Gunmen Attack Dismissed Police Officer In Benin

Date: 5/3/21


BENIN CITY – A dismissed Police Officer, CPL Efosa Igiebor was reportedly attacked on March 3, 2021 by some armed men suspected to be members of the most dreaded Aye confraternity popularly known as Black Axe known for its notoriety in the society.

Narrating his exprience to news crew while responding to treatment in a hospital, the victim, CPL Igiebor disclosed that the cult group were actually after his life to avenge the death of the leader of their group who was killed by operatives of the Police Force led by CPL Orhue Endurance.

He narrated further that since the incident which occurred in 2014 during a protest, four officers of the special force that killed the cult leader have been executed by the group who operate from the underworld, lamenting that other members of the Special Force unit are still on the run for their dear lives.

Lamenting the death of the four officers killed by the die hard group whom he said included, CPL Isaac Iboi, PC Samuel Adenuga, PC Illiyasu Musa and CPL Celestine Ogboi, Igiebor expressed fear over his life as the group operate facelessly, especial at the level of in security in the country.

The NIGERIAN OBSERVER contacted, the Edo State Police Command Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Chidi Nwabuzor confirmed the incident, saying the attackers were members of the most wanted cult group, adding that investigation into the matter was ongoing.

Corner Bam Wahala

Corner Bam = An unofficial initiation into the criminal organisation. Most commonly by the Zonal Head or Forum Coordinator who pockets the cash the initiate pays.

A happening that offten comes back to bite the (questionable) member in the future or used erroneously by other members engaged in power struggles to discredit what are in fact bona fide members.

my world head i greet u sir how are u and how is d family i hope all is well sir?my world head u are highly regarded may d good works of ur regime live to be remembered and give NBM more glory all over d world aseeeee!!! na me be ju name papa 2002 kb lord usman whazeez presently am in europe italy to be precise,sir for sometime now i have been having dis stress wit some strongmen who are trying to call me a name dat does not belong to me anymore,dis men suddenly wokeup and started tell strongmen dat i am a cornner bam dat my iniciation was not too clear and at dis time i was a coordinator of my city bari italy and becos dey felt i just came to europe dat i met dem in d city am not suppose to be d coordinator so dey wanted to look for means of bringing problems to my regime as a coordinator dis was in 2010 i called other cordinators and report d issue to dem dey invited me to roma were we held all cordinators IT and we made some calls to check my blending and it was clear to d house dat my iniciation was confirmed den dey now call dis lord dat raise d issue to come and clear d house how come he said am a cornner bam he did not showedup he actually insulted d house dat he is not coming dat he is older dan everybody in d gathering dat he blended b4 us so we cant call him to ask him questions and dat was how d other cordinators now ask me to go back to my city to continue leading d men dat dat guy cant draw my leadership back all dis happend in 2010 my world head am not a push over dat does not know his left from right in my few years in nbm have held several excos i was a former elder,i was a former eye in upper ekewan neborhood benin ,i registerd as a axe lord in benin zone after my OND in fed poly auchi,my world head i blended in 2002 in karnem bornu HT d head was ju name olu aye kwame nkruma,cp was ju name obas aye mohamed lofa,chaiman was reuben aye askia mohamed,my links man was ju name itemi aye mansa musa presently in france,my world head i know u are a listen head and a father to all nbm members i will like to use dis medium to beg u to give ears to my cry now for justice and come into dis matter my head i greet u sir! sir i will like u to knw how my iniciation took place in 2002 and see if such iniciation is a cornner bamimg or not,my world head wat happend is dis in 2002 in kb olu was d original head of d temple and obas was d original cp and steve ojo was d original chairman of dat regime dey did first ini it was quiet den d second ini happens to be d one i blended b4 d second ini took place dey was some money issues between d head and chairman which resulted into some arguemnet as at dat time dey were already planning to do second ini before HO,d cp now consulted and told his excos dat d kb ground will not be safe for dis ini dat dey should move d ini to anoda ground d chairman disagree wit d head bcos he has an intention to rebel his head and he left den d head now ask his excos and elders to move wit him dey all went to d ground were d cp said korofo directed kb to do dat ini which was a ground in benin owned by fj2 wen dey got to d ground without d chairman d head now make his elder1 as chairman and dey did d ini sucessfully den after d ini d former chairman was still claiming to be a temple chairman and prounouce dat he has suspended d head dat all does men dat he blended should go and reblend dat is d whole story, my world head i want u to look into dis matter and pls tell d world and members of dis grate movement if such ini was not a clear ini,,ost of d men dat we blended together has done headship in various temples ,some were even elders in fj1 and 2 some has done chairmanship in sone temples ,even wen late obuwe was shoot dead by d police in 2003 my benin wonal head did prcession for him and break his mental i believe if he was a coenner bam my den head will not do prcession for late obuwe,have been to national conventions ,various temple ini ,have blended like 2strongmen into d movement and dey doing grate to glory of krf,i attended lords night and buggies,i atteneded zonal IT in benin my world head back den i forth war in benin and gave d nbm glory in benin why now some men are trying to give me a name dat is not mine dis same aye will open his mouth and say d italian head no reach dis same man see’s himself as i am a old man in d game who dey for italy sef,my world head i have reported d issue to my italian head and dis matters has still not been resolved,i have to call my links man and tell him wat am going tru in italy and he advice me to relate d matter to ur table for quick answers dat u are a listening father,my world head my uncle is d present dallas head ,ju name george anibowie a lawyer in america,chief jasper onobo is my close family friend and like a daddy to me,most of d big boys in nbm lived wit us during thier temple days in fj bcos of george my uncle so why will dis men call me a cornner bam aye after 10years of playing recongnise egede my with all humility and respect i want u to help me look into dis matter and call d men carrying such rummours to other thier names are ju name freeborn,ju name friday otite,ju name jeff pius all in italy i greet u my world head i remain ju name papa aye usman whazeez kb 02.

