Member Distribution – Low Countries (Benelux)

120 NBM Members found with determinable location in the Benelux countries: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

51..5% of them in Netherlands

26% of them in Luxembourg

22.5% of them in Belgium

Of those found in Netherlands 39 of them purported to live in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland). The other large concentrations of members was found in Zuid-Holland (4 members in The Hague, 8 members in Rotterdam and one in Katwijt). No single member claimed to live in the northern regions of the country with the regions of Drenthe, Groningen, Friesland and Flevoland with no recorded cases of Axeman infestation.

Luxembourg certainly a surprise with 27 members found purporting to live in the city of Luxembourg. Two in Echternach and one in both Bettendorf and Nigmegen.

In Belgium 27 members were found spread across the country. Only one member located in the southern half of the country in the Walloon Region. Nine located in the city of Brussels. 17 members located in the Flemish Region (9 residing in Antwerp, 2 in Brugge and the others scattered around)

PS: The %’s in the graph I suspect may add up to above 100% due to rounding up. 1 member = 0.8% but was recorded on the map as 1%

History of the (Nasty) Netherlands Zone

The Netherlands Zone…. Home to some of the nastiest individuals the Neo Black Movement of Africa has to offer. Though let’s be clear: This is typical Zone.

There was a time when the NBM’s  “Welfare Committee” had to work tiresly but sadly this is not the case anymore. Netherland’s Zone today are hard at work doing what the NBM does best: Crime.


“the fact that in that period most of our members arrested and the zone needed to buy calling cards on a regular basis and because we had no money we introduced collections in the general I.T for welfare.Welfare was now responsible for taking care of its members in need.”


The Netherland’s Zone as well as been top fraudsters are also an extremely violent bunch. We’ll maybe never know how many murders they’ve carried out on Dutch soil but it’s clear they are not a bunch to shy away from the Black Axe’s ethos of extreme violence


My Head, Chairman and my bam Elders,

 I want to use this opportunity to thank you all especially our legal adviser (Lord Kamuzu Banda) for his view toward the solution of Lord Samora Michel issue. This issue needs to be solve as soon as possible to prevent future problem. The Eye-boy that stab Lord Samora Michel must be seriously death with to show that he really touch an Axe-man.

My Chairman (Lord Amilcar Cabral), your calling of emergency IT on Saturday the 14th of November is very importance because a cry of an Axe-man echo’s in the ears of Axe-men. Despite the fact that I am not on ground at present, but i am fully available to be use by the Netherlands Zone to fight against this so called, Eye-boy and to bring peace to the Netherlands Zone.

My elders, I am strongly in support of Our Legal adviser views toward the solution of Lord Samora Michel issue and _I believed that, this will lead to the proactive steps to prevent future difficulty.

Dodorima and may Korofo protect you all,

Lord Muta-karibo (Udi 96)



Below is an NBM historical account of how the Netherlands Zone transformed itself from a forum (few members) to a fully fledged Zone (as it seen today). Also following that is a dump of historical documents from the Zone such as IT meeting minutes, income/expenditure spreadsheets, attendance sheets and a few other tit bits (some of which cover other European Zones)



The Netherlands zone started with few Aye / Lords meeting in different locations in Amsterdam, i.e (A’dam spot and kraienness), This first few lords were (1) Lord Isaac Adaka Boro ju name Fuzzy. (2) Lord Chaka de Zulu ( ju name Ogidon) . (3) Lord Ibn Marsha (ju name Rufus) (4) lord Komo Karome (ju name Martin) In their second meeting came Lord Thambo Mbeki ( ju name Henry ) who heard Aye’s were meeting here in Amsterdam. However there were some other Aye’s / Lords that were living in Leeuwarden and Rotterdam. LORDS IN LEEUWARDEN (1 ) Lord Thomas Sankara ( ju name Mikado ) ( 2 ) Lord Kamuzu Banda ( ju name O J ) (3) Peter Abraham ( ju name Tony)
LORDS IN ROTTERDAM (1 ) Lord OMamuta ( ju name Jerry ) (2 ) Lord Ginuwa ( ju name Timoty Ajayi ) (3 ) Lord ? ? ? ( ju name Odion ) A joint meeting of all Aye’s / Lords that were known then,that were living in the Netherlands was held, and alot of lords were present.The lords that were present at the I.T in Denerod Bar were present were: 1. Lord Isaac Adaka Boro (Fuzzy), 2. Lord Kamuzu Banda (OJay), 3. Lord Shaka De Zulu (Charles Ogidon), 4. Lord Ibin Marshall ( Rufus) 5. Lord Komo Karomen (Martins), 6. Lord Thomas Sankara (Mikado), 7. Lord Peter Abraham(Tony), 8. Lord Didakimatin(Dennis Fela) 9. Lord Thambo Mbeki ( ju name Henry) e.t.c.
In the I.T Fuzzy was appointed as coordinator due to his age in the movement to -ordinate the new forum, and it was agreed by all men present in that IT except Thambo Mbeki( ju name Henry) who also wanted that same position,and due to Thambo Mbeki disagreement there was a comotion,and so everybody left. However,due to in-activeness of the coordinator,Lord Isaac Adaka Boro(Fuzzy) coupled with his shuttling between Amsterdam and Spain the forum was almost falling apart,Aye’s were now meeting only at parties, churches and festivals. In the kwakoe month of July,as men were in kwakoe, then came Richard Ihensekhien(Mammar Ghadaffi) of Udi, from kwakoe men moved to a Bar in Kempering called Mama’s Bar.

