Backlash As Student Union Government Offa Federal Polytechnic Presents Merit Award To Cult Groups


Backlash As Student Union Government  Offa Federal Polytechnic Presents Merit Award To Cult Groups

Can you imagine? This one is wonderful, imagine the Student Union Government, SUG  of an institution presenting awards to cult groups on campus?

Anyway, the Student Union Government of Offa Federal Polytechnic led by Comrade Adigun has come under heavy backlash for presenting merit awards to various cult groups.

One wonders what was the essence of such an award? Was it a PR for cult groups or a sincere act of gratitude?

Imagine the awards presented by the Student Union Body? The award presented to Ayes AKA Black AXE on campus was for being the best freedom fighters on campus for the 2019/2020 session.

Then the Supreme Eiye confraternity was given an award for being the most influential cult gang on campus.

While the Buccaneers Confraternity  AKA Alora was awarded for being the finest group on campus.

This one is loud and many respondents have queried the rationale behind such awards to cult gangs.

Please drop your views as regards this worrisome development.

Corner Bam Wahala

Corner Bam = An unofficial initiation into the criminal organisation. Most commonly by the Zonal Head or Forum Coordinator who pockets the cash the initiate pays.

A happening that offten comes back to bite the (questionable) member in the future or used erroneously by other members engaged in power struggles to discredit what are in fact bona fide members.

my world head i greet u sir how are u and how is d family i hope all is well sir?my world head u are highly regarded may d good works of ur regime live to be remembered and give NBM more glory all over d world aseeeee!!! na me be ju name papa 2002 kb lord usman whazeez presently am in europe italy to be precise,sir for sometime now i have been having dis stress wit some strongmen who are trying to call me a name dat does not belong to me anymore,dis men suddenly wokeup and started tell strongmen dat i am a cornner bam dat my iniciation was not too clear and at dis time i was a coordinator of my city bari italy and becos dey felt i just came to europe dat i met dem in d city am not suppose to be d coordinator so dey wanted to look for means of bringing problems to my regime as a coordinator dis was in 2010 i called other cordinators and report d issue to dem dey invited me to roma were we held all cordinators IT and we made some calls to check my blending and it was clear to d house dat my iniciation was confirmed den dey now call dis lord dat raise d issue to come and clear d house how come he said am a cornner bam he did not showedup he actually insulted d house dat he is not coming dat he is older dan everybody in d gathering dat he blended b4 us so we cant call him to ask him questions and dat was how d other cordinators now ask me to go back to my city to continue leading d men dat dat guy cant draw my leadership back all dis happend in 2010 my world head am not a push over dat does not know his left from right in my few years in nbm have held several excos i was a former elder,i was a former eye in upper ekewan neborhood benin ,i registerd as a axe lord in benin zone after my OND in fed poly auchi,my world head i blended in 2002 in karnem bornu HT d head was ju name olu aye kwame nkruma,cp was ju name obas aye mohamed lofa,chaiman was reuben aye askia mohamed,my links man was ju name itemi aye mansa musa presently in france,my world head i know u are a listen head and a father to all nbm members i will like to use dis medium to beg u to give ears to my cry now for justice and come into dis matter my head i greet u sir! sir i will like u to knw how my iniciation took place in 2002 and see if such iniciation is a cornner bamimg or not,my world head wat happend is dis in 2002 in kb olu was d original head of d temple and obas was d original cp and steve ojo was d original chairman of dat regime dey did first ini it was quiet den d second ini happens to be d one i blended b4 d second ini took place dey was some money issues between d head and chairman which resulted into some arguemnet as at dat time dey were already planning to do second ini before HO,d cp now consulted and told his excos dat d kb ground will not be safe for dis ini dat dey should move d ini to anoda ground d chairman disagree wit d head bcos he has an intention to rebel his head and he left den d head now ask his excos and elders to move wit him dey all went to d ground were d cp said korofo directed kb to do dat ini which was a ground in benin owned by fj2 wen dey got to d ground without d chairman d head now make his elder1 as chairman and dey did d ini sucessfully den after d ini d former chairman was still claiming to be a temple chairman and prounouce dat he has suspended d head dat all does men dat he blended should go and reblend dat is d whole story, my world head i want u to look into dis matter and pls tell d world and members of dis grate movement if such ini was not a clear ini,,ost of d men dat we blended together has done headship in various temples ,some were even elders in fj1 and 2 some has done chairmanship in sone temples ,even wen late obuwe was shoot dead by d police in 2003 my benin wonal head did prcession for him and break his mental i believe if he was a coenner bam my den head will not do prcession for late obuwe,have been to national conventions ,various temple ini ,have blended like 2strongmen into d movement and dey doing grate to glory of krf,i attended lords night and buggies,i atteneded zonal IT in benin my world head back den i forth war in benin and gave d nbm glory in benin why now some men are trying to give me a name dat is not mine dis same aye will open his mouth and say d italian head no reach dis same man see’s himself as i am a old man in d game who dey for italy sef,my world head i have reported d issue to my italian head and dis matters has still not been resolved,i have to call my links man and tell him wat am going tru in italy and he advice me to relate d matter to ur table for quick answers dat u are a listening father,my world head my uncle is d present dallas head ,ju name george anibowie a lawyer in america,chief jasper onobo is my close family friend and like a daddy to me,most of d big boys in nbm lived wit us during thier temple days in fj bcos of george my uncle so why will dis men call me a cornner bam aye after 10years of playing recongnise egede my with all humility and respect i want u to help me look into dis matter and call d men carrying such rummours to other thier names are ju name freeborn,ju name friday otite,ju name jeff pius all in italy i greet u my world head i remain ju name papa aye usman whazeez kb 02.