okemario: Master

okemario: I greet u

okemario: How ur side BUZZ!!!

morrispee: i greet u my leader

okemario: Baba u too fresh

okemario: No vex I been dey work

okemario: How family and biznex

morrispee: we bles God

morrispee: how ur side dude

okemario: Na so my future Ncp

okemario: My side sup bros

okemario: My side good bros

okemario: U dey wit me

morrispee: yea boddy

morrispee: i greet u

morrispee: i greet u my oga

okemario: My lord sorry to

morrispee: go on broda

morrispee: notin do u

okemario: U fresh

okemario: Na still on matter u no nbm if u play am well u go be figure

morrispee: lol

morrispee: naso

okemario: Generally matter rise asper terere unto ini wen I blend some men dey doubt una ini and italian head want make dem hear from d excos of dat regime based on say most men dey yarn say na corner bam matter

okemario: Na freeborn raise d matter

okemario: And me do. Clear men say no be so say d ini clear

morrispee: my broder

okemario: I been like hear from u bcos I was a hu den

okemario: Ju

morrispee: like me now somebody tell me say i be corner bam

morrispee: it is left for me to defend my ini

morrispee: ask the freeborn de time he claim so say na corner bam

morrispee: what were we at that time

morrispee: was olu the head at that point?

morrispee: was i de cp at that point?

okemario: Bros I explain to dem

morrispee: so he has no right

morrispee: freeborn was not even a member of the coe or exco at that time

morrispee: so how can he claim to be corner bam

okemario: But dem say ojo suspend olu before d ini

morrispee: that is not true

morrispee: on wat ground?

okemario: Ok

morrispee: ojo can not pronouce a suspension from his own room

morrispee: the kb ground was not safe for ini at that time

okemario: My like I said u were d original cp of dat temple and I I knw u can not lie

morrispee: basewd on the indigene and sm

morrispee: dey fall out

morrispee: so we get relocate the ini

morrispee: before the ini

morrispee: atleast udi bam too for anoder temple

morrispee: ikpitan nur use de f2 ground?

morrispee: f1 nur use de f2 ground?

morrispee: why e go com be say na if kb go use f2 ground na dere wahala go dey?

okemario: Ok

morrispee: this was also de same issue when ferdinand was the head

morrispee: in udi

okemario: Reuben wetin be him strong name

morrispee: and osahon was also claimimng head in udi

morrispee: ferdinand went to do ini

morrispee: wey them ehinor take blend

okemario: Ok u get olu number

morrispee: no

okemario: Ok ken 05broda

okemario: Ok

morrispee: yeaaaaaaaaaaa

morrispee: my broder stand ur gorund

morrispee: naso men dey jealous oooooo

morrispee: see the person kelvin wey u with am blend

morrispee: don do head for temple handover ooo for 3years ago

okemario: But generally I Been just like make d italian head hear frm u any how pls

