Italy Zone Legal Wahala

From 2017 in the aftermath of the dozen or so NBM members arrested in Italy. A member spearheads the defence of the members arrested in Italy. Seems that the name NBM/Black Axe is the primary focus of that defence.

Aye axemen!


Consequent upon the decision reached by the  committee set up by the European regional head (Jn Ologbo) to immediately tackle the Italian issue, for which I was a member I  volunteered to meet with the prospective lawyers in Italy  whom the national Oc legal has been in correspondence with before now. The meeting was scheduled for Friday the 13th of January 2017.

The meeting started at about 16:50 pm Italian time, in attendance was myself, Mr. Buccadutri (Head of the legal firm) and his team of criminal lawyers, Ms. Caterina Saeli and Mr. Giuseppe Avarello respectively.

As the meeting kicked off, they inquired and needed me to tell them about NBM, who we are? what we do? What we represent? the size of our members? our aims and objectives etc? Responding, in summary, I told everything they want to know about NBM and finally took them to our website for them to catch a glimpse of all they need to know.

I also confirmed to them that NBM is yet to be registered in Italy but we have some members there whom we were projecting to register NBM in Italy and they are one of those arrested.

Subsequently, I told them categorically what NBM wants from them which is to;

(1). Represent NBM in the ongoing case in Italy where two or more of her members are being held in detention.

(2). Prove to the Italian government and police that NBM is not “BLACK AXE” and has no affiliation with them.

(3). NBM is not a criminal organisation and has never indulge in any criminal activity and as such has continued to disassociate with criminals.

(4). One cannot shy away from the fact that some persons or members might have committed a crime under the disguise of NBM and if such exist that person should be made to face the full wrath of the law without recourse to NBM.

(5). To prove to the Italian authorities that Jn Sixco and Jn Festus are members of NBM and not Black axe  

(6). And finally in the course of advocating for those we agreed to be our members, if there exist any provable evidence that they were involved in the crime levelled against them, NBM will not align with them any longer and they will be left alone to face prosecution in the hands of the Italian authorities.

(7). They should find out if there has been any previous judgement indicting Nbm as an organisation or any of her members in Italy, but this they said is not possible to trace without given reference or names of persons involved or a case number.


(i). Power of attorney to be signed by the National head of NBM authorising them to take up case in defence of our interest.

(ii). Registration certificate. To prove that we are registered in Nigeria.

(iii). Documents proving our interest in Italy.

(iv). Documents proving that Jn Sixco and Jn Festus are indeed members of NBM.

(v). Documents proving that Jn Sixco and Jn Festus are officially representing Nbm in Italy.

(vi). Full names and occupational status of the National head.

(vii). Full names and occupational status of those they are to highlight their names as NBM members that were arrested in Italy.

(viii). Proofs of how NBM has been in involved in charity and other activities in every part of the world where it was carried out.

(viiii). A publication or document showing that NBM is not Black axe and a document containing our mission statement.

(x). In addition, as a strategy, they would appreciate if we can come out publicly in form of an interview session to denounce BLACK AXE on any of the leading news TV station sighting the legal battle in Italy, it will go along way to mount pressure on the trial judge on this case in Italy. They promised also to involve those newspapers and TV stations whom they work with in Italy to issue publications that NBM is not Black axe.


(a). Demand compensation from Italian government for denting the image of NBM.

(b). Help to register NBM in Italy and any other European countries so requested.

(c). Stand in as NBM lawyers in the European region.


While in Palermo I decided to ask one or two persons living in Palermo what led to the massive arrest by police in Italy and I was told the following transpired on various occasions;

That there was a big fight 2 years ago in Palermo involving some lords who came from another city which resulted in casualties.

Also after that, two other fights involving some lords took place also on different occasions in Palermo with severe injuries recorded.

All these fights and casualties were reported to the police by the victims who told the police that there is a gang or mafia group called “BLACK AXE” being responsible for all these criminal acts. This was how the police started their initial investigation.

Now, there were three pple in police custody after the first fight 2 years ago and one of the three lords named EGHOSA in exchange for his freedom with a ten years sentence, and out of revenge is now co-operating with the Italian police. He gave out names and implicated all the other pple that were arrested including Jn Sixco and Jn Festus. Information also has it that some of those arrested have now accepted that they are members of Black axe but they don’t do crimes.

Beside all these, it is worthy to note that the name “NBM” is not involved in the current Italian saga but rather “BLACK AXE neither has NBM been accused of any act of criminality in Italy.

However, NBM’S intervention in this current saga should be seen solely because it has affected the head and former head of Italian zone in the person of Jn Sixco and Jn Festus whom we all know as genuine members of NBM and are genuinely working in Italy. Based on this, I am making the following recommendations as follows;

(1). That the involvement of Jn Festus and Jn Sixco   (Head and former head of Italian zone) is enough reason for NBM to go into this legal battle.

(2). After my meeting with the legal firm in Palermo Italy, I am absolutely convinced that they are competent enough to represent and defend the interest of the Movement in this Italian saga and also NBM in European region at large.

After a call was placed it was discovered that the time to act is now after which it will be impossible to pursue the case as time is no longer on our side, so I am suggesting  NBM to go ahead by signing the power of attorney which will be sent to the National Oc legal on Monday the 16th of January 2017.

Though the lawyers didn’t give 100 % guarantee winning the case but it is worth a try because I am optimistic that there is a window of opportunity in this Italian saga that will benefit NBM European region and the diaspora at large.

It is however regrettable that none of the Italian zonal member was available to assist me during this time and meeting in Palermo Italy. The meeting ended at about 19:50 pm.

They finally requested that the national Oc legal should authorise a copy to the European region through me of all future correspondence.

I am my brother’s keeper!




DATE: 01.07.2020.



1. Jn Tayo Olutoryor ( Lord Oba Kosoko) (Comtte chairman).
2. Jn Ede Omoregie (Lord Ibn Walata) (Member).
3. Jn Daniel Maurice (Lord Nelson Mandela) (Member).
4. Jn Terry Kakor (Lord Dan Faye) (Member).
5. Jn Ewa (Lord Sundiata Keita) (Member).

As empowered by the European Regional Head, Jn Macjean (Lord Marcus Garvey) we as members of this committee were set up to discuss, analyse and if possible draw out modalities and road map to restructure and reopen ITALY ZONE. 

After three (3) consecutive meetings held via WhatsApp, we unanimously agreed that if we are to restructure and restore NBM activities in ITALY ZONE, it MUST be under the following conditions/criterias;

1. That the zone before anything else should be legally registered with the appropriate authority in Italy as (NBM OF AFRICA ITALY ZONE).

2. That those whose names shall appear in the registration documents will be formally screened and verified to be duly blended, gainfully employed and are without any previous or current crime records. A proof of police character certificate will do.

3. That the zone will operate in a SUB ZONAL capacity with close supervision from the European Regional head for a minimum of two (2) years depending on the coordination and conportment of prospective members. 

4. A thorough screening and verification process for all prospective leaders and members as in the case of paragraph (1).

