A Pink massage table, a bottle with a tube on it and the 42nd National Convention!

As part of its 42nd National Propaganda Initiative NBM donate suspect items (pink massage table and a bottle with a tube on it) worth very little to a Health Centre in Delta State.

And running concurrently it’s also the 42nd National Convention.. Which means it’s time for a new supreme leader.

Another term for ‘Felix Kupa’ or is it finally King Emperor Melvin Udo-Richmond Esq’s turn?? Will there be any rousing speeches? any memorable moments? Will Engr Felix Kupa murder someone again this convention? So many questions.

Here’s some scenes from moments ago inside the convention that might help us piece together what’s going to happen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0Ggngykj0w

As part of its 42nd National Convention, NBM donates items worth hundreds of thousands to Health Centre in Delta State.The members of NBM group, Manchester Chapter led by the president Sir Paul Ogbeni (KSC), visited the Primary Health Care Centre in Asaba to donate various items to help the centre deliver value to patients. The group was welcomed by the executive secretary of Oshimilli South LGA, Dr. Charles Eboka who represented the local government chairman. Others present were the chief matron of the centre, Mrs. Bridget Okenyi & Dr. Michael Nwoko (SSA to Gov of Delta state on healthcare matters). The recipients were filled with joy as they received the items on behalf of the Centre. Items include: Delivery beds, suction machines and Covid-19 relief materials.

The local Govt chairman representative was very delighted, he stated that “these items donated today, is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use in the best interest of our people”. Dr. Nwoko stressed that the donation today by NBM of Africa is in alignment with the state Governor’s agenda on health matters, adding that the centre is the busiest in the state in terms of the number of patients been seen.

The matron thanked the group for showing exemplary leadership and service to humanity, she promised that they will continue to join hands with NBM in ensuring that the welfare needs of Nigerians especially the masses amongst us are met.

The President of the group highlighted the aims and objectives of the association, stating that “we are donating this items to the centre because we believe that health issues as it pertains to child delivery are very paramount to our societal development. We are hoping that this items should be put in good use by the management and patients, stating that continuous effort will be made to curb child mortality in our nation”. The president called on other groups and well meaning Nigerians to join in promoting community development issues that will help develop Nigerians and Nigeria in general. The President also advocated for youths to engage in value added activities, both in education and apprenticeship. He condemned violence and other vices that will not help towards nation building.

Cultists butcher rival, post beheading video on WhatsApp

Date: 31/3/21

Source: https://www.sunnewsonline.com/cultists-butcher-rival-post-beheading-video-on-whatsapp/

The police have arrested a suspected member of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity for the murder a rival cult member and recording his beheading.

After killing his victim, Ugochukwu Igwilo, the suspect, Nzubechukwu Victor Okonkwo, reportedly posted the video of his apparent beheading on WhatsApp, a private messaging social media app.

Okonkwo was arrested by the Inspector-General’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT) in Abia State.

The suspect, who was arrested alongside Prince Kalu, an alleged member of the confraternity, was apprehended after operatives of the IRT, headed by Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, raided a seven-man gang of armed robbers who robbed and killed some POS agents in Aba Town.

Sources disclosed that the armed robbers were all members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity and that during interrogations they confessed that a member of their confraternity, Okonkwo, was the person who killed and beheaded the person who was seen in the viral video.

It was further gathered that after the victim was beheaded, Okonkwo and three of his gang members also cut of the victim’s legs, arms and his private part and took it to a native doctor at a village in Ahia Afor, where it was used to make charms that they claimed would give them protection from the police and rival cult gangs.

Narrating why he killed and beheaded Igwilo, Okonkwo, who claimed to be a student of Nigeria Maritime Academy Oron , Cross Rivers State, said:

‘I am from Idiator North, Local Government Area of Imo State, and I joined the Vikings Confraternity in 2013 and I live in Aba with my parent. Mr Virus took me to join the Vikings Confraternity. I was the former head of the confraternity in Aba in 2015. I ruled for six months before I was removed and we had three guns during my time. I was arrested because I killed Ugochukwu Igwilo, who is a member of Black Axe Confraternity. We had a cult war in Aba in 2020 and Ugochukwu killed one of our members, Lampard, and the message was reported in our WhatsApp group chat.

