International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 1

Here is an index of recent Neo Black Movement bad behavior (like stabbing a fellow NBM member), misconduct (been insubordinate to a higher ranking elder) and gross-misconduct (embezzling Zonal funds).

Also it documents any resulting suspensions and de-axeations that occurred should this bad behavior, misconduct or gross-misconduct attract any police attention or arrest (the worst cardinal sin a member can commit).

International Index of NBM Wahala – Part 1

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Apapa Zone Wahala – Complaints about “anarchy” and “hijacking” of the leadership in the Apapa Zone. Including an “unlawful violent event” (Which of course is different to the ‘lawful violent events’ like when the NBM are sponsored as thugs or killers by politicians). Also allegations that elders within the zone forged educational documents contrary to the NBM constitution in order to gain Lord status.

Belgium Zone Wahala – Complaint and recommendation for the de-axeation of ‘David Aghahowa Omorodion’ after a “little misunderstanding” led the aforementioned Lord to stab another member in the neck leaving him in hospital in a coma. Stabbing a fellow member in the neck been purely ‘bad behavior’ additional reasons for his removal from the NBM are included: Stealing the Canada Zone’s Chief Priest’s hand chain and passing on NBM information to a jew (non-member)

Benin Zone Wahala – Complaints regarding the “misappropriation of funds” and embezzlement of money given to the Benin Zone leadership in order to secure government positions for various politicians. Complaints also on how the promised “job slots” within Edo State Government were not fairly distributed. This money and these jobs awarded for the NBM Benin Zone’s help perpetrating political violence, political killings and generally helping to rig the elections. This is not the issue of the complaints of course…. it’s the embezzlement of the corrupt payments and hijacking of the government jobs that is the real issue to the NBM.

Canada Zone Wahala – Details of an NBM pedophile ‘Nestor Omoruyi Amayo’ in the Canada Zone raping a 13 year old girl (over the period of a year… therefore since she was 12 years old). The NBM conducted their own investigation which included “Lord Kwesi Wiredo interviewing the little girl”. Also the NBM conducted an image laundering exercise to “protect Nestor’s name, by so doing, our (Neo Black Movement) name too”. Mr Nestor fled to Nigeria and is currently wanted by Canadian Police on rape charges.

France Zone Wahala – Lord Yakata Samora pleading to be found innocent on the charge of embezzling Zonal funds… and blaming others.

Greece Zone Wahala – Details of Greece Zone embezzlement, insubordination, disobedient acts, chaos and panic that has led to the Greece Zone becoming “dis-functional”

Germany Zone Wahala – Accusations and complaints that the Germany Zonal Head is using “Zonal money” for his own personal use (naughty), spending otherwise too without any approval from the Council of Elders. Also accusations and complaints that the Germany Zone Chief Priest is doing exactly the same. Also accusations and complaints that the member holding the role of ‘Ihaza’ could be doing the same… but nobody in the Zone knows who holds that position.

Further accusations that the Germany Zone Chairman is “incompetent” and furthermore that him and Zonal Head conducted an illegal blending of a ju from Luxembourg without complying to the correct procedure (informing the NCEO for ‘authorisation’ and then passed to the National Head for ‘execution’)

Complaints too about 450 Euros lost when the Berlin Carnival of Culture kicked them out for been a “criminal group”. I wonder you wrote to them and told them that…..?!?!? 😀 😀 😀 😀

Accusations too that the Chief Priest, aside from stealing Zonal money, is not actually an axe-man.

Many other accusations and complaints too. Huge wahala in the Germany Zone.

Ike Bobby Onwubuya Wahala – Ike Bobby Onwubuya complaining about how it “looks” that Spain Zone NBM property was raieded by police and quite a huge and sizable haul of stolen goods and drugs discovered. Ike Bobby Onwubuya I would imagine worried how this might look to see his employers who at the time was a big high street UK bank. Also Ike Bobby Onwubuya voices his displeasure over a failed terror bombing and how the NBM will come under greater scrutiny as a result.