5. Prospective leaders and members should also meet up with the following criterias;

i. MUST possess an resident permit. Or Asylum permit. 
ii. Gainfully employed. 
iii. Produce an Italian police character certificate. 
iv. All prospective officers MUST be married.
v. Prospective members who cannot provide an Italian police character certificate MUST sign an “UNDERTAKING” that they will be of good character and conduct. 
vi. That most of the above criterias will form the basis and would be the bedrock of a new BYLAWS which shall be written in conjunction with the CARETAKER COMMITTEE in Italy. 

Afterwards, we also unanimously set aside the initial BYLAWS written by the CARETAKER COMMITTEE in ITALY on the basis that it lacked merits as it was obvious that the writer copied it from the NBM Constitution. 

After all said and done, we presented all we have agreed upon to the CARETAKER COMMITTEE in Italy as planned, we try to engage them to find a common ground to finalise and marry their own ideas altogether but surprisingly we were greeted with anger and hostility at the meeting which lasted for almost two hours via WhatsApp as it yielded no positive results.

1. It is obvious that the CARETAKER COMMITTEE members in Italy have their own separate agenda which will not be favorable to that of NBM. 

2. Couple of events in Italy most recently shows that the attitude of those presumed members in Italy will in no distant time once again drag the name of the Movement in the mud.

3. It is our intention that a situation where by there’s no enabling environment for NBM activities to foster in Italy, then it will be in the best interest for the National body to take a clear stand by making a publication in any of the print media denouncing the none existence of NBM activities in Italy and as such anyone parading himself as a member should be treated as an impostor and should be prosecuted.

4. Italy still remains a big treat to the existence of NBM in the European region therefore, NBM should tread with utmost caution.


1. Lord Oba Kosoko (Comtte chairman).2. Lord Ibn Walata 3. Lord Dan Faye4. Lord Nelson Mandela 5. Lord Sundiata Keita.

Aye axemen!!!

In a ruined city on the Italian coast, the Nigerian mafia is muscling in on the old mob


“This is a beautiful place. Or at least, it was a beautiful place.”

Vincenzo Schiavone stands on the shoreline of Castel Volturno, gesturing over sparkling Mediterranean waters to the resort towns of the Amalfi coast. Just offshore are the islands of Procida and Vivara, and then Ischia: “Very beautiful … the thermal spas, the gardens, the lushness.”

The contrast with Castel Volturno could not be more stark. Just meters away are open sewers where mangy dogs poke at rancid piles of garbage strewn across the main street. Along the coast, 12,000 waterfront homes are crumbling into the sea. Broken slabs of concrete are piled up on the sand, their tangled steel reinforcement protruding like rusty bones.

Castel Volturno, on the ancient coastal road between Rome and Naples, was once a seaside playground for the southern Italian elite. Now it is a lawless wasteland abandoned by the state.

According to Italy’s anti-mafia agency, it is the European headquarters of the Nigerian mafia.

The seaside village’s plunge into chaos has allowed this new mafia to take root amid the decay. Having disguised themselves among the migrants and refugees crowding boats from Libya, Nigerian crime lords have carved out a lucrative trade in people smuggling, drug running and prostitution. Even the local mafia fear them.

‘An African city in Europe’

Flanked by his state-appointed police escorts, Mr Schiavone is clear about who is to blame for Castel Volturno’s dire state: the Camorra, one of Italy’s old mafia clans with its power base in nearby Naples.

“They were the beginning of the deterioration,” he says. “For this, you have to give them credit.”

In the 1970s, he moved here with his wife as a young surgeon, drawn to the beauty of what was then a beachside paradise. Mr Schiavone now owns the local hospital and is spending $130 million upgrading the site. When the Camorra found out, they wanted a cut.

The last time he refused their demands, they blew up his garage with his car inside it. For the last 12 years he has lived under constant police guard, fearing the vengeance of the Camorra.

Until the 1960s, Castel Volturno was known mostly for its tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Then the Camorra put it on the map for all the wrong reasons. Almost overnight, the mafia razed a coastal pine forest along the water’s edge and built an 800,000-square-metre development without official authorisation.

Prosecutors eventually seized thousands of illegal homes and members of the Camorra went to jail for breaching planning and environmental laws.

For a time the buildings were left standing, unoccupied and increasingly decrepit. Then, in 1980, an earthquake outside Naples left 250,000 people homeless. The government bussed them to Castel Volturno to live in the vacant homes.

Many local residents fled and when the earthquake victims eventually left too, the state chose not to invest in the rehabilitation of Castel Volturno. The illegal buildings were knocked down and, shockingly, the organised crime family behind the original, illegal development was awarded the contract to rebuild.

Today, the town stands as a testament to perpetual neglect. Real estate windows spruik absolute beachfront properties for less than 15,000 euros ($27,000).

Mr Saviano has been studying the changes in Castel Volturno with the same forensic obsession that saw him forced into hiding in 2007 after the publication of his global bestseller, Gomorrah. He’s one of 20 Italian writers who are now under 24-hour police guard thanks to their mafia exposes.

The Nigerian mafia has come to Italy with a speed and force that’s stunned even local mafia bosses, he says. Castel Volturno, where Mr Saviano once holidayed as a child, is now “an African city in Europe … culturally African”. Half of the 50,000 residents are African, many of them undocumented. They find a place to hide here, but without official documentation or rights, many are easy prey for ruthless Nigerian mafia bosses.

“They immediately risk falling into the mobster net,” he says. “The crime boss maybe says, ‘If you don’t have a house, I’ll give you one for a little favour’. Then it’s something more, something more.”

This nominally remains a Camorra territory, but the old mob has learnt it pays to work with the Nigerians.

In 2008, the Camorra waged a bloody turf war on their upstart rivals, killing six Africans in a hail of bullets. After that showdown, they struck a truce. The Nigerian mafia is allowed to ply its illicit trade with the Camorra’s permission while giving them a cut of the takings.

“That area was handed over by the Italian networks to the Nigerians to manage,” says Mr Saviano. “It was an admission first and foremost that it was no longer useful for the Camorra Casalesi clan to command street to street in Castel Volturno, because there’s an enormous African community that could be better managed by the Nigerian mafia.”

It’s an arrangement the Nigerian mafia have worked out with the homegrown mob in other parts of Italy too.

A 2017 investigation published by the Cambridge Centre for Applied Research into human trafficking reported a faction of the Nigerian mafia, known as Black Axe, had “negotiated a deal with Cosa Nostra bosses in Sicily, buying the rights to operate in designated areas on the island”.

Vincenzo Schiavone has witnessed the gruesome effects of the Nigerian mafia presence in Castel Volturno in the emergency ward of his hospital, the Pineta Grande.

“We have seen people come in with heads struck with machetes, others have been bitten,” Mr Schiavone says.

The Pineta Grande also sees more drug mules than any other hospital in Italy. Doctors told Foreign Correspondent young African men are arriving with stomachs full of narcotics, some smuggling up to 1.2kg of cocaine in individually wrapped capsules the doctors describe as “eggs”.

In other parts of Italy, authorities have noticed a rise in the number of young pregnant Nigerian women dying from drug overdoses when capsules burst inside them. Pregnant women are less likely to face suspicion in transit. No one would imagine they could be drug mules.