morrispee: lambert wey u wit am gada blend was chair in fj ooo

morrispee: give am my number to call me

okemario: Ok

morrispee: +416 316 6935

okemario: Which temple Kelvin do head

morrispee: okemini

okemario: Ok

morrispee: uwa was an elder in f1

okemario: Lambert na f1 or 2

morrispee: na de same day u with blend

morrispee: give am my no mak dem call me if dem want

morrispee: that all my broda

okemario: Ok

morrispee: who was freeborn in that regine

okemario: U too much my leader u be man

morrispee: strong name of reuben was askia mohammed

okemario: Ok

morrispee: after una ini before freeborn and ojo rebel came up

morrispee: so it is very clear

okemario: Lord mohamed iofa I regard u apart from the head, chairman or any other member of coe or exco

morrispee: do not give my number to any body

morrispee: becos i will only listen to these people wey i tell u so

morrispee: and no body go fit talk to me apart from those people wey i tell u so

morrispee: the head,chairman any member of the coe or exco

morrispee: my point is clear

morrispee: i understand what u are doing

papilo: becos everyt brodahing clear

morrispee: i am not a baby

morrispee: i no what you wana do

morrispee: i dont care

morrispee: as far i no the truth and i will ever say it

papilo: u bam bros

morrispee: you can forward it to anywere in the world

morrispee: your initiation is highly respected and accepted

papilo: true story

morrispee: my brother all dis na just issue to cause problem

morrispee: italian zone na one of the zone i have respect for

papilo: true story

morrispee: so make the head and chairman nur allow any lord for personal interest

morrispee: personal interest dey bring dis-unity into gatherin like dat

morrispee: i have said all i no

morrispee: and i am ready to repeat what i said at any point in time

morrispee: so try mak them call me to verify

morrispee: i go travel to california on friday

papilo: for real bcos dis issue came up wen i was made a cordinator in my state and freeborn has been dey for long and dey gave it to me bcos he feels he know more dan d movement it self

morrispee: and wen i reach california

morrispee: i go give u number too

morrispee: to reach me

morrispee: incase

morrispee: see my broder

morrispee: we don do things to survive this movement

papilo: ok

morrispee: even before the temple came back

papilo: i know

morrispee: we all made sacrifies on ground dat time

morrispee: so i say what i no with imunity

morrispee: u see

morrispee: that is freeborn way right from time

papilo: for real

morrispee: naso men dey do

morrispee: see naso nbm be right from time

morrispee: e be like senate and national house of assembly

morrispee: take care bro.  

The Nigerians standing up to sex-work traffickers in Sicily


In the mountains of Sicily a Nigerian woman is leading a battle to help rescue women like herself from a life of forced sex work.

Osas Egbon opened up a shelter for these victims of trafficking on the Italian island in January – the first of its kind created by and for Nigerian women.

She currently has four women in their 20s, one with a baby – and hopes by the end of the year two more will join them.

On a hot September afternoon I drove up to see the shelter in a sleepy village – far away from the island’s capital, Palermo, so the women can be hidden away from those they are escaping.

It is a typical Sicilian village house with a large kitchen, a terrace with views out on to the verdant hills. The women each have their own rooms but share a kitchen and bathroom.

She was given the use of the property by an Italian friend.

Many Italians want to help Nigerian women, she says, but the trouble is that in a time of increasing anti-migrant sentiments, some other Italians do not want them to do so.

I first met Ms Egbon in 2018, three years after she and other Nigerian women had set up the organisation Women of Benin City.

It supports female victims of trafficking in Sicily – the majority of whom come from Nigeria’s Edo state, the capital of which is Benin City.

Ms Egbon was trafficked 18 years ago from her home there to work in forced prostitution.

She managed to pay off her traffickers – and now lives happily with her family in Palermo but she has a steely determination to stop others having to go through the same experience.

She and her friends were prompted to act after the horrific murders in late 2011 and early 2012 of two young Nigerian women.

They were aged just 20 and 22.

The murders shocked people in Sicily and put a spotlight on the harrowing experiences Nigerian women face in forced prostitution.

Such trafficking is not new but the numbers since the so-called migrant crisis began in 2015 have doubled.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), in 2016 of the 11,000 Nigerian women registered as landing in Sicily, 80% were trafficked with most ending up in forced prostitution.

After the women arrive, they must start paying their debts back to their traffickers – which can be up to $35,000 (£27,000) – through forced sex work, often leaving them in debt bondage.