okemario: Master

okemario: I greet u

okemario: How ur side BUZZ!!!

morrispee: i greet u my leader

okemario: Baba u too fresh

okemario: No vex I been dey work

okemario: How family and biznex

morrispee: we bles God

morrispee: how ur side dude

okemario: Na so my future Ncp

okemario: My side sup bros

okemario: My side good bros

okemario: U dey wit me

morrispee: yea boddy

morrispee: i greet u

morrispee: i greet u my oga

okemario: My lord sorry to

morrispee: go on broda

morrispee: notin do u

okemario: U fresh

okemario: Na still on matter u no nbm if u play am well u go be figure

morrispee: lol

morrispee: naso

okemario: Generally matter rise asper terere unto ini wen I blend some men dey doubt una ini and italian head want make dem hear from d excos of dat regime based on say most men dey yarn say na corner bam matter

okemario: Na freeborn raise d matter

okemario: And me do. Clear men say no be so say d ini clear

morrispee: my broder

okemario: I been like hear from u bcos I was a hu den

okemario: Ju

morrispee: like me now somebody tell me say i be corner bam

morrispee: it is left for me to defend my ini

morrispee: ask the freeborn de time he claim so say na corner bam

morrispee: what were we at that time

morrispee: was olu the head at that point?

morrispee: was i de cp at that point?

okemario: Bros I explain to dem

morrispee: so he has no right

morrispee: freeborn was not even a member of the coe or exco at that time

morrispee: so how can he claim to be corner bam

okemario: But dem say ojo suspend olu before d ini

morrispee: that is not true

morrispee: on wat ground?

okemario: Ok

morrispee: ojo can not pronouce a suspension from his own room

morrispee: the kb ground was not safe for ini at that time

okemario: My like I said u were d original cp of dat temple and I I knw u can not lie

morrispee: basewd on the indigene and sm

morrispee: dey fall out

morrispee: so we get relocate the ini

morrispee: before the ini

morrispee: atleast udi bam too for anoder temple

morrispee: ikpitan nur use de f2 ground?

morrispee: f1 nur use de f2 ground?

morrispee: why e go com be say na if kb go use f2 ground na dere wahala go dey?