On the Via Domiziana about 35km north of Naples, cars slow down to a crawl. This is one of southern Italy’s major highways, ferrying commuters to the region’s capital and beyond. This section of the road passing through Castel Volturno is well known to Italian men. Here they can buy sex from Nigerian girls — some as young as 12— for $8. Until two years ago, Joy Ezekiel was one of the women working on the Via Domiziana.

“Whenever a car came, they take us to the bush,” says Joy, recalling the 12 months she spent as a prostitute. “I don’t know who I’m going with. I don’t know who this person is. What does he have for me? Is he going to beat me up?

“Sometimes they’ll come, they’ll show you a gun. They won’t pay. They’ll do what they want to do then leave.”

The UN’s International Organisation for Migration estimates 80 per cent of the Nigerian women and girls arriving by sea are likely to be victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation in Italy.

“I was actually in the hands of the mafia,” says Joy. “The Nigerian mafia.”

Joy looks uncomfortable as she tells of the harrowing circumstances which led her to Italy in 2016, at the height of Europe’s migrant crisis. How she was tricked and traded by her own family, handed to the Nigerian mafia’s people smugglers and trafficked 4,000km from her home in Benin City, Nigeria. In Italy, things would only get worse.

After the death of Joy’s father, her home was regularly visited by a Pentecostal pastor who brought money for the family’s single mother and six children. The pastor, a woman, eventually offered Joy a ticket to Italy with the promise of a job as a hairdresser and a room in her own mother’s home.

The ruse was sealed with a black magic ceremony, known in Nigeria as “Ju Ju”. Joy’s forehead was marked with the blood of a slaughtered chicken and she was forced to swear an oath not to misbehave for her hosts in Italy. The consequences of breaking the curse, she believed, would be death to herself or her family in Nigeria.

Leaving her home in a minibus, Joy still had no inkling that she was in the clutches of the mafia until she reached Agadez, Niger, where she was ordered to board one of several trucks packed with other migrants.

When armed men circled the convoy and demanded 500 euros from her driver, Joy’s dreams of la dolce vita instantly began to sour. The driver, unable or unwilling to hand over the cash, offered up one of Joy’s fellow passengers in lieu of payment. Joy has had nightmares about what might have happened to her.

Over two soul-destroying weeks, she watched one of her companions perish after two days without water in the searing desert heat. All of them facing dehydration. The remaining passengers were forced to drink from a well whose murky water could not hide the decomposing corpse inside. In a detention camp in Tripoli, her final stop before passage by boat across the Mediterranean, Joy saw a 13-year-old female companion taken captive and raped by seven men on rotation for an entire night.

When she finally arrived in Castel Volturno four months later, Joy was pregnant from rape. Despite everything, she still believed her pastor’s mother might provide protection and her waking nightmare might soon be over.

She was wrong. The woman swiftly organised a home abortion and, still bleeding and traumatised, Joy was forced onto the Via Domiziana the same day.

Stripped of her identity and dignity, Joy was told the price of her freedom was 35,000 euros ($60,000). It would have taken Joy years to pay off her madam, had she not managed to escape.

Joy’s experience of becoming entangled in the mafia’s web is a common one. Blessing Okoedion told Foreign Correspondent how she was also enchanted by a trusted woman in her hometown in Nigeria.

When she arrived in Italy with a two-year working visa stamped in her passport, her madam took her documents and demanded 65,000 euros to get them back.

“I was also told to pay 150 euros a month to the Camorra,” says Blessing. “I believe they have a collaboration. It’s an agreement they have struck to work together.”

Roberto Saviano says the Nigerian criminal network is organised and sophisticated. What makes it distinct in Italy is the place of women in its organisational structure.

“Prostitution, which is fundamental to the [Nigerian] mafia operations, is managed and run by the women,” he says.

Joy and Blessing have both been granted Italian residency since reporting their stories to the police. Joy’s captors are facing trial, but the legal system is so far struggling to prove the Nigerians are in fact mafia.

Palermo, on the island of Sicily, is the birthplace of the Italian mafia and the second major hub for Nigerian organised crime in Italy.

The Nigerians are the first foreigners to be prosecuted under Italy’s anti-mafia laws. In 2007, 20 Nigerian men were convicted in Turin for crimes dating back to 1999.

In 2016, 17 Nigerian men were arrested in Palermo and charged with being members of the mafia. Five of them have since been acquitted. All were taken into custody on the testimony of a single informant.

The lawyer defending the men, Cinizia Pecoraro, says the whole trial is a sham and that Black Axe is at best a cult. She questions the existence of a Nigerian mafia in Palermo.

“No one in Palermo has been able to explain the group’s configuration and what illegal activity it’s involved in,” she says. “Not even the informant. In all his questioning he never once referred to Black Axe being engaged in any illegal activity.”

Among those acquitted was the man Italy’s anti-mafia intelligence agency, the DIA, called the Nigerian mafia’s “Minister of Defence” in Italy.

When Foreign Correspondent spoke with the so-called minister, he denied ever having heard of Black Axe.

DIA director Giuseppe Governale firmly believes the men are guilty of mafia association but is frustrated that the Italian courts are finding it hard to make the charges stick.

“We find ourselves in a similar situation as those who are fighting terrorists,” he says. “It’s what we call asymmetrical. In other words, the adversary plays by his rules and we play by different ones. We don’t have the tools to combat them.”

Mr Governale grew up in Palermo when there was a murder on the streets almost every day. For him, the fight against the mafia is personal. On the desk in his office in Rome is a picture of himself as a nine-year-old boy standing nearby the local police chief he idolised as a child. Shortly after the photo was taken, the officer and his wife were killed in a car bomb attack. It was payback from the mafia.

Mr Governale has made a career out of studying the Italian mafia’s inner workings. He says the Nigerian mafia has many similarities with the old syndicate, including its “oaths, its sense of belonging, the capacity to coerce, the code of silence, the ultimate privacy pact and confidentiality.”

He has also seen how the Nigerian mafia has earnt the respect of the old mob, who he claims are “afraid that the Nigerians have the capacity to exercise the same magnitude of violence”.

“Because in that world, everything is determined, not by rules but rather by who has the capacity to carry out violence. To be pitiless.”

But the threat is even more difficult to contain. Penetrating their operations has been difficult for reasons of language and cultural sensitivities.

Roberto Saviano has no doubts that the Nigerian mafia is real and will remain as difficult for law enforcement agencies to root out as the Italian mob. But he says the solution lies in tackling the conditions that have made migrants vulnerable to exploitation by the ruthless crime syndicates.

“You can only resolve the problem of Castel Volturno by giving people rights,” he says. “Full rights of citizenship for African workers, allowing the city to live its calling as an international city.”

Vincenzo Schiavone despairs that first the Camorra, and now the Nigerian mafia, seem to have found “a perfect habitat” in the wasteland of Castel Volturno. He dreams of seeing the city rejuvenated.

“This is my territory. My mission has become to bring it back to what it once was. It’s not the dream of a fantasist. The state should have done this but it has abandoned us.”



Bergamo Head Busting Wahala

This a report of one lord who stay in Bergamo ju name JUDE (+39********99) stroge name OBA AKENZUA blended 2010 at Benin zone.