Ireland Zone Wahala – Accusations that Lord Laurent Cabilla ( Ju name Suba Emmanuel) took it upon himself to, against the constitution install himself as ‘acting head of the Zone’ following huge disorder and fighting in the Zone. Upon the troubles been rectified the Zone held their first IT (Itohan) which was then followed by a party to celebrate Lord Katanga newborn baby girl. This culminating in some “some public order offenses ( i.e shouting, screaming, fighting disturbing the entire neighborhood)”. NBM member Abella verbally insulted the chairman resulting in a charge of ‘Gross Misconduct’. Other trouble, tension and chaos also documented including an attempted ‘mutiny’ to oust the Zonal Head.

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Complaints by the Italy Zone of the Head embezzling Zonal funds, been monitored by the Italian Security Services, his phone been tapped by the security services, attacking someone with an axe, beating up a lady too…. but most worrying to them his house raided by the police (this causing huge concern due to two computers been seized which held “NBM datas”)

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Details of a robbery within the zone. Also details of a party including children and women (some of whom were pregnant) in which 200 NBM members were in attendance. In addition to slapping the attendees the voilence was escalated to the use of bottles and tear gas. Details of the de-axeation of a Lord for “attracting the attention of the Police”

Italy Zone Wahala – Part 3 – Details of the murder of an NBM member in Italy following a gambling argument over money. Members of the Zone instructed: “resist any form of violence that will escalate the already existing problem”

But it’d be ok to use violence to end the problem? or use violence is situations where the violence would not lead to an escalation?

Japan Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Details of an NBM member (Lord Dan Walter) who paid money to an “agent” to be smuggled into Japan. Things didn’t go as planned and the member ended up in South Korea. He was then helped financially by another Japan Zone member to get back from South Korea to Nigeria and then into Japan as originally planned. An agreement to pay back the money was made but Lord Dan Walter stopped making payments causing unrest in the Zone. Arguments and fights ensued. Disrespectful comments to NBM Elders been the final straw and a committee was formed to investigate the matters.

Japan Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Details of a Japan Zone member Lucky Aghaku (Lord Patrick Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu) suspended for dancing inappropriately with the Zonal Head’s wife. Also whilst an attempted punishment was been carried out by the Zonal Butcher “he gave the butcher (lord kinta kunte) a head butt in the eye that caused him severe injury in the eye”

On another occasion at a Japan Zone ‘jolly’ Lucky Aghaku also began dancing “inappropriately” and took control of the Zonal microphone much to the disgust of the Japan Zone Chairman. After repeated warning and his bad behavior not stopping the Japan Zonal Head ordered the Butchers to take him outside for his 5 minute punishment. Lucky Aghaku was unwilling to take his punishment and for a second time headbutted the butcher (lord kinta kunte), elbowed Lord Barack Obama and started destroying the venue. Additionally injuring Thomas Sankara, the Zonal Head and spitting in the face of the Zonal Eye. Insults made about the Zonal Head and his family resulted in an “emergency coe meeting” to be called and a proposal made to de-axe Lucky Aghaku.

Netherlands Zone Wahala – Details of a Police raid in Holland on the NBM hang-out ‘Grand Café’ where 111 Nigerians were arrested. The document details concerns over the security of NBM members acknowledging the “obvious fact in the whole situation is that most members of the Nigerian community as well as Axe Men are not systemized as per Residence Permit, Visa or otherwise. Further arrests of an unknown number at “an Afro Shop in The Hague where mostly Nigerians hangout”. This led to all NBM meetings been suspended in the Netherland Zone for security reasons.

Rose View Court Hotel Wahala – Evidence of the NBM holding meetings at Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’s hotel (Rose View Court Hotel) and how this contravene’s the law and makes the hotel subject to seizure and Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo himself liable for arrest.

Spain Zone Wahala – Part 1 – Spanish Zonal investigations uncovering embezzlement of Zonal funds by NBM member Leo Giebaen (Lord santos kabaka) and a plot to kill the Spain Zone’s Council of Elders.

Spain Zone Wahala – Part 2 – Accusations about Spain Zone NBM member Uwaifo Okonobo (Lord Aye Bulala) for stealing money from a fellow NBM member and insulting the Zonal Head which resulted in his de-axeation. He was traced to a house but fired shots at the people trying to regain the stolen money. He then fled to Sevilla.