‘Ugochukwu attacked Lampard at his compound in Umuchichi around Osisioma area of Aba and butchered him, and before then Ugochukwu had also attempted to kill me but I escaped. Ugochukwu was also the former head of the Black Axe group in Aba. So, on March 6, 2021, Ugochukwu came to where we were playing football with one Segior and a member of our group known as “More-Light” was with a gun with him at that time. Then we ordered Ugochukwu to follow us into the bush with the gun and he obeyed. But while we were moving into the bush, he attempted to escape and Otiko, a member of our group, went after him and broke his head with a big stick. Then I shot him with the locally-made gun and he died on the spot. Then we dragged his dead body to our Island which is not far from the bush and I cut off his head and I videotaped it. I then sent video to our WhatsZpp group chat, from where it went viral. I also presented the head to our members who were not on ground when we killed the victim. Two other members of our group, Spiritual and Otiko, then went to the corpse and removed more body parts that they took to a native doctor at Ogbor Hill in Village Ahia Afor. The herbalist grinded the head then asked us to pound the bones. When our present members were pounding the head, the herbalist was making incantations, saying the charm was to prevent the police from arresting us. But the charmed failed us. The video I shared went viral and when More-Light was arrested over the POS robbery, he also confessed that he was part of the group that killed a beheaded Ugochukwu. Prince was just a witness to the crime. I was planning to become an engineer but now that dream has been cut short. My biggest regret is that someone else will be sleeping with my girlfriend.’

Photo of Alleged Cultist, Ugochukwu Igwilo aka Tata Who Was Caught And Beheaded by a Rival In Abia

Date: 22/3/21

Source: https://www.tori.ng/news/165970/photo-of-alleged-cultist-ugochukwu-igwilo-aka-tata.html

Ugochukwu Igwilo (left) was beheaded by Nzubechukwu (Right)

The photo of a suspected culitist beheaded by a rival gang member has surfaced online. 

Recall that last Friday, March, we posted a chilling video of a self-confessed member of Supreme Vikings Confraternity, 27-year old, Nzubechukwu Victor giving a detailed account of how he and other members of his group murdered and beheaded one Ugochukwu Igwilo aka Tata, an alleged member of rival group, Neo – Black Movement (Black Axe Confraternity), on March 6.   

The photo above shows Tata who was gruesomely murdered by the cultists.

Nzubechukwu and his members filmed. The group of cultists beheaded Tata before they harvested his legs, hands and private part and took it to a native doctor where it was pounded and used to make some charms. 

Nzubechukwu was a final year student of the Maritime Academy, Oron in Akwa Ibom state before he was arrest by the Intelligence Response Team of the Nigerian Police. 

Meanwhile, another member of the cult group, Prince Kalu, has since been arrested. While others harvested the body parts of late Tata, Prince served as the gatekeeper at the river bank where they later dumped his remains after tying it to a block. See his photo below:

Police arrest two cultists for murder in Abia

Date: 20/3/21

Source: https://thenationonlineng.net/police-arrest-two-cultists-for-murder-in-abia/

The Inspector-General of Police Response Team (IRT) led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari at the weekend arrested two members of a secret cult group operating in Aba for alleged murder of a rival cult member.

The two suspects; Victor Nzubechukwu Okonkwo (aka Tiny), an indigene of Umukaegwu, Akokwa in Ideato Local Government Area of Imo State and Prince Kalu, an indigene of Ugwunaezima, Ugwuakuma in Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State were arrested at various locations in Aba, the commercial nerve city of the state through intelligence gathering by the IRT Squad.

Okonkwo, a student of Maritime Academy, Oron, Akwa Ibom State and Kalu a trailer conductor who are members of the Supreme Vikings Confraternity were arrested in connection with the killing of one Ugochukwu Igwilo (aka Tata) who is said to be a member of a rival cult; Black Axe Confraternity.

It was gathered that the duo were trailed and arrested by the IRT squad after one of their gang members who was earlier arrested, linked them to the death of the deceased.

The duo were said to have used another member of the gang to lure the deceased to the Ogbor axis of the commercial town where they shot him in the chest.

According to the source, after killing their victim, they went ahead to cut off his head, his hands and legs including the genital (Penis) before throwing the remains into the Waterside River.


Date: 14/3/21

Source: https://www.qcodemag.it/podcast/sentiti-libera-mafie-nigeriane-origini-e-sviluppi-dei-cult-in-italia/

Three podcast episodes on the cults born in Nigeria during the student movements in the country’s universities and today become transnational criminal organizations

Born as brotherhoods during the anti-colonial student movements in the universities of Nigeria, they have evolved to become transnational criminal organizations: they are the Nigerian mafias . Today they are known as real mafia associations , rooted all over the world and also in Italy, where there are several cults – starting with the Black Ax, the Eiye, the Maphite and the Vikings – each with its own rituals and characteristics.