On sunday a groove was at Brembate sopra(Bergamo) very close to my house, and i was invited by ju name Osas, when i got there i saw ju name Jude he ask me to drop him at ponte train station when an going i say ok, so we where together,suddenly i did not see ju name Jude i check for him he was no where to be found then i went home.After about five minites ju name osas call me to inform me that there is cops in that groove because Jude has bust a boy head at the same time Jude called me that i should please come and carry him from the groove i went to pick him, i asked him why did he burst the boy head he denied until i find out that it was true, then i called 3 lords in the town to tell me more about him i find out that he is a constitutor in the town that he did this same thing with one lord ju name Austine that was why he when to Nigeria for blending i believe this great movement will not accommodate this kind of act that is the reason i tender this issue to the zone for observation of ju name Jude.

Lord Abela Titular Crier 2 Italian Zone

Brescia Drunken Wahala


The Brescia inter-talk/seminar commenced @5:10pm with 14 lords in attendance,Lord thiogo wantiogo was the emergengy cp, introduction of lords present was followed and NBM anthem was recited, LP was sang to make the house colorful. Lord thiogo wanthiogo advised lords on issue concerning onelove among our self.

Lord el kanemi told the house that Lord ibin godidi (zonal Head) is on his way to this IT and all lords should be of good conduct and behave their self, Lord nnmadi azikiwe (ju name Ehis) added to what lord el kanemi said by telling the house that we should be very happy and privileged to have our zonal Head in brescia. lord bizingo (Ju name Eghe) asked if the zonal head is coming for our inauguration, Lord el kanemi replied by telling him that our zonal Head is coming to give a seminar not for our inauguration and Brescia as a city has not meet up to the requirement and we all are still in the process.

Lord El kanemi read the requirement needed for operating a neighborhood and told the house that we elected our chairman in our first IT, which was an over sight and was suppose to be number 5 in the requirement but all the same we have done number 5 in the requirement and we should work together to successfully have our neighborhood.Lord sudiata kaiyita( ju name police) asked if our elected neighborhood chairman has been accredited by the zone? He replied and said No but he will do so very soon.

At 8:01 the zonal head arrived with his B1, B2 and verona neighborhood chairman and verona neighborhood B1.

Lord ibin godidi(Head) started by telling lords in brescia to do away from violence and the days of temple behavior is over. If you feel too rugged, why don’t you go to reggio emilia where earthquake happened and donate 2 euro instead of thinking about violence. He also added and said how can a lord enter a train without a train ticket and when he is later sent to the deportation camp, the same lord will start complaining that italians are racist. How can a lord walk up to another guy(ju) and slap or beat him up just because he is an axeman.

We should all work together to make Italian zone one of the best zone in the world. Lord Ibin godidi(Head) ask lord bula wire (ju name marvel) to explain the meaning of July 7, he stood up and said, it is a day were all Ayes come together and flex, Lord ibin godidi (Head) corrected marvel and told him that july 7 is not just to come together and flex. He later added and told the house about july 7 coming up in Padova and the dressing code is black and white or Regalia (African wear) and the time is 5pm till 00 hours.
Lord bula wire(Ju name marvel )was asked to tell the house a brief history of Bula wire, He replied and said that bula wire is a freedom fighter. Lord ibin godidi (Head) asked him if that is the only thing he knows about bula wire, he replied yes.

Ju name marvel was asked to tell the house what really went wrong that he had to slap a grown up man. He replied and said, that very day he was with lord walter susulu(ju name collins) and lord Marcus Garve (ju name Oz) he was drunk already and slept off in the parco so when he woke up, the two lords started calling him Obote for drinking and sleeping in the parco even a ju came around and laughed at him when he was sleeping. He asked the two lords where is the ju that was laughing at him they pointed at one boy, he walked up to the boy and slapped him twice. Lord ibin godidi (Head) told his B2 to discharge his duty by giving ju name mavel 22 jenet.

Lord Ibin godidi (Head) asked Lord walter susulu (ju name collins) to tell the house how everything happened because he was there. he narrated a similar story but disagreed that no body told ju name marvel that a ju came and laughed at him, He woke up and just went to the boy, slapped him for no reason. Lord ibin godidi (Head) also told lord Marcus Garve to narrate his own side of the story, which he did. Lord Marcus Garve (ju name Oz) told the house that when ju name marvel woke up they told him that he has been sleeping for over 2 hours and so many ju’s have been passing by. Then marvel woke up walked up to a certain ju close to them and slapped him twice.

Lord Ibin godidi(Head) asked Lord El kanemi (ju name Hennessy) if he was there when the whole incident happened and if what ju name Oz said is correct, Lord El kanemi replied and said yes. Lord Ibin godidi(Head) asked the zonal B2 to give Lord Bula wire (ju name marvel) 30 jenet and placing an embargo on him to stay away from alcohol in any public place for a period of 3 months.

Lord ibin godidi (Head) told Lord sodiata kaiyita(ju name police) to stand up and tell the house why he collected money from a zonal exco and lied to him that you wanted to use it to travel along with them to the IT held at marche region which he never attended. Lord ibin godidi told him to fall out for 20 jenet.

Lord Austin momento (ju name wizzi) raised another issue concerning some lords that drink and misbehave, he later use Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) as an example. Lord nnmadi Azikiwe (ju name Ehis) added by saying ju name Eghe do get drunk and become too violent. Ju name Eghe was asked by the zonal Head if what these lords just said are true, he replied and said No. Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) told the house that what these lords are saying are things that happen last year and since this year he have been of good conduct. Lord El kanemi (ju name hennessy) told the house that Lord Bizingo (ju name Eghe) use to be too aggressive when he drinks but he have not seen eghe in such act again.

Lord ibin godidi(head) asked four lords to observe and contribute on the issue concerning ju name Eghe. the four lords that contributed were Lord Sodiata Kaiyita(ju name police), Lord lourent Kabilla (ju name kizzo. zonal B1), Lord Muta muta Baruka(ju name John. Verona neighborhood chairman) and Ju name atekha (verona neighborhood B1).

Lord Ibin godidi (Head) asked ju name Eghe to fall out for 30 jenet but later reduced to 20.

Lord El kanemi was ask to fall out for 20 jenet for taking laws into his hand when marvel was drunk but later reduced to 8.

Lord walter Susulu (ju name Collins) was asked to fall out for 30 jenet by the zonal Head for slapping a fellow lord and fighting the lord with his eiye brother but later reduced to 20.

The closing prayer was said at 11:59pm by the emergency cp.

FJ 2 2002
Brescia Caretaker committee Member

The Good Sister of Highway SS385


Italien/ Prostitution/ Nonnen

Prostitution in Sicily

The Good Sister of Highway SS385

Many women who flee Nigeria for Europe fall into the clutches of human traffickers and are forced to work as prostitutes. A road in Sicily has become a symbol of their plight, and a local nun is trying to help them.
The body of the young woman had been stored in the Garibaldi Hospital in Catania for a whole week before Sister Chiara showed up. But after taking one look at the dead woman’s face, the nun knew immediately who it was lying cold and stiff on the gurney: Elena, a Nigerian prostitute who had plied her trade on highway SS385 on the Italian island of Sicily.

