Manchester Zone – First Officers of the Manchester Mafia.

Created initially as a ‘sub-zone’ to the London Zone in 2008 the Manchester Zone very quickly became a full zone in it’s own right (later the same year).

Here are the holders of office in that first administration:

The executive council of London sub zone Manchester.

Head– Jew name: Uyi Armani, Strong Name: Harare mugabe, Year of blending: Ipkitan 1998.

Chief Priest: Jew name: Oseki  Nosa, Strong name: Are ona kankanfo, Year of blending: FJ2 2002.

Chairman of council of elders: Jew name: Emma Ighedo, Strong Name: Jomo Kenyatta, Year of blending: FJ1 94.


1) Jew name: Clem Aboh, Strong name: Lamizana, Year of blending: FJ1 95

2) Jew name, Marcus Nwose, Strong name: Marthin Luther King Jr, Year of blending:        Limpopo 85.

3) Aimuan Ekhaguosa, Strong name: Komo Karume, Year of blending FJ1 96

4) Jew name: Dave Dauda, Strong name: Yasser Arafat, Year of blending: KB 93

5) Jew name: IK Omoruyi, Strong name: Muta Baruka, Year of blending: Kalakuta 2002.

6) Jew name: Nath Okwueki, Strong name: Malcolm X, Year of blending: Kanta Ethiopia 94

7) Jew Name; Osagie Akinlele, Strong name; Ibn Sankara, Year of blending: UDI 92

8) Jew Name: Jay Jay, Strong name: Jesse Jackson, Year of blending: Kiriji 96

Ihaza: Jew name: Chuka Charles, Strong name: Titi Camara, Year of blending: Soweto 99.

Chief Buthcher: Jew name: Efosa  james, Strong name: Usman Danfodio, Year of blending: FJ2 2002

Butcher: Jew name: Sunny Egbon, Strong name: Jaja Opobo, Year of blending: FJ2 2003

Eye: Jew Name: Peter Eghosa, Strong name: Ibn walata, Year of blending: Ikogosi 2003.

Crier: Jew name: Kelvin White, Strong Name Jesse Makoko, Year of blending: Ikpitan 2001

Manchester Zone Wahala – Part 2


An unhappy victim of fraud…. Ordering people dead again.

My Lordy (Jerry),

How far over there? Pls, let me know what is going on
there so that we can share owo together. I pray for
almighty God to answer your prayers in regards to UK
visa through christ our Lord, Amen. Just believe that
it is done and it shall be so, Amen.

The boy i told you about had realy fork-up big time. I
use his bank account to witdrew Euro 7000.00 from one
of my magar in Vietnam, he took the money and ran
away. I let him know that it will take only small time
that i must get my money back including the commission
on top. I realy want you to handle this Job personally
and make sure that this money come out to your hand
nomater what it takes. The parent will pay the owo to
you because i let the boy know that the Job belong to
my friend in Africa. Let them know that you are the
owner of the owo and after the parent have gone to
grave, the boy will still follow when he come to Nig.

The address of the boy is No; 43 Ugbor Road, Benin
City and it is along the road of Ugbor. The name of
the boy is Agho Nosa. Agho is his father name and Nosa
is his name. He graduated from Ekpoma in 2002 and he
is a small boy. The young brother is also at home and
when you get hold of the father and the mother, the
money will come out immediately.

My share in that owo is Euro 3,500.00 while the
remainning half one goes to the owner of the Job. You
will be entitle to Euro 1,750.00 while i will be in
charge of the remainning Euro 1,750.00 after the
success of the Job.

Pls, i want to see the success of the Job urgently.

Stay cool and God bless,

Dennis. (Lord Muta-Karibo 1).


Manchester Zone Wahala – Part 1


An unhappy victim of fraud…. Ordering people dead.



The full names of the mail boy is Igbinovia Stephen
with telephone number: 0041786751859 and their house
is located at Siloko Rd, close to five junction, Benin
City. He knows Richy Ihensekhien and his wife and we
can get his full address from Richy. I spoke with him
last night and told him that all family will be
eliminated if we find that he have hand in this

Please, find below the address of the guy and it was
investigated by Jb because they just cash him as mugu.





UK Home Office…. and the NBM

The UK Home Office….

What do they do?

“The Home Office leads on immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime policy and counter-terrorism and works to ensure visible, responsive and accountable policing in the UK.” –

This is great news. Finally a government department that deals with many of the criminal aspects relating to the Neo Black Movement of Africa.

They deal with immigration matters… therefore ideal candidates to mention Olatunbosun Aiyere to. The UK solicitor and Neo Black Movement member who coaches fellow members on how to pretend to be gay in order to gain asylum in the UK. The ‘go to man’ in the UK to help perpetrate immigration fraud. Hopefully the Home Office can help deal with him!

They deal with passport matters… including passport fraud. Therefore ideal candidates to mention UK Neo Black Movement ‘carders’ like Alex Osebor to and how many fake passports he’s created during the course of his full-time work as prolific ID thief. Could also kill two birds with one stone and mention to them the passport fraud carried out by Akugbe Dennis Ukhurbor in his pursuit of duping victims during 419 scams.

