Nigerian mafia, the national head of the Black Ax commanded from L’Aquila

I was a little dumber after reading the BBC article but this one is quite good.

Edit: Having got hold of the names I can say the article is quite inaccurate when it suggests these guys formed a “low key” off the grid type of criminal existence. They are full blown overt NBM members flaunting their stuff for everyone to see.

Source: (and translated from Italian by Google)

L’AQUILA – Head of the Italian Black Ax, the Nigerian mafia with activities in 80 countries around the world, beheaded. The head of the Italian cult worked in L’Aquila.

Seki or “Titus”, the head of the Italian cult of the Black Ax , one of the most dangerous Nigerian mafias operating in over 80 countries in the world, had landed in Pozzallo in 2014 from a boat from Libya . He was then assigned to a reception center in L’Aquila , where he remained for about two years, before leaving for Reggio Emilia. But “Titus” had then decided to return to L’Aquila , for two reasons: the central position and close to Rome, which allowed him to better manage contacts with the leaders of the cult and the tranquility of the Abruzzo capital, where it was possible to pursue one of the basic rules: low profile. A low profile that however did not escape the operators of the Flying Squad of the Police Headquarters of L’Aquila , directed by Dr. Marco Mastrangelo , who tonight, with the help of the SCO (the Central Operational Service of the State Police) and the Mobile Squads of Rome, Rieti, Bari, Caserta, Naples, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Modena, Catania, Genoa, Messina, Potenza and Terni, have finalized the “Hello Bros” operation , carrying out 30 precautionary measures in prison issued by the Gip Guendalina Buccella upon request of the Attorney Michele Renzo and the Deputy Attorney Stefano Gallo , and subjecting 25 other suspects to search. Heavy protests: criminal association of mafia type, ex 416 bis , for the Black Ax, the most dangerous Nigerian mafia active in the world.

To illustrate the details of the operation, the Quaestor of L’Aquila, Gennaro Capoluogo , the Director of the Anti-crime Center, Francesco Messina , the Public Prosecutor of L’Aquila, Michele Renzo , the Deputy Prosecutor Stefano Gallo and the SCO Director, Fausto Lamparelli .

“The investigations – underlined the Attorney Renzo – were finalized thanks to the wealth of knowledge and ability to pay attention to what is happening in Italy. We often wonder about the presence of foreigners and integration, but there is no integration without respect for the rules “.

black police ax

Nigerian mafia, the tentacles of the Black Ax from L’Aquila to all of Italy.

In L’Aquila, therefore, the head of the Italian cult worked, a 35-year-old Nigerian who managed the criminal activities of the association, through a summit composed of “Small Boy” operating in Reggio Emilia, “Bross Irene” , who in Naples, “Esosa” from Bari, “Obalige” from Caserta and “Osamuy”from Rome. This is the criminal summit that managed the affairs of Blaxk Ax in Italy, with the head, “Titus” in L’Aquila. While not disdaining the “classic” dealing and prostitution sectors, “Titus” preferred the “low profile” imposed on the cult, which in fact operated mainly in online scams or in the so-called “romantic scams”. The earnings all went to Nigeria, but “collections” were also made to support the families of the arrested affiliates. The investigations started collaterally with the finalization of the “Papavero” drug operation. Among the couriers of that drug dealing system, just “Titus”, remained under observation thus allowing the police to behead the national leaders.

black police ax

Blacke Ax, origins and criminal history.

As explained by the Attorney Michele Renzo , the Black Ax was originally born as a university brotherhood operating in Nigeria with very healthy intentions, on the themes of anti-colonialism and anti-racism. Over time, however, the organization has lost its original connotations, resulting in a real criminal association which, according to the latest FBI report , is operational in over 80 countries around the world and is considered the most dangerous. The organization is territorially divided into “cult” which can correspond to the national territory, as in the case of Italy, or wider. At the head of the Italian cult, therefore, the 35-year-old who had chosen L’Aquila as an operations center.