Nigerians terrorize Italian city


The Nigerian mafia has been busy in the Italian city of Padua. In less than 24 hours there were two violent episodes in the city center, and as always on via Diego Valeri.

There is no peace for the residents of the center of Padua, particularly in the immediate vicinity of via Diego Valeri, a road bordering the area occupied by the former gas facility, which has become for some time a meeting place for loiterers and drug addicts. Il Giornale reported on the drug dealing, robbery and aggressions.

The city in Northern Italy’s Veneto region, is known for the frescoes by Giotto in its Scrovegni Chapel from 1303–05, but taking up new space in the local news are criminal foreigners, in particular of Nigerian nationality.

It has become so bad, that in the municipal council has taken up the issue. The motion on the Nigerian mafia brought to the agenda by the director of Fratelli d’Italia [Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni’s party] in Padua, Elena Cappellini, as reported by the local press, was approved with 18 votes in favor.

The Nigerian mafia is a concrete problem and it is useless to ignore the problem and talk of fantasies to minimize the extent of it, the newspaper noted.

Within the space of a few hours, at the troubled via Diego Valeri, there were two separate cases involving young African perpetrators: First the theft in the interior of a restaurant, and then a viscous fight which involved a group of at least eight men of Nigerian nationality.

The first incident, last Monday, on January 13, happened in the middle of the night. After closing time of the commercial business, the restaurant Antica Cina [Old China] was targeted. Using the concrete base of a street sign, two Africans, with faces exposed, repeatedly struck the window of the business until it was shattered. Once the breach was opened, one foreigner entered the location, taking a cash register, and then returned outside, where an accomplice was waiting for him. All the images were taken by a video surveillance camera installed in the immediate vicinity of the restaurant itself.

Not even 24 hours later, in the late afternoon of Tuesday January 14, a new incident was recorded, with the beating of an Italian drug addict by a gang of Nigerians, who began to fight among themselves.

It was about 6pm, and as one of the witnesses, the lawyer Giorgio Ronzani, told local daily Il Gazzettino, he was present at a scene “of unheard-of violence – an Italian, I believe a drug addict, was yelling for help while being submerged in a rain of kicks and punches”.

Afterward blows were exchanged among the same Africans, and they began to throw themselves at each other. “The employees of the area’s offices came out to see what was happening. I also shouted, ‘Stop’. It was all useless”, recalled the witness.

“In via Valeri they deal drugs every day,” reported Ronzani. “The owners of the looted restaurant are my clients. They wanted to open a recreational club in Guadenzio Passageway, in the place where a bar is now closed. The municipality, with the assessor Bressa, was also in favor because by opening gathering places the degradation by the drug dealers is eliminated. But now the Asian business people are afraid.”

As previously mentioned, the municipality has taken up the problem in a serious manner, talking openly of the Nigerian mafia, thanks to the motions of Fratelli d’Italia. Among the supporters is also Luigi Tarzia, an advisor to the security commission and to the municipality of Padua. “The phenomenon of the Nigerian mafia is in constant expansion. The areas hit hardest are the railway station and San Carlo all’Arcella. While in De Gasperi Square, thanks to private security, the African drug dealers have been kept away,” he explained.

Highly organised Nigerian gangs operate worldwide, and the Neo Black Movement of Africa has become particularly notorious.

The atrocities committed by members are well-known, according to an UNHCR report. It is claimed that the group’s initial goal of promoting black consciousness, has deteriorated into self-serving criminal behaviour that is “notoriously and brutally violent”.

Apart from the atrocities in the orbit of NBM, most members are also involved in fraud and cyber crime.

Investigations and a number of arrests of members of NBM by the Italian police brought to light various crimes committed by members of NBM. NBM and other cults were found guilty of smuggling of drugs, extortion, 419 fraud, prostitution, passport falsification, and cloning of credit cards.

In 2011, eight more members of NBM were arrested in Italy for the same offenses mentioned above. They are referred to as an international criminal organisation and Nigerian Mafia. According to internal documents, the confraternity helps members to immigrate illegally to Europe.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has meanwhile granted two migrant transport NGOs permission to drop off more African migrants in Italian ports as the country looks at renewing funds for a migrant agency previously defunded by Matteo Salvini.

The Italian leader granted port access to the Sea Watch 3 vessel with 119 migrants on board on Tuesday, with the vessel docking at the port of Taranto, while the port of Messina is expected to receive a vessel from the Spanish NGO Open Arms, Il Giornale reported.

“We are happy that our guests can finally step on safe land, but there is still a lot that needs to be changed: Shady deals with Libya, further ad-hoc agreements, EU-funded human rights abuses, this must stop!” Sea-Watch stated on Twitter.

The move comes as Democratic Party (PD) Chamber leader Graziano Delrio announced that the protection system for asylum seekers (Sprar) that had seen its centres closed and defunded by Salvini, would be reinstated.

Giuseppe Civati, a former member of the PD, said that the Salvini migration and security decrees should be totally abolished and advocated the return of the so-called “humanitarian protection” residency permit which allows migrants who fail asylum claims because they are not legitimate refugees to remain in the country — a policy scrapped by Salvini.

The number of new arrivals has risen since Salvini and his League party left the government in September of 2019.

“From September to today, considering the immigrants arriving in Taranto, Italy has received 6 249 people. In the previous eight months, with the League in government and more favourable weather conditions for departures, there were 4 976 arrivals,” Salvini said last month.

The Minister of the Interior, Luciana Lamorgese, has already twice received representatives of NGOs operating in the Mediterranean, including those of organisations investigated for aiding illegal immigration, such as the Sea Watch, the Open Arms which will have to go to trial on request of the Procura di Ragusa and Mediterranea, which has seized two ships.

The excuse is that of a “collaboration”, but the Interior Ministry has once again opened the borders in spite of Salvini’s safety decrees, bringing thousands of African migrants into Italy and legitimizing the sea taxis.

Some 1 611 people left the Libyan coast in four days. The coast guard of that country intercepted 967. What is strange is that all the rescues came after a call from Alarm Phone, the rescue phone platform of Father Mussie Zerai, who was also investigated for aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

Francesca Totolo, an NGO and migration expert, showed in a study how the boats leave only when the rescue boats are in the Libyan SAR zone.

Another question that has remained unanswered is why does Ocean Viking, for example, appear on the IMO (International Maritime Organization) website as a platform ship and not a rescue ship when it systematically recovers immigrants?

This week, the US State Department issued a second-level alert for Italy, advising its citizens traveling in the country to exercise caution.

Italy Zone Wahala – Vomiting Money

From 2015… a petition against the attempted removal of the former Italy Zone Head by the Italy COE (Council of Elders). Following an incident that involves a car accident, strangulation, “thrumped up” charges, the embezzlement of 18,000 Euros and someone vomiting money. 