FIRST GOVERNMENT Lord Moammar Ghadaffi (ju name Richie Ihensenkien)

Itohan was held for several times in Mamma’s bar, we use to meet twice in a month on Sundays. The first election was held in Mama’s bar. Moammar Ghadaffi( Richie) was made the Head, Shaka de zulu (Charles Ogidon) was the C.p, Ibin Marshall (Rufus) was the Crier, Yakata Mohamed (Frank Obelife) was the Butcher , Peter Abraham (Tony ) was the Ihaza, Idris Aloma (Festus ) was the Eye.
Nevertheless, the election wasn’t recognized by some lords from Leeuwarden. i.e Lord Kamuzu banda(Ojay), Lord Ginuwa (Timo) Thomas Sankara (Mikado). The lords from Leeuwarden claimed that all the positions had already been shared among lords in Amsterdam without their awareness. Discontent from the election led to some minor infighting. during the infighting, the lords claimed they have 10 lords in Leeuwarden,so they declared their own zone. In other for peace to reign among lords in the Netherlands the then head, Lord Moammar Ghadaffi, decided to move the next I.T. to Leeuwarden. In the I.T in Leeuwarden, it was discovered that they were only four lords present. In order to move forward,Lord Moammar Ghadaffi said he will dissolved the government in the next I.T that will be held in Amsterdam in 2 weeks time but the Leeuwarden Lords said it will be convenient for them in 3 weeks time due to the distance. Then it was agreed by all parties that the election will be held in three weeks time. On a Sunday in dec 2000, I.T was held in Amsterdam. Around 30/?lords were present on the I.T / Election day. After the consultation by the C. priest, electoral body was appointed by house and the government was dissolved by the then head ( Moammar Ghadaffi).An electoral body was appointed .A new election was held that same day. The persons that contested for the position of headship, were Moammar Ghadaffi (Richie) and Thomas Sankara ( ju name Mikado). After the elections, most officers retained their positions.Moammar Ghadaffi (Richie) retained the headship and made Thomas Sankara(Mikado) his chairman. The then head (Moammar Ghadaffi) presided over an I.T, which was the only IT he held before he left for Nigeria,and while in Nigeria he Registered the Zone.The head spent about six months without official contact with the zone.
During the Head’s absence, the chief priest Lord Shaka de zulu (Ogidon) was acting on his behalf for 4 months. on the Fourth month the head was suspended by the C.O.E Chairman Lord Thomas Sankara( Mikado).The C.priest Shaka de Zulu was made an interim head,The chairman gave the head Moammar Ghadaffi ultimatum to contact the zone on the 5Th month and if he doesn’t come back before the 6Th month, a new head will be sworn in.Thomas Sankara asked lord Idris Alooma(Festus ) to pass the message because he was the only Lord having contact with him. The suspension led to ramifications in our new zone, the Chairman Thomas Sankara(Mikado),and the C.priest Chaka de Zulu were on one side,the suspended Head Moammar Ghadaffi,the Butcher,the Ihaza,the Eye, Crier were on the other side.

When the Head came back another electoral Body was apointed by the Interim Head and Lord Komo Karome(Ernest) was apointed as the chairman of the Electoral committee.An Election was held that same day in Grubehoven(Ganzenhof),Lord Moammar Ghadaffi (Richie) retained the headship position,Thomas Sankara(Mikado) loosed the chairmanship position to Lord Martin Luther King,Chaka de zulu(Charles Ogidon) loosed the position to Jew name Daniel (Lord ????). Lord Moammar Ghadaffi ruled for some months, then left for Nigeria and he didn’t hand over,some phone calls where made to him,so he relinquished his office.

SECOND GOVERNMENT Martin Luther King (Marcus) 2003 – AUG.2004.

In 2003 another I.T/elections was held in a hall around Ganzenhoef,after consultations by the C. priest, the old government was dissolved and electoral body was formed. (1)Lord Martin Luther King was elected head (2) Ju name Frank Ajakaye was made Chief Prist (3) and the chairman was Thomas Sankara of the COE .
The new government led by Martin Luther introduced rotational I.T and also introduced our by-law.After a while Lord Martin Luther (Marcus) left for England to live with his family, he did not hand over is government like his predecessor.

THIRD GOVERNMENT (AUG.2004 – March 2005).

The Crier cried out for our regular saturday I.T,the venue was in a hall in EGELNDONK in Amsterdam Bijmeer men gathered as usual interacting and waiting for the IT to commenced. As men were about settling down fully ,then came in some lords including Lord Fayinka Ju name Atanechus Ogbomen(Wino),Ju name Frank Ajakaje, Lord Fayinka(ju name Suki),Lord Kamuzu Banda(ju name O J,and without the knowledge of many lords sitting already that that was going to be the end of that era. Many lords were caught by surprise!That day the government was dissolved, it was like a bloodless coup.

(1) Lord Sundiata ( ju name T J ) was made the head, (2)Ju name Nosa was the Chief priest, (3) Ju name Adeyan was Butcher. (4) Lord Moghosutu Butheleze(Owens)/ Ogidon was the Ihaza. (5) Idris Alooma( ju name Festus ) was the Eye. (6) Lord Oromila ju name Osagie was the Crier.

Counsel Of Elders

(1) Jew name Chocho – Chairman. (2) Elder Kamuzu Banda ( ju name O J ). (3) Elder Fayinka ( ju name Suki) (4) Elder Samoral Mitcher ( ju name Ese ). (5) Elder Cyrial Mafosa ( ju name Theo ). The government lasted for about to six / seven months because the national body instructed all zonal head to hand or atleast conduct a new election that will be running concorrently with national body. Elections was held,Lord Sundiata was the first head to hand over to another government unlike his predecessor. In that short period we were able to set-up a welfare committee and the welfare packages.
We initiated one Ju We enforced Registration We introduced hosting amoungst members.


Lord Kamuzu Banda(March 2005 – March 2007) On I.T day, Lord Sundiata Government was dissolved,electoral body was formed, election was held.
(1) Kamuzu Banda- Head (ju name O J)
(2)Shaka De Zulu -C .P (ju name Solo Aba)
(3)Jaja jawa -Butcher ( ju name Mondris)
(4)Ginuwa -Ihaze -(ju name Timothy)
(5) Idris Aluma -Eye – ju name Festus
(6) Adaka Boro -Cryer-ju name Festus Ajime

Counsel Of Elders

(1)Kanti Iguma ( Don Krizzo) Chairman
(2)Amical Cabral (Ndubisi) Elder
(3)Kasavubu (Anselm) Elder.
(4)Yakata Samora(Sykilida) Elder
(5)Sundiata (T J) Elder.

