was he was Ihaza at Kiriji HT serving two terms in that position and in the following year he served as an ‘Elder’ of Kiriji HT

What is Kiriji HT? 

Kiriji HT is ‘Kiriji High Temple’ which is the coded name given to the University of Lagos.

Temple code names can be found here for further reference

Why do the NBM use code-names to refer to the universities? 

Ike Bobby Onwubuya and other members use code-names to refer to the “temples” (often referred to simply as the “T’s” because any presence of the NBM in the universities is highly illegal and anyone found to be doing so is liable to upto 5 years imprisonment. 

Although Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s membership and leadership within the university of Lagos predates the  Cult Prohibition Bill

The law clearly states that upon it’s commencement all activity must stop. This is the reason the NBM claim (as an outright lie) to have “withdrawn” from the university system.

Below however is Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s proposal for a “Movement Census and Database Management System” which also illegally includes mention of the “Temples”

He says:

  • upon a Lord or TEMPLE Aye registering “TEMPLE/Zonal officials verifies the registration”
  • The online system will negate the need for “TEMPLE/Zones to report the forms to National (Body)”
  • “The census is a great opportunity to engage the TEMPLE ayes with a view to realigning the TEMPLES and bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies”
  • his proposed system will allow the determination of “the total number of TEMPLE Ayes”
  • that Zonal officials will be able to access “all information pertaining Lord and TEMPLE ayes within their jurisdiction”
  • and can also “monitor the number of Ayes in each TEMPLE and help control the blending accordingly”
  • that TEMPLE Officials can “view and download all information pertaining TEMPLE ayes within their jurisdiction”
  • His system will however restrict the functionality for TEMPLE ayes: “Individual TEMPLE ayes can only view the data pertaining to TEMPLE ayes and cannot download information”
  • but permits “A TEMPLE aye can search for example all the ayes currently in Udi HT to verify a person”
  • and TEMPLE ayes “will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification”


So despite the law stating a multitude of prohibitions regarding the NBM’s presence in any university Ike Bobby Onwubuya insists the NBM should act otherwise (in a multitude of different ways). 

He states really clearly the law is to be ignored and the NBM should enact his plan “bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies”

His proposal in full:


Movement Census and Database Management System
The Census and Management system will be a 3-phased projectof which we can choose which to implement
1.       Phase 1 :- Census and Database – Conduct a Census and build an online membership database for the movement
2.       Phase 2:- Interactivity – enhance the database on phase 1 to be a closed interactive network for the movement. All registered verified members can interact, share pictures, share documents, send private messages and integrate Nbmarena.com into the database
3.       Phase 3:- Movement Management system – enable the system to help National/Zones to manage member’s attendance and dues. Sending information to individual members on how much they owe and collecting data on attendance
I will focus on only Phase 1 for this proposal
1.       Carry out a Census that systematically records information about our members and serve as a headcount to determine how many we are and where we are located
2.       Create a Database out of the census information that would serve as an effective membership management system for the movement
·         The census will be carried out through a system of Online Self-Certification. 
·         Each Axeman will be responsible for registering themselves on the online system.
·         The system will be onlie 24/7 so that each Axemen where ever in the world will have the same access to certify themselves. The worldwide coverage of an online system makes it an invaluable tool above a manual system
·         The Census will have 2 concurrent phases where the individual Axeman registered, and the Temple/Zonal officials verifies the registration
·         The main advantages of online self certification are Efficiency and Time saving– It minimises the efforts of getting people to fill forms and waiting for the Temples/Zones to report the forms to National, then manually entering each individual form on a database
·         A product of the census is that every axeman will have a unique identifying number.
·         The census is a great opportunity to engage the temple ayes with a view to realigning the temples and bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies
Census Time frame
The Census will be an ongoing exercise however there would be a time frame for delivering the initial phase. The NH would be able to deliver a census report at the 2013 convention which should give a total number of registered Axemen and making the database system available for use
Census Information
Each Axeman will log on to the website and fill out a form which should not take more than 5 minutes of their time
The information to be obtained
Ju Details
Strong Details
Current details
Ju Name
Strong Name
Zone/Temple registered
Year of Blending
Current position
Temple/Zone of Blending
Country of Residence
Temple Attended (if diff from temple of blend)*
Head at Blending (Ju Name)
Head at Blending (Strong name)*
Age range*
Year of Lordship induction
Venue of Induction
* Optional information
The Census is really a by-product of the database. The database holds the information that we obtain from the census and it would be constructed in such a way that we split the data stored in many ways to obtain any kind of information we need.
When the database is complete, the advantage to the movement will be immeasurable. The advantage and views for different individuals are
National Officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining every and anyaxeman and zone in NBM
·         Can select to see for example the total number of Temple Ayes and the Total number of Zonal Ayes
·         Can see the number of Ayes in a given location like Brazil and can determine if they can have are ripe zone or not
·         Given the number of people in different zone, National can decide to change the national dues structure based on the number in a location
Zonal officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining Lord and Temple ayeswithin their jurisdiction
·         Can monitor the number of Ayes in each temple and help control the blending accordingly
·         See the number of Ayes within their jurisdiction and can contact those slacking and those who do not even know about the existence of the zone
·         Can monitor the migration of Ayes between zones
Temple officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining Temple ayes within their jurisdiction
·         Individual axelords can only view the database but cannot run reports and cannot download information
·         A Lord can search for example all the ayes blended in Udi in 1997 to verify a person
·         Every individual will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification
Temple Ayes
·         Individual temple ayes can only view the data pertaining to temple ayes and cannot download information
·         A temple aye can search for example all the ayes currently in Udi HT to verify a person
·         Every individual will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification

Fall in Love – Go to Jail

Money mules can often be romance scam victims who are at the end of the life cycle of the fraud. A scammer has promised them love and then stolen all their money, made them borrow s much as they can from the bank (and then stolen that too), made them borrow as much as they can from family and friends (and then stolen that too), made them sell everything they own (and then stolen that too) and leaves them in a situation where they have lost everything: money, family, friends, their job and everything they own.

It leaves them in that situation but the scammer doesn’t leave them. they are still very useful despite been milked of all available cash.

Next they will spin stories about how a third party has stepped in and will provide money so the two lovers (the scammer and the victim) can be together. This will commonly come in the form of a story that the third party will be sending many thousands of dollars/euros for the scammer to purchase the much needed flight ticket to be with the victim. 

The problem been… for one reason or another… the scammer can not receive the funds to his own bank account (for various made up reasons). So the victim will be asked to receive it  and to forward it along by Western Union or Money-gram. 

This money obviously has not come from a third party wanting to help the lovers be together… The third party is in fact another fraud victim at an earlier stage in the fraud’s life cycle than the money mule has got to (a stage where they still have money to send).

In addition to just forwarding money, as the article states, the mule could be used for other purposes. Whether it’s reshipping stolen goods, sending out fake/stolen checks or flying to another country to unknowingly pick up and transport drugs. 

It’s a really sickening twist to the end of an already horrifying ordeal for the fraud victim. A twist that will regularly see them criminalized. 

Good article below with some smart advice about ‘money mules’ and how not to become one. It’s also very good to see our friends at the NBM to get a very much needed mention in relation to this activity


Source: http://www.themountvernongrapevine.com/index.php/2019/11/19/fall-in-love-go-to-jail-bbb-report-on-how-some-romance-fraud-victims-become-money-mules/


Online dating sites report a surge in activity in the days before Valentine’s Day, as many singles use technology to find a match. Behind many dating profiles lurk scammers who are ready to dupe users into believing they have found love. In reality, romance fraudsters want to steal their money or make them unwitting accomplices in fraud.

In the past 36 months, Better Business Bureau (BBB) received 636 Scam Tracker reports related to romance fraud. In addition, BBB received nearly 7,500 complaints against online dating services, in which some of the complainants alluded to fraudulent activities. BBB estimates there may be a million romance fraud victims in the U.S. alone. Losses reported in the U.S. and Canada over three years totaled nearly $1 billion. In 2018, romance fraud was named one of BBB’s 10 riskiest frauds.

In February 2018, BBB released Online Romance Scams: A Better Business Bureau Study on How Scammers Use Impersonation, Blackmail and Trickery to Steal from Unsuspecting Daters. The study describes the inner workings of how fraudsters target those looking for romance. It may take months for scammers to build trusting relationships with victims before asking for money, usually for an emergency or transportation. The study provides information to help potential targets and reputable dating services avoid this widespread and devastating fraud.

This follow-up report takes a deeper look into how some victims inadvertently become “money mules.” It sheds light on who is behind this fraud and what efforts have been taken to combat it.

What is a “money mule”?

Fraudsters need a method to get funds from victims without being discovered. In many cases, money first passes to “money mules,” who then transfer it to the fraudsters, often outside of the country. Because law enforcement traditionally follows the money to locate fraudsters, this tactic makes it more difficult to find those responsible for fraud. Money mules often are unsuspecting romance fraud victims themselves who may end up in serious legal trouble for their activities.

People who suspect that they are being used as money mules should contact a Postal Inspector or FBI agent right away. Lisa Mayberry, a Postal Inspection Service fraud team leader in Los Angeles, strongly encourages romance scam victims (or others who suspect that they are being used as mules) to reach out for help.

In most cases, there is no desire to take criminal action against unwitting participants who had no financial gain and who stop transferring money for crooks as soon as they realize the role they have been playing. Mayberry says the information they provide may help identify the actual crooks in these situations.

How big is the problem?

Terrill Caplan of Fraud Aid, a fraud victim advocacy organization, has spent more than a decade working with law enforcement, often helping romance fraud victims who have been used as money mules. He estimates that in 2018, 20 to 30 percent of romance victims were used as money mules. These victims number in the thousands. He says most victims do not realize they are aiding in illegal activity. Generally, but not always, victims stop the conduct when they learn that it is illegal.

Money mules have become so widespread that in November 2018 the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) announced a major initiative to concentrate on this problem. Legal actions, including prosecutions, warning letters, and search warrants, were taken against more than 400 money mules across the country.

In December 2018, Europol similarly announced a major effort to combat the use of money mules, identifying more than 1,500 money mules and arrested 168 of them.

The DOJ initiative described how money mules can be used to assist in a variety of frauds, and specifically mentioned the use of romance fraud victims. These frauds include not only romance frauds, but also business email compromise fraud, fake check frauds, grandparent frauds, and stolen identity refund frauds that involve filing bogus tax returns. It is believed that the same gangs that commit these frauds also are involved in illegal drug trade and other serious crimes.

Maria Exposto of Sydney, Australia, met and fell in love online with “Captain Daniel Smith,” a man she thought was in the U.S. Army and who had asked her to marry him. In 2014, “Smith” asked her to go to Shanghai to file documents related to his retirement from the military so that they could be together. While in China, she was asked at the last minute to bring back a black backpack, which she believed contained some of his clothing.

On her way home to Australia, she changed planes in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She voluntarily went through airport customs screening, where police found a secret lining sewn into the backpack that concealed 1.1 kilograms of crystal meth. Exposto was arrested and charged criminally. The penalty for this offense in Malaysia is a mandatory sentence of death by hanging.

Professor Monica Whitty, a cyberpsychologist at the University of Melbourne, testified at Exposto’s trial that Exposto fit all the criteria of a romance fraud victim. She was acquitted, but the prosecution appealed and the verdict was reversed. She is still in jail and has been sentenced to death.

How do romance fraud victims become money mules?

While some people find love and companionship through dating websites, apps, Facebook or other social media platforms, many fall prey to fake profiles that look like attractive matches but are actually created by organized criminal gangs. The fraudsters reach out to victims and quickly attempt to change the medium of communication from the dating site to texts or personal email. Crooks may spend months “grooming” or building a relationship with victims by sending daily texts expressing love, affection, and support. This process is detailed in Online Romance Scams: A Better Business Bureau Study on How Scammers Use Impersonation, Blackmail and Trickery to Steal from Unsuspecting Daters.

Inevitably, the fraudster claims that there has been an emergency and asks for money to help. By this point, victims often have fallen in love and like many people, will do almost anything for someone they love. It is extremely difficult to convince an online dating scam victim that the person they have become committed to is really a fraudster. A person who has been a romance fraud victim once is at serious risk of returning to online dating sites and becoming a victim again.

The emotional distress caused by this process may result in damage that is more serious than the loss of money. Victims say they feel embarrassed and betrayed. Victims interviewed by BBB have reported that they seriously considered suicide. Australian law enforcement officials say they believe there are more romance fraud-related suicides than murders in Australia.

What if the online dating scam victim has no money or already has given all their money to the scammer? These victims may be used to launder money from other victims by acting as money mules who receive money or goods purchased with stolen credit cards and often re-send them out of the country. They effectively are aiding and abetting a variety of frauds, making it much harder for law enforcement to recognize the scope of the fraud or identify the real perpetrators.

Fraudsters who target women may claim to be involved in businesses overseas and request financial help to handle emergency “business issues” that might get in the way of the couple having a prosperous life together. These scenarios make requests for help appear very believable to victims.

Fraudsters targeting male victims often claim to be a young student or teacher in another country who needs money for travel to the U.S. or other destinations.