In Palermo the women usually end up in the multicultural neighbourhood of Ballarò, where they are forced to work in what are called “connection houses” managed by “mamas”, or they work on the streets.

Before arriving in Italy the women are forced to swear juju oaths – a ritual ceremony overseen by spiritual priests where they promise never to denounce their traffickers to the police, to obey their “mamas” and to fully pay their debts.

The traffickers prey on the women’s spiritual beliefs so they become too afraid to speak up, fearing if they do so harm will come to them or loved ones back home.

For Ms Egbon these oaths are the biggest obstacle to freeing women from the trafficking gangs and a life of exploitation.

Two years ago she and her colleagues were greatly helped in their efforts by the Oba of Benin City, an influential Nigerian traditional leader, when he placed a curse on the traffickers – turning the tables on them.

At the time there were posters in Palermo announcing the news.

Since then Ms Egbon says it has become easier to gain the trust of the women and she has been able to help free many of them.

Women of Benin City runs a drop-in centre, offering advice and, importantly, emotional support, which sets the group apart.

The volunteers there understand the sexual relationships the women form with the traffickers, which also become a means of preventing their escape.

At the shelter, Ms Egbon says she wants to empower the women by giving them access to education – Italian classes and training that may help them get jobs.

She allows the women to stay in the shelter for one year so that they can recover from their traumatic experiences and prepare for their futures.

For Ms Egbon, who has become part-aunty, part-councillor, part-sister to the women, the shelter is a dream come true.

But to keep it open will be hard as she runs on a voluntary basis from donations.

Members of the Nigerian community in Palermo have stepped in to pool their resources together to give what little they can. And churches also play a role in raising money.

From my afternoon at the secret shelter, it was clear the women there felt safe and happy – recovering well from their trauma.

They sat braiding each other’s hair as they listened to Ms Egbon – and looking forward to the dinner to be made from goat’s meat I had brought on special request from Palermo.

Cult gangs on rampage in Edo, kill 20, take control of 3 LGAs

Sat in a comfortable office thousands of miles from the carnage a certain employee of Barking and Dagenham council was actively encouraging this. And why wouldn’t he… his organisation in full control of large areas of the now lawless Edo State.


No fewer than 20 persons have been killed in battle between cult gangs in Benin,  following the degeneration of the security situation in the Edo State capital.

Three police operatives, including an assistant commissioner of police, who doubles as Benin Area Commander, were also victims of the gun-wielding cult members as they were shot around Upper Sakpoba area of the city while responding to a distress call.

The warring cult groups have literally taken control of about three local government areas, namely, Ikpoba Okha, Egor and Ovia North East, in the southern senatorial district of the state.

Areas such as Upper Sakpoba, 3rd Junction, Three House and St. Saviour, all in Ikpoba Okha local government area are under the control of rival cult groups suspected to be members of Black Axe and Eiye confraternities respectively.

The criminal cult gangs are also said to be in full control of areas like Medical Store Road, Textile Mill Road, and Ogida Quarters in Egor local government area, while Ugbowo, Isiohor and Oluku, in Ovia South local government area were also left out of the turf fight.

Taking advantage of the lax security situation as a result of destruction of police stations and patrol vehicles in the violence that trailed the EndSARs protests, the cult gangs now engaged in free-for-all unhindered fight, using dangerous weapons in broad day light, while residents scampered for safety.

In some occasions, the cult gangs engaged in robbery from one shop to another, following the absence of police operatives who have stayed off the streets since the #EndSARS protests.

It was believed that the security situation was further compounded by the escape of about 2000 inmates from two correctional centres in Benin where there jailbreaks during the violence which followed the EndSARS protest.

The Commissioner of Police in Edo, Johnson Babatunde Kokumo, had attributed the inability of the police to adequately respond to the degenerating security situation to the burning down of three police stations located along Sokponba Road many patrol vehicles in several other parts of the state capital in the violence.

He, however, said that his men were making frantic efforts to restore normalcy to the state.

NBM Terrorism Wahala

It’s true when the NBM of Africa come out out and say that every organisation has it’s “bad eggs”. In the case of the NBM it’s evident that the bag eggs very heavily out number those who could be considered “good eggs”.

Here a ‘good egg’ has taken it upon himself to form the ‘Association for Better NBM of Africa’

Speaking out against the National Head of the time and the practice of government sponsored “terrorism” by members of the NBM and describing the NBM as been involved in “one of the bloodiest” events in Edo State.