Affiliation: just like the “homegrown” mafias, as explained by Commissioner Benedetta Mariani , head of the Judicial Police Office of the Prosecutor’s Office, and at the time of the facts with the L’Aquila Mobile Squad, the affiliation to the Black Ax takes place through very strict protocols and rituals : in the meantime, you must be introduced by a sort of “godfather” who acts as a “guarantor” of the loyalty of the new affiliate, who was subjected to tests of courage and rituals in the woods, based on drug “bombs” or the so-called Kokoma. “Titus” was a “fundamentalist” of the Black Ax, or – in addition to the low profile – required that the new generation be affiliated only in Nigeria.

mafia that, like the more advanced mafias, has gradually abandoned the “explosive violence” against individuals, as noted by the Attorney Renzo, for “violence on systems”, such as the economic one. In the two years of activity under investigation, in fact, the Black Ax has mobilized about 1 million euros, also using bit coins.

Operation “Hello Bross”, thanks from Mayor Biondi.

“Thanks and commendations” were addressed by the mayor of L’Aquila, Pierluigi Biondi , to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and to the State Police of the police headquarters of the capital for the operation that is leading to dismantle the Black Ax, the Nigerian mafia rooted in Italy with offices in several cities, including L’Aquila.

“To the district anti-mafia and anti-terrorism investigative direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the questore, the flying squad and the judicial police, who have brilliantly conducted the investigations for a long period, the women and men of the police engaged in this difficult operation against this trend of organized crime go the most fervent congratulations for the brilliant action they are conducting – added the mayor Biondi – Of course, to learn that for two years the boss of this organization, which had a wide circulation and that the investigators considered extremely dangerous lived in our city gives rise to more than one apprehension. But it is reassuring that the leader of this criminal structure, dedicated to drug trafficking, illegal immigration,

“It is also by virtue of the attention and skills of the police forces, as well as the general correctness of the citizens, that the Abruzzo capital is among the most peaceful and safe cities in the national field in the various surveys on the quality of life” concluded the mayor Biondi.

Italy rounds up 30 suspected mobsters from feared Nigerian Black Axe mafia clan infamous for ritual murders, mutilation and rape in the 1990s


Italian police have carried out raids across the country, arresting some 30 people suspected of operating for the Nigerian Black Axe mafia syndicate.

Police say they face about 100 charges including drug and people trafficking, prostitution and internet fraud.

The gang allegedly used the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to carry out clandestine financial transactions on the dark web.

Black Axe emerged from Nigeria in the 1970s, where they carried out rape, mutilation, and ritual murders.

They went on to build a powerful international network.

“There is evidence that the members had a direct connection with the Nigerian gang, drawing on the same vocabulary, symbols and affiliation rituals,” Italian police said.

Those arrested are accused of using Bitcoins on the dark web to buy the details of cloned credit cards, which were used for online shopping sprees.

The arrests took place in 14 provinces across the country and included the Black Axe’s alleged leader in Italy – a 35-year-old man who lived in L’Aquila, in the central Abruzzo region, Reuters news agency reported.

“This proves the ability of the judiciary and police forces to fight against old and new mafia groups which are trying to extend their criminal reach and expand their business,” Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese said in a statement.

Who are the Black Axe?

They are one of the most notorious secret societies to have emerged from Nigeria.

The Black Axe surfaced in the 1970s and were originally known as the Neo Black Movement. Its founders said the group’s aim was to “liberate” the black race.

But at universities, the group no longer seems to be driven by any political ideology. Instead, Black Axe members are accused of numerous killings and sexual attacks.

Other Nigerian secret societies, also referred to as confraternities and campus cults, have names like Vikings, Eiye (a word in the local Yoruba language for bird), and the Buccaneers.

They have a chain of command similar to militia groups, use code words and have insignia bearing the favourite weapon of the cult, along with its colour.

Members are promised protection from rival gangs, but it is mostly about power and popularity.

These secret societies are banned in Nigeria, and hundreds of members have been arrested and prosecuted over the years. Nevertheless, they continue to operate in the country, especially on university campuses, where they still attract new members.