This regime was the first to run a two year tenur strieght and also its first to host other zones

The 5th regime
Head Kolisamama ju name (colins)
C.P Mutal Karibo ju name( Denis Akugbe)
Butcher Lord Oromila ju name(Osagie and lord Ginuwa)
Ihaze Macus Gaver ju name( Obanor)
Eye Israel Ehizoje Aneni(Water Susulu).
Cryer ju name Ibuta Kumasi (Egiro Udih)
Chairman Lord Kanti Iguma (Ju name Don Krizzo)
Elder Kamuzu Banda ja name( O J)
Elder Kasazubu(Anselm)
Elder Sundiata ( T J)
Elder Jaja Jawara (Mondris)
Elder Shaka de Zulu(Solo Aba)
This regime was the only regime to host our National Head.
In this regime the region was formaly formed and Nederland zone was made the head qauters.


Events from June 2000 – November 2000
Those in Leeuwarden (Ojay, Mikado, Peter and Paul Onwuka(?)) were not at the I.T. Fuzzy was appointed Head and are not even aware how those in Amsterdam decided on the positions);
As at the time those in Leeuwarden received the information about an I.T. through Ogidon, he also informed them that Fuzzy was the Head they had chosen in their previous meeting;
Fuzzy was not present at the I.T. the Axe Men in Leeuwarden came to in Denerood bar. The information was that Fuzzy was in Spain. Aside from those already mentioned, also present at the I.T. in Denerood bar were: Didan Kimathi (Odion), Paul Onwuka, Malcolm X (Joshua);
After the introduction at this I.T. Kamuzu Banda informed those present that he does not believe Joshua was a bona fide Axe Man. Before going into the issue of Malcolm X being a true Axe Man or not, an issue resulted with Tall Fela (Dennis) about him doing something (what?) the previous time. Since there was talk of Tall Fela being matched, he threatened to call Koti. This threat effectively led to the end of that I.T. and a suggestion was made to head up to Kwa Koe festival. Since those outside Amsterdam (Ojay, Mikado, Peter and Odion) could not get a guarantee of where they could sleep, they decided to head up from Denerood bar to Lelystad to spend the night.
The next invitation to those in Leeuwarden for an I.T. also came through Ogidon. He also informed them that Richie was the central figure I.T.’s providing the avenue for Men to meet and that he was the Head (Not aware how Richie came into the scene after Fuzzy and how they filled the positions);
Ojay, Timo and Jerry honored the invitation in September 2000 and there they introduced as Leeuwarden and Rotterdam Zone. They met Peter, Joshua, Ogidon, Richie, Rufus, Henry, Festus, Obelife, Tall Fela and two others that can’t be recalled at the moment in the I.T.
Those outside Amsterdam refused to recognize the structure on the ground based on what those who attended that I.T. saw. They were also of the opinion that only some weeks back Fuzzy and others were at the helms of affairs and thus did not understand the rush to have position filled with new persons without an all encompassing election of all known Axe Men then;
Richie upon receiving the misgivings of those outside Amsterdam, took it on himself to reach out to Mikado, who was the central point of sorts for those outside Amsterdam who were unwilling to join in building just one structure. He was able to convince Mikado that the application for a Zone in Netherland would only succeed if all were on board and there were old hands as members. Mikado eventually convinced the others;
Upon Richie’s effort to encompass all, an I.T. was fixed for Sunday October 8 2000 in Leeuwarden. The I.T. in Leeuwarden was held in an African restaurant (Just Axe Men and the owner) as birthday/ I.T. combination. In this I.T. it was agreed that we will rent a venue in Amsterdam, all should reach out to any Axe Man they know of and do an all inclusive election. Don’t recollect if the dues of 25 Guilders was also fixed on this day. This effectively meant the end of the governing structures in place. The first Sunday of December was fixed as the date for the election so we will rhyme with the days of Zonal I.T.’s in Nigeria;
No confirmation yet of 10 Axe Men turning into 4, convenience of 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks.

1st Election December 2000
The venue of the election was Grubbehoeve which was arranged by Ogidon. On this election day Ernest (Komo Karume) was chosen as the Chairman of the electoral committee and Ojay (Kamuzu Banda) was chosen as the secretary of the electoral committee, probably because they signified they were not interested in any position;
All positions (Exco and COE positions) were by election after being nominated for the position. There were also few Lords external Lords particularly from Italy the day who also voted. Mikado could not have contested against Richie since it was already pre-agreed by those outside Amsterdam to go for the COE positions;
The Congress Elected Richie ZH, Ogidon CP, Obelife B1, Joshua B2, Peter Ihaza, Festus Eye, Rufus Crier. The Congress also elected Mikado COE Chairman, Jerry Elder, Timo Elder, CY Elder (?), Odion Elder and maybe one other person that can’t be recalled at this moment.
The Head cannot appoint or make someone the Chairman of the COE.
1st administration January 2001 – June 2001
In the first I.T. after the election (January 2001) Peter presided as the most senior Exco member that was around during the I.T. On this I.T., the venue we did the election failed us. One of the Lords in Leeuwarden arranged for us to hold the I.T at his friend’s house on the 2nd floor of Grunder;
At the end of the February I.T., Henry was matched for being rude to the Head before Richie left for Nigeria in December 2000. No need stating the obvious, since in the absence of the Head the CP acts. Dues were 25 Guilders and the venue was also 25 Guilders (?). In Nigeria Richie put in the application for NL Zone (in the 2001 convention of?). Richie also paid the initial Annual dues and Convention dues to show our seriousness;
Circa the month of June 2001, the COE suspended the Head at the end of the general I.T after every effort to hear from Richie as Head since he left for Nigeria failed. The COE also decided that if by the next I.T. the Head had not returned he will be removed;
By the July I.T. Richie had returned. During this July I.T. the congress adopted a motion moved by (Richie?) for dissolving all existing structures (Exco and COE) and for new elections;
The Chairman does not have powers to remove or suspend the Head, the COE/Elders do. Nobody was made interim Head (this does not exist in the Movement) and there was no unrest over this issue or any on the one side & on the other side.