According to experts interviewed by BBB, some victims may become willing accomplices and can get paid for taking part. Some do it to help recover from the financial straits they are left in from being defrauded themselves; some may have other motivations. Love, or the fear of losing a partner, also may motivate the victim. In addition, fraudsters may threaten to report victims who have assisted in illegal activity to law enforcers. It’s unlikely a fraudster will do this, but the threats may coerce these victims into continuing their involvement in the fraud.

Why use money mules?

Romance fraud victims are almost perfect vehicles for money laundering. Since scammers build a trusting relationship with their victims and isolate them from others’ advice, there is little risk that victims will steal the funds or goods they receive. When money is transferred from the money mule’s account, it ends up somewhere outside of the investigator’s jurisdiction, making it hard for local law enforcement to “follow the money.” Moreover, unlike a co-conspirator or agent in the U.S., these victims are less likely to ask for pay to perform these services. And even if law enforcement locates and confronts the romance fraud victim about their money laundering efforts, the victim does not know the true identity and location of the person they are really dealing with and thus cannot reveal that information to law enforcement.

Who is behind this?

According to cybersecurity expert Lawrence Baldwin of Mynetwatchman, “At any given time there may be more than 25,000 romance scammers online with victims, with the vast majority of them coming from Lagos, Nigeria.” These fraudsters victimize people around the world.

A large number of Nigerian fraudsters live and operate around the world in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Thailand, and mainland China. Thus fraudsters involved in romance frauds may be operating from many locations around the world.

The same groups involved in romance scams also operate other frauds and crimes. This is organized crime on a worldwide scale and is widely known as West African Organized Crime. News reports contend that Nigerian groups such as Black Axe are working alongside the mafia in Italy to control prostitution, and work done by Canadian law enforcement demonstrates that members of this group are engaged in controlling and organizing fraud activities throughout the US and Canada. Black Axe, at least, is also believed to engage in physical violence. A recent study discusses the role of this organized crime in Business Email Compromise fraud.

In a Journal of Cyber Criminology study, Professor Whitty says a variety of motivations, rationalizations, and opportunities come together to create a pathway for people to become perpetrators of West African fraud.

Law enforcement sources say that Jamaican gangs involved in sweepstakes and lottery frauds also have begun running romance frauds and using victims to help launder money from victims. For more on that topic, read Sweepstakes, Lottery and Prize Scams: A Better Business Bureau study of how “winners” lose millions through an evolving fraud.

Fraudsters usually don’t concentrate exclusively on one type of fraud. Nigerian criminal gangs, for instance, typically engage in a number of different frauds. The common factor in the scams is the use of online dating victims to help with the fraud or launder the proceeds.

For example, in “Operation Scams R Us,” the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of Mississippi indicted 20 Nigerians living in Nigeria, South Africa, the U.S., and Canada. The investigation began with a romance fraud, in which a victim had received a package that she was instructed to send along to South Africa. The defendants used romance fraud victims to help them execute counterfeit check frauds, to reship electronic goods purchased with stolen credit cards, and to send money on to Africa, and to assist with other frauds. Three Nigerians who had been extradited from South Africa were sentenced after a jury trial in Mississippi and received prison sentences of 115, 95 and 25 years.

How do romance fraud victims help fraudsters?

There are a variety of ways romance fraud victims can unwittingly help fraudsters. They may print and send fraudulent mailings, which often contain counterfeit checks. They may pick up money at Western Union or MoneyGram and then send it on to another place. They may open bank accounts where other fraud victims deposit money. They may receive consumer electronics or other goods purchased with stolen credit cards, repackage them, and ship them out of the country. Or they may transport illegal goods.


Romance fraud victims regularly are used to transport drugs – and many have been imprisoned. In most cases, the victim was convinced by the scammer to travel with a suitcase or other item, which they did not know contained drugs.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) estimates that 144 elderly couriers have been conned into unwittingly carrying drugs overseas. More than 30 such people have been incarcerated. In February 2016, the Senate Aging Committee held hearings on precisely this subject. At least 11 Australians are reported in custody in China for transporting drugs, many of them romance fraud victims. One man died in custody.

In August of 2017, Denise Marie Woodrum of Missouri was arrested in Australia. Customs officials found more than a kilogram of cocaine in her high heels and makeup. She was involved in an internet romance but had never met her love interest in person. Prosecutors and the judge questioned her truthfulness, according to news accounts. In January 2018, she pleaded guilty to drug charges and was later sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

Similarly, Sharon Armstrong of New Zealand was arrested in Buenos Aires in 2011 when police found more than 5 kilograms of cocaine hidden in her luggage. She claimed she thought she was carrying legal papers for a man she had met online. She was sentenced to nearly five years in prison. She has helped set up a website for money mule victims.

With the intervention of Senator Susan Collins, in June of 2016, the State Department was able to obtain the release of a 77-year-old pastor from Maine imprisoned in Spain. Joseph Martin was arrested there after picking up legal papers in South Africa on behalf of a woman he met online. He was arrested in Spain when it was found that he was carrying 1.4 kilograms of cocaine. He had been sentenced to six years in prison.

Business Email Compromise Fraud

One of the largest frauds operating today is business email compromise (BEC) fraud, also called CEO fraud and email account compromise (EAC). The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) estimates that more than $12 billion has been lost to this type of fraud. “Between December 2016 and May 2018, there was a 136% increase in identified global exposed losses,” according to the FBI.

In this scam, fraudsters learn the email protocols and leadership of businesses or other organizations. Then the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) gets an email from someone posing as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), requesting a bank-to-bank wire transfer to a different account than usual. This fraud increasingly targets real estate transactions, with emails instructing people to send the sale proceeds to a bank account controlled by the fraudster.

Often the money from these frauds goes into bank accounts of romance fraud victims. As the FBI put it:

“Domestic money mules are frequently identified in connection with the BEC/EAC real estate trend. BEC/EAC actors often recruit money mules through confidence/romance scams. The BEC/EAC actor may groom a victim and then direct them to open accounts under the guise of sending or receiving funds as directed by the BEC/EAC actor. The accounts opened to facilitate this activity are typically used for a short period of time. Once the account is flagged by the financial institutions, it may be closed and the BEC/EAC actor will either direct the romance/scam victim to open a new account or move on to grooming a new victim.”

Fake checks

Nigerian fraudsters regularly employ a suite of scams that involve fake checks. This type of fraud is detailed in a BBB study called Don’t Cash That Check: BBB Study Shows How Fake Check Scams Bait Consumers.

In these scams, victims deposit the fake check, believing it to be real. When the bank credits the money to their account they send some or all of the money on to a supposed third party, not realizing it is going back to a fraudster. All too often, the money is picked up from MoneyGram or Western Union by a romance fraud victim. In some cases, romance fraud victims also are enlisted to print and mail the fake checks for their love interest.

Sylvia Williams, an 80-year-old woman living in Florida, recently was arrested for receiving $4,300 sent to her by a Michigan cleaning service that had been victimized by a fake check fraud. She collected the money for a Nigerian she had met online.

Credit Card Reshippers

Stolen credit cards, easily available on the dark web, can be used to purchase goods online. Because online sellers are understandably cautious about sending goods out of the country, fraudsters use money mules to receive the goods and reship them. Romance fraud victims often are used to assist in this type of fraud.

Olayinka Sunmola, a Nigerian who was living in South Africa, was convicted of romance fraud in the Southern District of Illinois. He defrauded his victims of hundreds of thousands of dollars. But he may have made even more money from using stolen credit cards to buy laptops and iPads that he had shipped to his victims, who in turn sent them to him in South Africa, where he had a store selling these stolen goods. He had made at least $1 million from the stolen credit cards buying electronic equipment. The indictment can be found here.

Both the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and FBI have issued warnings about reshipping fraud, noting the involvement of romance fraud victims.

Grandparent scams

In grandparent scams a senior citizen gets a call pretending to be a grandchild who has been in a car wreck, arrested, or involved in another type of emergency. Sometimes the caller goes as far as to pretend to have a broken nose, accounting for oddities in their voice, and pleads with the grandparent not to tell the parents. The caller asks for money for bail, legal fees or other purposes. Many seniors want to help, even if they are uncertain about the caller’s identity, and follow through by sending money, often thousands of dollars, usually through Western Union or MoneyGram.

Evidence suggests that Nigerian fraud gangs also are involved in grandparent scams. In July 2018, a Nigerian man was sentenced in Texas for his part in fraud schemes and money laundering involving U.S. victims by scammers based in Canada, Nigeria, and the United States. According to the DOJ, “The schemes included “grandson-in-jail” frauds over the phone targeting elderly victims; fake investment scams; business email compromise scams; Stolen Identity Refund Fraud (SIRF) tax filing scams; and, romance victims scams.”

Romance fraud victims are likely to be involved in receiving and transferring funds received from seniors who believe they are helping a loved one in an emergency.

Other frauds

There are many other frauds that employ romance fraud money mules to launder funds. These include rental frauds, where victims see a house or apartment for rent online and send a deposit by Western Union or MoneyGram. The home is not actually for rent, and victims lose their money. An NYU study investigated these frauds and found that many of the perpetrators were from West Africa.

In addition, over the last several years, billions of dollars have been lost to bogus tax returns. Fraudsters engage in identity theft and file bogus tax returns to get tax refunds. Sometimes the identities of victims are stolen using BEC tactics to ask an HR department to send along W-2 forms for groups of employees. The tax refunds in this stolen identity refund fraud may go into the bank accounts of romance fraud victims. The IRS and DOJ have been working diligently on this issue.

Finally, online dating scam victims could be used in sweepstakes frauds, either by sending “award notice” letters or by receiving money from other victims. There are variations to this type of fraud, but all require victims to send money, usually by Western Union or MoneyGram, before they can receive a nonexistent award.

What is law enforcement doing?


The number of prosecutions of those involved in romance and other frauds has increased over the last several years. In addition to the Sunmola and Scams R Us prosecutions, several other recent cases involve romance fraud victims employed as money mules. Law enforcement may at times conclude, incorrectly, that an unwitting romance fraud victim is the actual perpetrator of a crime and arrest and charge them.

Paul Gregory of Oregon pleaded guilty to wire fraud and money laundering in January 2019. Gregory was a romance fraud victim who opened bank accounts, received money from other romance fraud victims and then sent the money out of the country. He was interviewed by federal agents in May 2017 and warned that he was assisting fraud. He continued, however, to open bank accounts and receive victim funds. In the three months following the warning, he processed another $200,000. He faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, restitution payments to victims and three years’ supervised release.

Audrey Elrod of West Virginia was a romance fraud victim. After she had lost all her own money, “Duke McGregor” asked her to receive money on his behalf and send it along to his friend “Sinclair” in Nigeria. She ultimately received and sent more than $400,000 to Nigeria, keeping only small sums for herself. She was arrested. While out on bail, she moved to North Carolina and continued to send money. She ultimately pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 52 months in prison in August 2014. A Wired magazine article details her plight. “Duke” and “Sinclair” were never found or prosecuted.

Michael Neu was arrested in Slidell, Louisiana and charged with 267 counts of wire fraud and money laundering. Neu, 67, was allegedly a former romance fraud victim himself but he became actively involved in receiving funds from other victims, keeping part of the money himself, and then sending the rest of the money to Nigeria. His case has not yet been resolved in court.

Ronayerin K. Ogolor, from Nigeria, was arrested at the Kansas City airport en route to Frankfurt, Germany. He was charged with romance fraud and BEC fraud. Victims were located in Alabama, Ohio, Washington, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, California, and Italy with losses of $878,489. He used romance fraud victims to collect the money from BEC victims and send it along.

Henry N Asomani, from Ghana, was indicted for romance fraud in Kansas City, with 13 victims losing $5,075,569. He also used his victims to launder money.

Clement Onuama, from Nigeria, was prosecuted in the Western District of Wisconsin. He was charged with both BEC fraud and romance fraud. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 40 months in prison and ordered to pay $410,000 in restitution to victims. Again, romance fraud victims were used to launder money.

Orefo Okeki was charged as a co-conspirator of Onuama in Wisconsin. Okeki was charged with BEC fraud, romance fraud, identity theft, bank account takeovers, and credit card fraud. Romance fraud victims helped launder the money from his other frauds. He was sentenced to 45 months in prison and ordered to pay $582,956 in restitution.

Beyond the work of law enforcement, nonprofits, news organizations and others can help combat romance scams. BBB continues to educate consumers about this fraud. Greater consumer awareness of scams and frauds is key to fraud prevention.

Warning Letters

It often is difficult for law enforcement to determine whether money mules know that they are laundering money from fraud victims. One obvious sign that they know, or at least should know, is if they keep part of the proceeds of the fraud and effectively are paid for their services.

One approach the Justice Department has developed is to interview money mules in person and give them a Money Mule Warning Letter. DOJ has developed a model letter that can be used for this purpose. This procedure is explained in an article in the December 2018 issue of the Justice Departments Journal of Federal Law and Practice, page 95. If victims continue to transmit funds after being warned, they can be prosecuted. The warning letter can help show that they were knowingly engaging in fraud and aid in efforts to prosecute them.

The Postal Inspection Service also can issue warning letters and obtain administrative cease-and-desist orders when mail is involved.

What can you do to protect yourself?

The best way to avoid becoming a money mule is to simply not fall for a romance fraud at the outset.

  • Don’t rush into an online relationship. Talk to family and friends about your dating choices.