A topic explored by Lorenzo Pirozzi in the podcast of Sentiti Libera , which in three episodes analyzes the Nigerian mafias, recounting their origins, organization, economic interests and ties with the Italian mafias. 

The first episode, with a focus on the Italian investigative operations that led to the discovery of criminal groups of Nigerian ethnic origin, with the voices of Mario Portanova , journalist of the Fatto Quotidiano, and Sergio Nazzaro , writer and expert in organized crime and foreign mafias: 


The violence, the clashes between gangs and the initiation rites have made the Nigerian mafias recognizable and feared in all areas of the world where they have settled. However, the appearance that criminal groups assume today are not innate, but are the result of an articulated historical process that has led the student brotherhoods to transform themselves into real criminal associations. Extremely structured mafias internally, with well-defined hierarchies and roles assigned within each group, which allow widespread control of criminal activities.

The second episode of Lorenzo Pirozzi ‘s podcast on Nigerian mafias, with the voices of journalists Mario Portanova and Neila Zaizer .


“ The greatest favor you can do to any mafia, of any ethnicity, is silence. We need to talk about the mafias and above all about the little known ones ”.

The Nigerian mafias operate with the approval of the Italian mafias : a coexistence relationship that arises from the division of illegal business between groups. Thus, particularly in some regions, Nigerian cults have taken on a prominence in criminal activities and have also been recognized at the judicial level as mafia associations.

The latest episode of the podcast series on Nigerian mafias, a podcast by Lorenzo Pirozzi with the voices of Mario Portanova and Sergio Nazzaro .


Davido’s Obsession With The Black Axe Confraternity

Date: 13/3/21

Source: https://federalcharacter.com/davidos-obsession-with-the-black-axe-confraternity/

For all undergraduates of Nigerian higher institutions, the story of the overcharged and excited new recruit of a school cult is very common place, but to find a graduate with a confirmed taste of life outside the university, to be visibly excited about joining a confraternity is news.  It is even more news when the individual is arguably the biggest musician in a country of almost over 200 million people. 

So you understand why Federal Character thinks it is worthy of note to report what it has found out about Davido and the Neo Black Movement Of Africa, AKA Black Axe. 

We began to follow this story when David Adeleke AKA Davido who graduated from Babcock University 6 years ago began to lobby influential members of the Black Axe confraternity in Atlanta, Georgia his home city for a spot in the brotherhood.  His quest understandably met a welcome reception a little over a year ago, but this reception and his celebrity status did not spare him of the traditional physically challenging initiation which took place in Lagos Nigeria. Unconfirmed reports has it that this took place in the Lekki/Ajah initiation group of the confraternity.  

While Davido is not the first or only celebrity to be a Black Axe member, in fact the confraternity may have the highest number of celebrity members in keen competition with the Buccaneers and Pirate confraternity. 

However, no celebrity has been more conscious about ensuring that their membership goes public as Davido has. As though his effort to publicize his membership was not enough in the several Instagram displays and the constant engagement in altercations at public places with his crew. He went on to make secret Black Axe conversation lingo part of his monster hit songs. Outstanding among this was the song FEM. Upon investigation, Federal Character uncovered that the term FEM is a Black Axe old terminology for “keeping your mouth shut.” While many mistook it for FIM, which is a pidgin english term used in a sentence to mean the same. 

While millions innocently enjoy Davido’s FEM song, thousands of Black Axe members vibed to the words of their familiar frat slogans. If you have paid attention to Davido very well recently,  you would have heard him threaten that anyone who oversteps around him… (Go collect)… Collect in this context means you will get slapped in the face.  Indicating that he has no qualms with applying physical violence in response to any form of perceived disrespect. Something the fraternity is notoriously reputed for. 

While it is clear that our encountering the Black Axe man in Davido is far from over, we cannot tell how long before this youthful exuberance would result in a confrontation with the law or even maybe a scuffle with the confraternity over his trivializing their age long secret slogans.  Thanks to Davido, Black Axe members can’t use the word FEM as a code anymore. 

The paradox of this is that the same Davido who is visibly not carried away by having so much money as a result of his early exposure to immense wealth as a child, is childishly excited about the gangster street life as an adult because he has been shielded from the street all his life. 

So when next you come across your favourite pop star Davido and wish to make his day, simply holla at him… AYEEE!!!! And watch him smile proudly back at you. 