Another dispute is described where a Spain Zone member (“Odion”) living and working in Spain illegally had been using the ID papers and bank account of another NBM member (“Uwaifo”) in the Zone (“he give his documents as help to a lord to secure a job). Uwaifo did for a little time pass on Odion’s earnings but then stopped and kept the money for himself.

Uwaifo is reported to have done the same to Spain Zonal Head when the Zonal Head first came to Spain….. running off with 9,800 Euros of which only 2,000 Euros was recovered after he was hunted down in hiding in Sevilla

Part 2 will be coming soon…….

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Ireland Zone Wahala

Aye Axemen,

I, Lord Harare Mugabe (ju name Osato Osula) elected Ireland Zonal head am using this medium to bring to the attention of the house the series of events that led to the:

(1.) The dissolution the Ireland Zonal COE at the general IT held on the 6th of June 2012 by the Ireland Zonal head.

(2.) The indefinite suspension of

(A) Lord Laurent Cabilla ( Ju name Suba Emmanuel)- for claiming to be

acting head of Ireland Zone.

(B) Lord Malcolm X ( ju name Ogboso)- for his actions and involvement

regarding the claim of an acting head in Ireland Zone.

I solicit the house to take the time and patience to read the details of the events below that have necessitated these very crucial decisions.

Also i would like the house to ratify these decisions as quickly as possible to avoid any further division and discord in Ireland Zone.I want Ireland Zone to continue to forge ahead with all the positive agenda on the pipeline to be implemented.

24th March :

I assumed office as Ireland Zonal head after a successful election and subsequently selected my COE and EXCO. This was not an easy task based on the fact that there is not many lords in the Zone but i discovered that there is so much divison, no love and fighting between lords in the Zone. I immediately commenced work on bringing these fractions together emphasising the importance of love and fellowship for Ireland Zone to grow steadfastly and to be counted. Also how much good things we can positively accomplish together in Ireland Zone.

14th April :

First general IT. Huge Success, morale was high and all men present was in great form and ready and willing to take Ireland Zone to the next level together.

On invitation , some lords went over to celebrate the arrival of Lord Katanga’s baby girl. I received a call the following morning regarding some public order offenses ( i.e shouting, screaming, fighting disturbing the entire neighborhood) between the Zonal CP and ju name Ozabor Abella. I immediately called my chairman and asked the COE to look into this as this type of in disciplined behavior will not be tolerated by this regime.

19th April :

COE Meeting attended by these elders: ju name fawaz, ju name Baski, ju name Ogboso, and Ireland Head to look into the gross misconduct of the lords concerned.

Both lords were invited to give account of the events, ju name Abella verbally insulted the chairman, the head and COE. Ju name Fawaz almost lost it but had to restrain himself. Based on all these gross put together the COE reached a unanimous decision to suspend the CP and ju name Abella pro rata on their part in this gross misconduct. The house closed and my chairman went to Nigeria for nearly 6 weeks without communicating with the zone despite all attempts to reach him.

24th April :

I received a call from the national crier concerning the decision reached at the national level that all zones must pay the sum of 110,000n naira (€550) towards the national secretariat and that any zone that failed to pay before the deadline would be in serious trouble. I tried to contact My chairman but to no avail. When i assumed office there was no owo in the purse,

01st May :

luckily i had some naira in Nigeria and so i made the transfer and quickly paid this levy of 110,000 naira(about €550) with my own personal cash with the intention that i will be reimbursed by the zone when the time is right. There is still a balance of €350 owing to me by the Zone as the zone has only been able to reimburse me €200.

5th May :

Emergency general IT, chairman is still in Nigeria , not a single word from chairman but IT went well. Implemented the decision as prescribed by the COE in accordance with the Ireland Zonal bye-laws, suspended the office of the CP for 1 month plus a fine of €100, and ju name Abella for verbally abusing chairman, COE and head and not showing up for this crucial IT was suspended indefinitely.

I also informed the house of the fact that in have paid €550 on behalf of Ireland Zone for the national secretariat and that the Zone is still owing me €350 euros. The house was very happy and thanked me very much and i was very happy that we were able to fulfill this obligation too.

25th May :

I, the head organized a lords night out (arena style) didn’t spend any money from the zonal purse, used my own owo. This outing was very successful, a lot bonding and laugh… brilliant. We all had a nice time and this initiative was highly complemented by all the lords in the zone and we are actually looking forward to a repeat.