  • Analyze dating profiles. Look for repeated phrases and misspellings or misuse of words. Do an internet search of their name and profile picture.

Recognize red flags for romance fraud, such as when the romantic interest requests that you:

  • open a bank account or give access to an existing account

  • receive packages and reship them to another location.

  • pick up funds at Western Union or MoneyGram and forward them somewhere else.

  • keep your relationship a secret.

If you are concerned that you or someone you know may be assisting in illegal conduct, contact law enforcement. Doing so may well stop other victims from losing money and more.

  • If you suspect you may be involved with a fraud as a money mule, the FBI and U.S. Postal Inspectors encourage you to immediately contact them to provide information that may help identify the actual crooks in the fraud. Contact both agencies to refer you to counselors for help.

  • The FTC has tips and a short video on how to avoid becoming a romance fraud victim.

  • The FBI offers a Money Mule Awareness Booklet with information about how to protect yourself from becoming a money mule.

  • Scamsurvivors.com offers romance fraud victims free online help from experts and a tool to help you be able to spot romance fraudsters.

  • Fraudaid.com also offers help to fraud victims who have been or are about to be arrested.

  • BBB’s in-depth investigative study on romance scams provides useful background on this type of fraud and how to avoid it.

  • Cybercrime Support Network lists resources for romance fraud victims.

  • Legitimate online dating services want to keep fraudsters off their sites. If the scam was initiated there, report it to them.

Where to file complaints about romance fraud and online dating scams

Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker: This heat map shows scams reported in your community or anywhere in North America.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) or call 877-FTC-help: The FTC database of fraud complaints is available online to more than 3000 law enforcement agencies. Because it contains a great deal of personal information on fraud victims it is not available to the general public. It can be searched fairly easily by law enforcement officials and may well locate several victims defrauded by the same person.

Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): The FBI’s IC3 takes law enforcement complaints about romance fraud.

FraudSupport.org: This group collaborates with law enforcement and cybercrime support organizations to guide and support cybercrime victims through the reporting and recovering efforts, and then to provide information and resources on how to protect against future incidents.

Senate Aging Committee Fraud Hotline: Anyone with information about suspected romance or online dating fraud aimed at seniors can contact investigators at 1-855-303-9470 or through its website.

Western Union: Victims who have sent money through Western Union should complain directly to them at 1-800-448-1492.

MoneyGram: Victims who have sent money through MoneyGram should notify them directly at 1-800-926-9400.

Canadian Anti-Fraud Center: Canadians can call 1-888-495-8501. If there is a Canadian connection, victims in the U.S. can also call this number toll-free.


  • It is important to warn people about romance frauds before they get invested in an online relationship. Alert them that the loss of their money is not the end of the matter because fraudsters may try to enlist them as money mules.

  • Romance fraud victims often need counseling to help them overcome the trauma of this fraud. More victim support groups like those in Los Angeles and Ventura, California, would be helpful.

  • More warnings to money mules may help alert romance fraud victims that they are engaged in assisting frauds and encourage them to stop.

  • More prosecutions of romance fraudsters would help deter romance fraud.

  • Change existing restrictions to let banks share information with law enforcement, regulators and other financial institutions about possible money mule accounts.

  • Increase cooperation and sharing of information between law enforcement officials in different jurisdictions working on the same cases.

  • More training and cooperation is needed internationally to recognize and combat romance fraud.



Black Axe Confraternity Group Donates Iron Shelters To Traffic Police In Osun

Quite a bit of negative press in the past weeks… Maybe time for some ‘NBM Image Laundry’.

The impoverished police of Nigeria, not for the first time, accepting gifts from an illegal mafia they should be arresting. 


Source: informationng.com/2019/11/black-axe-confraternity-group-donates-iron-shelters-to-traffic-police-in-osun.html

A new photo is currently circulating on social media capturing the moment some men believed to be members of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa(NBM) donating some iron shelters to traffic police officers in Osun state.

NBM is the umbrella under which the dreaded ‘Black Axe’ cultist group otherwise known as ‘Aiye’ operate in Nigeria.

The Black Axe has been fingered in most of the violence across campuses in Nigeria.

To this end, is it morally right for the police to accept gifts from them???



(Photo courtesy of: https://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2019/11/photos-of-black-axe-cultists-donating-iron-shelter-to-traffic-police-in-osun-state-2.html)

Love the comments from the blog there…..

Julius Tha Freshboi about 9 hours ago

This can only happen in Nigeria.. smh

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Muna Saphire about 9 hours ago

Nigeria police can never turn down gift NEVER, even if it comes from murderer and covered with blood..people that steals mine from accident victims..

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okechukwu nnoduechi about 8 hours ago


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Ucy about 8 hours ago

Chai…wetin we no go see for this country abeg?? They even took pictures and wholely accepted the gifts. They wont be arrested and prosecuted for the menace they cause in the society? 😲😲😲

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Will Warri IQ about 8 hours ago

HAHAHAAHaahahaha! I swear, dem done use Nigeria destiny tey tey…. No be #Curse. Nigeria na confirm tragecomedy!

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Lord Mandela about 6 hours ago

God deliver Nigeria from stupidity.

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Anonymous about 3 hours ago

What kind of rubish has this country turn into? Meanwhile alot of people are in prison for being members of this same cult group. What an irony. Nigeria is a big joke. Soon kidnappers or bokoharam members will donate too. I give up. This rubish should be investigated

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The End about 2 hours ago

The initial objective of fraternities was to fight all kinds of wrongs. But of course, we know how it is in our Universities these days.And the useless policemen even posed with members of the group. Smh. I hope they lose their jobs

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Gaza Gaza about 9 hours ago

Black axes Cults and police 5

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David Chuks about 6 hours ago

Lol, ok seen

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Erwin about 2 hours ago

This is a jaw dropping lunacy. What madness in the country. This is proscribed group that the police even have a unit that tracks and hunts them down. (Anti Cultism Unit). Tomorrow Boko Haram members will also bring their gifts and take selfiies with the IG. Shameless!

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Deeboi about 9 hours ago

Orisirisi… drr

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Aify about 9 hours ago

How can a cult group donate iron shelter to the NPF?

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Anonymous about 5 hours ago

The police itself is a cult. Freedom of association my people, illegal only when a crime is committed. For here and now, no crime yet.

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alli merry about 4 hours ago

some of your superstars belong to this group and they help the community on a daily basis, so forgive me if i said i dont see the reason for the outrage here.

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Enwongo Abraham about 4 hours ago

They so need the iron shelter cos you might never know when the bullet will be flying around. 😂😂😂😂

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Bassey Edet about 9 hours ago


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Marvel about 9 hours ago

I really don’t understand this my country.

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LORAY about 9 hours ago

War against cultism… lol

Nigeria’s killing fields flourish as police make futile efforts to battle cultism

Source: https://punchng.com/nigerias-killing-fields-flourish-as-police-make-futile-efforts-to-battle-cultism/

The alarming rise in the activities of cultists across the country, despite efforts by law enforcement agencies to curb them, gives cause for concern, CHUKWUDI AKASIKE reports

MANY years ago, the activities of cultists were shrouded in absolute secrecy. They always held their meetings in the bush at night and away from prying eyes, made bonfires and danced to whatever strange music that fueled their misplaced excitement.

Even in those days, most cultists were students of tertiary institutions, who, after such nocturnal meetings, would sometimes storm their various campuses in the heat of the moment and wreak havoc on their fellow students.


These cultists often form confraternities, such as Aiye, Eiye, Black Axe, Black Beret Vikings, De Bam, De Well, Black Bra and Viqueens, among many others. The Black Bra, Jezebel and the Viqueens are strictly for women.

The members of these confraternities are literally the bad boys and girls on campus, whose main objectives are usually to recruit new members into their various groups and to engage in endless fights for supremacy with rival cults.

Imo, Bayelsa, Rivers, Lagos, Ogun, Akwa Ibom and some other states in the country have had their fair share of violence orchestrated by secret cults, in which many lives were lost in the most vicious, brazen and gruesome manner.

Not too long ago, a student of Engineering at the Rivers State University was killed by suspected cultists along Ada George Road in Port Harcourt, the state capital.

The corpse of the student, who was said to be on his way to school when the incident occurred, was found at the scene of the murder. It was riddled with machete cuts.

The student, whose identity was not immediately disclosed, was murdered less than 48 hours after a final-year student of the same institution, Prince Barisua, was shot by unknown gunmen near a hostel around the university.

Before the incident, which occurred in July 2019, a group of cultists had beheaded a man and ordered his wife to carry the severed head in a bowl into their waiting car.

Also, in Imo State, two daredevil cultists, popularly known as Blackface and Sparrow, were shot by the police during a gun battle in a forest around Assa community in the Ohaji/Egbema Local Government Area.


The police later disclosed that the slain cultists were members of the notorious Iceland confraternity and they were allegedly responsible for several criminal activities in Assa and Obile communities.

One locally-made shot gun with five live cartridges and one single-barrelled gun were recovered from the deceased, who was said to have also murdered an inspector and a corporal attached to the Ohaji Police Division. The police said their atrocities included the beheading of a resident of Assa community in September 2017.

Similarly, six persons were killed in Kogi State by some soldiers, following an alleged cult clash at Anyigba in Dekina LGA of the state. It was gathered that the cultists were gunned down at different spots in the community.


In Akwa Ibom State, cult groups have wreaked havoc in places like Etim Ekpo and Ukanafun Local Government Areas.

There have been similar cases in Ogun State. In a particular incident, one Yekini Wahab was reportedly shot by some ‘bad boys’ during an attack on the residents of Odokekere and Ogijo communities in the Sagamu Local Government Area of Ogun State. The cultists had also invaded the Oniburuku area of Odokekere, where they killed a herbalist, identified as Ifa. The cultists, according to a source, had fired into the air to create confusion before killing their targets and robbing the residents of the community.

In Lagos State, four persons were feared killed in a battle for supremacy between members of the Eiye and Aiye confraternities in the Oworonshoki area of Lagos. It was gathered that the streets affected by the clash, which started around 5.58am, were Olopomeji, Ifako, L and K, and Salami. The suspected cultists reportedly used machetes and other weapons on each other, killing four persons in the process. It was gathered that a suspect was arrested by a team of policemen from the Oworonshoki Police Station over the incident.

With the Boko Haram insurgency still unresolved, there is no doubt that the upsurge in cult activities has compounded the nation’s security woes.

Speaking on cultism-related violence in Nigeria, a university lecturer, Prof Steve Okodudu, said that although secret cults had always existed the society, their undesirable activities had reached an alarming proportion.

Okodudu  attributed the rise in deadly cult activities to the unemployment situation in the country.

“When there is an economic downturn, people begin to take to different means of survival. This has been compounded by the nature of our politics, where politicians recruit all manner people for their election campaign. After the election, the hired hands are left to their own devices.

On the solution to the problem, he added, “I think we must try hard to get the economy working again. The basic infrastructure must be put in place and the economy must have the capacity to provide jobs for people. Again, our government must take its primary responsibility of providing security seriously. The investment made so far in security is neither here nor there. What makes the difference between underdeveloped countries and the developed ones is that there is security in the developed ones.”

Speaking on the origin of cultism in the country, he said, “Cult groups have always been part of our society. They started as part of the political control mechanism in our traditional societies and that eventually spread into the campuses. In fact, what you now call cult groups actually started as students’ associations and in no time, our universities started suffering from such setbacks that you find in the societies by virtue of the political economy of this country. Don’t forget that most of the people there have no jobs. So, they think the only way they can survive is to live by force of arms.”

A sociologist, Prof Mark Anikpo, described cultism in Nigeria as any other crime like armed robbery. He urged the federal and state governments to beef up security at known flashpoints in order to identify and arrest suspects.

Anikpo said that with good intelligence and a stiff penalty for offenders, cult activities, including mindless attack on innocent persons, would be reduced.

“You know that cultism is just like other crimes. Cultists are thieves and people who want to acquire things through illegal means. The penalty for cultism should be severe. But the society has to be restructured in such a manner that everybody should be able to fend for himself properly,” he added.

Also, university lecturer and public affairs analyst, Prof Tunde Fatunde, lamented that ordinary social clubs had degenerated into criminal organisations involved in mass murder, pipeline vandalism, money laundering, kidnapping and other vicious crimes.

He said, “Cultism in Nigeria has become a criminal organisation that is involved in kidnapping, money laundering, pipeline breaking and other vicious crimes. What we know as cultism today is a social phenomenon, especially in the university, that has gone from just being a social club to a mafia with vested political interests.

“Cultism has become a very rich enterprise because the cult members are living with the people of the business world and political organisations. They (cult members) pose a serious danger to university education and its social fabrics.”

Fatunde explained that only a decisive government policy against cultism would be able to eliminate the menace in the society, adding that students and university employees should be on the watch-lists of the federal and state governments and any person found guilty by the judiciary should go to jail, no matter his position in the society. He also suggested that vocational training should be added to the curricula of tertiary institutions in the country in other to keep the students busy.

But the Director, International Institute of Journalism, Port Harcourt Campus, Ibituru Pepple, observed that cultism had become a norm in the Nigerian society and it would be difficult to eliminate.

Pepple said that since most cultists always had the backing of some politicians, Nigerians would continue to live with the consequences of their actions.

