A Pink massage table, a bottle with a tube on it and the 42nd National Convention!

As part of its 42nd National Propaganda Initiative NBM donate suspect items (pink massage table and a bottle with a tube on it) worth very little to a Health Centre in Delta State.

And running concurrently it’s also the 42nd National Convention.. Which means it’s time for a new supreme leader.

Another term for ‘Felix Kupa’ or is it finally King Emperor Melvin Udo-Richmond Esq’s turn?? Will there be any rousing speeches? any memorable moments? Will Engr Felix Kupa murder someone again this convention? So many questions.

Here’s some scenes from moments ago inside the convention that might help us piece together what’s going to happen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0Ggngykj0w

As part of its 42nd National Convention, NBM donates items worth hundreds of thousands to Health Centre in Delta State.The members of NBM group, Manchester Chapter led by the president Sir Paul Ogbeni (KSC), visited the Primary Health Care Centre in Asaba to donate various items to help the centre deliver value to patients. The group was welcomed by the executive secretary of Oshimilli South LGA, Dr. Charles Eboka who represented the local government chairman. Others present were the chief matron of the centre, Mrs. Bridget Okenyi & Dr. Michael Nwoko (SSA to Gov of Delta state on healthcare matters). The recipients were filled with joy as they received the items on behalf of the Centre. Items include: Delivery beds, suction machines and Covid-19 relief materials.

The local Govt chairman representative was very delighted, he stated that “these items donated today, is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use in the best interest of our people”. Dr. Nwoko stressed that the donation today by NBM of Africa is in alignment with the state Governor’s agenda on health matters, adding that the centre is the busiest in the state in terms of the number of patients been seen.

The matron thanked the group for showing exemplary leadership and service to humanity, she promised that they will continue to join hands with NBM in ensuring that the welfare needs of Nigerians especially the masses amongst us are met.

The President of the group highlighted the aims and objectives of the association, stating that “we are donating this items to the centre because we believe that health issues as it pertains to child delivery are very paramount to our societal development. We are hoping that this items should be put in good use by the management and patients, stating that continuous effort will be made to curb child mortality in our nation”. The president called on other groups and well meaning Nigerians to join in promoting community development issues that will help develop Nigerians and Nigeria in general. The President also advocated for youths to engage in value added activities, both in education and apprenticeship. He condemned violence and other vices that will not help towards nation building.

Bemigho Bites The Dust

I saw a Nigerian news article a few weeks ago where the NBM claimed to have over 3 million members worldwide. It’s significantly less than that.

Certainly much less as we approach the end of Felix Kupa’s tenure as National Head. After all his legacy will be one of rampant de-axation (removal from the NBM) of members.

At least one member still remains though… The infamous Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo. He was of course the National Head immediately prior to Felix Kupa. Nothing can stop him.

I have to confess I took my eye off the ball recently in regards Bemigho. I always saw him as a bit of a small boy (despite his plump physical structure) and quite a low level thief in the grand scheme of things.

Although the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service declared it a great victory to have prosecuted his sister in law and siblings. Although I was happy to see it. I didnt quite agree.

More widespread (Nationwide… if not across the whole of Europe) action is required to dismantle this very dangerous mafia.

When the CPS claimed the prosecution (should the million pounds be recovered) would “play a role in starving a dangerous criminal gang of funds” one has to laugh.

What planet are people on in the UK? This is an organisation that is said to have made profits of 2 billion euros in Italy alone (just from the one activity of human trafficking) in just one year. How then can recovering a million pounds “starve” a criminal organisation such as them.

I wonder about some people…

Anyway… having taken my eyes of Bemigho I was quite surprised to see that he’d recently (2019) attempted to run for political office again in Warri for a member of the House of Assembly.

Obviously having missed this event I was unable to campaign against him again. A campaign that of course in 2015 resulted in him losing miserably.

It seems however my campaigning was unrequired in 2019.

New report after news report were published last year finally calling him out as a (former) mafia kingpin and thief. Which must have either disqualified him from running, made him give up or ensured that he lost miserably… again.

And his misery was far from over.

Step up Felix Kupa.

Remember the cardinal rule that all Axemen are bound by: DO NOT GET CAUGHT.

Everyone in the NBM knew that Bemigho was a 419 scammer engaged in low level money laundering (although for a fair amount of time) but of course, given that most members are, it’s not a reason to de-axe or suspend them.