Nigerian mafia, Palermo police blitz: new blow to the Viking

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Date: 4/2/21


(Translated by Google from Italian)

The investigators of the Flying Squad of the Foreign Crime and Prostitution Section had discovered the existence of another secret cult called “Viking”, with an operational cell also in Palermo

Operation Showdow. Hard blow by the state police to one of the most aggressive groups of the Nigerian mafia, active in Palermo. A precautionary custody order was carried out in prison for mafia-type association, serious injuries, exploitation of prostitution and drug dealing, issued by the investigating judge at the request of the group of magistrates of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate, coordinated by the Deputy Prosecutor Salvatore De Luca, against of 11 people. Research is still ongoing for three of them. In the past years, following the “Black Ax” and “No Fly Zone” operations, the investigators of the Flying Squad of the Foreign Crime and Prostitution Section, had discovered the existence of another secret cult called “Viking”, with an operating cell also in Palermo.

Emeka Don was also a member of this cult, already the recipient of the arrest of a suspect on July 9, 2019 and in the past the victim of attempted murder by one of the leaders of the cult “Black Ax”, Austine Johnbull, arrested and convicted of this crime. The subsequent operation called “Disconnection Zone” of July 2019 had led to the arrest of a crime suspect of 13 of its top members, so as to undermine the structure of the Vikings or “Supreme Vikings Confraternity”, whose members had been charged with the crime of criminal association of a mafia type. The Viking are a criminal association born in Nigeria, then spread to various European and non-European states.

It is characterized by having a hierarchically organized and branched structure throughout the national territory, with a strong intimidation capacity. The criminal association is mainly active in crimes against the person, above all in the occasion of clashes with the rival cult for the control of the territory and the supremacy within the Nigerian community; on drugs and against property. The purpose of the activities of the criminal team is to make the association stronger, both towards the associates and the Nigerian community and other Nigerian criminal groups.

With today’s restrictive measures, the Palermo Mobile Squad, it is explained, inflicts “another hard blow” to the Viking of the capital, reaching the capture of their leader, Parkinson Chukwuma, accused of management, promotion and affiliation to the group, with the aggravating circumstance of being an armed association. Alongside the members of the Viking Palermo there are also two other recipients of precautionary measures, George Oguike Obinna, known as “Okwele”, accused of brutal violence, and Frankline Duru, known as “Skorò”, who also carried out logistic activities, making his own restaurant available restaurant, in the heart of Ballarò, for meetings reserved only for members of the clan.

And it is precisely inside this place that the physical aggression by Emeka Don, Evans Ifeanyi Chukwu and Frank Chinedu took place, against a compatriot, guilty of not wanting to join the cult; the attack, also committed with glass bottles, had been so violent as to cause him to lose his upper incisors as well as several injuries to his face. The investigative investigations and the statements of some collaborators of justice, the investigators managed to demonstrate, in addition to the existence in Palermo of the “Viking” mafia association, also the presence of numerous prostitution houses in the historic center of Palermo, the “connection house “, and foreigners active in the sale of cocaine and heroin in the main town square.

Nigerian Mafia drug ring dismantled in Italy

If I paid someone to dismantle a shed in my garden and they took away 16 pieces of wood and left hundreds of pieces still standing… I’d argue they hadn’t in fact dismantled anything.


At least 16 people were arrested by Italian police on Tuesday after dismantling a Nigerian Mafia drug ring in the northern city of Trento, Italian news agency ANSA reported.

In their report, Italian police said they had carried out 20 raids in the regions of Trentino, Veneto and Lombardy, as part of the operation, dubbed ‘Underground’. An operation that made it possible to dismantle the gang that controlled drug trafficking in Trento. The 16 people arrested are drug dealers who “shuttled” between Trento and Venice for supplies

According to ANSA, drug trafficking and distribution were managed by a Nigerian woman, Agho Isoken Tina, alias Mama T. She would have been assisted by her son and her sister-in-law. The gang is said to have used prostitutes, one of the basic activities of the Nigerian mafia, to sell their goods. For the commander of the flying squad of Trento, Tommaso Niglio, who led the operation, most of the clients of his gangs represent asylum seekers who risk their lives in search of their daily fix. Half a kilogram of cocaine and heroin was also seized during the raid.

The Nigerian Mafia or the ” Black Ax”

Born in the footsteps of Cosa Nostra (Sicilian mafia) and Camorra (Naples mafia), the Nigerian mafia has taken up residence in southern Italy. Long subordinated to the Sicilian mafia where it managed the prostitution, drugs and human trafficking market, it gradually stood out especially after the birth of the ” Black Ax”, a network born in Nigeria and then exported to Italy. It is a well-structured organization, with international links, in Europe [notably in Nantes] and in the United States.