“The society is beginning to accept cultism as a norm. If this is how it is going remain, then we are finished in this country. There is a need for government to muster the courage to eliminate cultism,” he said.

However, it appears that the more security agencies make attempts to fight this monster to a standstill, the harder the criminals come.

The Rivers State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, in an interview with our correspondent, said the police had killed several cultists during gun duels, adding that some of the hardened cultists were traced to Kaduna and other neighbouring states.

He recalled how one cult kingpin, simply known as Devil, was gunned down in Bayelsa State by policemen attached to the state Police Command. Devil, who was shot dead after another cultist nicknamed Satan met a similar fate, was said to be responsible for most of the kidnapping and armed robbery incidents that occurred at the Ogoni end of the East-West Road.

“We have dealt cultists in this state a deadly blow. While some of them who engaged the police in gun battles were killed, others were arrested and prosecuted. Recently, we arrested some cult members and they are helping us to apprehend others. Remember that the police have destroyed cult camps in Ogoni and some other parts of the state,” Omoni said.

Copyright PUNCH.
All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

Nigerian Mafia, Italy, land of conquest: 1700 arrests this year

Source: https://www.leggilo.org/2019/10/18/mafia-nigeriana-guadagni-italia/

(Translated by Google)

The structural model of organized crime in Nigeria is formed by independent autonomous groups dependent on a single summit. National leaders, local leaders, a top-down structure and a change of roles, these are the common elements among the Brotherhoods, each of which has its own turnover and its own nicknames.

The handcuffs were taken for more than 20 people yesterday, Thursday 17 October in Ferrara following an anti-drug operation against a band of Nigerians for dealing in cocaine, heroin and marijuana, writes Adnkronos . Thus the provisional budget is over 1700 arrests from the beginning of 2019 with the prospect, according to the current trend of exceeding the numbers of 2018. Last year the arrests were 2144. Today the Nigerian organization manages to cover the whole Italian territory with rising profits. From the papers of the inquiry Athenaeum in Turin and of which Repubblica  spoke, it was learned that the chief – called don – of the Maphitehe was entitled to a fixed sum of 35 thousand euros every three months; the deputy don – the vice – took 17,000; the chief 0 – the lieutenant – managed to get his hands, in the same period, on 11,000 euros; from the chief 1 to  chief 5, the loot was 9 thousand euros, again every three months. And that was also the basic ‘pay’ of other minor figures.

Ancient methods of transferring money 

But how does money get to Africa? National leaders, local leaders, a top-down structure and a change of roles are the common elements among the brotherhoods, each of which has its own business and its own nicknames. But how do they control and transfer the money raised from their activities?

The most widely used system at the moment is hawala –  as explained by a DIA analyst in an interview with the newspaper – which is a trustee. The passage of money via hawala appears identical to that of a money transfer. The difference for the hawala is all in who moves the money and in the commission applied. The hawala is definitely more convenient. The hawaladars, the bankers, are people with so much money available on which to transfer their debt. It is they who anticipate and circulate money. They anticipate the money on behalf of others: the debts and credits between hawaladar, the one from the country of departure of the money and the one of arrival, will be paid at a later time, following hundreds of operations. Trust is the basis of this method which seems to be, among other things, very efficient.

4 models for practicing crime worldwide

Infiltration in the territory, flexibility, profits and logistic capacity and various levels. At this point, according to the investigators, it can be presumed that the characteristics of the criminal organizations present in Nigeria will soon become a constant of the groups operating in the Italian territory. According to a study carried out by Cesi – Center for international studies – analysis of the behavior of organized crime in Africa, it allowed the identification of four operational models used for criminal activity:

The first operational model is similar to the mafia-type criminal organizations active in Europe and Asia. In this case, criminal associations can be defined as authentic “mafias” because they are characterized by secrecy, unity, verticality, initiation rites, family structure or clans and territorial control. These organizations systematically resort to violence for intimidating purposes and to impose their power in the nerve centers of the illegal economy. The second model is formed by free connections; they are not closed hierarchical structures and recognizable as happens for the mafia model. They are activities carried out by individuals who have differentiated licit and illicit occupations. For example, drug trafficking on the eastern and western coasts of Africa is conducted through “criminal entrepreneurs” who use their own logistic networks, generally used for legal activities, in order to smuggle illegal goods. The greatest danger of this operating system lies in the mixture of underworld and politics – in the ability of some administrators to use illegal revenues to co-opt popular consent – pushing the population to consider criminal activities legitimate as bearers of works with positive social impact. It is the case ofEric Amoateng , Ghanaian politician, arrested in 2005 in the United States for drug trafficking. At the news of his arrest the discontent in his country was strong. In 2011, tribal leaders publicly thanked him for the work he had done: he had financed the construction of new roads, guaranteed salaries and loans without interest.

The third model expands the actors of the criminal network to rebel organizations and irregular armed groups. This model develops mainly in unstable areas. There is evidence of ongoing negotiations between jihadist commanders and criminal leaders. In this context, in some cases elements of the Armed Forces and security, in breach of their professional ethics, behave like rebel militias and jihadist brigades, offering servants armed escort or demanding passage rights to illegal goods convoys. Niger and Mali are key countries for both drug trafficking and migrant trafficking. The Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate in its latest semi-annual report writes that the Nigerian Mafia is “in constant contact with the mother country, which must be monitored to prevent contamination by pro-Islamic extremist expressions in Nigeria, where Boko Haram continues to spread “. According to the DIA, keeping national penitentiaries under control is the basis for preventing the phenomenon from undergoing radicalization.

The fourth model of organized crime is that relating to illegal activities perpetrated on the Internet. This is a deconstructed model par excellence, as the evidentiary material and the investigations carried out so far by the national African and international authorities have shown that computer crimes – scams, fraudulent money transfers – are committed by isolated individuals or small networks with low levels of coordination.


Source: Adnkronos, Cesi, Bbc, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, Il Quotidiano

The Nigerian Mafia child of poverty? No, born in the universities

Source: https://www.leggilo.org/2019/10/20/mafia-nigeriana-dalle-universita-in-italia/

(Translated by Google)

From university brotherhoods dedicated to the discipline of the body and mind to bloody mafia cult. Money and Power. The fast and uncontrolled rise of the Mafia nigeria in our country.

In spite of what one might think, the Nigerian Mafia is not born in poverty and degradation; the uterus in which this creature grew is the university environment. The phenomenon is distorted between the 70s and 80s in the universities of Lagos and Benin City . Talking about it is the writer and sociologist Leonardo Palmisano in a recent survey “ Black Ax. The brutal intelligence of the Nigerian mafia “published by Fandango. The new Nigerian ruling class came to use the Brotherhoods – which were in fact armed and paid – to stifle the attempts at rebellion that came, above all, from university circles. The power they acquired was such, that both political and military ramifications were soon developed. A growth that will see them subsequently forced to adopt a certain structuring. They chose the model of the Italian Mafia , so they created clans with bosses, bosses, sub-bosses, gregarious and simple affiliates, becoming in effect a mafia organization .

Origins and ideals

At the beginning of the 50’s seven young students from the University of Ibidan met to found the ” Pyrates Confraternity”. The original idea was to counter an elite university – attended only by students from wealthy colonial families – to open the doors even to poor but promising students. Certainly they did not think of putting down roots to what would become the most powerful criminal organization in the world.

From the Pyrates other brotherhoods develop and detach. In 1972 about thirty boys, led by Bolaji Carew, were expelled from the Pyrates because they did not adhere to the required standards: high academic and intellectual performance. The result was a split that led to the creation of the Sea Dogs  and the Buccaneers . After a few years, the Neo-Black Movement of Africa, also called Black Ax brotherhood , took possession of the University of Benin in Edo State. After its creation, another confraternity, the Eiye Confraternity, broke away from the Black Axs. The initial objective of the confraternities was the “redirection of minds towards realism and black determinism, the teaching of the discipline of body and mind; the fight against negative images of people of color “. From the Black Ax will come off and form another cell, the ” Supreme Eiye Confraternity “.


The precise moment when things changed was the coup d’état of December 31, 1983, when the military put an end to the experience of the second republic, which lasted four years and, in fact, democracy. At the head of the military junta was General Muhammadu Buhari – current president of Nigeria, returned to power in 2015 – who after less than two years, in August 1985, was dismissed by Chief of Staff Ibrahim Babangida.

The coup d’état created various social and political tensions. Military leaders, struggling with the effects of the oil crisis of the time, realized that the Brotherhoods could be used to their advantage, especially against organized groups – student unions and university staff – that opposed the military regime. They were therefore financed and armed; was the beginning of the end. Sociologist Emeka Akudi noted that some vice chancellors of the universities protected the Brotherhoods, and it is in this period that they introduce new rituals within traditional religious practices: voodoo rituals. Perhaps it was just as a reaction to these changes that in 1984 Wole Soyinka– Nobel Prize for Literature two years later – declared that these cells could no longer operate within any university campus.

The Delta region

In the 1990s, a war broke out between confraternities   that led to the emergence of further urban cells for the first time, especially in the Niger Delta region, an area of ​​the country that covers about 70,000 square kilometers covering 7.5%. of the Nigerian territory. Around 20 million people from 40 different ethnic groups live in the area and speak 250 dialects. The area has seen the rise of many sites for oil extraction. About 2 million barrels are extracted per day throughout the Niger Delta

The birth of the Family Confraternity, also known as the “Mafia del Campus”, dates back to the 90s . To date, it maintains its presence in numerous schools of the state, imitating the same modus operandi as the Italian mafia. Shortly after his dramatic appearance, several students were expelled from the Abia State Univeristy for falsifying some exams. This led to a shift in the activities of the brotherhoods from the university structures of the Delta to the roads and surroundings of the State.

Today most cults in the Delta area are involved in organized crime, from armed robberies to hostage taking. Some of these groups have joined in a single group of activists, known as the MEND, Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta , and have made several attacks under this name. In the Delta State every day, every hour and at all times, the members of the different groups kill each other.

1990s the first arrivals in Italy

It is in these years that the first groups arrive in Italy, in particular in Castel Volturno , in the province of Caserta which becomes a stronghold of the organization. The initial imprinting also took place in Verona , where they discovered the great market of prostitution and Italian drugs , which responded perfectly to what were the new objectives pursued by the cult: women, drugs and money. While devoting themselves to criminal activities, the cult items were not particularly violent. Until the 2000s there is not much news. In January 2005 the Italian secret services , speaking of the Nigerians, stated:“The original illicit activities, committed by isolated groups, without a stable organization, have acquired a greater weight in the criminal scene, conquering gray areas of the market, or those controlled by the local organized underworld, which traditionally considered the exploitation of prostitution a low activity performance “.

Italy wakes up

The turning point in Italy comes only in recent years. A 2011 report from the Nigerian embassy in Rome speaks in these terms: ” I would like to draw your attention to the new criminal activity of a group of Nigerians belonging to secret sects, prohibited by the government due to violent acts of hooliganism: unfortunately the former members of these sects who managed to enter Italy have again founded the organization here, mainly for criminal purposes “,

The result can be seen in the comparative figures, reported by the latest report of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies where there is a considerable increase in the increase in migration from Nigeria. A flow that continues to arrive in Italy but “integrates” only with a part of it, as attested by another relationship, that of the DIA . The Italian cities plagued by this plague are mainly Rome, Milan, Turin, Verona, Bologna, Ferrara, Parma, Macerata, Naples, Castel Volturno, Caserta, Palermo and Bari. And from the North East, particularly from Padua, the Nigerian Mafia has strengthened its expansion, Panorma wrote in a recent survey.

We therefore need to ask ourselves whether such a phenomenon appeared about twenty years ago, has been taken lightly and, above all, how much uncontrolled immigration in our country has guaranteed those economic flows indispensable for the growth of the organization. Heroin and opiates are bought in the East, while cocaine in South America: prostitution and drug dealing in Italy to a degree that is not entirely quantifiable, certainly contributed to these investments.

Sources: Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, Panorama, New Roots

‘Black Axe’: Reports of African Drug Mafia Taking Over Sweden

Neo Black Movement members arrested in Sweden recently

“Judging by the number of detainees and the extent of the investigation, this is by far one of the largest cases the Customs have ever had”


Source: https://sputniknews.com/europe/201907231076330019-black-axe-reports-of-african-drug-mafia-taking-over-sweden/

The Nigerian-based organised crime group Black Axe reportedly challenged the notorious Cosa Nostra on Mafia’s very home ground, Sicily.

Gothenburg, Sweden’s second-largest city, has been reported as the likely springboard for the African mafia group known as Black Axe. The criminal organisation, which has roots in Nigeria, is now spreading across Scandinavia’s largest country.

At present, several people reported to belong to the feared mafia group are in custody in Gothenburg over “large-scale heroin and cocaine smuggling”, the newspaper Göteborgs-Posten reported.

The first arrests reportedly took place in September 2018. Since then the investigation has snowballed to involve at least 17 detainees. Most of them come from Nigeria, while some hail from the Gambia, Sierra Leone and the Netherlands. All of them are suspected of being part of a large smuggling scheme. Since some of the gang members now reside in Gothenburg, the Swedish authorities suspect that the mafia group may have plans to take root in the city more permanently.

“It is about huge amounts of drugs in different places in Europe”, prosecutor Anna Svedin at the national unit against international and organised crime told Göteborgs-Posten.