Dear National Head,

When the Governor of Edo State Comrade Adams Oshiomhole appointed you

As a Special Adviser/Director of Youth and Social Mobilization, several of us were full of optimism and even went to make bold to disabuse the minds of other doubting Thomas who in their opinion conceive the move as bad omen for the Movement.

Our perception should not be regrettable since it was based on the fact that the same patronage was extended to top hierarchy of Eye Confraternity in the State.

       If you can recollect your first assignment was to mobilize Youths and ensure that your party win Akoko House of Assembly re-run election from PDP. Fortunately and unfortunately, the said election was between your party and PDP that was contested by an old lord, a former Temple Head ju name Aslem Agabi {Lord Fayinka}even though your excuse for allowing your over 100 tugs and lords from Zones in the East to harass and lay siege to his village house with rounds of ammunitions in the eve of the election was because he was not a due paying lord. We are also aware the same Lord contributed money for several of your programmes when you newly assumed office as the National Head. That election till date is on record as one of the bloodiest in the history of such event in Edo State .

       As if this was not enough, you again went and mobilize ayes from Futa Jallon and Ughelli to unleash yet another serious violence in another election in Etsako Central local government. The fortunate experience this time was that the election was purely between two lords and the level of tension was low, but we are aware of the encounter you had with the axe men you brought in from Ughelli and how they almost messed and disgraced you publicly when you refused to pay them for the mission accomplished after the election.

We are also aware the Governor gave you the sum of 5 Million naira as part of the mobilization funds, a racket you and three other lords including a former National Head presented to the Comrade Governor. To our shock and surprise you only gave 5 Thousand naira to the said former National Head.

         Your violent involvement in parties politics and elections again reared it’s ugly head last week in the recently concluded ACN primaries in your Constituencies when you were once again openly seen with over 50 lords and thugs shooting and unleashing terror, a situation that showed you and your mercenaries on one side and that of our other brother on the other. Information reaching us has it that you have been more of a bodyguard than friend to the said ju man with your group of lords and temple ayes surrounding your entourage. You openly ordered your troops to embark on sporadic shooting to scare away the supporters of the Lord’s concubine with unbridled impunity.

      It is no secret my National Head, that you did not deny the fact that you were openly supporting a ju man against a former National Head ju name Daniel Akhilele in the House Assembly and to make the matter worse you connived with the party leaders to the upturn the result of the said election which had earlier been announced and declared Lord Dan as the winner of the House of Assembly primary in that constituency. If you recollect my NH, our former National Head before coming out to run got your blessing and green light as a party leader and stakeholder in Esan land.  Prominent lords that were in village could not defend and clarify their ignorance of the shameful mission you were out to accomplish in Uromi, Ekpoma and environs.

    If we may quote your boss the Governor of Edo State in today Punch news paper page 10, “ … I have always campaigned to our people that election is not war and that the language of democracy is ballot box and ballot paper. I don’t see any justification for anyone to carry guns to an election area”.

      In line of the above we wonder if your mission is personal or your boss is only trying to deny you and your cohorts. We shall take the former because we hardly can believe Adam Oshiomhole will encourage internal violence in his party.

   To cut the long story short my National Head, the purpose of this letter is to remind you of the time, funds and energy temples, zones, past National Executives and individuals lords have spent to launder the image of the Movement in good

light and your recent actions have only proved otherwise as this has completely gone down the drain and we are now subjects of ridicule by our friends, associates and non participating members we have been trying to bring back to the fore.

      What moral justification my Head do you now have to preach peace and non violence to the younger ones in the Temples and Zones like Benin Zone where killing and maiming of lives has become a jamboree ?

 Don’t you think, my National Head that nobody has monopoly of violence and one day that the hunter might be hunted down in the cause of any of these terrorist attacks ?,

What happens to the Movement when a National Head is gunned down in a local election?

Where has the brotherhood oath you took during initiation gone?

Why has your appointment made you a hunter of fellow axe men and not the oppressors?

Why has your appointment that would have otherwise unite the Movement creating serious division and thus tearing the Movement apart?

Why for God sake has the good office of the National Head been so dragged to mud by miscreants and thugs you use in your elections?

Why have you performed creditably well to please yourself at the expense of NBM in general ?

Aye my Head please look into these issues and have a re-think.

Long Live our Movement.

Yours faithfully,

Association for Better NBM of Africa .