2nd Election July 2001
No confirmation yet if there was and/or the composition of the electoral Committee for this election;
Richie was re-elected as Head, Daniel became the CP and the rest positions were retained by same persons (?);
Marcus became Chairman, Ogba became Elder, Timo and Jerry retained the Elder position. No confirmation yet about Odion. CY, Mikado and some others declined positions in the COE;
That same July, Marcus sent the draft of what (in 2002 or 2003?) became our By-Laws to Richie as a roadmap for drafting ours;
Note: Marcus and Richie had met before now at the Convention 2001 where Marcus stated that he was not aware there was any structure of NBM on the ground in the Netherlands. They were both given the assignment to go work together so as to achieve the approval of the application for a Zone by the NCOE.

2nd administration and crises July 2001 – January 2002
From August 2001 we lost the venue we had been holding our I.T. in Grubbehoeve since the election in December 2000 (aside from January 2001). The August general I.T. was held at an open field opposite Kwa Koe hall. As this general I.T. was going on, a COE I.T. was also taking place in Venserpolder (in Ogidon or Festus house);
At this COE, a majority of Elders reprimanded the Chairman and passed a vote of no confidence on him for allowing those that accompanied the Head (Rufus and CY) to stay all through the COE proceedings they held in Rotterdam in July. Upon the interceding of the Head and Mikado via phone, the Elders backed down from removing Marcus as COE Chairman and they later joined us at the I.T.;
The September and October I.T. were in? and this happened?
Between the August I.T. and the November I.T. the Head was in Nigeria (?);

NOVEMBER 2001 THE BEGINNING OF CRISES: Since we still did not have a venue in Amsterdam, Richie fixed the November I.T. in Marcus house in Sittard;
During this November I.T. the Head informed the house that he did an investigation while in Nigeria on the membership of Ogidon and Joshua; The results of his investigation were 1) Joshua was not a bona fide Axe Man since his Ini was unclear, 2) Ogidon was not a bona fide Axe Man since his credentials were unclear, he did not attend Ikpitan as claimed and was not qualified to be blended into the Movement;
After statements by Richie to the house, Iro Kabila (Jermaine) also claimed that the Head that blended Festus already handed over or was not the Head as at time he did that blending. They (Joshua did not attend) were then asked to excuse the house till further investigation is concluded via the National Body;
At the December I.T. which the COE Chairman did not attend at a restaurant in ????, the accused men came to the I.T. The Head ordered them to leave, but Mikado opposed their leaving saying the charges against them were still mere accusations and they should be allowed to state their side of the story before being asked to leave. The move to forcefully eject them from the I.T. venue and the counter move to keep them at the I.T. led to rowdiness and some pushing and shoving. This eventually led to us abandoning the restaurant as I.T. venue since cops were already arriving downstairs;
Fewer Men later re-assembled at another restaurant in the binnenstraat of ???? in Kraainest. While there we heard that Cooper and Owens (Didikpo) were held by Koti in relation to the rowdiness that happened earlier. Luckily they were released the same day. At this second venue things seemed okay, but eventually there was a fracas with major role reserved for Frank (James Hornu) against Rufus and Jermaine and to an extent Frank (James Hornu), Richie, Mikado and Ogba amongst others.
Following this fracas a COE meeting was convened to discuss the matter on request of Elders. The Chairman agreed to a COE meeting in Rotterdam, but stated he would not be attending. The Head did not attend the meeting as well. The Elders who attended sent out an email after the meeting suspending Frank and Mikado from the Movement. They also removed Richie as Head and nominated CY to replace him (?).
Richie and some others refused to recognize his suspension and removal, while the Elders, CP and some others also refused to recognize Richie as Head. Cant recall if CY accepted this nomination.
After the consultations of the Chairman with all parties on finding a way out of the imbroglio, an I.T. was called for in Amsterdam in February (?). But those that sided with Richie’s removal boycotted the I.T. At this I.T., it was agreed to upturn all the decisions the Elders took. Donations were also started towards Marcus attending the 2002 Convention and for the payment of the annual/Convention dues. They agreed on a follow up I.T. which was fixed for Rotterdam.

3rd administration Caretaker Committee March 2002 – January 2003
At the March I.T in Rotterdam with Richie, Marcus, the Elders and others in attendance, Marcus put a call through to the NH (Jasper) who was then vacationing in America. After Jasper spoke with dramatis personae, the agreement was reached to dissolve the Exco and COE and setup a Caretaker Committee that would run affairs before a new election is conducted. Marcus was then chosen as Caretaker Committee Chairman and Daniel was chosen as the Caretaker Committee CP. Marcus upon accepting his appointment requested he be allowed to have Kamuzu Banda as Scribe of the Committee and the house agreed to this request. During this I.T. donations continued towards Marcus attending the 2002 Convention and for the payment of the annual/Convention dues;
A total of +500 Euro plus was eventually raised between the 2 I.T.’s of February 2002 and March 2002. Marcus retained 300 Euros for flight ticket and gave Rufus who was also going to Nigeria 220 Euros to pay into NBM accounts in Nigeria;
Due to the unavailability of a venue in Amsterdam, all the I.T.’s called by the Caretaker Committee (aside from the Emergency I.T. in August 2002) were held in the same private residence in Rotterdam;
In the April and May I.T. this and this happened?;
The issue involving Ogidon and Festus who were still awaiting the results of the investigation on them so they could start fellowshipping with Axe Men again was resolved at the June I.T. The Caretaker CP presided over this I.T. where Suki threw light on Festus case (see sent minutes for details);
In between the June I.T., the August I.T. and the August Emergency I.T. hosted by Timo the primary issues was how we could conclude the registration of NL Zone with the National Body and the Chairman’s unwillingness to continue in his position (see minutes for details);
During the Summer, the Chairman Caretaker Committee attended the first London Zone NBM International Conference on our behalf;
In the September I.T. the Chairman Caretaker Committee informed the house that our Zone was approved at the 1st NCOE after the 2002 Convention and showed the house the registration certificate from the National headquarters. The Chairman Caretaker Committee also returned the 300 Euros he was supposed to purchase flight tickets with since he was unable to attend the previous Convention (see Jpeg file, the minutes and attendance of the I.T.);
The available minutes, attendance lists, registration payments, due payments and payment for late coming for the months June 2002 to January 2003 were uploaded to the Zonal email address before January 2007. They give insight into who did what who did not do what.