They deal with ‘drugs policy’ so therefore ideal candidates to mention the fact the UK is currently allowing a global mafia linked to cocaine and heroin smuggling to operate with impunity.

They deal with ‘crime policy’ so therefore ideal candidates to mention that the police spend much of their time in the UK chasing dogs that poop where they shouldn’t and ZERO time investigating any serious matters such as the Black Axe.

They deal with ‘counter-terrorism’ so therefore ideal candidates to mention that the Neo Black Movement include members with extreme ideologies such as Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s:”if any black warriors had the guts to sink 4 jets with all it’s white passengers into the twin towers in New York, the Pentegon and the White House many black Africans would rejoice”

The Home Office seems like a one stop shop to dismantle the NBM crime machine!

It was quite hard to find an email to contact them… Then I found one:

It is even a ‘GSI’ address (Government Secure Intranet) which means this chap handles sensitive data (as you’d expect dealing with immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime policy and counter-terrorism). Even MI5 use Government Secure Intranet email addresses.

This should be THE MAN to go to!!

But wait…..

Jude Moedu?


Jude Moedu is pals with Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo (Head of the NBM), Olatunbosun Aiyere (Immigration fraudster), Alex Osebor (credit card thief and passport fraudster), Dennis Akugbe (419 scammer and passport fraudster), Ike Bobby Onwubuya (militant and extremist) and many many more criminal NBM members.

Maybe someone should point this out to him?

But wait…

Jude Moedu is not only working (or at least recently was) for the Home Office but is actually also a senior member of the Neo Black Movement.

Not good!

This goes a long way to explain why the London Zone and the Manchester Zone members seem to be covered by the “covenant of security” existing in Londonistan

I guess as long as Ike Bobby Onwubuya sinks his jets full of white passengers into the White House and not the Houses of Parliament then everything is cool!


September 11 Retrospective

Help Find Akugbe Dennis Ukhurbor

The international community would welcome help in the war on cultism. Let’s hope Greater Manchester Police can do their bit and find Akugbe Dennis Ukhurbor the Head of the Manchester Zone Neo Black Movement (Black Axe). The cult leader and prolific, industrious and highly skilled advance fee fraudster operating currently in Manchester, UK.

He’s not missing but GMP think he’s invisible. Let’s help find him! 🙂


The mafia organisation the Neo Black Movement (aka Black Axe) operate in almost every European country. Official “Zones” or smaller “Forums” with highly organised administrative centers are present in the following countries:

UK (Manchester and London)

The head’s of these Zones in addition to delegating who will arrange the member’s “jollys” (piss ups often ending in violent episodes) and who will sit on their Zone’s picnic committee they also direct and manage the Zone’s criminal activities. Naturally as head of the organisation internationally Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’s function is to oversee all Zones and ensure they are run smoothly, efficiently and of course send him his cut of the proceeds.

Here’s a an example of one such Zone. I’ve omitted his real name and used his nickname in the hope of not incurring the wrath of wordpress following what is likely to be a huge tide of complains (from the NBM).

“Dennis The Menace”  –  Manchester Zone

The Neo Black Movement head of the Manchester Zone is a prolific, industrious and highly skilled advance fee fraudster operating currently in Manchester, UK. Known to those around him as “Dennis The Menace” he organizes and directs 419 advance fee fraud, cheque fraud and the subsequent money laundering operations not just on a regional or national scale but internationally.

“Dennis The Menace” was born in Ishan, Edo State of Nigeria and is a Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) member known within the organisation as “Lord Muta-Karibo”. He was initiated into the movement 1996 and later moved to Netherlands in 2002. He is a former Netherland’s Zone Elder having held the position of ‘Chief Priest’. “Dennis The Menace” is currently Head of the Manchester (UK) Zone.

It should be noted that despite been a legal and mostly unknown organisation in the UK in “Dennis The Menace” home country of Nigeria it is a criminal offence to participate in membership of the NBM and is an organisation with a notoriously violent reputation. The Neo Black Movement (NBM) in 2014 alone were directly involved with more than 100 killings (mostly inter-cult violence). The NBM is widely accepted to be involved heavily not only in fraud and cybercrime but also the global trafficking of illegal drugs. It’s membership includes individuals in more than 40 countries worldwide who collaborate and conspire freely on many varied criminal activities and are collectively bound by oaths of silence.