Picture 17229Picture 17230

Napoli Wahala – The Adventures of Johnbull

Historic incident effecting the Napoli Forum (sub-zone of the Italy Zone) Co-ordinator Iroguosa Orlando AKA ‘Lord Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’ featuring the now well known Austin Ewosa AKA ‘Johnbull’ AKA ‘Fifty Cent’ AKA ‘Lord Barsi Bagada’ 

Austin Ewosa was in 2016 sentenced to 12 years in prison after standing accused of: assault, intimidation, criminal association and attempted murder.

He testified against the Neo Black Movement exposing the organisations activities of drug running, human trafficking, murder, economic crimes, prostitution and various other nasty activities. 

In this incident he faced disciplinary action by the NBM for his part in a burglary of  Iroguosa Orlando’s apartment. 

Another of the countless examples of NBM disciplinary action been taken against a member not for committing crime but for committing a crime against another member of the organisation. 

Lord Ngũgĩ wa Thiong (Iroguosa Orlando) explains the events:


Aye my regional cordinator and my other heads in the
na me be lord ngugi wa thiong’o jn name alasa shedrack present cordinator napoli forum.
I have a little matter to present and i want the Regional Head and the rest Heads in the Region to look into it and use their good office to make a proper disicion,it all started one morning when some lords came to my house to see a fellow lord that lives with me on a businees matter his name is (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma fj 2/ 2001)at the long run the lady that was introduce by (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma,,,,, into the business ran away with the goods up till now she is no were to be found but the other lords say it was a plan work between the lord and the woman, this said lord has gone round to the placeses were he knows that the lady can be found but all to no avail.
I told (JN goodluck ogbor ,AYE idris aloma,,,,,,that what he has to do is to find a way to talk to the lords to give him more time to find this lady if she was arrested or she ran away just like that if the worst come to worst he will find away to pay back the money but he needs some time to do all this.
I was not in town when one of the lords came to my house (JN oshodi  shegun Aye Mutamuta baruka  Fj 2 1998 )and broke 1 of my speckers and fought with (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma)when i came i saw it was not that damage so i left it that way,i bought a ticket amount 50euros for (JN goodluck,AYE idris aloma) to go to padova were he got a code that the lady was hiding before now (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma) has also gone to sardegna to look for this same lady,when my lord came from padova i told him to go and meet up with the rest lords and tell dem his outcome after some hours time i got a call from (JN oshodi  shegun Aye Mutamuta baruka  Fj 2 1998  )saying he got the message i sent to him through (JN goodluck ogbor,AYE idris aloma)and that he was going to send his own message that i should be ready for it,i called him back to know which message was that but he did not pick his call again,i reported this whole issue to my head austria zone jn isa,he told me to call them but i tried and no body was picking my calls.
I left town on sunday which was on the 7th of august and on the 10th the jew friend that was with me brought his phone and said that (JN johnbull osas alies 50 aye barsi bagada ikpentan 2004 ) called him to open the door that he has message 4 me the jew told him i was not at home,later i called (JN goodluck,AYE idris aloma)he told me he was not at home then he said that he saw missed call on his phone and then he called back the number it was (JN osasuwmen, Aye Ayakata Morhammend  FJ 1(1999 )A bucher in the forum, he told (JN goodluck,AYE idris aloma) that he was lucky that he was not inside the house if not he would have been a dead man that they just want to inform him that they have vadalize the house,when (JN goodluck,AYE idris aloma)got home he saw what they really did in the house then he called me that things are missing in the house then i called my austria head but his phone was not going then i called my germany head then i narracted everything to him,even before then he said he had goten the gist and that i should get home first to see what they really took.
I want to ask a question why will a LORD break into another LORDs house?
is that not a criminal act?
In NBM that is Aye Omila and that is what we don,t want in this great MOVEMENT.
When i got to the house my mind was to report the case to the police but BASE on the LORD when i be and my position as a corditor my mind will not let me don it.
this are the items they took from my house when they broke in
1)    3 laptops——include 1 sony and 2 HPS with their wires.
2)    2  decodas.
3)    1 dvd player and wolfer
4)     hand chain and neck lace
5)     printer and a catton of evelope
6)     1 motorola phone
7)     cd plates
8)     role of wires.
9.     wind internet key
As for the door i have taken pictures of it so that my fellow lords can see,my landlord has ask me to get a police report and to replace the door as soon as possible or i will lose the my house.

I swear by KOROFO that if i know about their business or i was part of it may KRF squice life out of me.

I want this matter to be looked into ASAP.
May Baba K  provide all my heads world wide with wisdom .   Assseee.!
lord ngugi wa thiong’o
IKpitan 97
napoli cordi.



The matter is examined by a committee set up by the NBM and a proposal to resolve the issue is made by the Italian Care-taker Committee Chairman Lord Ibin Godidi (Uwagboe Osahenagharu):


Aye Axemen

Aye my European Regional Coordinator
Aye my Zonal Heads in the Region and to all Chairman COE

The committee extend invitation to all the concern  lords involved in the breaking and entry into the resident of napoli forum coordinator without his concept
and some of his properties  was removed. The European Region and National body has been informed about the ugly incident . The Italian Caretaker committee approved by the national body here by invite the following lords to present at the committee IT slated for verona 13th saturday of this month 2011 without excuse to resolve the chaos in napoli    1  OSASU  2  OLA  3  OSHO  4  FIFTY CENT and the rest other three men . Ignoring the zonal committee IT INVITATION to look on how to resolve the whole issues amicably might lead to ugly decision by recommending those involved to the European Regional
body for De-axetiation. May korofo grant us all travelling mercy to attend the Inter-Talk. Ase !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Care-taker committee adopted disciplinary measure against the concern lords involved in the ugly incident for ignoring the committee IT
after full dully observation to the matter presented to the committee by the napoli forum coordinator and evidence of prove that was tended
to  the house along with his testimony ju name Goodluck lord Idris Alooma(FJ2  2001) after seven minutes interrogation prove Napoli forum CD
innocent of been part of the dubious drog business that lead to the crisis. We the caretaker committee members to look into the affairs of the zone before the
full zonal flag administration begin will not condol with that can of miscrat attitude exhibited by the concern lords involved in breaking and entring
well is unfotunat that those can of Ayes are blended into the Neo Black Movement of Africa. Indeed illitracy is a deceased.


The Italian zonal Caretaker Committee agreed on the following resolution
Lords involved data base:  1 JN oshodi  shegun Lord Mutamuta baruka ( Fj 2 1998  )  2 JN johnbull osas (a.k.a Fifty cent) Lord barsi bagada( ikpitan2004 ) 3  JN osasuwmen, Lord Ayakata Morhammend  FJ 1(1999 ) while investigation are sill going on


1 The concern Lords should return back Napoli Coordinator properties with immediate effect(Deadline 7 days)
2 The chance of grace to resolved the whole issues can be re-visited if only they meet up with the deadline
3Thereafter the next step will be taken to know how to resolved the issue without violence
4 Taking laws into your hands is unconstitutional in NBM, it shall be adress on orientation class .After (item 3) adopted
5 tendering apology to Napoli coordinator for mercy and unification of all lords in napoli forum for peice and unity
6 Above all failing to meet up with the deadline of (item 1) Recommendation for De-axetiation to the European Regional Coordinator to
be  effective from on  the day 14th sunday august this month 2011 after 00 hour.
7 There after the coordi can report the issue to the Italian government authority for justice in the court of law.