However as soon as you are caught and your crimes are made public then it’s a significantly different story.

Over to Felix Kupa:

Aye Axemen,

*Notice of Indefinite Suspension*

Sequel to the publications going on as per the alleged involvement of Hon. Bemigho Eyeoyibo in a case of fraud in far away United Kingdom; I, Lord Mokiti Muzuzu do hereby pronounce as follows:

1. That NBM of Africa do not condone acts of criminality.

2. That the constitution of NBM is clear on issues of discipline as regards acts of criminality.

3. That the mention of Bemigho Eyeoyibo’s name in different news media as a leader of Black Axe and his involvement in fraudulent activities is a big embarrassment to NBM of Africa and her responsible members.

4. That Bemigho Eyeoyibo should proceed on indefinite suspension from the movement, pending his ability to prove himself innocent of all charges against him at the crown court in UK and also get clearance from all the necessary law enforcement agencies.

This suspension takes immediate effect, until he is able to fulfil the above mentioned conditions. This pronouncement is to enable him follow up the process of proving that he is innocent of all charges as the punishment for case of criminality by any member of the movement is outright removal as a member.

NBM of Africa is forever committted to fight for justice and equality.

Lord Mokiti Mozuzu,

Head, NBM of Africa, Worldwide.


I’ve written to the CPS to try find out whether or not he’s been extradited (as Felix Kupa’s announcement perhaps indirectly infers) and is about to face trial in UK Crown Court and will update.

Bemigho Temple Wahala

Historic wahala from Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo’s time as National Head of the NBM.

The Elders at Futajallon Temple questioning why “If Zonal and National bodies have in the Open denounce link with temple activities why should they in secret be having a romance with Temples, interfering in temple activities and playing politics”

and recommending “all Axemen, temples and NBM bodies in Nigeria and beyond to deassociate themselves from His malreasoning and go about with their activities in disregard the acts of Bemingho and his cohorts”


Update from Futajallon….
We the Council of Elders in Futajallon would love to inform the members, bodies and Temples of the Neo Black Movement of Africa, that the ongoing activities of Jew Name Bermuda the supposed National Head, of Suspending Temples and various Temple Head in the Neo Black Movement is Ultra Vires his powers. The big questions that border our mind is? If Zonal and National bodies have in the Open denounce link with temple activities why should they in secret be having a romance with Temples, interfering in temple activities and playing politics. We say with great regret that Bermuda wants to drag himself to an egumon music that he would not love the dance that follows. Thus we are saying that there has never been anytime FutaJallon Mother Temple 1 has been under Zone or National Body in the past, present or in the future. We will like to say that the acts of Bernuda is as a result of his uncontrolled selfish interest, political ambition, tyrannical attitude and lastly his lack of basic orientation. We urge all Axemen, temples and NBM bodies in Nigeria and beyond to deassociate themselves from His malreasoning and go about with their activities in disregard the acts of Bemingho and his cohorts.
Aye axe men..

Temple Wahala – NBM’s Most Wanted

Wanted Dead or Alive…. 25,000 Naira reward! 

Another instance of NBM meddling in the university system. Something they claim (lies) to have removed themselves from in 1994. Their presence in the university system is highly illegal under Nigerian law.

In this case the NBM have issued a “Most Wanted” notice for 5 Temple Ayes including the former FJ1 Temple Head, former Udi Temple Head, former FJ1 Chairman, former Ashanti High Temple Head and the former Nge High Temple Head. 

Whats very curious about this notification is that the former officials are standing accused of “operating closed down temples” and yet the notification states “The temple CP is to take over the leadership of the temple immediately”

Wouldn’t then the CP be operating (illegally) a closed down temple? 


Aye! Axe-men,
On the orders of the National Head,  FJ1 & Nge High Temple Heads and chairmen are hereby deaxed.
The temple CP is to take over the leadership of the temple immediately.
Also, the NEXCO has also declared a manhunt on the following deaxed persons for carry out various heinous crimes, illegal blending and operating closed down temples.
1. Wisdom Oboh ( former Udi Temple Head )
2. Osasu ( former FJ1 head)
3. Nicholas (former FJ1 C-man)
4. Uyabeme Ijeoma Martins (former Ashanti High Temple Head )
5. Maye (Former Nge High Temple Head )
If apprehended,  they should be taken to the nearest Police Station and a call put through to the National Eye (08******** ).
The NEXCO is given the sum of twenty five thousand naira (N25, 000) to anyone that can help apprehend any of these men.
Also, the following persons are hereby placed on indefinite suspension for forcefully leading Lords and Ayes in Isoko Sub-zone to renunciation through sworn affidavit:
1. Ibave Raphael (Lord Oba Akenzua
2.  Epike Blessing (Lord Marcus Garvey)
The National Head have also directed the leadership of the Kwale Zone to swing into full action and stop the proposed jolly by Kanta Ethiopia II High Temple today.