Harvest of Arrests: Katsina Police Bursts Notorious Criminals

Date: 14/3/21

Source: https://prnigeria.com/2021/03/14/katsina-police-arrests-criminals/

Harvest of Arrests: Katsina Police Bursts Notorious Criminals

On 6/03/2021 at about 2230hrs, base on a tip off, the command succeeded in arresting the duo of SA’ID HARUNA ‘m’ 21years and USMAN JIBRIN ‘M’ 21years both of SABON TITIN KWADO in possession of five (5) bundles of $100 American dollar notes suspected to be counterfeit. In the course of investigation, the suspects confessed to the commission of the offense and stated that they got the fake dollar currency in Kano state which led to the arrest of the following suspects (1) IDRIS ABUBAKAR ‘m’ 48years (2) YUNUSA MUHAMMED ‘m’ 44years (3) SABI’U ABDULLAHI ‘m’ (4) MUHAMMED ABDULLAHI ‘m’ 35years all of Kano State.

Furthermore, the following exhibits were recovered in their possession during Police search. 21 bundles, 20 pieces of 1000 Naira denomination 14 bundles of 500 Naira denomination 21 bundles of 100 US Dollars denomination 135 pieces of 10,000 Francs CFA denomination 239 pieces of 5,000 Francs CFA denomination 344 pieces of 2,000 Francs CFA denomination Investigation is ongoing.

ARREST OF A NOTORIOUS SHOP BREAKER AND THIEF AND RECOVERY OF STOLEN ITEMS:- On the 11/3/2021 at about 0300hrs base on a tip off the command the command succeeded in arresting one SANI KABIR alias ‘m’ of TASHAR FULANI VILLAGE a notorious criminal that specializes in shop breaking and theft . He was arrested at MALUMFASHI town alongside one ABDULLAHI KABIR ‘m’ with a GOLF III Station wagon with registration number FTA 281 XB loaded with the following stolen items:- 15 bags of maize 16 brand new bundles of shadda 32 women wrappers (ATAMFA) 4. 13 brand new motorcycle tyres In the course of investigation the suspect confessed to have stolen this items from GIWA LGA of Kaduna state and YALO VILLAGE of KAUGAMA LGA of JIGAWA state respectively. Other exhibits recovered includes:- (1) Criminal charm (2) Iron (3) Police Tag (4) Civil defense woven cap. Investigation is ongoing.

ARREST OF A NOTORIOUS MEMBER OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING SYNDICATE AND RESCUE OF VICTIMS:- On 2/03/2021 at about 2300hrs, based on credible information, the Command succeeded in arresting one ALH. KABIR UBALE ‘m’ aged 40yrs of BABBAN MUTUM VILLAGE Baure L.G.A of Katsina state suspected to be a human trafficking agent. In the course of and rescuing of following victims. SAFIYA ADELEKO ‘F’, 21yrs, of Itsesi, Isale Ake, Ogun state VEVIAN ILLOYO, ‘F’, aged 30yrs of Ugbighoko, Benin, Edo state OGUMMA ALIAM, ‘F’, aged 19yrs of Ungnadolo, Benin, Edo state GLORY JACOB, ‘F’, aged 35yrs of Atoyi Street, Edo state JOY ANTHONY, ‘F’, aged 21yrs of Sepele LGA, Delta state AMINAT DA’UD ‘F’, aged 25yrs of Badagry, Lagos State HALIMAT ADENEYE, ‘F’, aged 26yrs of Abeakuta, Ogun state AISHA OLUDEU ‘F’, aged 21yrs of Tafenwa, Abeakuta, Ogun state LUCKY I. GIMA ‘M’, aged 37yrs of Agbor, Delta state GODNESS UMBA ‘M’, aged 34yrs of Abia state IKEL ISAAC, M, aged 24yrs of Uli LGA of Anambra state In the course of investigation, suspect confessed to be a member of human trafficking syndicate and he kept the victims in his house for trafficking to Libya and onward transportation to Europe. Victims will be handed over to NAPTIP office in Kano. Investigation is ongoing.

BUSTING OF NOTORIOUS CULT MEMBERS AT FEDERAL UNIVERSITY DUTSIN MA:- On the 4/03/2021 at about 0600hrs, the command busted members of 2 notorious cult groups terrorizing Federal university Dutsin ma. The 2 cult groups known as BLACK AXE and AYE CULT engaged themselves in an open confrontation leading to fight over girlfriend. The school had already conducted investigation and expelled the following students:-

AGBA GABRIEL, m, aged 23yrs, FUDMA student, Sociology, from Benue state – Black Axe confroternity

MUSA HALIDU, m, aged 25yrs, FUDMA student, Sociology, Nasarawa state – Vikings confroternity

SANI ABDULWAHID, m, aged 22yrs, Non student, from Kwara state – Eiye confraternity

ENOJO PETER, m, aged 31yrs, FUDMA student, P.G. program, from Makurdi, Benue state – Black Axe

ABDULLAHI ADO ISAH, aged 31 yrs non student, from Kadangaru Quarters, Dutsinma – Black Axe

Investigation is ongoing.