4th administration August 2003 – June 2004
Do not recall or have documentary evidence of what happened between February and August. We finally moved I.T.’s back to Amsterdam after Festus negotiated a venue at Hoptille in Amsterdam;
On Sunday 3 August we held an election to have a new Exco and COE for the Zone. The election effectively brought the Caretaker Committee to an end. During the election Festus was elected as Eye after being nominated, Timo elected as Ihaza after being nominated, Chocho elected as B after being nominated and Frank (James Hornu) elected as CP after being nominated. The position for Crier was not filled on this day;
The process for filling the positions of Head, COE and Elders was done differently than item 2 above since the house insisted they did not want to nominate or do elections for these positions. All members that at the time had 10 years membership of the Movement and were present were asked to go outside and resolve amongst themselves who fills what position. On getting outside the I.T. venue, all agreed that Marcus was the best option for the Zone as Head. But Marcus was reluctant in view of the fact he was already planning to go complete his studies in Nigeria;
At the conclave Ojay Banda was appointed the COE Chairman and the others effectively became the Elders. The Elders were: Clinton, Jeff, Ogadi, Opute Bartho, CY and ?. At the first COE I.T. after the appointments (in the CP’s house in Muiderpoort), Kube was appointed Crier of the Zone. All appointments were duly ratified by the Congress;
Marcus as Head attended the (1st) Regional I.T. in Madrid Spain at the end of the Summer of 2003. Upon return and presentation of the receipts of his Journey, the Ihaza reimbursed the cost he made for flight tickets;
During this period 1) funds were raised and sent to Frank who was Schooling in Spain, 2) funds were also raised for Emitemi to pay house rent, 3) Jasper joined the Zone during this period, 4) on the prodding of Suki based on the fact that there was entertainments at the I.T.’s held in Rotterdam, 3 of his housemates (Ezaza, ? and ?) hosted us in Hoptille, 5) in response to the call of the National Body membership verification forms were shared and filled, 6) the draft by-laws Marcus had was reviewed and approved as Zonal By-law, 7) Marcus was shutteling between Nigeria and Netherland, 8) circa December 2003 a conflict evolved between the CP (Frank) and the B (Chocho) over some private issues. This led to them not attending I.T.’s or attending spasmodically. A match was later ordered for them and were requested to not let their private matters affect NBM activities, 10) the end of year was hosted by Kube or Suki (?), 11) No I.T.’s were held February and March (?) due to burstings targeted at 9Ja persons by Netherland Koti; the COE Chairman made copies of the Abia Zonal Jolly CD available and him and others bought the CD’s for 20 Euros to raise funds for the Zone;
There was noting like rotational I.T.’s. Aside from the June 2004 I.T. held in Rotterdam, all I.T.’s held when Marcus was Head were in Hoptille Amsterdam.

Handover preparations June 2004 – August 2004
In the Summer of 2004 the COE Chairman attended the European Regional I.T. in Torino Italy on behalf of the Zone. He was joined at the Regional I.T. by Ogidon who was on visit to his wife in Italy at the time. At this meeting as per the message that was given to them by the house previously, they opposed the issue of blending that was part of the agenda of the meeting;
Somewhere in April/may the Head informed the Chairman that he felt it was better in view of his regular absence from I.T.’s and the feud between the CP and B that it was better if he stepped down as Head to allow for a new Head who would always be on the ground for I.T.’s. After the Head and the Chairman rubbed their minds on who could be good a replacement for Marcus that meets the requirement of not living in Amsterdam and was not involved in what most of us were doing at that time, the choice fell on Taju. It was agreed that the Head should make sure he comes to the next I.T., while the Chairman gets the other Elders on board before the I.T. date. Since the Chairman and the Elders did not know anything about Taju, the Chairman passed the task of gathering intelligence about Taju and his immediate plans to Festus and CY;
Previously at the Convention of 2004 the order of precedence in the Movement was changed making the COE Chairman 2nd in the order of things in the Movement in the new NBM Constitution. This was generally interpreted to mean that in the absence of the Head the COE Chairman takes charge. It was much later after the handover 2004 it became clear that it was not the intention of the drafters of the new Constitution for the COE Chairman to act in the absence of the Head. They also introduced permanent membership of COE and the NCP being a member of the NCOE
The next I.T. was held in one of our houses in Rotterdam (can not recall the reason it was not held in our venue in Hoptille) with Jasper in attendance. Taju also came (late) with CY and they also left early that day since they had other appointments. The pre-planned handover from Marcus to Taju could not take place on that I.T. since the house on the motivational speech of Jasper urging the COE to first put things in order before a new Head comes in, rejected having a replacement for Marcus immediately. Funds were raised to pay off our outstanding 2003 and 2004 Convention and annual dues after the opposition of the Chairman to the Head’s proposal to take from the money in the Zonal coffers members had raised towards BB. The summer of 2005 was eventually the first time the Zone was eventually able to pay the Convention and annual dues from monthly dues collected from members;
After the June general I.T. the COE later agreed that in view of the laxity of a lot of Exco members and COE members it would be better if we chose a fresh Exco and COE to takeover the affairs of the Zone. Consultation and investigation of capable hands to run the Zone began in earnest and on the 1st of July 2004 the official resignation letter of the Head was received by the Chairman, with NH Zembulu (Dan Akhilele), Santos Payama (Dafe – Regional Coordinator) and Festus (Zonal Eye) on CC. By the end of July 2004 the COE had compiled the names for all position. The Chairman on behalf of the COE talked with all those the COE selected for the new administration and informed them of those being positioned for the different positions. A visit was also arranged to Taju;
Those selected by the COE for Exco were: Taju (Head), CP (Nosa), B (Aideyan), Ihaza (Owenzo – Didikpo), Eye (Festus) and Crier (Victor). Those selected for COE were: Chocho (Chairman), Suki, Ese, Theo and Kube;
The COE planned the Handover to take place in the I.T. of August 2004.
Handover August 2004
1. The handover could eventually not hold on our I.T. day of 7th of August 2004 due to the fact that the people who own the venue where we hold our I.T.’s in Hoptille were on vacation. The Chairman sent out an email on this day to apologize to Zonal members if any confusion might have arisen due to the change of date. He also informed them that the Zone could not just use any place that was available like a member house since the I.T. would be serving as Zone’s Handing over Jolly of the Exco and C.O.E. positions;
2. Since confirmation was received that the people of the venue would not be back by the weekend we re-fixed the handover, the Eye (Festus ) arranged an alternative venue at Echtenstein 100 V in Amsterdam. The venue was confirmed to all Man by the Chairman through email and the Crier cried out over the venue and the handover.
3. On the handover date the Chairman who was conducting the handover (the Head was in Nigeria) came late since his vehicle with all the drinks for the Handover broke down along the way. Upon his arrival at the I.T. venue it turned out he had left the oath of office in his car while transferring things from his car to the car he eventually used to come to the I.T. Sunny (RIP) and Atani joined him to draft the oath of office from memory;
4. The handover was eventually done with the COE Chairman swearing in the Head (Taju) and Taju swearing all others for their positions. The house upon the objection of Atani and Suki did not ratify the appointment of Kube as Elder and Victor did not turn-up for the handover. The handover was fully hosted by the Zone with food and drinks;
5. There was nothing like a ‘bloodless coup’ as the actual handing over was a culmination of 3 months of well advertized work by the then COE.