According to her, a total of 20 people are expected to be prosecuted.

“Judging by the number of detainees and the extent of the investigation, this is by far one of the largest cases the Customs have ever had”, Gill Eriksson, the deputy head at the Customs Criminal Investigation Unit in Gothenburg, said.

According to Eriksson, drugs are smuggled using capsules swallowed by mules. The main transit routes involve the Öresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, as well as ferry lines from Germany between Kiel and Gothenburg, and Travemünde and Malmö.

Black Axe reportedly challenged the very Cosa Nostra on the Mafia’s home ground, Sicily, only to later launch a lucrative cooperation. Its organisation is heavily hierarchical and military-based.

“Our view is that we are dealing with well-organised activity conducted for profit, more or less in the form of a company. Much of the investigation material indicates that some of our suspects belong to the Black Axe,” Anna Svedin said.

This weekend, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers, Aftonbladetpublished an article where locals describe Gothenburg as a horrible place in a state of “decay” and “disrepair”, rife with drugs. Last week alone, two young men were stabbed to death in the city, making national headlines and spurring a heated debate.

In the article, locals described Gothenburg as a highly unsafe place, where drugs are sold openly in the street, residents carry weapons, and robberies are becoming commonplace, to a point where residents avoid the city centre after darkness.

“I’m more scared now. At some point it’s my or my relatives’ turn to get hurt. Robbed or raped,” a 34-year-old woman told the newspaper.

With a population of 570,000 people and about a million in its metropolitan area, Gothenburg is Sweden’s second-largest city, home to Scandinavia’s largest port. A quarter of its population is of non-Swedish descent.

Cosa Negra (Maphites in Italy)

Details of another grouping of less loosely connected individuals….


Source: https://www.weltwoche.ch/ausgaben/2019-38/artikel/farrell-cosa-negra-die-weltwoche-ausgabe-38-2019.html

By Nicholas Farrell
They deal with drugs and women, are considered “extremely brutal” and control their victims through voodoo. In Italy, the Nigerian mafia competes with the classic mafia, from where it spreads throughout Europe. The authorities were in the dark for a long time. Until they found the “Green Bible”. Weltwoche has obtained a copy of this secret set of rules of the Nigerian MAPHITE and sketches the dimension of its potential for violence in Europe.

The discovery by Italian police of “The Green Bible” was crucial to their biggest break-through yet in the struggle to free Italy of the Nigerian Mafia which in less than a decade has infested the country – thanks to mass illegal immigration across the Mediterranean.

It led to the arrest of 33 Nigerians in July this year in Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna accused of being not just common or garden criminals but key members of a brutal Mafia clan called the MAPHITE. The clan’s boss of bosses who lives in Parma was due to be arrested as well but remains at large probably in Cologne in Germany where his wife and children live and where thanks to the EU sacred principle of free movement he spends much of his time. A further 20 Nigerians, although not in custody, are also accused of being members of the MAPHITE clan.

The Nigerian Mafia, according to a July 2019 report to the Italian Parliament by the Direzione Investigativa Antimafia (DIA) – Italy’s Anti-Mafia police task force – “in terms of dangererousness” to Italy is now “second only” to “our home-grown Mafias”and continued illegal immigration across the Mediterranean “risks amplifying its disastrous potentiality”.

It is active in drugs, prostitution, human-trafficking, credit card and internet fraud, robbery and even organ trafficking.

There are known to be six Nigerian Mafia clans in Italy includig the MAPHITE which according to the testimony to Italian police of a MAPHITE supergrass which I have seen has 5,000 members. The other clans – or cults as they are called by Nigerians – include the Black Axe, the Eiye and the Vikings.

Assuming that each Nigerian Mafia cult has a similar number of members this means that nearly one in three of the 103,985 Nigerians legally in Italy (according to Interior Ministry figures) is a mafioso. Yes, there are many thousands of additional Nigerians who live in Italy illegally under the radar. But even so. All cult members are men. Subtract the Nigerian women and children legally in Italy from that 100,000 total and what are you left with?!

The “Green Bible” found by Italian police demonstrates that the MAPHITE are a global Mafia run like an invading army under the command of a charity in Nigeria set up ostensibly to help the poor. And it reveals that they are present, not just in Italy, but throughout Europe and America.

The Green Bible is the sacred book of the MAPHITE which was founded by university students in the 1970s as a secret political fraternity at the University of Benin City in Edo State in the south-east of Nigeria near the Niger Delta to combat global injustice with violence if necessary.

Many other secret fraternities – known as cults – were set up on univeristy campuses in Nigeria but all degenerated into boot-boy units at the service of politicians and organized crime. In 2001, the Nigerian government banned them but they re-booted as charities.

It is thought that only a few copies of the MAPHITE Green Bible exist and that these are in the possession of the cult’s most senior leaders.

The document the Italian police got hold of is a 40-page booklet which they believe is a synthesis of the original sacred book destined for the clan’s Italian bosses. Following a tip-off from the supergrass who provided them with the tracking code they found it in March 2018 inside a DHL package posted from Nigeria to an address in Rome which they had intercepted. They photographed the contents, re-sealed the package and sent it on to the recipient in order to avoid suspicion.

They have not released their shorter Green Bible to the media which is written in English as it is a key piece of evidence but I have been passed a copy.

Its chilling contents make it easy to see why Italian prosecutors felt able to tell the media at the time of those 33 arrests in July that it was a document of “exceptional value”. But they made public few of its contents.

Reading it, you realize that it is not just migrant terrorists we must fear coming across the Mediterranean from Libya to Italy but migrant mafiosi.

In gruesome detail, this shorter Green Bible explains that the MAPHITE is a secret “criminal organization” which makes money from “drugs, contract killing, prostitution, robbery, arms” with a violent initiation ceremony based on Nigerian voodoo (ju-ju) that binds the new member to a code of omertà similar to that of the Italian Mafia.

And it makes clear that if a MAPHITE betrays the cult he will die. It reveals that the MAPHITE is run like a paramilitary organization with a system of ranks whose supreme command is a charity based in Benin City called the Green Circuit Association (GCA) which is religious only in the sense that the official religion of Edo State is ju-ju – Nigerian voodoo.

The military ranks of the MAPHITE mafia clan are listed in the booklet as president, vice president, general, captain, lieutenant, sergeant and soldier – called by MAPHITE members Don, Deputy Don, Professor, Chief, Checker, Fire, and Men Fighter. Each family is referred to as “a regiment”.

The generic word for a member of the MAPHITE is “Showguy” and the emblem of both the MAPHITE and the charity which controls it – GCA – is a flame rising from two cupped hands. On the GCA’s Facebook site posts are usually signed “KDFB” – Keep De (The) Fire Burning” followed by a flame emoji. MAPHITE members self-identify to strangers by asking “Do you have a light?” to which if a MAPHITE the stranger will reply “No, but I have a flame” and when they enter a house, by knocking three times on the front door. Like all Nigerian Mafia cults they also have a uniform which is a green beret worn at formal events such as weddings, funerals or conferences – sometimes accompanied by a green tie or green T-shirt.

Those wanting to become a MAPHITE “must be of a our African race” says the booklet.

The Don is the head of a MAPHITE family of which there are four in Italy: The Vatican which is the most important, the Roman Empire, the Latin and the Light of Sicily.

The Don, who serves for two years and appoints his successor, must be “a seasoned experienced warrior and father of a family”. Professors, who must have a degree and are often former Dons, act as a committee of wise men to monitor the activities of the MAPHITE family.

On retirement a Don must hand over the Green Bible to his successor “within 24 hours”. Failure to do so is “a burnable offenses (sic)”.

Any MAPHITE sent to prison will be given $10,000, says the booklet, but MAPHITES who become “cowards, traitors or deserters” will receive an “automatic death sentence”.

This shorter Green Bible also lists code-names for the numerous criminal activities of the MAPHITE such as “Flaming Mario Monti” (named after the ex Goldman Sachs banker who was Italian Premier from 2011-13) for illegal money transfers to Nigeria, or “Possession of Jews” for the urgent theft of money by all means necessary. In a long section on the punishment and torture of enemies and traitors it urges the use of electric power drills on the bodies of the guilty and the chopping off of their tongues to be sent to their wives.

Each criminal activity cited is backed by references to the Christian Bible presumably as a justification but on reading the references they seem to do no such thing. For example, to justify “Possessing the Jews” the Green Bible cites Proverbs, chapter 20, verse 22 which (in the St James version of the Bible) states: “Say not thou, I will recompense evil; but wait on the LORD, and he shall save thee.” What’s that got to do with the Jews and stealing money?!

I have also acquired a copy of the strictly sub judice 132-page “provvedimento” produced by police and prosecuting magistrates which sets out their reasons to the court in closed session why the accused must be held in custody pending trial.

It concludes that the MAPHITE Cult is “a highly dangerous” global Mafia organization whose “operational centre” is in Nigeria and whose members “move frequently to various nations in Europe, and to and from Nigeria”.

It relies heavily on the Green Bible but also on the testimony of a supergrass who was a “professor” in the MAPHITE – in other words part of the group of wise men who monitor the activities of the family – and who had a mini supermarket in Bologna.

The supergrass told investigators that when cults were banned in Nigeria by the national government in 2001 the MAPHITE founded the GCA charity as cover, “Currently, the work of the SUPREME MAPHITE COUNCIL is done from inside the organization of the GCA,” he said.

It is hard enough to demonstrate that a born and bred Italian is a Mafioso; even harder to demonstrate that a Nigerian immigrant is one.

The mass arrests in July were thus a major break-through and only possible thanks to the testimony of the supergrass whose MAPHITE nickname was “Omi Rattle Snake” and to the seizure of the shorter Green Bible.



From page one, the connection between the MAPHITE Mafia cult in Italy and the Nigerian charity – GCA – in Nigeria is clear: “We represent the MAPHITE (better known as the Green Circuit Association). We represent the diaspora of the GCA.” The GCA, we are told, is “registered with the Federal Government of Nigeria” and is “a respectable organization recognized at national and international level”.

Secret cults are banned in Nigeria but not charities which act to cover such cults as we read in the booklet: “The Green Circuit Association is an organization registered with the federal government of Nigeria via the Cooperative Affairs Commission, CAC. The objective is to create a respectable and recognized organization at national and international level that as a result can grant formal recognition to the members under the aegis of the GCA.”

Further on we read: “The Family General Supreme Maphite Council (SMC DON) is the supreme power in the organization known as (SMC) Maphite family. His power shall have no limit.” The Supreme MAPHITE Council is the GCA charity in Benin City.

In 2011, the GCA set up an Italian branch in Bentivoglio, a town near Bologna. In July, the branch founder was among the 33 MAPHITE arrested.

In the Green Bible booklet, there follows a list of rules and punishments, including this on sacrifice: “Each member of the MAPHITE, will of course be ready to sacrifice his own life as he will be ready to take the life of others whenever this honourable act is necessary. Sacrifice must be made to maintain order and strong discipline in our fraternity.”

There are also strict code of conduct rules between members such as this: “Every Worthwhile (member) must respect every other Worthwhile (member). Playing and kidding around among Worthwhile (members) shall be permitted up to a certain point. Heavy ‘teasing’ of whore, faggot, brown-noser, etc, … are totally prohibited”.

And this:

“No member of this GCA shall put material things, whether it be drugs, money, women, or punks … before the interest of the great Maphite”.

On the use of violence it says: “You can get much further with a kind word and a pistol than you can with a kind word alone. There is no such thing as good money and bad money. There is just money. If a man is dumb, someone is going to get the best of him, so why not you? … It’s just business. Murders came with smiles, shooting people was no big deal for us Good fellas. This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey, that’s great.

And this: “If there is a will, my friend, there’s always a way. I stuck the drill in his chest and his legs, on the side of his head. I ripped his hair out. You know what I’ll do? I’ll get a knife and cut off his tongue, and we’ll send it to his wife … You fucked with me and that was the worst thing you ever did. Never show anger at slight. Tell nothing. Earn Respect from everyone with deeds, not Words.”

The shorter Green Bible ends with an appendix on the 8th International Congress of the GCA held in September 2017 in Asaba, capital of Delta State in south-eastern Nigeria, which was attended, it boasts, by MAPHITE members from 15 countries around the world. The investigating magistrates who wrote the provvidemento describe the presence at the congress as key note speaker of a well known politician Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, ex governor of Anambra State from 1992 to 93, as “allarming” as was the presence of both the Nigerian army and police in charge of security.

Resolutions passed at the congress included a decision to change the name from Green Circuit Association to Green Circuit Association International to reflect its pressence around the world. The congress also resolved to hold “at least one event a year of public interest to show the Organization in a good light against acts capable of giving the Organization negative public perception”. “Godfather Awards” were presented to three winners for help with the registration of the GCA as a charity including Prince Mudiaga Ejowhomumi, and the Turkey MAPHITE branch won “Best Branch of the Year”.

The shorter Green Bible ends with a note on the MAPHITE in Italy in which it orders the four families to cancel all local deals with the Italian Mafia or other Mafia, saying: “We don’t need them to operate in Italy.” And it warns that the days of the supergrass “Omi Rattle Snake” are numbered as he is now subject, as a result of “his sin”, to “ASHAN” which – as the shorter Green Bible explains – is the rule that condemns a traitor and his family to death by fire. Schools and public places in Carpi (near Modena) where he lived before he was given police protection, frequented by his children, are under surveillance, warns the booklet.