Benin Zone Wahala

Nigeria, effectively a lawless and dis-functioning failed nation (aside from functioning for those who pervert it’s functionality) is a country that can demonstrate a level beyond that of simple ‘corruption’.
It is a country where corruption itself is able to be corrupted. Below is an example of that. Where large payments given to corrupt organisations by corrupt government officials are channeled away as corruption within corruption.
The text below is taken from ‘petitions’ of infighting internally occurring within one such corrupt group: The Neo Black Movement of Africa (aka ‘NBM of Africa’ and ‘Black Axe Confraternity’). They are documents which outline payments and government positions allocated as rewards by gangs/cults to perpitrate political thugery, violence, killing and corruption.


The National Head ,
N.B.M Worldwide,
We wish to bring this to your knowledge because of what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander,so we want the National Executive to treat this.
(1)CASE OF 35 MILLION GIVEN TO NBM FOR ELECTION OF COMRADE GOVERNOR FIRST TERM IN OFFICE:It is well known to all Lords in Benin that Lord Patricks Lumumba played as a leading role in first term bid of Comrade Governor not as an individual but as the National Head of NBM Worldwideto this end the sum of 35 million was given to this great movement to assist the Comrade Governor to victory.This money was distributed through the then Cheif of Staff Hon. Sam Iredia
(2)MONEY GIVEN AS SECURITY MONEY TO PROTECT THE VOTES:During the April 2011 election into the house of assembly.senate and house of Representative,money was equally given to Lord Patricks Mulumba,this was to ensure that the votes of he’s party,the Action Congress,was protected and mostly because of the role he played in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State where he fights against a Lord in the opposite party Hon. Cheif Lucky Imasuen(Former Deputy Governor of Edo state).
(3)ISSUE OF MONEY RAISED UNDER LORD PATRICKS LUMUBA FOR NBM NATIONAL HEADQUARTER OF EVBORIARIA IN BENIN CITY. over four million was raised and uptill now there have been no work done on the site, and the money have never been accounted for by Lord patricks lumuba, even if Dr Amadasun is under suspension from the movement for a similar issue
Donors-(1) Hon. Paul ohubamu #500,000.00
(2)Hon. M.A. Iduoriyekamwen #1000,000.oo etc
(4)FUNDS COLLECTED FROM AVARIANS OVER THE BURNING OF BENIN ZONAL ARENA. When benin Zonal Arena was burnt down in a peace deal, Avarian were asked to rebuild the burnt down arena. Later, Lord Patricks Lumuba, collected an undisclosed sum of money from them and uptill now the arena was never rebuild. Also, Prof Wole Soyinka was brought to see the burnt down arena to further humiliate NBM.
(5)POLITICAL APPOINTMENT AS COMPENSANTION TO NBM. As compensation for all these use of NBM to fight political opponent even if they were members of this same movement, political office was given to him not as an individual but as a personification of NBM.
(6)AKOKO-EDO RERUN ELECTION: Lord Patricks Mulumba collected serious funds from the Comrade Governor to ensure that a fellow Lord Hon Anslem Agbabi and Hon. Saiki Samuel do not win the rerun election into the house of assembly,strong men were seriously mobilized to fight against their fellow brothers.
(7)KOGI ELECTION:Lord Patricks Mulumba was equally given millions in the name of movement to mobilise strong men to Kogi State to ensure the victory of political associates in that state.not as an individual but as a known NBM Leader.
(8)COLLECTION OF FUNDS FROM CAPTAIN HOSA OKUNBOR:Lord patricks Mulumba collected millions of naira from captain Hosa in the name of NBM for he’s relection into the office of the National Head of this movement.
(9)ISSUE OF #750,000.00 MONTHLY FROM GOVERNMENT UNDER LUCKY IGBINEDION REGIME: Lord patricks Mulumba,as a Zonal Head collected the sum of #750,000.00 monthly as a compensation for the role NBM played to ensure the victory of PDP as at then.
(10)CONVERSION OF APPOINTMENT MEANT FOR LORDS IN THE ZONE INTO HIS PERSONAL USE:After the April 2011 election into the house of representatiove ,senate and house of assembly was given to NBM as neighbourhood watch co-ordinators and other offices,Lords Paticks Mulumba and former chairman National Councils of Elders converted this appointment into theirs,80 slots was given to NBM,they took 60 slots and gave 20 to the Zone.
(11)ISSUE OF HANDOVER OF FORMER HEAD OF BENIN ZONE TO POLICE: Lord Patricks Mulumba deceived former National Head of the Zone Lord Mammar Gaddafi to the state police headquarters and handed him over as a criminal and a killer to the state commissioner of Police.
We want the National Executive to use their good offices to investigate all these and that we shall come out with proof at anytime when called upon.
Thanks for your tradition co-operation.