Neutralize the Nigerian mafia before it’s late


(Google Translated)

There are dozens of Nigerian couriers who daily transport drugs around Italy using trains, buses, taxis, bicycles, or simply walking around urban centers.

In the majority of cases they are “employees” of the various cults with a mafia connotation who have settled in many Italian regions. At the beginning of 2020 there were about 110 thousand Nigerians legally residing in our country, of which just under 7 thousand were registered in the capital.

The manpower of the street shop is, in general, entrusted to Nigerians who do not have residence permits but there are cases of asylum seekers or people already in possession of subsidiary protection permits.

Thus, in recent days, in Arezzo, the police arrested a forty-year-old Nigerian asylum seeker while he was giving doses of heroin to an Italian woman. Arrest who tried, in vain, to avoid another Nigerian who in Florence, at the sight of the policemen, tried to swallow the eggs with the heroin he was holding in his mouth, risking suffocating. Another arrest, in L’Aquila, of a 23-year-old Nigerian intent on peddling at the bus terminal while in Florence, at the airport, a Nigerian ended up in handcuffs after 65 eggs containing cocaine were identified in the intestine.

In Ballarò, Palermo, a district historically controlled by the Cosa Nostra family of Palermo Centro of the Porta Nuova district , the police stopped thirteen Nigerians (some beneficiaries of citizenship income) who were selling drugs with the collaboration of two Palermo people.

The belief on the part of the Nigerian mafia of its strength and the ability to operate independently in territorial areas in which Italian mafias notoriously play an important role, was also revealed in the course of investigations on Maphite (a brotherhood present in twelve in Emilia Romagna and Piedmont) so much so that every agreement between these and groups of Italian mafias has been “annihilated (…) we do not need them to operate in Italy: we can operate alone (….) we do not need them to the moment and if we have it we will be able to reconsider the registration in the future “(from the order of the Gip of Turin on the occasion of the operations” Maphite-Bible verde “and” Burning Flame “).

Since the beginning of the year, the police forces have arrested about a thousand Nigerians for trafficking / drug dealing, a number far lower than the 1,942 in 2019 and the 2,148 in 2018 (DCSA data) and this is partly explained by a slowdown in the action drugs and, above all, for the restrictions on the mobility of people – with road checks in some particularly incisive periods – which characterized (which still characterize) 2020 for the well-known pandemic.

However, drug trafficking is not the only criminal activity carried out by Nigerian organizations located throughout the country and “with an important presence also in the major islands (Sicily and Sardinia), in particular in Palermo and Cagliari) but also in Lazio, especially in the Capital “(see rel. DIA, 2019).

Among the fields of action of the Nigerian mafia are the trafficking of human beings, the exploitation of prostitution, forced begging, extortion, especially to the detriment of African citizens who manage commercial activities, the falsification of documents, monetary counterfeiting, scams and computer fraud, crimes against the person and property.

Perhaps there is still time to try to neutralize the Nigerian mafias but a vigorous and extensive repression activity throughout the country would be necessary even if the information obtained by the DIA, especially in the last few years, is particularly harmful if you think, for example , to the spread of these criminal associations throughout the country with presences (the Maphite ) also in Canada, United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, Malaysia and Ghana.

The numerous investigations carried out by the police forces in Italy have highlighted the role of the Black Ax which in terms of number of adherents would be the second Nigerian mafia organization present “in almost all regions” but with important “cells” in Piedmont and Sicily, mainly in Palermo (rel. DIA, cit.).

An association which, writes the Gup of the Court of Palermo in the sentence of 21 May 2018 against Nigerian defendants for mafia-type association “has a first place replicated not in a small way but on a world level, the organization of a state indeed of a Confederate State (..) equipped with elaborate statutes of legislative and executive authorities of judicial bodies a sort of courts called to settle disputes within it, of its own law enforcement agencies or guards who are entrusted with the task of keeping the order and to restore it by inexorably executing the punishments ”.

A true anti-state on which to converge the best investigative resources without further delay and underestimation. Before it’s too late.