In the Italian prosecutors’ provvidento “Omi Rattle Snake” – the supergrass – is quoted as saying that 80% of the inscription fee paid by new members of overseas branches of the MAPHITE goes to the GCA in Nigeria, and that to found a MAPHITE family outside Nigeria requires 1000 members and 1 million euro in the bank. From the moment migrants began to arrive in huge numbers in Italy by sea from Libya in 2011 “the MAPHITE began arriving” as well – says the supergrass – and there is “an inescapable link” between the Nigerian Mafia and human trafficking.

Rome’s anti-mafia police task force – the DIA – has no global figures nor even guestimates on the cash turn-over of the Nigerian Mafia in Italy, it told me, but according to Massimiliamo Peggio, the Mafia expert for the Turin-based national daily La Stampa, police estimate there to be 700 drug pushers in Turin, many of them Nigerians, who sell an average 10 doses of cocaine a day each at 50 euro a dose. “That’s 350,000 euro a day from just one drug in one city,” he told me.

The Nigerian Mafia’s most lucrative activity after drugs is prostitution. There are up to 30,000 Nigerian prostitutes in Italy – according to the UN’s International Organization for Migration – 80% of whom were trafficked there across the Sahara and Mediterrean, accompanied from start to finish by a Mafia minder. Before departure, most of these girls agree, often compelled by their own families, to be placed under a voodoo spell (called ju-ju) by a witch-doctor. The spell binds them to pay back the cost of the voyage which is not revealed to them, or else not understood by them, on arrival in Europe, They agree because they think there is a job waiting for them as hairdressers, care-workers or night club dancers but on arrival discover the awful truth from the Madame– as they are known – designated to look after them who is invariably a mafiosa. The cost of the voyage is (typically) a staggering 30,000 euro, theMadame tells them, thus their only choice is prostitution. Terror of the ju-ju spell and the use, or threat, of violence against them enslaves them. Multiply 30,000 prostitutes by 30,000 euro – that’s nearly 1 billion euros.

In his testimony to police, the supergrass, who said that the MAPHITE were organized like the Nigerian Islamic terrorist group Boku Haram but were motivated by money not religion, described his own initiation ceremony in 2011.

Two MAPHITE went to his house and called him at his shop by phone half an hour later telling him they were ready and to bring three bottles of Guinness and a bottle of African palm wine.

He returned home and smelled burning incense. They told him to strip down to his underpants. They blind-folded him with a towel and told him to go down on his knees. “To whom do you want to belong?” one of them asked. “To the MAIPHITE”.

One of them slapped him hard in the face. Both then punched and kicked him. For 20 minutes. He remained blind-folded.

“Then they asked me to open my hands, one next to the the other,” he said,”I felt the heat … and I realized that something was burning. Later I discovered that it was a piece of toilet paper.”

They took off the blindfold, sprayed liquid on his face, forced him to drink a potion, presumably made of the guinness and palm wine, and began to sing. “I saw that around me there were lighted candles everywhere in the room.”

He swore the oath of loyalty: “I swear to be loyal and faithful to the MAPHITE organization. If in future I should reveal these secrets this fire will burn me and everything that belongs to me; wherever I am the MAPHITE will cut me into pieces until I die.”

The Don of the MAPHITE in Italy – the boss of bosses – who is head of the senior family – the Vatican – should have been arrested in July. But the police could not find him.

Akioya Omonbhude Elisha nicknamed “DON TT BUCATI”, or “Pastore” (Shepherd) spent much of his time in Cologne in Germany where he had transferred his family thanks to the Schengen Accords on the free movement within the EU of people – and migrants.

The GCA is of course shocked by all this and has issued a lengthy retort to the Italian Ambassador in Nigeria which it posted on its Facebook site but which has been totally ignored by the media in Italy. In quaint and sometimes incorrect English it says:

“It is of note that the Italian authorities have … mischaracterized the GCA with the most unsavioury, uncomplimentary verbiage by maliciously imputing crimininality to the activities of GCA without any iota of evidence. (….) Excellency Sir, for the avoidance of doubt, the members of the Green Circuit Association are very decent, responsable and law-abiding members of any society in which they found themselves.”

Perhaps the Green Circuit Association back in Benin City is as innocent as the driven snow though I doubt it but its overseas members – as is clear from this ground-breaking Italian investigation – are most definitely not.

It will want to keep the fire burning in Italy and Europe at all costs. We must surely snuff out that flame for good.

KDFB? Vaffanculo!


Nicholas Farrell, a graduate of Cambridge University, lives in Italy and writes for frequently for the British Spectator. He was a staff reporter on the Sunday Telegraph in London before moving to Paris in 1997 to write a book on the death of Princess Diana and to Italy where he wrote a biography of Benito Mussolini, “Mussolini: A New Life» (2005)


History of the (Nasty) Netherlands Zone

The Netherlands Zone…. Home to some of the nastiest individuals the Neo Black Movement of Africa has to offer. Though let’s be clear: This is typical Zone.

There was a time when the NBM’s  “Welfare Committee” had to work tiresly but sadly this is not the case anymore. Netherland’s Zone today are hard at work doing what the NBM does best: Crime.


“the fact that in that period most of our members arrested and the zone needed to buy calling cards on a regular basis and because we had no money we introduced collections in the general I.T for welfare.Welfare was now responsible for taking care of its members in need.”


The Netherland’s Zone as well as been top fraudsters are also an extremely violent bunch. We’ll maybe never know how many murders they’ve carried out on Dutch soil but it’s clear they are not a bunch to shy away from the Black Axe’s ethos of extreme violence


My Head, Chairman and my bam Elders,

 I want to use this opportunity to thank you all especially our legal adviser (Lord Kamuzu Banda) for his view toward the solution of Lord Samora Michel issue. This issue needs to be solve as soon as possible to prevent future problem. The Eye-boy that stab Lord Samora Michel must be seriously death with to show that he really touch an Axe-man.

My Chairman (Lord Amilcar Cabral), your calling of emergency IT on Saturday the 14th of November is very importance because a cry of an Axe-man echo’s in the ears of Axe-men. Despite the fact that I am not on ground at present, but i am fully available to be use by the Netherlands Zone to fight against this so called, Eye-boy and to bring peace to the Netherlands Zone.

My elders, I am strongly in support of Our Legal adviser views toward the solution of Lord Samora Michel issue and _I believed that, this will lead to the proactive steps to prevent future difficulty.

Dodorima and may Korofo protect you all,

Lord Muta-karibo (Udi 96)



Below is an NBM historical account of how the Netherlands Zone transformed itself from a forum (few members) to a fully fledged Zone (as it seen today). Also following that is a dump of historical documents from the Zone such as IT meeting minutes, income/expenditure spreadsheets, attendance sheets and a few other tit bits (some of which cover other European Zones)



The Netherlands zone started with few Aye / Lords meeting in different locations in Amsterdam, i.e (A’dam spot and kraienness), This first few lords were (1) Lord Isaac Adaka Boro ju name Fuzzy. (2) Lord Chaka de Zulu ( ju name Ogidon) . (3) Lord Ibn Marsha (ju name Rufus) (4) lord Komo Karome (ju name Martin) In their second meeting came Lord Thambo Mbeki ( ju name Henry ) who heard Aye’s were meeting here in Amsterdam. However there were some other Aye’s / Lords that were living in Leeuwarden and Rotterdam. LORDS IN LEEUWARDEN (1 ) Lord Thomas Sankara ( ju name Mikado ) ( 2 ) Lord Kamuzu Banda ( ju name O J ) (3) Peter Abraham ( ju name Tony)
LORDS IN ROTTERDAM (1 ) Lord OMamuta ( ju name Jerry ) (2 ) Lord Ginuwa ( ju name Timoty Ajayi ) (3 ) Lord ? ? ? ( ju name Odion ) A joint meeting of all Aye’s / Lords that were known then,that were living in the Netherlands was held, and alot of lords were present.The lords that were present at the I.T in Denerod Bar were present were: 1. Lord Isaac Adaka Boro (Fuzzy), 2. Lord Kamuzu Banda (OJay), 3. Lord Shaka De Zulu (Charles Ogidon), 4. Lord Ibin Marshall ( Rufus) 5. Lord Komo Karomen (Martins), 6. Lord Thomas Sankara (Mikado), 7. Lord Peter Abraham(Tony), 8. Lord Didakimatin(Dennis Fela) 9. Lord Thambo Mbeki ( ju name Henry) e.t.c.
In the I.T Fuzzy was appointed as coordinator due to his age in the movement to -ordinate the new forum, and it was agreed by all men present in that IT except Thambo Mbeki( ju name Henry) who also wanted that same position,and due to Thambo Mbeki disagreement there was a comotion,and so everybody left. However,due to in-activeness of the coordinator,Lord Isaac Adaka Boro(Fuzzy) coupled with his shuttling between Amsterdam and Spain the forum was almost falling apart,Aye’s were now meeting only at parties, churches and festivals. In the kwakoe month of July,as men were in kwakoe, then came Richard Ihensekhien(Mammar Ghadaffi) of Udi, from kwakoe men moved to a Bar in Kempering called Mama’s Bar.

FIRST GOVERNMENT Lord Moammar Ghadaffi (ju name Richie Ihensenkien)

Itohan was held for several times in Mamma’s bar, we use to meet twice in a month on Sundays. The first election was held in Mama’s bar. Moammar Ghadaffi( Richie) was made the Head, Shaka de zulu (Charles Ogidon) was the C.p, Ibin Marshall (Rufus) was the Crier, Yakata Mohamed (Frank Obelife) was the Butcher , Peter Abraham (Tony ) was the Ihaza, Idris Aloma (Festus ) was the Eye.
Nevertheless, the election wasn’t recognized by some lords from Leeuwarden. i.e Lord Kamuzu banda(Ojay), Lord Ginuwa (Timo) Thomas Sankara (Mikado). The lords from Leeuwarden claimed that all the positions had already been shared among lords in Amsterdam without their awareness. Discontent from the election led to some minor infighting. during the infighting, the lords claimed they have 10 lords in Leeuwarden,so they declared their own zone. In other for peace to reign among lords in the Netherlands the then head, Lord Moammar Ghadaffi, decided to move the next I.T. to Leeuwarden. In the I.T in Leeuwarden, it was discovered that they were only four lords present. In order to move forward,Lord Moammar Ghadaffi said he will dissolved the government in the next I.T that will be held in Amsterdam in 2 weeks time but the Leeuwarden Lords said it will be convenient for them in 3 weeks time due to the distance. Then it was agreed by all parties that the election will be held in three weeks time. On a Sunday in dec 2000, I.T was held in Amsterdam. Around 30/?lords were present on the I.T / Election day. After the consultation by the C. priest, electoral body was appointed by house and the government was dissolved by the then head ( Moammar Ghadaffi).An electoral body was appointed .A new election was held that same day. The persons that contested for the position of headship, were Moammar Ghadaffi (Richie) and Thomas Sankara ( ju name Mikado). After the elections, most officers retained their positions.Moammar Ghadaffi (Richie) retained the headship and made Thomas Sankara(Mikado) his chairman. The then head (Moammar Ghadaffi) presided over an I.T, which was the only IT he held before he left for Nigeria,and while in Nigeria he Registered the Zone.The head spent about six months without official contact with the zone.
During the Head’s absence, the chief priest Lord Shaka de zulu (Ogidon) was acting on his behalf for 4 months. on the Fourth month the head was suspended by the C.O.E Chairman Lord Thomas Sankara( Mikado).The C.priest Shaka de Zulu was made an interim head,The chairman gave the head Moammar Ghadaffi ultimatum to contact the zone on the 5Th month and if he doesn’t come back before the 6Th month, a new head will be sworn in.Thomas Sankara asked lord Idris Alooma(Festus ) to pass the message because he was the only Lord having contact with him. The suspension led to ramifications in our new zone, the Chairman Thomas Sankara(Mikado),and the C.priest Chaka de Zulu were on one side,the suspended Head Moammar Ghadaffi,the Butcher,the Ihaza,the Eye, Crier were on the other side.

When the Head came back another electoral Body was apointed by the Interim Head and Lord Komo Karome(Ernest) was apointed as the chairman of the Electoral committee.An Election was held that same day in Grubehoven(Ganzenhof),Lord Moammar Ghadaffi (Richie) retained the headship position,Thomas Sankara(Mikado) loosed the chairmanship position to Lord Martin Luther King,Chaka de zulu(Charles Ogidon) loosed the position to Jew name Daniel (Lord ????). Lord Moammar Ghadaffi ruled for some months, then left for Nigeria and he didn’t hand over,some phone calls where made to him,so he relinquished his office.

SECOND GOVERNMENT Martin Luther King (Marcus) 2003 – AUG.2004.

In 2003 another I.T/elections was held in a hall around Ganzenhoef,after consultations by the C. priest, the old government was dissolved and electoral body was formed. (1)Lord Martin Luther King was elected head (2) Ju name Frank Ajakaye was made Chief Prist (3) and the chairman was Thomas Sankara of the COE .
The new government led by Martin Luther introduced rotational I.T and also introduced our by-law.After a while Lord Martin Luther (Marcus) left for England to live with his family, he did not hand over is government like his predecessor.