5th administration August 2004 – March 2005 (General notes)
Please history committee cross check the claim on setting up welfare packages
Please history committee cross check the claim of introducing hosting
Please history committee cross check the enforcing of registration since within the time frame there were just 3 registrations (Sherriff, Syke and Koko (?) in December 2004)
History committee note : It is the COE that conducts election and handing over, not the Exco. The Exco only organizes the venue and logistic for handover/Jolly;
Victor was eventually never sworn in (?) as Crier and was replaced by Osagie, but cant recall if Osagie was actually sworn in;
Ogidon acted as Ihaza upon the leaving of Owens (now Didikpo) for Spain, but was not sworn in.
Note history committee: Marcus actually moved to join his family in England in 2007.
After point 1 -3 have been verified next stanza of my treatise will be the handling of I.T.’s, the arrest of the COE Chairman, the Ini of Fela, the financial controversy over the attendance of German Zone’s Conference and the handover of March 2005.

May your 7 never be blunt!

Kamuzu Banda
Inikpi Dragon 1992





5 coe

6 coe

abn+for+tax and transf (idian

)abn+for+tax and transf (iran)

acc audited account for 2010

acc exp. bd

agenda for nbm european regional it

attendance 2003 dec

attendance 2003 nov

attendance 2003 oct-

attendance 2003 sept

attendance 2004 april-

attendance 2004 jan

attendance 2004 july

attendance 2004 june

attendance 2004 may

aye axemen.

contract i.t. hall holebdrecht

database prototype(1)

kb & sundiatas email

letter to nb

minutes of european regio inter-talk 5th june 2010

minutes of inter-talk

minutes of nbm european region inter



mom european region inter-talk

nbm london zonal activities-2007_08


netherlands zone pledge

nl zone q-report

regional inter-talk mom


zone bb


Note: colossal amounts of documents used for fraud removed due to fear of potential reuse. Very professional looking. Very effective. 

Very professional and effective Zone. 

International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 1

Here is an index of recent Neo Black Movement bad behavior (like stabbing a fellow NBM member), misconduct (been insubordinate to a higher ranking elder) and gross-misconduct (embezzling Zonal funds).

Also it documents any resulting suspensions and de-axeations that occurred should this bad behavior, misconduct or gross-misconduct attract any police attention or arrest (the worst cardinal sin a member can commit).

International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 1

(Clicking the underlined title will take you to the full story)

Apapa Zone Wahala – Complaints about “anarchy” and “hijacking” of the leadership in the Apapa Zone. Including an “unlawful violent event” (Which of course is different to the ‘lawful violent events’ like when the NBM are sponsored as thugs or killers by politicians). Also allegations that elders within the zone forged educational documents contrary to the NBM constitution in order to gain Lord status.

Belgium Zone Wahala – Complaint and recommendation for the de-axeation of ‘David Aghahowa Omorodion’ after a “little misunderstanding” led the aforementioned Lord to stab another member in the neck leaving him in hospital in a coma. Stabbing a fellow member in the neck been purely ‘bad behavior’ additional reasons for his removal from the NBM are included: Stealing the Canada Zone’s Chief Priest’s hand chain and passing on NBM information to a jew (non-member)

Benin Zone Wahala – Complaints regarding the “misappropriation of funds” and embezzlement of money given to the Benin Zone leadership in order to secure government positions for various politicians. Complaints also on how the promised “job slots” within Edo State Government were not fairly distributed. This money and these jobs awarded for the NBM Benin Zone’s help perpetrating political violence, political killings and generally helping to rig the elections. This is not the issue of the complaints of course…. it’s the embezzlement of the corrupt payments and hijacking of the government jobs that is the real issue to the NBM.

Canada Zone Wahala – Details of an NBM pedophile ‘Nestor Omoruyi Amayo’ in the Canada Zone raping a 13 year old girl (over the period of a year… therefore since she was 12 years old). The NBM conducted their own investigation which included “Lord Kwesi Wiredo interviewing the little girl”. Also the NBM conducted an image laundering exercise to “protect Nestor’s name, by so doing, our (Neo Black Movement) name too”. Mr Nestor fled to Nigeria and is currently wanted by Canadian Police on rape charges.

France Zone Wahala – Lord Yakata Samora pleading to be found innocent on the charge of embezzling Zonal funds… and blaming others.

Greece Zone Wahala – Details of Greece Zone embezzlement, insubordination, disobedient acts, chaos and panic that has led to the Greece Zone becoming “dis-functional”

Germany Zone Wahala – Accusations and complaints that the Germany Zonal Head is using “Zonal money” for his own personal use (naughty), spending otherwise too without any approval from the Council of Elders. Also accusations and complaints that the Germany Zone Chief Priest is doing exactly the same. Also accusations and complaints that the member holding the role of ‘Ihaza’ could be doing the same… but nobody in the Zone knows who holds that position.

