NBM – The Greatest Charity in the World.

“The Neo Black Movement of Africa are the greatest charity in the world” – Said nobody ever.

A charity that needs to register under an alternative name in Spain due to been watched by the police.

A charity that following a visit to a child protection charity the owners declare: “Unfortunately none of our team knew who these men were or what they stand for. Our team however felt something was off with this group and one of our team members did a Google search of the group, but this was after they had already left. The information was vague and at that point we really did not quite understand what they do or what their role was. Following your first email, our team contacted the group leader and asked  them remove any pictures and videos they have of their visit from their website and asked that they would not use our name or pictures in any publications. The group took great offence at this querying whether we had ever asked any other group to do this, but our team stood their ground”

A charity who’s members: stab each other in the neck, accept money to rig elections, rape 12 year old girls, have their safe houses raided by police, have their phones tapped by the police, attacking people with axes and beat up women, murder people over gambling debts, human trafficking, lots of it, headbutt each other, cancel meetings due to police raids, plot to kill each other, steal money and shoot guns, ambush other members to attack them, use offensive weapons to attack each other and the public, bite each other ears off, order people’s deaths, when scams go bad, or when drug smuggling does, rape each others wives….

Plus countless other examples of evil behavior and stealing money.

At least we can rest at night knowing this great organization balances it’s evil acts with supreme instances of charitable giving?

Not really.

Facebook is littered with evidence of their charitable giving:

There are literally hundreds of these all with a final tally of £0 raised.

Then I found one where a contribution had been submitted.

Staggering amounts of giving from the NBM.

In an instance where the NBM actually donated a reasonable amount (something other than NBM textbooks to children) the photo caused a surge of negative comments with one member even stating the NBM shouldn’t be giving money to “the oppressors”.

It was a 500 Euro donation to a Hamburg children’s hospital!

In another occurrence of charitable excellence an NBM member attempted to raise some money in the London Zone for a fellow lord suffering kidney failure:

The NH (LPM) arrived at 19.10 and addressed the house. He said Lord
Mutamuta Baruka(LMMB) was ill with kidney failure and needed financial
aid. Lord Santopayama asked if a particular financial target head been
set by the National Body.
LPM said every zone had to raise N30,000 to send LMMB abroad immediately
as he LMMB had a relapse recently and that this money should be sent to
Nigeria by Saturday.

Head asked if this money could be contributed by one individual. LF
asked why we should help him and how many Lords had the national body
asked to be assisted. LPM said that the CP is the welfare officer and
should normally raise the alarm when the need arises and if the national
body is not aware they could not act. Lord Omar Mukhtar said it was not
fair to make the contributions compulsory and they should have been
LPM said we are responding to a cry and it is because of the urgency
that is why it is compulsory, he also said it was preferable to spend it
on treatment rather than his funeral. Finally LPM said Zones in Diaspora
should pay the money to LMMB direct and not to a funds coordinator. 

Each Zone was asked to contribute the equivalent of about 66 euros and the Lord quickly died.

In another very similar instance members of an NBM facebook group were asked to donate 2 euros each for a kidney replacement operation for another member.

Of course if you are relying on members of the NBM to cough up 2 euros (bare in mind the Italy Zone were estimated to have earned 2 billion in the past 12 months from human trafficking) you are been condemned to death.

Which is of course what happened.

Yet evidence is everywhere of the NBM members flashing their cash around. Flash clothes, flash cars, holidays all over the world, wild parties, millions of bottles of Hennessey…..

It’s endless.

“the money weh some Men dey carry kpief BRANDY, JD, Hennesy every week pass this money”

Too many of these to post. Literally an endless supply of champagne and Hennessy for these guys…. Yet can’t scrape 2 euros together to save another members life.

“The Neo Black Movement of Africa are the greatest charity in the world” – Said nobody ever.

Omila Package

The Axemen who dont have time to engage in political thuggery or murder or rape or fraud or human trafficking or drug smuggling dont sit around twiddling their thumbs.

They engage in: The Omila Package

Omila = Armed Robbery

Below it’s reported on an NBM forum that two Axemen have been shot dead by police due to conducting armed robbery. Ju Name David and Ovo both former Chief Priests of Okpe Aye Forum.

Below the issue is discussed again with an account of some Axemen been shot (at) in the legs by the police for engaging in the same activity. When another member refutes the claim and accuses another cult of been involved a more senior member of the forum refutes that and tells of instances where NBM armed robbers have brought their armed robbery colleagues with them to blend them into the NBM.

It’s of no surprise then to see the NBM come out in the last few days to demand the end of police brutality and an end to SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad).

Disbanding the Special Anti-Robbery Squad would certainly benefit the health of NBM members engaged in armed robbery.

If someone puts their hands on you make sure they never put their hands on anybody else again” – Malcolm X