THIRD GOVERNMENT (AUG.2004 – March 2005).

The Crier cried out for our regular saturday I.T,the venue was in a hall in EGELNDONK in Amsterdam Bijmeer men gathered as usual interacting and waiting for the IT to commenced. As men were about settling down fully ,then came in some lords including Lord Fayinka Ju name Atanechus Ogbomen(Wino),Ju name Frank Ajakaje, Lord Fayinka(ju name Suki),Lord Kamuzu Banda(ju name O J,and without the knowledge of many lords sitting already that that was going to be the end of that era. Many lords were caught by surprise!That day the government was dissolved, it was like a bloodless coup.

(1) Lord Sundiata ( ju name T J ) was made the head, (2)Ju name Nosa was the Chief priest, (3) Ju name Adeyan was Butcher. (4) Lord Moghosutu Butheleze(Owens)/ Ogidon was the Ihaza. (5) Idris Alooma( ju name Festus ) was the Eye. (6) Lord Oromila ju name Osagie was the Crier.

Counsel Of Elders

(1) Jew name Chocho – Chairman. (2) Elder Kamuzu Banda ( ju name O J ). (3) Elder Fayinka ( ju name Suki) (4) Elder Samoral Mitcher ( ju name Ese ). (5) Elder Cyrial Mafosa ( ju name Theo ). The government lasted for about to six / seven months because the national body instructed all zonal head to hand or atleast conduct a new election that will be running concorrently with national body. Elections was held,Lord Sundiata was the first head to hand over to another government unlike his predecessor. In that short period we were able to set-up a welfare committee and the welfare packages.
We initiated one Ju We enforced Registration We introduced hosting amoungst members.


Lord Kamuzu Banda(March 2005 – March 2007) On I.T day, Lord Sundiata Government was dissolved,electoral body was formed, election was held.
(1) Kamuzu Banda- Head (ju name O J)
(2)Shaka De Zulu -C .P (ju name Solo Aba)
(3)Jaja jawa -Butcher ( ju name Mondris)
(4)Ginuwa -Ihaze -(ju name Timothy)
(5) Idris Aluma -Eye – ju name Festus
(6) Adaka Boro -Cryer-ju name Festus Ajime

Counsel Of Elders

(1)Kanti Iguma ( Don Krizzo) Chairman
(2)Amical Cabral (Ndubisi) Elder
(3)Kasavubu (Anselm) Elder.
(4)Yakata Samora(Sykilida) Elder
(5)Sundiata (T J) Elder.

This regime was the first to run a two year tenur strieght and also its first to host other zones

The 5th regime
Head Kolisamama ju name (colins)
C.P Mutal Karibo ju name( Denis Akugbe)
Butcher Lord Oromila ju name(Osagie and lord Ginuwa)
Ihaze Macus Gaver ju name( Obanor)
Eye Israel Ehizoje Aneni(Water Susulu).
Cryer ju name Ibuta Kumasi (Egiro Udih)
Chairman Lord Kanti Iguma (Ju name Don Krizzo)
Elder Kamuzu Banda ja name( O J)
Elder Kasazubu(Anselm)
Elder Sundiata ( T J)
Elder Jaja Jawara (Mondris)
Elder Shaka de Zulu(Solo Aba)
This regime was the only regime to host our National Head.
In this regime the region was formaly formed and Nederland zone was made the head qauters.


Events from June 2000 – November 2000
Those in Leeuwarden (Ojay, Mikado, Peter and Paul Onwuka(?)) were not at the I.T. Fuzzy was appointed Head and are not even aware how those in Amsterdam decided on the positions);
As at the time those in Leeuwarden received the information about an I.T. through Ogidon, he also informed them that Fuzzy was the Head they had chosen in their previous meeting;
Fuzzy was not present at the I.T. the Axe Men in Leeuwarden came to in Denerood bar. The information was that Fuzzy was in Spain. Aside from those already mentioned, also present at the I.T. in Denerood bar were: Didan Kimathi (Odion), Paul Onwuka, Malcolm X (Joshua);
After the introduction at this I.T. Kamuzu Banda informed those present that he does not believe Joshua was a bona fide Axe Man. Before going into the issue of Malcolm X being a true Axe Man or not, an issue resulted with Tall Fela (Dennis) about him doing something (what?) the previous time. Since there was talk of Tall Fela being matched, he threatened to call Koti. This threat effectively led to the end of that I.T. and a suggestion was made to head up to Kwa Koe festival. Since those outside Amsterdam (Ojay, Mikado, Peter and Odion) could not get a guarantee of where they could sleep, they decided to head up from Denerood bar to Lelystad to spend the night.
The next invitation to those in Leeuwarden for an I.T. also came through Ogidon. He also informed them that Richie was the central figure I.T.’s providing the avenue for Men to meet and that he was the Head (Not aware how Richie came into the scene after Fuzzy and how they filled the positions);
Ojay, Timo and Jerry honored the invitation in September 2000 and there they introduced as Leeuwarden and Rotterdam Zone. They met Peter, Joshua, Ogidon, Richie, Rufus, Henry, Festus, Obelife, Tall Fela and two others that can’t be recalled at the moment in the I.T.
Those outside Amsterdam refused to recognize the structure on the ground based on what those who attended that I.T. saw. They were also of the opinion that only some weeks back Fuzzy and others were at the helms of affairs and thus did not understand the rush to have position filled with new persons without an all encompassing election of all known Axe Men then;
Richie upon receiving the misgivings of those outside Amsterdam, took it on himself to reach out to Mikado, who was the central point of sorts for those outside Amsterdam who were unwilling to join in building just one structure. He was able to convince Mikado that the application for a Zone in Netherland would only succeed if all were on board and there were old hands as members. Mikado eventually convinced the others;
Upon Richie’s effort to encompass all, an I.T. was fixed for Sunday October 8 2000 in Leeuwarden. The I.T. in Leeuwarden was held in an African restaurant (Just Axe Men and the owner) as birthday/ I.T. combination. In this I.T. it was agreed that we will rent a venue in Amsterdam, all should reach out to any Axe Man they know of and do an all inclusive election. Don’t recollect if the dues of 25 Guilders was also fixed on this day. This effectively meant the end of the governing structures in place. The first Sunday of December was fixed as the date for the election so we will rhyme with the days of Zonal I.T.’s in Nigeria;
No confirmation yet of 10 Axe Men turning into 4, convenience of 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks.

1st Election December 2000
The venue of the election was Grubbehoeve which was arranged by Ogidon. On this election day Ernest (Komo Karume) was chosen as the Chairman of the electoral committee and Ojay (Kamuzu Banda) was chosen as the secretary of the electoral committee, probably because they signified they were not interested in any position;
All positions (Exco and COE positions) were by election after being nominated for the position. There were also few Lords external Lords particularly from Italy the day who also voted. Mikado could not have contested against Richie since it was already pre-agreed by those outside Amsterdam to go for the COE positions;
The Congress Elected Richie ZH, Ogidon CP, Obelife B1, Joshua B2, Peter Ihaza, Festus Eye, Rufus Crier. The Congress also elected Mikado COE Chairman, Jerry Elder, Timo Elder, CY Elder (?), Odion Elder and maybe one other person that can’t be recalled at this moment.
The Head cannot appoint or make someone the Chairman of the COE.
1st administration January 2001 – June 2001
In the first I.T. after the election (January 2001) Peter presided as the most senior Exco member that was around during the I.T. On this I.T., the venue we did the election failed us. One of the Lords in Leeuwarden arranged for us to hold the I.T at his friend’s house on the 2nd floor of Grunder;
At the end of the February I.T., Henry was matched for being rude to the Head before Richie left for Nigeria in December 2000. No need stating the obvious, since in the absence of the Head the CP acts. Dues were 25 Guilders and the venue was also 25 Guilders (?). In Nigeria Richie put in the application for NL Zone (in the 2001 convention of?). Richie also paid the initial Annual dues and Convention dues to show our seriousness;
Circa the month of June 2001, the COE suspended the Head at the end of the general I.T after every effort to hear from Richie as Head since he left for Nigeria failed. The COE also decided that if by the next I.T. the Head had not returned he will be removed;
By the July I.T. Richie had returned. During this July I.T. the congress adopted a motion moved by (Richie?) for dissolving all existing structures (Exco and COE) and for new elections;
The Chairman does not have powers to remove or suspend the Head, the COE/Elders do. Nobody was made interim Head (this does not exist in the Movement) and there was no unrest over this issue or any on the one side & on the other side.

2nd Election July 2001
No confirmation yet if there was and/or the composition of the electoral Committee for this election;
Richie was re-elected as Head, Daniel became the CP and the rest positions were retained by same persons (?);
Marcus became Chairman, Ogba became Elder, Timo and Jerry retained the Elder position. No confirmation yet about Odion. CY, Mikado and some others declined positions in the COE;
That same July, Marcus sent the draft of what (in 2002 or 2003?) became our By-Laws to Richie as a roadmap for drafting ours;
Note: Marcus and Richie had met before now at the Convention 2001 where Marcus stated that he was not aware there was any structure of NBM on the ground in the Netherlands. They were both given the assignment to go work together so as to achieve the approval of the application for a Zone by the NCOE.

2nd administration and crises July 2001 – January 2002
From August 2001 we lost the venue we had been holding our I.T. in Grubbehoeve since the election in December 2000 (aside from January 2001). The August general I.T. was held at an open field opposite Kwa Koe hall. As this general I.T. was going on, a COE I.T. was also taking place in Venserpolder (in Ogidon or Festus house);
At this COE, a majority of Elders reprimanded the Chairman and passed a vote of no confidence on him for allowing those that accompanied the Head (Rufus and CY) to stay all through the COE proceedings they held in Rotterdam in July. Upon the interceding of the Head and Mikado via phone, the Elders backed down from removing Marcus as COE Chairman and they later joined us at the I.T.;
The September and October I.T. were in? and this happened?
Between the August I.T. and the November I.T. the Head was in Nigeria (?);

NOVEMBER 2001 THE BEGINNING OF CRISES: Since we still did not have a venue in Amsterdam, Richie fixed the November I.T. in Marcus house in Sittard;
During this November I.T. the Head informed the house that he did an investigation while in Nigeria on the membership of Ogidon and Joshua; The results of his investigation were 1) Joshua was not a bona fide Axe Man since his Ini was unclear, 2) Ogidon was not a bona fide Axe Man since his credentials were unclear, he did not attend Ikpitan as claimed and was not qualified to be blended into the Movement;
After statements by Richie to the house, Iro Kabila (Jermaine) also claimed that the Head that blended Festus already handed over or was not the Head as at time he did that blending. They (Joshua did not attend) were then asked to excuse the house till further investigation is concluded via the National Body;
At the December I.T. which the COE Chairman did not attend at a restaurant in ????, the accused men came to the I.T. The Head ordered them to leave, but Mikado opposed their leaving saying the charges against them were still mere accusations and they should be allowed to state their side of the story before being asked to leave. The move to forcefully eject them from the I.T. venue and the counter move to keep them at the I.T. led to rowdiness and some pushing and shoving. This eventually led to us abandoning the restaurant as I.T. venue since cops were already arriving downstairs;
Fewer Men later re-assembled at another restaurant in the binnenstraat of ???? in Kraainest. While there we heard that Cooper and Owens (Didikpo) were held by Koti in relation to the rowdiness that happened earlier. Luckily they were released the same day. At this second venue things seemed okay, but eventually there was a fracas with major role reserved for Frank (James Hornu) against Rufus and Jermaine and to an extent Frank (James Hornu), Richie, Mikado and Ogba amongst others.
Following this fracas a COE meeting was convened to discuss the matter on request of Elders. The Chairman agreed to a COE meeting in Rotterdam, but stated he would not be attending. The Head did not attend the meeting as well. The Elders who attended sent out an email after the meeting suspending Frank and Mikado from the Movement. They also removed Richie as Head and nominated CY to replace him (?).
Richie and some others refused to recognize his suspension and removal, while the Elders, CP and some others also refused to recognize Richie as Head. Cant recall if CY accepted this nomination.
After the consultations of the Chairman with all parties on finding a way out of the imbroglio, an I.T. was called for in Amsterdam in February (?). But those that sided with Richie’s removal boycotted the I.T. At this I.T., it was agreed to upturn all the decisions the Elders took. Donations were also started towards Marcus attending the 2002 Convention and for the payment of the annual/Convention dues. They agreed on a follow up I.T. which was fixed for Rotterdam.