Central African mafia in Palermo


(Google Translated)

On December 12, Matteo Salvini, leader of the League and senator of the republic, was in Sicily, in Catania, where the hearing of the trial took place which sees him accused of kidnapping for having delayed the disembarkation of the irregular emigrants of the Gregoretti ship in 2019. By coincidence, the next day the BBC dedicated a reportage to Sicily.

Accompanied by photographic documentation, the report explains how the island has become a happy, joyful multicultural center thanks to the fact that thousands of young Africans, mainly from West African countries such as Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia, they have chosen it as their new home.

It is often forgotten, says the BBC, that while tens of thousands of Africans have passed through the island, passing through on their journey to Northern Europe, as many have instead decided to stay. Palermo in particular, “always a melting pot of cultures”, is fortunate to have a mayor, Leoluca Orlando, “pro-migrants” and for this reason the city has long been known and appreciated for its hospitality. “Over the years,” observes the author of the report, migrant journalist Ismail Einashe, “I have seen how much African culture has reshaped the city, from musical tastes to the popularity of African dances to food and even the hairstyles of young people. Sicilians “. “In no district of Palermo”, he continues, “the African presence is more evident than in that of Ballarò,

Following is a description of the evenings in Palermo, animated by African songs, drums and dances while in the bars of Ballarò you can drink spritz, but also cocktails that taste of mango, hibiscus, pineapple and ginger, and in the restaurants Sicilian and African dishes are served . At the market, then, next to the Italian stalls, there are those full of once unknown products, such as okra and sweet potatoes, and African women grill corn cobs: “A corner of Africa sprouts everywhere, from Nigerian women who sell soda, sweets and beer to Senegalese tailors who make African-style clothing ».

In addition to his own direct experience, Ismail Einashe drew on Italian sources to document himself, but in a very selective way: for example, the website, where it is possible to read an article entitled «Palermo. I will dance safer thanks to Africans ”, in which it is argued that immigrants have“ contributed positively to returning the historic center to the city ”; or L’Espresso, which in 2019 published the article “Palermo, the capital of hospitality: the great lesson of Sicily to all of Italy”, according to which Ballarò “lives again” thanks to the immigrants who denounce the extortionists of the mafia: ” an alternative model “.

In the L’Espresso article, however, it is said that the journalist Gianmauro Costa, a fervent supporter of the providential good influence of immigrants on Palermo, nevertheless set his novel “Black Market” in Ballarò, whose protagonist “is struggling with Black Ax, the new Nigerian mafia ». Just scroll through the Palermitan news to understand why. Eiye, an offshoot of Black Ax, manages the racket of trafficking, prostitution and drug dealing in Ballarò. This is also why violence is frequent in the neighborhood. Among the recent ones, one of the most serious involved dozens of people at the end of May: a maxi brawl between Italians and Africans mostly from Gambia armed with knives, sticks and shards of bottles that required the intervention of dozens of police vehicles. and police.

But Ismail Einashe does not mention these problems, much less speaks of the way in which the immigrants arrived in the city “which they have chosen as their new home”. Irregular, illegal, clandestine. Not once are these terms used in the service.

Yet many, if not all the foreigners who, according to the journalist, revive and normalize Palermo and Sicily by fighting the mafia and animating the life of once infrequent neighborhoods, have presumably landed in Italy without documents and visas, transported by an organization of traffickers. , and, if they still live in Italy, it is because they took their time declaring themselves refugees and filing an asylum request.

This is certainly the case of the Nigerian singer Chris Obehi, who arrived from Nigeria at the age of 17 “after having faced the dangerous route that passes through Libya” and who in many of his songs evokes the difficulties encountered in reaching Palermo. In one of his greatest hits he sings the crossing of the Mediterranean: a few unrelated words, the text, and a single sentence repeated and shouted over and over again: “We are not fish, we are not fish in the sea, but we are human”.

Almost incidentally, the BBC article notes that “a growing anti-migrant sentiment pervades the island.” Why are they irregular? Why do they use the expedient of calling themselves refugees to be included in the expensive reception program set up for them?

Why, when they leave, they mostly find no work except in black, since in Sicily the inactivity rate exceeds 52 percent and they also do not speak Italian and lack training? Why do they join the Nigerian mafias or other sectors of organized crime?

