Germany Zone and Karneval der Kulturen – BANNED

The Germany Zone have received a lifetime ban from the Berlin Carnival of Culture (Karneval der Kulturen)

Their application:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Un-behalf of the Neo-Black Movement Germany e.V, I wish to apply again for participation in the street parade of the carnival. We took part in the parade last year and it was interesting and a day to rememeber.

The main idea is to display our African culture with music and dancing as well as promoting the integration of Blacks in the German system through music and messages.
We will be between 40 and 50 people participating in the street parade.

We will be taking part with a float (BUS) with decorations of postals encouraging the the integration of Blacks in Germany as well as promoting equality and social justice for all.
The float will also be filled with pictures and paintings of African/German families who are uniting together to promote peace, tolerance and brotherly love for one another. Our wives and children will also accompany us during the parade.

Our costumes will comprise of Black and white and a colourful regalia.

We will have live music with African drums and other african instruments as well as CD.

Please, reply to the mail above so that we can start early planning and make that day a memorable one.

Yours faithfully,
Julius Inegbedion.
President “Neo-Black Movement Germany e.V

It is Unfortunate (for them) someone was on hand to lend the organizers a little insight into the fact they would be inviting a mafia group to the parade. A mafia group who’s idea of culture is mostly killing and fraud.

The organizers forwarded the warning email: 

Dear Julius, dear Henry,

we would like to forward you the email that we received, so that you know what we are investigating. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible but please understand that it will take us a while, as we have an immense amount of logistical work to do in the upcoming days and we work under high pressure to get everything ready and running.
Julius, we will not have the possibility to talk to you on Friday. Thanks for your understanding.
Kind regards
Lord Jainka Haile Selassie (Julius Inegbedion) had the brainwave of sending the organizers a picture of this mafia group visiting an orphanage in a desperate image laundering attempt. A mafia group that visits an orphanage has got be ok, right? Then along with the orphanage picture he prays to korofo he “will squeeze life out of the person/s involved.”
Hasn’t happened yet old boy 🙂
Julius Inegbedion:
However I sent them a mail with pictures of our visit to the less privilege home in Essen if it can help change the situation.

I hope this is not an internal sabotage because Olodumare through KOROFO will squeeze life out of the person/s involved.

I hail.

Lord Isisulu Malunga (Cashmiar Audu) had a few more words to say on the issue. Very insightful and acknowledges the scale and types of criminality he is aware of within the NBM mafia
Cashmiar Audu:

Dear Lords,

We are aware that some of our disgruntled members and their allies worldwide are behind this attempt to tarnish the image of NBM that some of us so truly desire to build.

When I read and joined NBM as a student in 1989, there was nothing that indicated that we should kill and maim our fellow humans, there was no where jn the constitution that says we should oppress people, no where it was encouraged that we should sell cocaine, heroin or traffic women as sex slaves. What I repeatedly saw in the constitution and was oriented with was the need for me to fight oppression in all forms, we were encouraged to fight any form of mans vindictive animalistic brutality to man.

Today, the past activities of the too many who have veered off from the norms of NBM and turned themselves into everything NBM is against have brought shame to the house and will continue to bring shame. Let all those who love NBM go through the link sent by the carnival people and see what negative image some cankerworms have brought to the movement. If what has been so described in the press is what NbM has turned into, then some of us would have no business  being part of the movement.

My admonition, rather than fight over petty issues and peanuts, we all have to channel our efforts towards ensuring that all bad eggs are removed from the movement. The national body must show commitment and willingness to clear the movement of all professional 419, yahoo boys, cocaine dealers, sex trade handlers and other forms of criminals. The NBM I joined is against all of this and if NBM today cannot stand to weed this people out, we can be sure that in no time it would become a shame to say you are an axeman.

Any or all whom have one time or the other been convicted by any court of law for any of the aforementioned criminal offences including credit card fraud are not worthy to be called axemen because you have brought shame yo the movement and those still secretly practicing any of these vices are not worthy to be called my brothers because nothing joins us and I advice you all to repent and find responsible ways to live your lives.

A word is enough for the wise! NBM is for the intellectuals!!

Shame on all fraudsters in our midst! May shame follow you all of your life.

Cashmiar Audu MBA
Kuk Konsult
Neubertst****e 25
01307 Dresden
+4917610***092, +493512***850, +2348024***241

So from the horse’s mouth Lord Isisulu Malunga (Cashmiar Audu) admits (not that we didn’t already know)

The NBM consists of: killers, credit card fraudsters, professional 419, yahoo boys, cocaine and heroin dealers and traffickers, sex trade handlers and other forms of criminals!!

and as a result are not welcome at the Karneval der Kulturen ever again 🙂

nbm painting2