okemario: Ok

morrispee: this was also de same issue when ferdinand was the head

morrispee: in udi

okemario: Reuben wetin be him strong name

morrispee: and osahon was also claimimng head in udi

morrispee: ferdinand went to do ini

morrispee: wey them ehinor take blend

okemario: Ok u get olu number

morrispee: no

okemario: Ok ken 05broda

okemario: Ok

morrispee: yeaaaaaaaaaaa

morrispee: my broder stand ur gorund

morrispee: naso men dey jealous oooooo

morrispee: see the person kelvin wey u with am blend

morrispee: don do head for temple handover ooo for 3years ago

okemario: But generally I Been just like make d italian head hear frm u any how pls

morrispee: lambert wey u wit am gada blend was chair in fj ooo

morrispee: give am my number to call me

okemario: Ok

morrispee: +416 316 6935

okemario: Which temple Kelvin do head

morrispee: okemini

okemario: Ok

morrispee: uwa was an elder in f1

okemario: Lambert na f1 or 2

morrispee: na de same day u with blend

morrispee: give am my no mak dem call me if dem want

morrispee: that all my broda

okemario: Ok

morrispee: who was freeborn in that regine

okemario: U too much my leader u be man

morrispee: strong name of reuben was askia mohammed

okemario: Ok

morrispee: after una ini before freeborn and ojo rebel came up

morrispee: so it is very clear

okemario: Lord mohamed iofa I regard u apart from the head, chairman or any other member of coe or exco

morrispee: do not give my number to any body

morrispee: becos i will only listen to these people wey i tell u so

morrispee: and no body go fit talk to me apart from those people wey i tell u so

morrispee: the head,chairman any member of the coe or exco

morrispee: my point is clear

morrispee: i understand what u are doing

papilo: becos everyt brodahing clear

morrispee: i am not a baby

morrispee: i no what you wana do

morrispee: i dont care

morrispee: as far i no the truth and i will ever say it

papilo: u bam bros

morrispee: you can forward it to anywere in the world

morrispee: your initiation is highly respected and accepted

papilo: true story

morrispee: my brother all dis na just issue to cause problem

morrispee: italian zone na one of the zone i have respect for

papilo: true story

morrispee: so make the head and chairman nur allow any lord for personal interest

morrispee: personal interest dey bring dis-unity into gatherin like dat

morrispee: i have said all i no

morrispee: and i am ready to repeat what i said at any point in time

morrispee: so try mak them call me to verify

morrispee: i go travel to california on friday

papilo: for real bcos dis issue came up wen i was made a cordinator in my state and freeborn has been dey for long and dey gave it to me bcos he feels he know more dan d movement it self

morrispee: and wen i reach california

morrispee: i go give u number too

morrispee: to reach me

morrispee: incase

morrispee: see my broder

morrispee: we don do things to survive this movement

papilo: ok

morrispee: even before the temple came back

papilo: i know

morrispee: we all made sacrifies on ground dat time

morrispee: so i say what i no with imunity

morrispee: u see

morrispee: that is freeborn way right from time

papilo: for real

morrispee: naso men dey do

morrispee: see naso nbm be right from time

morrispee: e be like senate and national house of assembly

morrispee: take care bro.  

The Nigerians standing up to sex-work traffickers in Sicily


In the mountains of Sicily a Nigerian woman is leading a battle to help rescue women like herself from a life of forced sex work.

Osas Egbon opened up a shelter for these victims of trafficking on the Italian island in January – the first of its kind created by and for Nigerian women.

She currently has four women in their 20s, one with a baby – and hopes by the end of the year two more will join them.

On a hot September afternoon I drove up to see the shelter in a sleepy village – far away from the island’s capital, Palermo, so the women can be hidden away from those they are escaping.

It is a typical Sicilian village house with a large kitchen, a terrace with views out on to the verdant hills. The women each have their own rooms but share a kitchen and bathroom.

She was given the use of the property by an Italian friend.

Many Italians want to help Nigerian women, she says, but the trouble is that in a time of increasing anti-migrant sentiments, some other Italians do not want them to do so.

I first met Ms Egbon in 2018, three years after she and other Nigerian women had set up the organisation Women of Benin City.

It supports female victims of trafficking in Sicily – the majority of whom come from Nigeria’s Edo state, the capital of which is Benin City.

Ms Egbon was trafficked 18 years ago from her home there to work in forced prostitution.

She managed to pay off her traffickers – and now lives happily with her family in Palermo but she has a steely determination to stop others having to go through the same experience.

She and her friends were prompted to act after the horrific murders in late 2011 and early 2012 of two young Nigerian women.

They were aged just 20 and 22.