Further accusations that the Germany Zone Chairman is “incompetent” and furthermore that him and Zonal Head conducted an illegal blending of a ju from Luxembourg without complying to the correct procedure (informing the NCEO for ‘authorisation’ and then passed to the National Head for ‘execution’)

Complaints too about 450 Euros lost when the Berlin Carnival of Culture kicked them out for been a “criminal group”. I wonder you wrote to them and told them that…..?!?!? 😀 😀 😀 😀

Accusations too that the Chief Priest, aside from stealing Zonal money, is not actually an axe-man.

Many other accusations and complaints too. Huge wahala in the Germany Zone.

Ike Bobby Onwubuya Wahala – Ike Bobby Onwubuya complaining about how it “looks” that Spain Zone NBM property was raieded by police and quite a huge and sizable haul of stolen goods and drugs discovered. Ike Bobby Onwubuya I would imagine worried how this might look to see his employers who at the time was a big high street UK bank. Also Ike Bobby Onwubuya voices his displeasure over a failed terror bombing and how the NBM will come under greater scrutiny as a result.

Ireland Zone Wahala – Accusations that Lord Laurent Cabilla ( Ju name Suba Emmanuel) took it upon himself to, against the constitution install himself as ‘acting head of the Zone’ following huge disorder and fighting in the Zone. Upon the troubles been rectified the Zone held their first IT (Itohan) which was then followed by a party to celebrate Lord Katanga newborn baby girl. This culminating in some “some public order offenses ( i.e shouting, screaming, fighting disturbing the entire neighborhood)”. NBM member Abella verbally insulted the chairman resulting in a charge of ‘Gross Misconduct’. Other trouble, tension and chaos also documented including an attempted ‘mutiny’ to oust the Zonal Head.

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Complaints by the Italy Zone of the Head embezzling Zonal funds, been monitored by the Italian Security Services, his phone been tapped by the security services, attacking someone with an axe, beating up a lady too…. but most worrying to them his house raided by the police (this causing huge concern due to two computers been seized which held “NBM datas”)

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Details of a robbery within the zone. Also details of a party including children and women (some of whom were pregnant) in which 200 NBM members were in attendance. In addition to slapping the attendees the voilence was escalated to the use of bottles and tear gas. Details of the de-axeation of a Lord for “attracting the attention of the Police”

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 3 – Details of the murder of an NBM member in Italy following a gambling argument over money. Members of the Zone instructed: “resist any form of violence that will escalate the already existing problem”

But it’d be ok to use violence to end the problem? or use violence is situations where the violence would not lead to an escalation?

Japan Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Details of an NBM member (Lord Dan Walter) who paid money to an “agent” to be smuggled into Japan. Things didn’t go as planned and the member ended up in South Korea. He was then helped financially by another Japan Zone member to get back from South Korea to Nigeria and then into Japan as originally planned. An agreement to pay back the money was made but Lord Dan Walter stopped making payments causing unrest in the Zone. Arguments and fights ensued. Disrespectful comments to NBM Elders been the final straw and a committee was formed to investigate the matters.

Japan Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Details of a Japan Zone member Lucky Aghaku (Lord Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu) suspended for dancing inappropriately with the Zonal Head’s wife. Also whilst an attempted punishment was been carried out by the Zonal Butcher “he gave the butcher (lord kinta kunte) a head butt in the eye that caused him severe injury in the eye”

On another occasion at a Japan Zone ‘jolly’ Lucky Aghaku also began dancing “inappropriately” and took control of the Zonal microphone much to the disgust of the Japan Zone Chairman. After repeated warning and his bad behavior not stopping the Japan Zonal Head ordered the Butchers to take him outside for his 5 minute punishment. Lucky Aghaku was unwilling to take his punishment and for a second time headbutted the butcher (lord kinta kunte), elbowed Lord Barack Obama and started destroying the venue. Additionally injuring Thomas Sankara, the Zonal Head and spitting in the face of the Zonal Eye. Insults made about the Zonal Head and his family resulted in an “emergency coe meeting” to be called and a proposal made to de-axe Lucky Aghaku.

Netherlands Zone Wahala – Details of a Police raid in Holland on the NBM hang-out ‘Grand Café’ where 111 Nigerians were arrested. The document details concerns over the security of NBM members acknowledging the “obvious fact in the whole situation is that most members of the Nigerian community as well as Axe Men are not systemized as per Residence Permit, Visa or otherwise. Further arrests of an unknown number at “an Afro Shop in The Hague where mostly Nigerians hangout”. This led to all NBM meetings been suspended in the Netherland Zone for security reasons.

Rose View Court Hotel Wahala – Evidence of the NBM holding meetings at Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’s hotel (Rose View Court Hotel) and how this contravene’s the law and makes the hotel subject to seizure and Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo himself liable for arrest.

Spain Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Spanish Zonal investigations uncovering embezzlement of Zonal funds by NBM member Leo Giebaen (Lord santos kabaka) and a plot to kill the Spain Zone’s Council of Elders.

Spain Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Accusations about Spain Zone NBM member Uwaifo Okonobo (Lord Aye Bulala) for stealing money from a fellow NBM member and insulting the Zonal Head which resulted in his de-axeation. He was traced to a house but fired shots at the people trying to regain the stolen money. He then fled to Sevilla.

Another dispute is described where a Spain Zone member (“Odion”) living and working in Spain illegally had been using the ID papers and bank account of another NBM member (“Uwaifo”) in the Zone (“he give his documents as help to a lord to secure a job). Uwaifo did for a little time pass on Odion’s earnings but then stopped and kept the money for himself.

Uwaifo is reported to have done the same to Spain Zonal Head when the Zonal Head first came to Spain….. running off with 9,800 Euros of which only 2,000 Euros was recovered after he was hunted down in hiding in Sevilla

Part 2 will be coming soon…….

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Netherlands Zone Wahala

Illegal Axemen in the NL Zone under pressure:


Aye My Lords,

I greet you all in seven languages!

As you all may or may not be aware, the security situation as it concerns immigrants in the Netherlands is not very clear at the moment. A reference point is the raid by the immigration police on Grand Café and an Afro Shop in The Hague where mostly Nigerians hangout.

In both cases Nigerians were the specific targets under the excuse of searching for internet frauders. The raid on Grand Café led to the arrest of one hundred and eleven persons and the raid in The Hague led to the arrest of an unspecified number of persons. In recent times it seems that new practice of the police force in the Netherlands is to target where large numbers of Nigerians converge.