No. For the BBC, anti-migrant sentiment arises from the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

The trafficking of sex slaves from Nigeria to Italy


(Translated from Italian)

The trafficking of Nigerian women in Italy is a phenomenon that has only begun to receive attention since 2015, due to the recorded increase in sex slaves of Nigerian origin: from 1,454 in 2014 to 11,009 in 2016. The International Organization of Migration estimates that in Italy 80% of women from Nigeria are victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation. Most of these come from Benin City, in the state of Edo. Benin City, in southern Nigeria is the same city where the Black Ax originated, the Nigerian criminal organization that controls the trafficking of sex slaves as far as Italy.


The Black Ax recruits women through four different methodologies: in the first case the Black Ax gives a loan to the woman’s family, but when they are unable to repay the money, the woman is taken away. In the second case, the women are kidnapped or handed over directly by the family. In the third case, it is the women themselves who get in direct contact with the mafia. In the latter case, they are recruited from their social accounts.

Before leaving for Italy, the women are forced to undergo a traditional witchcraft called juju . This practice creates an inseparable bond with the Black Ax; The juju is the way to create a debt of up to 80,000 Euros which obliges women to become sex slaves until the heat- with the Mafia. The juju also has a strong psychological power that ensures that this happens; if the covenant is not respected a spirit could rage inside their body until they die, and if they themselves die or run away, their families will be killed.

The journey from Nigeria to Italy is led by several collaborators of the Black Ax , the passeurs : traffickers of bodies. The first stop is in Agadez , Niger. On the way between Benin City and Agadez, women who are not left to die in the desert are used to bribe the police and ensure quick passage. Once in Agadez they are taken to the slave market, where there are 20,000 to 25,000 migrants every month, all from West Africa to Europe. The surviving women say that their ‘stamina’ was tested here; they were raped repeatedly. In the concentration camps in Libya, Black Ax members work for free for Libyans in exchange for more freedom in smuggling. Furthermore, their role is to make women, through sexual exploitation, earn money to cross the Mediterranean.

In Italy

Those who manage to reach the Italian coasts become part of the inadequate system of CARA and CAS, which after the Security Decree can only welcome holders of international protection (therefore asylum and subsidiary) and unaccompanied minors, no longer asylum seekers waiting of the decision. Without an adequate protection system, women are very often not identified as victims of trafficking. Easily recruitable instead by the Madams , a name indicated to refer to women traffickers who deal directly with sex slaves, their contacts and the money earned. Another figure of the Black Ax is the Kapoit has the role of tending women away from possible anti-trafficking social organizations and moving women from one place to another so as to create instability and dependence, but also ensuring a continuous variety for the Italian clientele. If there weren’t such a high demand for sex, the sex slave business would not have profiled 2 billion euros a year: the estimated earnings of the Black Ax in Italy alone (globally the annual profit of sex slave traffickers is 99 billion dollars).

The legal framework on human trafficking is closely linked to sexual slavery as 90% of victims of trafficking globally are sexually exploited. Internationally the UN Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking of Persons , also known as Palermo Protocol , established in 2000, presents the most accepted definition of human trafficking and also includes for the first time the role of international criminal organizations . Both are decisive factors in the proliferation and profitability of the trafficking industry and have an inevitable influence in the top-down approach to government policies at the national level.

Given the spread of the phenomenon and the number of actors involved, it is necessary to set up a control and prevention system to avoid the proliferation of trafficking with the aim of completely eradicating it. To achieve this, it is necessary to understand the oppressive structures at play and their role in trafficking, such as that of criminal organizations such as the Black Ax.

The Journey Through Hell

You reside in a corrupt hell hole ran by cultists and want out…

In order to achieve that would you:

a) sell everything you own and give the money to an NBM member on the promise of a new life in Europe or

b) travel through the blistering heat of the Sahara Desert with limited water on the back of an open top truck or

c) potter about in the war ravaged country of Libya at high risk of kidnapping (needing to call home and ask for more money when this happens) or

d) float aimlessly in a crappy boat on the Mediterranean Sea or

e) spend a couple of years in a detention camp in Malta or

f) spend a couple of years in a detention camp in Italy or

g) be at the mercy of local crime gangs and mafias upon arrival in Europe

To reach the promised land of Europe in the hope of a new life the answer needs to be “yes” to all of the above.