Lord Ibin Godidi
Lippopo 2006
Italian Cate-taker Committee Chairman


An Inter-Talk is then arranged and time is dedicated to address the issue. It is arranged as the 14th matter during the IT to address (along with another instance of violence occurring in Vicenza):




However the IT does not go well.

Steve Osagiev (Italy Zone human trafficker now serving 6 years in prison) the Zonal Ihaza AKA ‘Lord Jessy Makoko’ explains:


The minutes of the last excos itohan,Napoli Forum on the 20-08-2011
na jew name ebuwa ,lord jessy makoko,s.k high temple2002,
       On that day during the excos IT some temple ayes that was not invited entered into the ground and started interupting my C.D..
        Jew name santus edokpayi,(Aye kaduna nzogwu)
        Jew name john osas aka fifthy(Aye Gbasi gbagada)
       As the itohan was going on,Jew name osho(bucher) said categorically that he doesn`t Recognise Jew name shedrack as the cordinator of the forum and shortly after Jew name fifthy also sophocated my cordinator and that was how the itohan was obstructed without due protocols observed…Then as the caios increased,all men decided to move but Lord Jessy Makoko was attached by Jew name Fifthy and Jew name Santus,tearing my shirt and harrassing me publicly..After some time Jew name ola and kp joined and they pronounced to raba me but The police interveined due to the crowd alert and constituiting of nuisance within residential area..
     After some time,the excos was able to move and change ground in other to fulfil the cry of Mama itohan…
    We were able to agree that Jew name Oshare should pay the for lost item in question..
    He agreed to pay without stress for the item in question within the period of three months..
 I n conclusion,with all due respect my Lords, I hereby leave this case for all the Head in the european region to look into this matter whereby uninvited  Temple Aiyes burst into escho sophocating my CD and attemted to rebel the escho..I will appreciate if my Regional Head look into matter and judge in the NBM way…
          With all Due Respect,
         Lord Jessy Makoko,jew name ebuwa
         Treasurer Italian zonal comitee..


Lord Ngũgĩ wa Thiong (Iroguosa Orlando) adds to the story documenting an incident before the IT where he was threatened by Johnbull who told him he’d tell all to the police should action be taken against him (a promise he clearly followed through on)


na me be lord NGUGI WA THIONG’O
Cordi napoli forum
AYE my regional head,COE,other Heads in the region,fellow cordi’s and to the committe chair man.
I don’t have much to say because JN ebuwa lord jessy makoko,s.k high temple 2002,as said it all about what happened at the last exco itohan,when those that were not invited came and disturb the peace of the itohan,what i really want is for my regional HEAD and my chair man care taker committe to help me ask (jn JOHN osas known as 50 cent,AYE barsi bagada ikpentan 2004 ) what is his aim in the movement and what he wants from me or the movent? he saw me at the train station before the itohan and he was insulting me and wanted to fight with me and treating to use police for lords if any thing happens to him,this he also said to my committe chair man.
OBSERVATION:I will want the region heads and committe chair man to look into the issue of (jn JOHN osas AKA 50 cent,AYE barsi bagada ikpentan 2004 )and the rest of his loyalist because they are out to bring the name of NBM down and for that simple reason i don’t belive they are needed in the system any more.
Make my heads when nor be headace use their good office to tackle this issue and may your regime never fail ASSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!


Italian Care-taker Committee Chairman Lord Ibin Godidi (Uwagboe Osahenagharu) forwards the matter to the European Regional Coordinator recommending Johnbull be de-axed:


Aye Axemem

Aye my European Regional Coordinator

We the members of the Neo Black Movement of Africa that constitute the care-taker committee  working out modalities to meet up with National Body’s requirement in line with the constitution of NBM on acticle 5 section 19 amendment under the guidance of the European regional body to re-activate Italian zone felt it necessary to announce to the European regional body notification on progressive step taken so far in napoli incident of breaking and entering
The committee resolution items that was sent to the region (item 1) has be archived after inter- contact conversation with the napoli coordinator confirmed
that his properties was return back  to his resident by one of the involved  lord JN osasuwmen, Lord Ayakata Morhammend  FJ 1(1999 ) time reported
22:45 pm before 00 hour the deadline immediately RCD was informed through fhone contact . Before we move on to the next (item 2) the committee executive here by agreed and recommend to NBM European Regional Coordinator. JN johnbull osas (a.k.a Fifty cent) Lord barsi bagada( ikpitan2004 ) for
De-axetiation, while JN santus edokpayi,(Aye kaduna nzogwu)  for indefinite suspension.
The Italian committee urge the region to act as quickly as possible before things fall apart . lords who have the goes to insult coordinator, fight and tear
committee treasurer shirt in the pubic, neglecting NBM constitution can also do the same to any zonal head if he is not death with for others to learn
may korofo grant us all our heart desire as work together with unity to archive a better aim for NBM world wide Aye Axemen !!!!!!!

Lord Ibin Godidi
Lippopo 2006
Care-Taker Committee Chairman


The recommendation is accepted and the de-axation notice is served by the Austria Head (this would generally be an unorthodox member to make that decision but this came at a time when the Italy Zone had been stripped of it’s Zonal status and all Lords placed under the Austria Zones authority) 


Notice of Suspension and Deaxation

Aye my ZH, Cordis and Axemen world wide,
By the powers conferred on me by the council of elders neo black movement of africa, I hereby deaxe Juname fifty, Lord Bazi Bagada (Ikpitan 2004).
Juname Santus Edopkayi,(kaduna Nzeogu), Juname Oshodi, juname Ola and Juname KP are all placed on indefinite suspension till further notice.
As agreed, Oshare should pay the said amount within the time frame or he will be the next for deaxation.
Aye axemen!!!
Jesse Makoko,
Axe Head, Austria Zone.




The thoughts of Aye Santos Kabaka 1, ZAR ’04, South Eastern Zone:

On the judgment day, all men shall stand to give account of themselves before the throne, you will stand and I will stand but before you dance ‘Egumo’ in the circumference of the authority of a mortal without being ignorantly stupendous. But with a more probing mind and mentality one may say that the Neo-Black Movement has not leaved to its philosophy.

Sadly and very regrettably the stage or internal power structure that was once synonymous with objectivity, rationality, wisdom, discipline, strong moral values, anti-oppressive tendencies etc. have since been captured by hangers-on. Thus celebrating mediocrity and ignorance to the values and ideals of the NBM and the society at large through leadership imposition and recycling. Rather than be a part finder for the social transformation of the Nigerian society, the NBM may have lost its flavour not yet its taste. And only those with a faulty periscope and intellectual obstruction would not concur and rather choose to prolong this chaotic, visionless structure without any concrete development plan for the movement like any civilized organization.

Today the social dynamics of our society may support the morally bankrupt saying that the end justifies the means, with a consolatory concept that no condition is permanent. Going down the memory lane, all African state may have overcome colonial domination and oppression, an ugly trend that once held our people captives in their own land. But for those brave and strong African soldiers like Nkrumah, Julius Nyirere, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Oliver Thambo, Siaka Steven e.t.c. Africans would still have been treated with disdain and subjugation. Every Axe-Man ought to be an Africa Soldier.