Yours in Movement
(1) Zino Fazeez
(2)David Diop
(3)Kenneth Kaunda
(4)Scadela Ekhator(Mahmood Gadafi)
(5)Odinga Odinga
(6)Chucks Okungbe
(7)Oyo Stephen
National COE Chairman
National COE Member
All Zonal Heads
All Zonal COE chairman
The Arena,
Benin Zone,
The Ag COE Chairman,
Benin Zone

The zonal/council of elders( COE) to investigate various monies/properties that was misappropriate under this regime, by the zonal head (lord muammer Ghadaffi) since the zone does not have an auditor.
1.About N3.5m was given to the zone by the governor during the governorship election.
2.N380,000 as a part of zonal money given to the zone by Edo state government.
3.How 40 names was compiled back to government house as part of the names requested by the government for lords employment.
4.Lord Samora Mitchel (Ebo Amagba) N50,000 donated after receiving an award from the zone.
5.Jew name Edion 1 donated N20,000 after receiving an award from the zone
6.Lord Asoro N100,000 donation after receiving an award from the zone.
7.Jew name Paul Ohunbamu N50,000 donation also as a recipient of the same award.
8.Jew name Micheal jones N68,000 gift toward arena renovation.
9.Ireland head donation N50,000 as gift towards beautification.
10.Jew name Isele bought 10 drums of paint where 6 was used,the zonal head took 4 to his personal house
11.Jew name Abu donated N160,000 to fix split A/CS cannot also be accounted for by the zonal head.
The Benin Zonal COE should carefully investigate these monies and properties for proper accountability because the movement does not belong to one person.
Lord Mammer Ghadaffi
Ikpitan 1996
Benin Zonal CP
Cc: National head
Cc: National COE chairman
Cc: National COE members
Cc: All axemen world wide

Lord Kaduna Nzeogwu 1
Ikpitan 1997
Member COE
Italian zone
National Head
NBM Worldwide,
Chairman, NCOE,
Scribe NCOE,
OC legal NCOE
Members NCOE,
Zonal Heads,
Zonal chairmen,
We the dedicated members of Benin zone wishes to expressly state our position on the committee that was constituted at the last NCOE IN Umuhia to look into the various petitions that was submitted to NCOE chairman, that in respect of the said issue we are categorically stating that the committee lacks merit and more so we don’t have confidence on the chairman of the committee Jew name Omelele, for the following reasons:
1) The said chairman of the committee, tried as NCOE chairman then to impose Jew name Henry Omeregie as Head of Benin Zonal when the zonal COE was exercising the process of bringing in a new Head.
2) Omolele has been a party to various petitions that has been emanating from Benin Zone to NCOE right from when he was an NCOE chairman till date by way of inciting, instigating and sponsoring Jew names Kpangoli, fola, Henry Omeregie and co.
3) This same former NCOE chairman has used Benin Zonal status to gain appointment from the state government as a special adviser to the state governor.
4) It’s also amazing that this same man and Dr. Mayor hijacked 60 slots out of the 80 slots allocated to NBM Benin Zone for immediate employment by the state government.
5) We are not satisfy with the educational qualification of this former NCOE chairman, for investigation has reveal that he went to school of health, therefore he was awarded certificate of completion or attendance which does not make him a lord as specified by our constitution.
6) This man spends most of his time in Benin though His family are in port Harcourt, got appointment and work in Benin but does not attend zonal IT’s except when there is crisis, due to his personal attachment to a certain clique in the zone that has been refusing to let the zone move forward.
Our national Head its worthy to note that with the above stated reasons, the Benin zonal members has lost confidence on the committee set up by the NCOE chairman to look into the various petitions and also we don’t have confidence on the chairman (Omolele) of the said committee based on the fact that he is an interested party therefore the committee investigation cum findings will be sentimental and biased which will be inimical to the growth of our great movement in Benin zone.
Sir, as the national Head who is in charge of the day to day running of the movement and for the fact that the NCOE meets quarterly, that is why we want you to please use your highly coveted and revered office to look into this petition so that Benin zone can move forward positively.