The murders shocked people in Sicily and put a spotlight on the harrowing experiences Nigerian women face in forced prostitution.

Such trafficking is not new but the numbers since the so-called migrant crisis began in 2015 have doubled.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in 2016 of the 11,000 Nigerian women registered as landing in Sicily, 80% were trafficked with most ending up in forced prostitution.

After the women arrive, they must start paying their debts back to their traffickers – which can be up to $35,000 (£27,000) – through forced sex work, often leaving them in debt bondage.

In Palermo the women usually end up in the multicultural neighbourhood of Ballarò, where they are forced to work in what are called “connection houses” managed by “mamas”, or they work on the streets.

Before arriving in Italy the women are forced to swear juju oaths – a ritual ceremony overseen by spiritual priests where they promise never to denounce their traffickers to the police, to obey their “mamas” and to fully pay their debts.

The traffickers prey on the women’s spiritual beliefs so they become too afraid to speak up, fearing if they do so harm will come to them or loved ones back home.

For Ms Egbon these oaths are the biggest obstacle to freeing women from the trafficking gangs and a life of exploitation.

Two years ago she and her colleagues were greatly helped in their efforts by the Oba of Benin City, an influential Nigerian traditional leader, when he placed a curse on the traffickers – turning the tables on them.

At the time there were posters in Palermo announcing the news.

Since then Ms Egbon says it has become easier to gain the trust of the women and she has been able to help free many of them.

Women of Benin City runs a drop-in centre, offering advice and, importantly, emotional support, which sets the group apart.

The volunteers there understand the sexual relationships the women form with the traffickers, which also become a means of preventing their escape.

At the shelter, Ms Egbon says she wants to empower the women by giving them access to education – Italian classes and training that may help them get jobs.

She allows the women to stay in the shelter for one year so that they can recover from their traumatic experiences and prepare for their futures.

For Ms Egbon, who has become part-aunty, part-councillor, part-sister to the women, the shelter is a dream come true.

But to keep it open will be hard as she runs on a voluntary basis from donations.

Members of the Nigerian community in Palermo have stepped in to pool their resources together to give what little they can. And churches also play a role in raising money.

From my afternoon at the secret shelter, it was clear the women there felt safe and happy – recovering well from their trauma.

They sat braiding each other’s hair as they listened to Ms Egbon – and looking forward to the dinner to be made from goat’s meat I had brought on special request from Palermo.

Cult gangs on rampage in Edo, kill 20, take control of 3 LGAs

Sat in a comfortable office thousands of miles from the carnage a certain employee of Barking and Dagenham council was actively encouraging this. And why wouldn’t he… his organisation in full control of large areas of the now lawless Edo State.


No fewer than 20 persons have been killed in battle between cult gangs in Benin,  following the degeneration of the security situation in the Edo State capital.

Three police operatives, including an assistant commissioner of police, who doubles as Benin Area Commander, were also victims of the gun-wielding cult members as they were shot around Upper Sakpoba area of the city while responding to a distress call.

The warring cult groups have literally taken control of about three local government areas, namely, Ikpoba Okha, Egor and Ovia North East, in the southern senatorial district of the state.

Areas such as Upper Sakpoba, 3rd Junction, Three House and St. Saviour, all in Ikpoba Okha local government area are under the control of rival cult groups suspected to be members of Black Axe and Eiye confraternities respectively.

The criminal cult gangs are also said to be in full control of areas like Medical Store Road, Textile Mill Road, and Ogida Quarters in Egor local government area, while Ugbowo, Isiohor and Oluku, in Ovia South local government area were also left out of the turf fight.

Taking advantage of the lax security situation as a result of destruction of police stations and patrol vehicles in the violence that trailed the EndSARs protests, the cult gangs now engaged in free-for-all unhindered fight, using dangerous weapons in broad day light, while residents scampered for safety.

In some occasions, the cult gangs engaged in robbery from one shop to another, following the absence of police operatives who have stayed off the streets since the #EndSARS protests.

It was believed that the security situation was further compounded by the escape of about 2000 inmates from two correctional centres in Benin where there jailbreaks during the violence which followed the EndSARS protest.