Chairman appeared at this gathering, we talked and said to give me a ring for update concerning the Zonal affairs in the six weeks that he was away but he never did.

3rd June :

Paintballing activities arranged for all lords and their Iyawo. Very interesting outdoor sport in the summer to further strengthen the bonding and more love in the zone. Unfortunately the weather was horrible, lashing rain for 2 days solid, had to postpone till 2 weeks time, we have the place booked already so hopefully weather will be great by then!

03 June :

CP office that was suspended automatically reinstated after 1 Month, €100 fine to be collected soon.

05 June :

COE meeting only a few selected Elders was notified, couldn’t understand why but found out later that it was a deliberate attempt to witch hunt the head and topple the regime, didn’t hear anything from the chairman about this COE , ju name suba informed me about this COE the day before. At the COE One of the elders asked the chairman why he was not officially invited to the COE, chairman almost started a fight, i am still in the dark, however i later realized that this was calculated attempt to ridicule me as the head by the COE and the allegations i could not understand because all the accusations was in the 6 weeks period that my chairman was in Nigeria and did not contact the Zone at all, he has succeeded in poisoning and polluting a few members of my COE and bullying the others and the elders shouting back almost leading to a fight, it was a chaotic COE orchestrated by ju name Ogboso (chairman) and ju name Suba (elder). It is an absolute disgrace to the NBM that i have dedicated nearly 18 years of my life to promote. NBM that i love dearly and will continuously fight to maintain and protect. It was really a childish witch hunting charade by my Chairman and Ju name Suba and these were some of the allegations:

(1.) Why did i the head pay €550 (110,000) to the National secretariat fund without rubbing mind with the chairman who had gone AWOL for 6 weeks and we have a deadline to meet?

(2.) As a head i do not have the right to suspend ju name Abella without the chairman? forgetting to recall that a COE was called specifically for this and a decision reached.

(3.)That as the head of the Zone i do not have the right to organize a lords night out or paint balling games without the approval of the Chairman and the COE!

I was really disappointed and ashamed at this lack of orientation and caliber of some men in Ireland Zone.

When i realized that it was going to be messy and more than likely lead into a fight, i had to find an escape route as i didn’t want to belittle myself and go down that road with them as the head of Ireland Zone and also based on my standing as a professional in the society. I just couldn’t, would be too costly for me.

6th June :

Emergency general IT.

(1.) Dissolved the COE

(2.) Suspended indefinitely ju name Suba Emmanuel and ju name Ogboso

for their unlawful actions and creating tension and chaos in Ireland Zone.

At the moment i am the rightfully elected head and my EXCO and some Lords who have seen the good work that we have been doing and would like to continue, and an unlawful self proclaimed acting head ju name Suba.

I have engaged with all men not to resolve to any form of confrontation while my decision is been reviewed to be ratified by the house.

Please we need some urgent attention and intervention by the house so as not to let the present situation get out of control.


Lord Harare Mugabe,

Ireland ZH

Aye Axemen,

As “co-ordinators” of both Ireland and Manchester zones, I Lord Amilcar Cabral, Head- London Zone make the following declarations;

Following instructions from my NH, we have swiftly convened an investigative committee to deal with the present unrest in Ireland Zone.

I spoke with Lord Harare Mugabe (Ireland Head) about this issue yesterday and conveyed the NH instructions that “London zone” investigate and report back to National on this issue.

I also instructed that whilst this was on-going, it would NOT be desirable for any zonal official to put-out any info in the public domain with regards to this issue as it would ONLY go to increase the dis-trust presently existing between the warring parties.

ALL communications regarding the zone were to be approved by “us” as co-ordinators before being made public.

As things stand, I am somewhat disappointed at the choice of Lord Mugabe to dis-regard this instruction.

Whilst our investigative committee is willing to hear from ALL axemen who may have vital info relating to this issue, I would also ask ALL men to allow us exercise our duties and report back to the NH.

Pls disregard any further postings on this issue except approved by us the co-ordinators. Na peace we dey fine…and too much talk talk can ONLY lead to more dis-unity.

Ayeeee Axemen!!

I am my brothers keeper,

Lord Amilcar Cabral
Udi 87
Head, London Zone