An obvious fact in the whole situation is that most members of the Nigerian community as well as Axe Men are not systemized as per Residence Permit, Visa or otherwise. This is raising the fear among a large number of persons in our community for being at public and known reoccurring specific social gatherings.

In view of the above and haven reviewed the security threat the above may pose for our members, I Lord Kulisamama in consultation with the Chief Priest, the Eye and the rest of the Exco members with the powers conferred on us to deal with issues bordering on Administration, Emergencies, Publicities, Security, etc for the good governance of the Zone hereby postpone our monthly I.T. slated for 7 July for one month.

Going ahead in holding the monthly I.T. under the present unclear situation will be a failure on the part of the Exco in the oath we took to serve the best interest of our members at all times. We will continue to review the situation and if the circumstances allow we can always hold a make  up I.T. somewhere in July.

To replace not holding the I.T. we are proposing that all members of NBM Netherland Zone attend their various places of worship (Church service) the next day as a form of thanksgiving to God.

Korofo on guard!

Humbly yours,

Lord Kulisamama ( Limpopo 1986)

Head, NBM Netherland Zone


When when you consider that Lord Muta-Karibo1(Akugbe Dennis), Lord Amilcar Cabral (Ndbubuisi Dunkwu), Lord Amilcar Cabral (Frank Asemota), Lord Oba-Eweka (Uku-akpolokpolo), Lord Martin Luther King (Ogbeifun Chelsea Osafanmen), Lord Marcus Garvey (Charles), Lord Isaac Adakaboru (Festus Murphy, ERHUNMWUNSE-OSIFO), Lord Ginuwa (Timothy Ajehi), Lord Ibutacumasic (Ejiro Udih), Lord Samora Mitchel (Eseoghene Ushurhe), Lord Idris Alooma (FESTUS), Lord Fela Anikulakpo Kuti, Lord Fayinka (Victor Nwabuebo), Lord Kamuzu Banda, Lord Kasavubu (Anselm Ikhimopka), Lord Opoku Ware 1 (John Ayide), Lord Kulisamama, Lord Amilcar Cabral (Ndubuisi Dunkwu), Lord Mangosuthu Buthelezi (Owens Agbongiator), Lord JaJa-Jawara (Mondris Awoko), Lord Yakata Muhammed, Lord Thamo Mbeki (Monday), Lord Komo Karumeh, (Ernest Omunizua), Lord Shaka de Zulu, (Solomon Monye), Lord Malla Millar, (Sunny Saliu), Lord Unthanbo Ubake, (Surag Yamah), Lord Cyril Ramaphosa (Theo) ,Lord Peter Abraham, Lord Shaka De Zulu (Charles Osas Egbon), Lord Thambo Mbeki (Damain M. Ikhenoba), Lord Soso Soweto (John Saliue) Oyegun, Eseoghene Ushurhe, Elamah Chris, Monday Edomwonyi Osaigbovo, Agiobasimi Collins Ilamai and Bobby comprise the world’s biggest criminal NBM Zone conducting fraud of all kinds and cocaine trafficking…. this is a great tactic by the police! 

Plus the Grand Cafe is of great NBM significance…..


A fresh report of fighting between Lord Zulu Laziz (Ju
Name Hammer) and Ju Name Val Okhia was brought before
the Council. The Chair commented that base on the last
warning to Ju Name Hammer as read in the just adopted
last COE minutes his issue has to be treated with
seriousness and fairly. After full deliberation by the
council it was agreed that both of them are expel from
grand café for 6 month, they are hereby suspended from
the movement indefinitely and any fight from either of
them will attract De-axezasion.



Misconduct by Zuru Laziz: Lord Kasavubu informed the Council how Zuru Laziz assaulted the National Crier during his visit and Chaka de Zulu also informed the Council how he molested Lord Sundiata 2. After lots of variously variously the Council resolved that in view of Zuru Laziz contravening conditions of his definite suspension and different sections of our Zonal by-laws, he is hereby placed on indefinite suspension from NBM, by the ZCOE. It was also agreed that in light of this decision that henceforth any Axe Man that has a conflict with Zuru Laziz is always right no matter what happens.
Since we still did not have a venue in Amsterdam, Richie fixed the November I.T. in Marcus house in Sittard;
During this November I.T. the Head informed the house that he did an investigation while in Nigeria on the membership of Ogidon and Joshua; The results of his investigation were 1) Joshua was not a bona fide Axe Man since his Ini was unclear, 2) Ogidon was not a bona fide Axe Man since his credentials were unclear, he did not attend Ikpitan as claimed and was not qualified to be blended into the Movement;
After statements by Richie to the house, Iro Kabila (Jermaine) also claimed that the Head that blended Festus already handed over or was not the Head as at time he did that blending. They (Joshua did not attend) were then asked to excuse the house till further investigation is concluded via the National Body;
At the December I.T. which the COE Chairman did not attend at a restaurant in ????, the accused men came to the I.T. The Head ordered them to leave, but Mikado opposed their leaving saying the charges against them were still mere accusations and they should be allowed to state their side of the story before being asked to leave. The move to forcefully eject them from the I.T. venue and the counter move to keep them at the I.T. led to rowdiness and some pushing and shoving. This eventually led to us abandoning the restaurant as I.T. venue since cops were already arriving downstairs;
Fewer Men later re-assembled at another restaurant in the binnenstraat of ???? in Kraainest. While there we heard that Cooper and Owens (Didikpo) were held by Koti in relation to the rowdiness that happened earlier. Luckily they were released the same day. At this second venue things seemed okay, but eventually there was a fracas with major role reserved for Frank (James Hornu) against Rufus and Jermaine and to an extent Frank (James Hornu), Richie, Mikado and Ogba amongst others.
Following this fracas a COE meeting was convened to discuss the matter on request of Elders. The Chairman agreed to a COE meeting in Rotterdam, but stated he would not be attending. The Head did not attend the meeting as well. The Elders who attended sent out an email after the meeting suspending Frank and Mikado from the Movement. They also removed Richie as Head and nominated CY to replace him