The Commissioner of Police in Edo, Johnson Babatunde Kokumo, had attributed the inability of the police to adequately respond to the degenerating security situation to the burning down of three police stations located along Sokponba Road many patrol vehicles in several other parts of the state capital in the violence.

He, however, said that his men were making frantic efforts to restore normalcy to the state.

7 Killed, Many Injured in Delta Cult Clash


Seven persons were reportedly killed in cult war within the past three days between rival cult groups in Ughelli, Ughelli North Local Government Area (LGA) of Delta State.

Sources said the rival groups were members of the Black Axe versus the Bucaneers confraternities

A victim of the cult onslaught recounted that the renewed cult war started last Thursday at Afiesere community, where a young man simply identified as Nyerhovwo AKA C.O was attacked and his head smashed with a battle axe, which eyewitnesses had described as a robbery attack by a three-man gang.

The death of the victim said to be a member of ‘Aye’ confraternity allegedly led to a reprisal against ‘Baga’ group, which sparked off an orgy of clashes between the two dreaded cult groups leading to the death of six others with many sustaining life threatening injuries.

It was further gathered that one of the strongman of Aro Baga was murdered along Akpodiete street, while two other victims suspected to be Aye boys were allegedly killed in Ekiugbo and another one killed at Oghenevweta street. Two other victims were shot on Sunday at Ekuigbo. One of them confirmed dead while the second person was rushed to a private hospital where he is currently receiving medical attention.

Though efforts to speak with the state police public relations officer, Onome Onowakpoyeya, were fruitless, a security source from the ‘A’ division police station, Ughelli, while confirming the incident, said as a result of the incident, a total of five other persons had been killed.

Our source further revealed that two brothers suspected to be cult members were attacked and killed in their house close to Ataverhe Junction in Ekiugbo-Ughelli, Delta State.

Our reporter, who visited the scene, took pictures of the suspected cultists, who were also inflicted with severe matchet cue on the head and neck.

Two killed as rival cult groups clash in Imo


TWO persons were killed on Wednesday as two rival cult groups clashed in Umudibia village, Nekede, Owerri West Local Government Area of Imo State.

The Vikings and Black Axe confraternities were said to have engaged each other in a battles of supremacy, using guns and other weapons in the process.

The clash, which was said to have begun on Tuesday, had caused panic among people in the area as indigenes and other residents in the community scurried to safety.

Though there were speculations that those involved in the clash were some students from Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, an official of the institution maintained that no student of the polytechnic was involved in the clash.

Speaking on the incident, a native of Umudibia, who preferred not to be mentioned, stated that both cult groups only resided in the area and not indigenes of Umudibia.

The source, who spoke with one of our correspondents, said, “Those involved in the cult clash are residents of Umudibia; they are not indigenes. Two persons were killed in the clash.

“It was a clash between Vikings and Black Axe. The Vikings cult members were said to have killed one Black Axe member, while the Black Axe members, in retaliation, killed a member of Vikings.”

An official of the institution, Mr. Fidel Onyeneke, told The PUNCH that the polytechnic was not in session, insisting that no student was involved in the clash.

He said, “The incident happened in Umudibia village, Nekede in Owerri West Local Government Area. It involved local-based cultists and has nothing to do with the school (Federal Polytechnic, Nekede).”

Confirming the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Orlando Ikokwu, explained that two persons died during the cult clash.

Member Distribution – Switzerland

70 Axemen discovered in Switzerland spread over 13 (50%) of the 26 Cantons.

Also at 50% was Zurich for their location with 35 of the 70 purporting to live in Zurich.

Notable levels of Axemen also found in Basel, Geneva, Vaud and Luzerne.

What was also notable was 1) the Axemen in Switzerland seemingly had a much lower connectivity to other Axemen that I have seen in other countries (I’ll attempt to analyze this in the future) and 2) a very high number of other cultists were found in Switzerland than i have come across in other countries also.

Along with the 70 Axemen I discovered (collaterally… without looking) no less than 9 Airlords, a couple of Norsemen, a Mahpite and 4 Jurists (a lesser known cult who i’ll write about in a short while) were found.

It’s also notable Switzerland has a very high cost of living and the cultists there look to be doing very well for themselves. Even by Swizz standards!