RAPE:- On the 5/03/2021, at about 1800hours, one ADAMU SANI ‘m’ of YAMMAWA QUARTERS reported at the Central Police Station Katsina against one USMAN ABDUL ‘m’ aged 24yrs of SABUWAR UNGUWA QUARTERS Katsina that on several occasion the suspect (USMAN ABDUL) lured his daughter aged 15yrs who is living with the suspect mother to different locations within Katsina metropolis where he use to have sexual intercourse with the victim as a result of which she conceive 3 months pregnant. Investigation ongoing.

RAPE:-On the 3/03/2021 at about 1400hours one ASMA’U GARBA reported against one AMINU ABUBAKAR ‘m’ of KOFAR SAURI QUARTERS that he lured her daughter one HAJARA and have unlawful canal knowledge of the victim. Investigation ongoing.

RAPE:-On the 8/03/2021 at about 2100hours one MAMMAN MUSA reported at DANJA POLICE STATION against one DANLADI HABIBU ‘m’ aged 70years of HAYIN ASIBITI QUARTERS that on the same date at about 1600hrs the suspect lured his daughter aged 11years into an uncompleted building and have unlawful canal knowledge of the victim. Investigation ongoing.

RAPE:-On the 7/03/2021 at about 1400hours one ABDULLAHI IDRIS of KAFI VILLAGE KANKARA reported at KANKARA POLICE STATION against one ABUBAKAR SHEHU ‘m’ aged 28years of BAKIN DAM QUARTERS MALUMFASHI that on the same date at about 1600hrs the suspect lured his daughter aged 13years old of the same address into SCIENCE SECONDARY SCHOOL and have unlawful canal knowledge of the victim. Investigation ongoing.

RAPE:-On the 8/03/2021 at about 1700hours one HABIBU ABDULLAHI of BAKORI LGA reported at BAKORI POLICE STATION against one ADAMU USAINI ‘m’ aged 19years of the same address that the suspect lured his daughter aged 3years old of the same address into a room and have unlawful canal knowledge of the victim. Investigation ongoing.

ARREST OF SOCIAL MISCRANT OTHERWISE KNOWN AS KAURAYE AND RECOVERY OF DANGEROUS DRUGS AND OTHER NOXIOUS SUBSTANCES:- On the 5th and 6th of March, 2021, the command succeeded in arresting the duo of one MOHAMMADU HARUNA alias “DANJINO” ‘m’ aged 22years of BAKIN KASUWA QUARTERS Katsina and one SANI HAMISU alias “SANI KURU” ‘m’ aged 20years of GAMBARAWA QUARTERS Katsina in possession of 78 bottles of spirit and 13 rolls of rubber solutions. The duo are notorious dealers in noxious substances. Investigation ongoing. SP GAMBO ISAH, POLICE PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER, FOR COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, KATSINA STATE COMMAND.

Gunmen Attack Dismissed Police Officer In Benin

Date: 5/3/21

Source: https://nigerianobservernews.com/2021/03/gunmen-attack-dismissed-police-officer-in-benin/

BENIN CITY – A dismissed Police Officer, CPL Efosa Igiebor was reportedly attacked on March 3, 2021 by some armed men suspected to be members of the most dreaded Aye confraternity popularly known as Black Axe known for its notoriety in the society.

Narrating his exprience to news crew while responding to treatment in a hospital, the victim, CPL Igiebor disclosed that the cult group were actually after his life to avenge the death of the leader of their group who was killed by operatives of the Police Force led by CPL Orhue Endurance.

He narrated further that since the incident which occurred in 2014 during a protest, four officers of the special force that killed the cult leader have been executed by the group who operate from the underworld, lamenting that other members of the Special Force unit are still on the run for their dear lives.

Lamenting the death of the four officers killed by the die hard group whom he said included, CPL Isaac Iboi, PC Samuel Adenuga, PC Illiyasu Musa and CPL Celestine Ogboi, Igiebor expressed fear over his life as the group operate facelessly, especial at the level of in security in the country.