However, it is in line with the struggle and the progress of the black man, the Neo-Black Movement of Africa has anchored its philosophy, which is against oppression, indignity, exploitation, rape, injustices and all racist tendencies that once characterized our land, yet it is not “UHURU”.

Regrettably, most states in Africa are in worse situation than they were during Colonial Rule, no thanks to indigenous leadership, which is often credited with insecurity, corruption, selfishness, the lack of political ideology and the vision which has made the betterment and enjoyment of her people very elusive. Ironically the people seem to be okay with Nigeria as one of the “most corrupt and most happy people in the world”.

Rather than the end to these unproductive and retrogressive internal and external influence buried in an implosive and explosive elements of social degeneration of society. Nigerians themselves are collaborators of this retrogression, both as individuals and a group promoting the parochial and unimaginable degree of social and economic injustices prevailing in Nigeria .

So bad is this situation that has eating so deep into our psyche and resulting in a near state of hopelessness. Morality and good Conscience have become fugitive to our people. The “ends they say justify the means” rather than allow the means to justify the end. Power rest in the hands of the very strong and power no longer belong to the generality of the people. And if you can’t beat them, you join them. These statements are unprogressive and barrier to civilized development.

In the face of economic challenges people have resulted to politics and financial crimes as the only means to financial and economic emancipation at the expense of the people. Unfortunately Ayes are often recruited as political thugs and land speculators, so dirty and pitiable development that has claimed the lives of so many Ayes. Worst still is the near transformation of the Neo-Black Movement into an extension of every political party in power for the benefit and aggrandizement of a very few. This brings the leadership of the Movement in particular to bear, at every facet of the Movement.

The Neo-Black Movement according to “Encarta” dictionary has been defined as a criminal organization, how would a registered organization be so define, however with critical analysis of the activity and conduct of members of the Movement, one maybe tempted to agree that the Movement has over the years drifted from its original objectives and the old order, due to the conduct of some very few members of the organization, that have giving the NBM a bad reputation..

Every organization, movement and states progress and development is built on strong internal structure and mechanism that justifies its super structure. No organization progresses on weak internal mechanism. Therefore it is critical that NBM should have quality membership through its recruitment and orientation processes, to support the philosophy and ideology of the organization.

There is no doubt that the problems confronting the Movement are multi-hydra in nature and among the many problems of the NBM is its commercialization, the quest to make money particularly at the Temple Level, which have never been financially responsible to the Zones and National as the later have not proven to be sufficiently financially Accountable and Responsible. All manner of persons have been admitted into the movement without quality control. Majority of them lack in intellectual flavour, discipline and other moral values. With little or no proper orientation, they are like viruses polluting the entire system which has earned the Movement negative image in the eyes of the public and have cursed the Neo-Black Movement of Africa more troubles resulting in clashes with other groups.

Because the system has been polluted, Ayes no longer care for one another and members are no longer united as was the case before the last ten years, due to decadence, “unity is gone with the winds”. Reprisal attacks on other fraternities do not demonstrate love and unity among members. Such energies should be chaneled into more positive areas of benefit for Ayes. Every black-man is a brother of a true Axe-Man.

However, the no brother for NBM slogan no longer make a meaning to Ayes and the Neo-Black Movement, this has been brought by economic dependence, poverty and lack, and as a result poly-communualism and click is the order of the day in NBM with some Ayes showing double loyalty. Based on financial reward some Ayes have lost their integrity and would rather “obey their office chairman than any other person” what a decadence!

Our problem has been compounded by the lack of a comprehensive database of members which has made it difficult for effective monitoring of the activities of Ayes and Lords, where necessary appropriate socially justifiable disciplinary action can be taking. “Not the pady-pady style” that is the practice today.

With all sense of modesty, of all the Confraternities in the country, there is no doubt that none of them can match the philosophy of the Neo-Black Movement of Africa. Suffice to say that if its ideology is pursued with a commitment to assisting each other, members will excel in every area of their chosen profession and carrier, so that Ayes and Lords can be able to contribute to the political and economic emancipation of our people and ensuring a stable and developed society, certainly not when youths and members turn into thugs and criminals for agents of destabilization and exploitation for “peanuts”.

The growth of NBM over the years have brought it much envy and hatred from other rival Confraternities, such that any one the want recognition and popularity will always have to “fight or clash with Ayes” to make the public feel they are strong. NBM is the most militant and African consciences centered. But most worrisome is the conduct of some Ayes, who feel they are superman and “nothing dey happen” without regard for other people even fellow Axe-men create unnecessary clashes with other groups that has resulted in the death of innocent and unsuspecting members.

There is no doubt the NBM has the capacity to engage and neutralize any opposition from any rival Confraternity, if not all. Our strength is not in the number of wars and scores of rival deaths recorded, but in our strength to promote peace and development for social transform. It is therefore expedient that the human capital of the movement be directed to a more intellectual and wealth creating ventures in the interest of Nigerians and Africans in general. There should be a mechanism to assist qualified members secure jobs, to productively engage them and keeping them off the streets.

Therefore there has to be a structural re-engineering of Neo-Black Movement to meet the current socio- political and economic challenges that will promote innovation, research and development which will translate into wealth and improved standard of leaving for the black-man. As socio-animals we can not continue to pretend to be apolitical but none participating. If this must be realizable, it is incumbent on all Ayes and Lords to synergistically pursue this objective.

As an albatross, financial impropriety and lack of accountability, transparency and failure to manage generational gaps contradicts the very ideal of moral uprightness. Power is transient. The Headship is temporally for a period and to promote discipline; ‘H’ and Council of Elders must be accountable. As NBM affair is not for the exclusive preserve of a few to continually decide the direction of the pendulum of the Movement. Over the years the movement has been held to ransome by a “cabal of very rich and influential members”.

It is therefore expedient that the NBM must restructure itself or face the consequence of being a breeding ground for disoriented and criminally minded individuals as thugs and puns in the hands of some anti progressive and development elements in our society, who are very self-centered. Thus the movement should partner with security agencies and other fraternities for a more holistic peace plan in the society with commitment to common standardized entry requirement In the interest of the Movement, to promote discipline and other relevant values.

It is expedient that Lords with criminally gotten wealth should stay clear from NBM leadership. For a registered organization as the NBM, its financial transaction and accounts should be periodically audited to promote accountability at all levels of NBM, while we continually pursue social re-engineering of all Ayes and Lords to improve their lives and better the movement’s public relation. NBM should at this time be seen as a proactive and productive organization whose philosophy can be emulated through the evolvement of a new NBM in the personality and orientation of Ayes. After all any organization that can not improve the lives of its members and contribute to the development of the society is evil and there will be no need to be part of it. Am therefore constrained to leave you with the following questions, who is a true Axe-man, what is the membership strength of the movement, why has the older generation of the movement not comfortable with the statuesque, what is the level of its financial discipline and how well has the movement leaved up to its philosophy?


Aye Santos Kabaka 1
ZAR ’04.
South Eastern Zone