3rd administration Caretaker Committee March 2002 – January 2003
At the March I.T in Rotterdam with Richie, Marcus, the Elders and others in attendance, Marcus put a call through to the NH (Jasper) who was then vacationing in America. After Jasper spoke with dramatis personae, the agreement was reached to dissolve the Exco and COE and setup a Caretaker Committee that would run affairs before a new election is conducted. Marcus was then chosen as Caretaker Committee Chairman and Daniel was chosen as the Caretaker Committee CP. Marcus upon accepting his appointment requested he be allowed to have Kamuzu Banda as Scribe of the Committee and the house agreed to this request. During this I.T. donations continued towards Marcus attending the 2002 Convention and for the payment of the annual/Convention dues;
A total of +500 Euro plus was eventually raised between the 2 I.T.’s of February 2002 and March 2002. Marcus retained 300 Euros for flight ticket and gave Rufus who was also going to Nigeria 220 Euros to pay into NBM accounts in Nigeria;
Due to the unavailability of a venue in Amsterdam, all the I.T.’s called by the Caretaker Committee (aside from the Emergency I.T. in August 2002) were held in the same private residence in Rotterdam;
In the April and May I.T. this and this happened?;
The issue involving Ogidon and Festus who were still awaiting the results of the investigation on them so they could start fellowshipping with Axe Men again was resolved at the June I.T. The Caretaker CP presided over this I.T. where Suki threw light on Festus case (see sent minutes for details);
In between the June I.T., the August I.T. and the August Emergency I.T. hosted by Timo the primary issues was how we could conclude the registration of NL Zone with the National Body and the Chairman’s unwillingness to continue in his position (see minutes for details);
During the Summer, the Chairman Caretaker Committee attended the first London Zone NBM International Conference on our behalf;
In the September I.T. the Chairman Caretaker Committee informed the house that our Zone was approved at the 1st NCOE after the 2002 Convention and showed the house the registration certificate from the National headquarters. The Chairman Caretaker Committee also returned the 300 Euros he was supposed to purchase flight tickets with since he was unable to attend the previous Convention (see Jpeg file, the minutes and attendance of the I.T.);
The available minutes, attendance lists, registration payments, due payments and payment for late coming for the months June 2002 to January 2003 were uploaded to the Zonal email address before January 2007. They give insight into who did what who did not do what.

4th administration August 2003 – June 2004
Do not recall or have documentary evidence of what happened between February and August. We finally moved I.T.’s back to Amsterdam after Festus negotiated a venue at Hoptille in Amsterdam;
On Sunday 3 August we held an election to have a new Exco and COE for the Zone. The election effectively brought the Caretaker Committee to an end. During the election Festus was elected as Eye after being nominated, Timo elected as Ihaza after being nominated, Chocho elected as B after being nominated and Frank (James Hornu) elected as CP after being nominated. The position for Crier was not filled on this day;
The process for filling the positions of Head, COE and Elders was done differently than item 2 above since the house insisted they did not want to nominate or do elections for these positions. All members that at the time had 10 years membership of the Movement and were present were asked to go outside and resolve amongst themselves who fills what position. On getting outside the I.T. venue, all agreed that Marcus was the best option for the Zone as Head. But Marcus was reluctant in view of the fact he was already planning to go complete his studies in Nigeria;
At the conclave Ojay Banda was appointed the COE Chairman and the others effectively became the Elders. The Elders were: Clinton, Jeff, Ogadi, Opute Bartho, CY and ?. At the first COE I.T. after the appointments (in the CP’s house in Muiderpoort), Kube was appointed Crier of the Zone. All appointments were duly ratified by the Congress;
Marcus as Head attended the (1st) Regional I.T. in Madrid Spain at the end of the Summer of 2003. Upon return and presentation of the receipts of his Journey, the Ihaza reimbursed the cost he made for flight tickets;
During this period 1) funds were raised and sent to Frank who was Schooling in Spain, 2) funds were also raised for Emitemi to pay house rent, 3) Jasper joined the Zone during this period, 4) on the prodding of Suki based on the fact that there was entertainments at the I.T.’s held in Rotterdam, 3 of his housemates (Ezaza, ? and ?) hosted us in Hoptille, 5) in response to the call of the National Body membership verification forms were shared and filled, 6) the draft by-laws Marcus had was reviewed and approved as Zonal By-law, 7) Marcus was shutteling between Nigeria and Netherland, 8) circa December 2003 a conflict evolved between the CP (Frank) and the B (Chocho) over some private issues. This led to them not attending I.T.’s or attending spasmodically. A match was later ordered for them and were requested to not let their private matters affect NBM activities, 10) the end of year was hosted by Kube or Suki (?), 11) No I.T.’s were held February and March (?) due to burstings targeted at 9Ja persons by Netherland Koti; the COE Chairman made copies of the Abia Zonal Jolly CD available and him and others bought the CD’s for 20 Euros to raise funds for the Zone;
There was noting like rotational I.T.’s. Aside from the June 2004 I.T. held in Rotterdam, all I.T.’s held when Marcus was Head were in Hoptille Amsterdam.

Handover preparations June 2004 – August 2004
In the Summer of 2004 the COE Chairman attended the European Regional I.T. in Torino Italy on behalf of the Zone. He was joined at the Regional I.T. by Ogidon who was on visit to his wife in Italy at the time. At this meeting as per the message that was given to them by the house previously, they opposed the issue of blending that was part of the agenda of the meeting;
Somewhere in April/may the Head informed the Chairman that he felt it was better in view of his regular absence from I.T.’s and the feud between the CP and B that it was better if he stepped down as Head to allow for a new Head who would always be on the ground for I.T.’s. After the Head and the Chairman rubbed their minds on who could be good a replacement for Marcus that meets the requirement of not living in Amsterdam and was not involved in what most of us were doing at that time, the choice fell on Taju. It was agreed that the Head should make sure he comes to the next I.T., while the Chairman gets the other Elders on board before the I.T. date. Since the Chairman and the Elders did not know anything about Taju, the Chairman passed the task of gathering intelligence about Taju and his immediate plans to Festus and CY;
Previously at the Convention of 2004 the order of precedence in the Movement was changed making the COE Chairman 2nd in the order of things in the Movement in the new NBM Constitution. This was generally interpreted to mean that in the absence of the Head the COE Chairman takes charge. It was much later after the handover 2004 it became clear that it was not the intention of the drafters of the new Constitution for the COE Chairman to act in the absence of the Head. They also introduced permanent membership of COE and the NCP being a member of the NCOE
The next I.T. was held in one of our houses in Rotterdam (can not recall the reason it was not held in our venue in Hoptille) with Jasper in attendance. Taju also came (late) with CY and they also left early that day since they had other appointments. The pre-planned handover from Marcus to Taju could not take place on that I.T. since the house on the motivational speech of Jasper urging the COE to first put things in order before a new Head comes in, rejected having a replacement for Marcus immediately. Funds were raised to pay off our outstanding 2003 and 2004 Convention and annual dues after the opposition of the Chairman to the Head’s proposal to take from the money in the Zonal coffers members had raised towards BB. The summer of 2005 was eventually the first time the Zone was eventually able to pay the Convention and annual dues from monthly dues collected from members;
After the June general I.T. the COE later agreed that in view of the laxity of a lot of Exco members and COE members it would be better if we chose a fresh Exco and COE to takeover the affairs of the Zone. Consultation and investigation of capable hands to run the Zone began in earnest and on the 1st of July 2004 the official resignation letter of the Head was received by the Chairman, with NH Zembulu (Dan Akhilele), Santos Payama (Dafe – Regional Coordinator) and Festus (Zonal Eye) on CC. By the end of July 2004 the COE had compiled the names for all position. The Chairman on behalf of the COE talked with all those the COE selected for the new administration and informed them of those being positioned for the different positions. A visit was also arranged to Taju;
Those selected by the COE for Exco were: Taju (Head), CP (Nosa), B (Aideyan), Ihaza (Owenzo – Didikpo), Eye (Festus) and Crier (Victor). Those selected for COE were: Chocho (Chairman), Suki, Ese, Theo and Kube;
The COE planned the Handover to take place in the I.T. of August 2004.
Handover August 2004
1. The handover could eventually not hold on our I.T. day of 7th of August 2004 due to the fact that the people who own the venue where we hold our I.T.’s in Hoptille were on vacation. The Chairman sent out an email on this day to apologize to Zonal members if any confusion might have arisen due to the change of date. He also informed them that the Zone could not just use any place that was available like a member house since the I.T. would be serving as Zone’s Handing over Jolly of the Exco and C.O.E. positions;
2. Since confirmation was received that the people of the venue would not be back by the weekend we re-fixed the handover, the Eye (Festus ) arranged an alternative venue at Echtenstein 100 V in Amsterdam. The venue was confirmed to all Man by the Chairman through email and the Crier cried out over the venue and the handover.
3. On the handover date the Chairman who was conducting the handover (the Head was in Nigeria) came late since his vehicle with all the drinks for the Handover broke down along the way. Upon his arrival at the I.T. venue it turned out he had left the oath of office in his car while transferring things from his car to the car he eventually used to come to the I.T. Sunny (RIP) and Atani joined him to draft the oath of office from memory;
4. The handover was eventually done with the COE Chairman swearing in the Head (Taju) and Taju swearing all others for their positions. The house upon the objection of Atani and Suki did not ratify the appointment of Kube as Elder and Victor did not turn-up for the handover. The handover was fully hosted by the Zone with food and drinks;
5. There was nothing like a ‘bloodless coup’ as the actual handing over was a culmination of 3 months of well advertized work by the then COE.

5th administration August 2004 – March 2005 (General notes)
Please history committee cross check the claim on setting up welfare packages
Please history committee cross check the claim of introducing hosting
Please history committee cross check the enforcing of registration since within the time frame there were just 3 registrations (Sherriff, Syke and Koko (?) in December 2004)
History committee note : It is the COE that conducts election and handing over, not the Exco. The Exco only organizes the venue and logistic for handover/Jolly;
Victor was eventually never sworn in (?) as Crier and was replaced by Osagie, but cant recall if Osagie was actually sworn in;
Ogidon acted as Ihaza upon the leaving of Owens (now Didikpo) for Spain, but was not sworn in.
Note history committee: Marcus actually moved to join his family in England in 2007.
After point 1 -3 have been verified next stanza of my treatise will be the handling of I.T.’s, the arrest of the COE Chairman, the Ini of Fela, the financial controversy over the attendance of German Zone’s Conference and the handover of March 2005.

May your 7 never be blunt!

Kamuzu Banda
Inikpi Dragon 1992





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acc audited account for 2010

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Note: colossal amounts of documents used for fraud removed due to fear of potential reuse. Very professional looking. Very effective. 

Very professional and effective Zone. 

German Zone Mafia Leadership

The Germany Zone are hard at work… as are their close brothers in the Austria Zone.

I’ve written to two charities in recent weeks in an attempt to disrupt further “image laundering” attempts by these Zones. Germany and Austria have ranked highly on the website’s visitor log since then.

The charities were receptive to the warnings and have taken steps to remedy their mistake (one of the charities demanding the NBM take down their images… which they have subsequently done)

“We already stopped any contact with this organisation in early summer because of their dubious history”


“Unfortunately none of our team knew who these men were or what they stand for. Our team however felt something was off with this group and one of our team members did a Google search of the group, but this was after they had already left. The information was vague and at that point we really did not quite understand what they do or what their role was. Following your first email, our team contacted the group leader and asked  them remove any pictures and videos they have of their visit from their website and asked that they would not use our name or pictures in any publications. The group took great offence at this querying whether we had ever asked any other group to do this, but our team stood their ground. We will follow up to ensure that this is done.”

And out of the blue also someone in Germany requesting information about any current investigations been conducted by LE in the German Zone.

In meeting with Bemigho147watch’s policy of open information regarding the NBM I’ve obliged the request and published the German Zone’s leadership structure below.

Furthermore I’ll be writing this evening to Julius Inegbedion’s (Head of Black Axe Germany) employers asking if they know who he is.




                                                        Neo Black Movement of Africa                                                   NBM Germany e.V








Aye Axemen,


Election Report

it’s my humble privilege to notify all members of NBM worldwide about the just concluded handover that took place in German zone.

Below are the details of all Executive/COE members who were elected into various positions in line with the recommended criteria’s of our great movement. :


Julius Inegbedion (aka Ologbo-Baz)

Lord Haile Selassie                                                 –    Head

Kanem Bornu  HT.1988

(OND Auchi Poly, Bsc. UniBen)


Osahon Orumwense

Lord Beko Nyerere                                                  –    CP

Sobi HT.1993
Chinedu Collins

Lord Julius Nyerere                                                 –    Butcher 1

Kanta Okemini 1997


Prince Asonsere

Lord Oba Ovonramwen                                            –    Butcher 2

Italy 2003
Henry Peckins

Lord Adaka Boro                                                      –    Ihaza

Germany 2005


Godwin Ben Edo Osagie

Lord Patrice Lumumba                                              –    Eye

Ikpitan HT. 1999


COE Members:


Cashniar O. Audu

Lord Isusulu Malunga                                                  –    Chairman
Ogunpa 1989
(B.Tech. Unitech Akure, MBA. Uni Freiberg Germany)


Victor Ekhorutomwen

Lord Thomas Sankara                                                  –    Member

Ikpitan HT. 1989


Kessington Osa’s.

Lord Zembulu                                                              –    Member

National 2005
Chibuzo Obijiaku

Lord Kamuzu Banda                                                     –    Member

Obanta HT. 1999


The election went on smoothly without any hitch as members were allowed to express themselves freely through their vote in an open and transparent way.We pray that with the support of all the members of the zone, this Executives/COE member will move the zone to greater heights.




Lord Patrice Lumumba

Ikpitan HT. 99
Eye, German zone



Julius Inegbedion

osahon orumwense

Osahon Orumwense


chinedu collins

Chinedu Collins

prince asonsere

Prince Asonsere


Henry Peckins Oshiomegie



   Osadebamwen Ben Edo Osagie