Unless of course you’re an NBM member and your friends who have already infiltrated key positions in Europe can write you invitation letters, references or provide you false documents. In which case you can lay back and enjoy your ride in an aircraft paid for with stolen credit cards and consume vast amounts of Champagne and Hennessey on your arrival.

Enjoying the money of others willing to pay you dearly to undertake/attempt the journey described above through hell.

One such individual (not an NBM member but in the orbit of them… and probably having paid them for the pleasure) shared an image of that journey through hell. The leg through the desert to reach Libya.

One rule for the Axemen and one rule for you.

See also:

Killed by Italy Mafia

A number of Benin Lords located in Spain, Italy and Germany recently sharing and reacting to the demise of ‘Desmond’ who they say was killed by the Italian mafia.

A news article here that appears to cover the incident:


Concern is growing in Castel Volturno, a broken city in the Italian region of Campania, over the death of a 31-year-old unnamed Nigerian migrant.

 The undocumented migrant was shot dead September 10 in an attack in which another unnamed Nigerian, 36, was wounded. Police suspect a group of Italians for the attack, which has been blamed on the battle for territorial control among criminal gangs.

 A major settlement for undocumented especially African migrants, Castel Volturno has become a hotbed of violence between Nigeria’s Black Axe Confraternity and other groups, including the Camorra, Italy’s old mafia.

Luigi Petrella, mayor of the city said yesterday that the situation “has become unmanageable,” adding that the population of irregular migrants amid the pandemic “grew visibly.” 

“There were 20,000 at the start of the year while today there are between 22,000 and 23,000.”

Neglected by government supposedly for its dominant migrant element, Castel Volturno has since collapsed into a ghetto bursting with crime, including drugs, prostitution and people trafficking.

Over 60,000 undocumented African migrants are believed to be resident in the area and the figure is further rising due to the pandemic. Lack of opportunities amid the refugee flux is, in part, contributing to the ugly situation.

“Episodes like this attack are the consequence of a lack of control of the territory, which is impossible to implement with the men and the means that we have. I am extremely concerned,” said the mayor.

“The state needs to intervene, I don’t want to use the situation, but it is necessary once and for all to manage a situation that has become unmanageable: the municipality, with just a few local police officers, can’t do much, only denounce,” he added.

Right-wing sentiments against migrants in the country are rising with the degeneration that has taken place, but government is unable to control the refugee flow as the city lies by the Mediterranean. Petrella said “it is impossible to control the territory and to guarantee the security of citizens.”

“The mayor complains legitimately,” said police chief Franco Gabrielli. “I have long stated that Castel Volturno is the emblem of how the migration phenomenon is managed—always with the approach used for an emergency; the dust is placed under the carpet and in the end, it becomes a problem of public order.”  

Blaming a lack of vision in the Italian government, Gabrielli said “flows must be regulated and, if this doesn’t happen, entries become illegal. It is then necessary to repatriate those who commit crimes and, finally, it is necessary to promote paths of integration. If we marginalize people, we create places of neglect and crime, which can also lead to situations of terrorism.”

NBM Member Distribution – Italy

Italy with quite serious problems….

Fun fact (unless you reside in Italy): Of the country’s 20 regions and 301,340 km2 of land only 2 regions have no immediately apparent presence of Axemen. Which equates to 16,870 km2 (5.6%) of Axeman free territory and 284,470 km2 (94.4%) of Axeman infested territory.

More stats & visualisation map & insight into the methodology below:

The map below was created using a sample of 100 members. I collected together a list of 170 NBM members in Italy and for 100 of them I was able to determine a probable location.

It’s notable a much higher % of members in Italy were hiding their location compared to their German counterparts (The location of 100 German Axemen was determined from only 108 members found).

The data shows two cities of much higher density: Rome and Milan. With only Trentino-South Tyrol & the tiny Aosta Valley not represented.

Perhaps this might change as my current NBM OSINT project progresses but currently this is what my data shows:

Edit: Now found well over 400 members in Italy