The NIGERIAN OBSERVER contacted, the Edo State Police Command Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Chidi Nwabuzor confirmed the incident, saying the attackers were members of the most wanted cult group, adding that investigation into the matter was ongoing.

See The Black Axe Cult Group That Killed 10 People In Lagos State

Date: 3/3/21

Source: See The Black Axe Cult Group That Killed 10 People In Lagos State

These two Cult groups don’t always agree among themselves so they fight on a daily basis which results in the killing of many innocent people in the community.

The black axe and Vikings confraternity cult groups were said to have started fighting on Sunday last week which moved over till Monday yesterday.

As a result of these, two suspected cultists were arrested at Ebute- Meta area of Lagos state with dangerous weapons which were used freely to fight and kill their rivals.

According to reports, 10 people were allegedly killed during the fight while about 7 people were injured.

Reports had it that some policemen have been sent to the scene to restore normalcy and prevent further breakdown of law and order.

Meanwhile, the state Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), CSP Muyiwa Adejobi, said while speaking to newsmen on Wednesday that the police had brought back peace and order to the people of Ebute- Metta area, some suspected cultists killed their fellow Cult members, and some innocent people were killed in the process, the two Cult group exchange so many bullets before the police came to rrestore peace.

Confirming the arrest at the state police headquarters the commissioner of police Lagos state said that this Cult Clash started at about 4pm in the evening, some notorious Cult members came in from different part of the state and clashed at ikorodu.

According to the commissioner, so many innocent people were killed during the process, while some were in the hospital receiving treatment.

The Commissioner added that some of the cult members were arrested and investigations are still ongoing, they will soon be charged to court. The families of the innocent people killed have cried out bitterly for justice saying that the police must fetch out all the cultists involved in the crime.

Let’s say no to cultism!

Court Remands 13 Cultists in Kirikiri Over Alleged Robbery

Date: 2/3/21

Source: https://lanrenews.com/court-remands-13-cultists-in-kirikiri-over-alleged-robbery/

An Ikeja Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Tuesday ordered the remand of 13 men charged with breaking in and robbery.

The defendants are: Lekan Shobande, 20; Wasiu Babatunde, 35; Lukmon Jinadu, 38; Femi Omotayo, 31; Azeez Taiwo, 23; Sulaimon Sauban, 30; Sunday Soaga, 25; Adewale Adebayo, 30.

Others are: Chidi Omike, 36; Abass Ogundiran, 26; Rotimi Odeleye, 35; Tella Adegboyegba, 26; and Rufai Kehinde, 27.

They were reported to belong to an unlawful society called ‘Black Axe’ confraternity, armed themselves with dangerous weapons and robbed innocent citizens of their valuables.

The Magistrate Mrs A.S Odusanya, who did not take the defendants’ pleas, directed the police to send the case file to the state Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for advice.

Odusanya ordered that the defendants should be kept in the Kirikiri Correctional Centre pending the DPP’s advice.

She adjourned the case until March 18.

The defendants are being tried for conspiracy, belonging to an unlawful society, arming self with dangerous weapons, damage, burglary and robbery.

The prosecutor, Insp. Emmanuel Ajayi, told the court that the defendants and others still at large committed the offences on February 8 at Dalemo, Alakuko, Lagos.

“The defendants entered into a pharmacy belonging to Dom-Sema, damaged window glass and door glass valued at N150, 000 and also stole N150,000.

“They broke into the shop of Mrs Oluwaseyi Akinrotimi, stole a generator, eight packs of Pepsi plastic drinks, recharge cards and perfume all totalling N104, 000.

“The defendants unlawfully entered the office of Mr Adeniyi Jegede, carted away two laptops, one generator and a GOTV decoder, all valued at N195, 000.

“They stole 55 crates of different brands of beer and soft drinks worth N250, 000, property of Mrs Adeola Akala.

“They also attacked and assaulted Mr Kayode Samson and robbed him of his N20, 000 phone,” Ajaye told the court.

He said the defendants damaged the front glass of Mr Dele Olufemi shop and the window glass of Mr Abayomi Rojugbokan’s shop, which would cost N16, 000 and N20, 000 respectively to repair.

He said the police, who received a distress call, stormed the scene and arrested the defendants.

He added that six cutlasses, a butcher knife and an axe were recovered from them.

The prosecutor noted that the offences violate sections 42, 297, 309, 312, 350 and 411 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2015.

Section 297 prescribes 21years’ imprisonment for robbery while section 309 attracts seven years for breaking in.