Member Distribution – Low Countries (Benelux)

120 NBM Members found with determinable location in the Benelux countries: Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

51..5% of them in Netherlands

26% of them in Luxembourg

22.5% of them in Belgium

Of those found in Netherlands 39 of them purported to live in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland). The other large concentrations of members was found in Zuid-Holland (4 members in The Hague, 8 members in Rotterdam and one in Katwijt). No single member claimed to live in the northern regions of the country with the regions of Drenthe, Groningen, Friesland and Flevoland with no recorded cases of Axeman infestation.

Luxembourg certainly a surprise with 27 members found purporting to live in the city of Luxembourg. Two in Echternach and one in both Bettendorf and Nigmegen.

In Belgium 27 members were found spread across the country. Only one member located in the southern half of the country in the Walloon Region. Nine located in the city of Brussels. 17 members located in the Flemish Region (9 residing in Antwerp, 2 in Brugge and the others scattered around)

PS: The %’s in the graph I suspect may add up to above 100% due to rounding up. 1 member = 0.8% but was recorded on the map as 1%

International Index of Wahala – Part 4

Akwa Ibom Wahala: The NBM become proscribed as an illegal organization in Akwa Ibon. Team NBM fight back refuting the proscription referencing various legal rulings they claim make it not the case.

Ashanti High Temple Wahala: The leadership of Ashanti High Temple (Ozoro polytechnic, Ozoro, Delta State) are suspended and all recently blended members declared as void. Other members grumble at the continued wave of deaxation and suspension.

Asaba – Image Wahala: An upsurge in NBM related murders motivates members there to visit an orphanage in the hope of achieving radical image laundering.

Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe Wahala: NBM Member Asiwaju Adeyinka Mafe, (a former Majority Leader of the Ogun State House of Assembly. Also the former Chairman, House Committee on Education, Science and Technology) leaves behind a paper trial of corruption.

Barking Wahala: Details of how feckless idiots at Barking and Dagenham local council have managed to employ an NBM member for over a decade.

Bemigho Temple Wahala: Elders at Futa Jallon Temple rebel against Bemigho. Questioning, rightly, given he’s announced the NBM have severed all links with the universities… how come he is still given them orders?

Benue Zone Wahala: NBM members rob a motorcyclist incurring a backlash from the local population. Leaving 13 Axemen dead.

Bergamo Head Busting Wahala: Ju name Jude splits a mans head open and flees the police in Italy.

Boko Haram Wahala: template for NBM members attempting to claim asylum in Europe telling the (false) story of how they were recruited to be suicide bombers by Boko Haram.

Brescia Drunken Wahala: details of several instances of drunken violence in the Italy Zone. Dealt with by the usual NBM punishment of violence.

Delta Zone Wahala: Lords in Delta state kill one of their own members over arguments relating to a “sharing formula”. The Lords mobilizing to conduct an eviction and the murdered Lord not paying them for their help.

Edo State Wahala: All sorts going on prior to the Edo State governorship election. Featuring Violence, Bombs, Gunmen, False Flag Terror and The NBM.

Election Wahala: More election wahala. This time featuring Senator Rochas Okorocha & Uche Nwosu in Imo State. The NBM are mobilized and dozens are left dead.

European Boogie Wahala: The European Region flights back against Felix Kupa’s orders for them not to party following their inability to meet their financial obligations to the movement.

Ewekoko High Temple Wahala: Ewekoko High Temple (Lagos State University) is placed on indefinite suspension, the leadership personally suspended and all recently initiated members membership is voided.

Felix Kupa Wahala: Felix Kupa causing a members death (in the opinion of another Axeman) after allegedly threatening to break his legs, ordering NBM thugs to forcibly remove him from his room and then leaving him to die.

NBM Member Distribution – France

I’ve tried really hard to get France up to 100 members with determinable locations but it hasn’t been possible. In the end 105 members found residing in France with 80 of them with a determinable location.

The heaviest concentration within a country seen yet with 60% of the members purporting to live in the Paris area. This amounted to 48 members in total.

‘Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes’ been the next populated region with 15 members found there. Spread between the cities of Lyon (7), Grenoble (6), Saint Etienne (1) and Chambéry (1).

3 regions are recorded as containing only a single member each and 4 regions with no detected Axeman presence.