Aye! Axe-men,
Lord Ibn Walata
( National Eye )


Felix Kupa Wahala

Felix Kupa causing a members death (in the opinion of another Axeman) after allegedly threatening to break his legs, ordering NBM thugs to forcibly remove him from his room and then leaving him to die.



Aye Axemen,

Maximum greetings my National head. I wish to register my sincere and candid opinion on the recent happenings in our great movement, it is pertinent to note that I’ve the absolute right as an Axeman to ask questions in certain situations and seek clarifications in dicey matters. More so, I am privileged as an Axeman to check and balance any Axeman, irrespective of social status or office, that goes contrary to our tenets, beliefs and above all, contravenes the constitution of our organisation.

The provision of article 6; section 2, subsection 3 of our constitution, clearly states the process of removal of any National or zonal COE member. “In the event that any Principal Officer of the National / Zonal Council of Elders is found wanting in the discharge of his duties or of gross misconduct, he shall be suspended or removed from office by two-third majority of the members present at the Council meeting where the matter is resolved. With due respect, you clearly went against the provision of our constitution when you unilaterally suspended the late Cele. As we all know, Cele was a man who would never allow a null and void pronouncement affect his fellowship. You openly promised to break his legs if he came anywhere close to the NCOE IT. Out of fear, he didn’t come to the gathering, rather he  booked a room and remained there and that he did out of love for the movement. How you knew he was in his room is still a mirage, you pronounced that he be bundled out of the hotel premises. I never knew NBM had the power to eject customers from hotels they do not own. Axemen had to obey your pronouncement, they barged into the corridor and banged his door, late Cele started crying, they want to kill me echoed in the ears of all Axemen present in that corridor. Not until, one or two Axemen promised they weren’t going to touch him, which they eventually never did, he opened his door and was escorted outside the hotel. However, we cannot rule out the shouting and pushing, that’s typical of Axemen in such a scenario. The hotel management tried to intervene, but they couldn’t due to the number of Axemen present in the hotel. Shortly after he was escorted outside, he started acting funny and asked a lord to help him with his drugs from room 106, a room he paid for from his pocket, meaning he had the right to be in that premises. Unfortunately, it was too late, they rushed him to the hospital and the Doctor confirmed his BP was 220/150, at this rate, stroke was imminent. I do not want to recount the gory tales of this Man’s death, he was in pains from Saturday evening to Monday morning, until his untimely death.

From the circumstances surrounding his death, you killed him. If you had allowed him to remain in his room that evening , he never would have had reasons to fear. This fear made his blood pressure rise which eventually led to his death. Your high handedness, autocratic, draconian and Machiavellian tendencies have done more harm than good to NBM. Your regime as NH has been marred by suspension and deaxation notice everywhere. A lot has happened since you took over the reins of power, but this is something that cannot be swept under the carpet, else Korofo would squeeze life out of us.

With the trend of events so far, I humbly demand your resignation as National Head of the NBM, you are not fit to be our leader. The most annoying part of the whole thing was your sarcastic condolence message your foot soldier in the east and best confidant yet you treated him like an animal. After conferring with my lawyers, you can be charged with manslaughter, that is involuntary murder. There are enough evidence and witnesses already.

I do anticipate responses from your stooges and sycophants who cannot differentiate their left from their right. All I’ll say is, if all you did was right in the eyes of Olodumare, may this case die a natural death, but if all I’ve said is true, then may thunder and brimstones fall on those who would attempt to malign and disparage who person and may it never be well with them. I await your resignation my NH.

Eghagha Eseoghene
Lord Nelson Mandela
Member Ibadan Zone

Neo Black Movement (NBM) – Terrorists

The NBM make it into a journal dedicated to documenting terrorism….



They should feature in every issue until people start getting the message.