As an “oga” (phrase used in Nigerian organised crime to describe a crime boss who manages a team of fraudsters and/or facilitates cooperation where necessary help from outside the defined ‘gang’) “Dennis The Menace”‘s roles consist of, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Organising ‘spammers’. Acquiring and disseminating AMS (Advanced Mail Systems) tools, smtp, victim email lists to those charged with the task of spamming out 419 advance fee fraud emails.
2. Ensuring the gang’s flow of potential victims. This could be by buying email lists (marketing data, email addresses taken from hacked websites and email addresses acquired by the use of spiders/extractors) or trading the details and identities of victims who have been known to pay other scammers before (refereed to as “Maga” or “Mugu” meaning ‘Big Fool’) or by offering the gang’s services to other scammers not confident enough of lacking the ability to get someone to pay.
3. Organising ‘catchers’ (lower ranked workers in the ‘gang’) to monitor specific email boxes for victims replying to fraudulent emails. Providing them with the necessary script needed to reply with. Also providing the necessary proxy service/tools to both feign sending the emails from a specific location and hide the sender’s real location.
4. Providing details to be used to receive the initial payments by Western Union lost in an advance fee fraud scam. The details are inserted by the catchers into the script provided by “Dennis The Menace”. The details then passed back to “Dennis The Menace” by the catcher so he can have the payment collected.
5. Providing assistance to catchers requiring guidance on how to reply to victim emails. As an “oga” “Dennis The Menace” would be expected to demonstrate a better grasp of English than lower ranked ‘gang’ members and also be more experienced in techniques to convince victims to send money.
6. Providing details to be used to receive the later and larger payments by bank transfer lost in an advance fee fraud scam.
7. Taking on important roles later in the fraud. Later in an advance fee scam, often when it is intended to extract very large sums of money from a victim, “Dennis The Menace” will adopt any necessary identity to achieve the gangs objectives. “Dennis The Menace”‘s aptitude in both language and fraud techniques allows him to freely and successfully engage victims with unscripted emails and phone calls. In addition to this “Dennis The Menace” is known to meet face to face with victims.
8. Providing bank accounts to be used in any subsequent “cleaning” of the stolen money (Money Laundering)
9. Ensuring everything runs smoothly and overcoming any problems that occur during the life cycle of any active fraud. The role of “oga” is similar to the role of ‘Managing Director’ in a company. “Dennis The Menace” might need to employ people outside of the established group for example to build fake banks, construct web pages to make fake companies seem more legit, to take phone calls from a specific country, create fake documents and/or identification
10. Distributing the proceeds of crime. As an “oga” “Dennis The Menace” manages who gets a cut from any payment made by a victim and how much. Money could be forwarded around the world to anyone who helped with the scam (This might include: spammers, catchers, money mules, website builders, counterfeiters etc etc)
11. Organsing violence where necessary. There is no honor among thieves. It is not uncommon for individuals trsuted with the task of receiving money (be it by instant money transfer or bank wire) to keep all the money and not return the % required by “Dennis The Menace”. “Dennis The Menace” strives so that any such occurrence is met with violence in order to exact punishment and to act as a deterrent to anyone else who might consider breaking any future agreement that is made. Primarily “Dennis The Menace” will turn and ask for help from fellow Neo Black Movement (Black Axe) members who are scattered in many countries around the world. The cult’s preexisting oaths and codes of silence limits any potential repercussions and meaning the murders will go unsolved.

It is notable that “Dennis The Menace”‘s favoured method of punishment is not to harm the actual target but instead order the killing of their closest family. The intention been so the target has to live knowing their actions have resulted in the murder of their brothers, sisters and parents. Murders could be followed by the victim’s houses been ransacked for money or goods of value. Anything discovered kept by the attackers and/or forwarded as “compensation” to “Dennis The Menace”.

“Dennis The Menace”‘s favoured 419 scam format is that of the “wash wash” scam. This involves duping unsuspecting victim’s into believing he has a consignment of “black money” (physical currency painted with black dye) that he needs their help in monetizing. Initially this may involve the victim paying what he/she believes are bank fee’s, lawyer fees, flight tickets and for the procurement of various fake and worthless documents. The payments become progressively higher as the victim is continually told any payment made will be the last. The scam culminates in the victim flying from their home country to either Manchester or Amsterdam where they are conned into making a huge cash payment in order, they are told, to buy a chemical needed to remove the black dye from the ‘black money’.

Fake companies created in the past purportedly acting as “security companies” include:

EURO SECURITIES & ASSETS LTD (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Dr. Roberto Gavey (Director of Operation)
Tel: +(44) 776 093 8577 (local tariff)
Fax: +(44) 700 593 8199 (normal tariff) Fax: +(44) 700 593 8299 (£ 0,10 per minute)

EURO SECURITIES & ASSETS LTD (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Dr. Johan Gallangher (Director of Operations)
Tel: +31 685 574 661 (local tariff)
Fax: +31 847 301 126 (local tariff)
Fax: +31 847 301 127 (€ 0,10 per minute)

Ultimately the scam victim will lose everything they have “invested” but “Dennis The Menace” doesn’t leave it there. Assuming the fake identity of various law enforcement bodies “Dennis The Menace” will then email the victims offering the chance of getting any lost money back. This is known as a “compensation scam” and will once again simply be a never-ending cycle of the victim paying fee after fee. The fraud only comes to end when the victim has either spent and borrowed every penny they possibly can or they discover that it is a scam. It is known for some victims of fraud to commit suicide once realising they have lost everything (not just their life savings but sometimes their friends, families, home and even their jobs).

“Dennis The Menace”‘s historic fraud activities have seen him overseeing the following email addresses:

(This will be by no means a full list!)