Davido’s Obsession With The Black Axe Confraternity

Date: 13/3/21

Source: https://federalcharacter.com/davidos-obsession-with-the-black-axe-confraternity/

For all undergraduates of Nigerian higher institutions, the story of the overcharged and excited new recruit of a school cult is very common place, but to find a graduate with a confirmed taste of life outside the university, to be visibly excited about joining a confraternity is news.  It is even more news when the individual is arguably the biggest musician in a country of almost over 200 million people. 

So you understand why Federal Character thinks it is worthy of note to report what it has found out about Davido and the Neo Black Movement Of Africa, AKA Black Axe. 

We began to follow this story when David Adeleke AKA Davido who graduated from Babcock University 6 years ago began to lobby influential members of the Black Axe confraternity in Atlanta, Georgia his home city for a spot in the brotherhood.  His quest understandably met a welcome reception a little over a year ago, but this reception and his celebrity status did not spare him of the traditional physically challenging initiation which took place in Lagos Nigeria. Unconfirmed reports has it that this took place in the Lekki/Ajah initiation group of the confraternity.  

While Davido is not the first or only celebrity to be a Black Axe member, in fact the confraternity may have the highest number of celebrity members in keen competition with the Buccaneers and Pirate confraternity. 

However, no celebrity has been more conscious about ensuring that their membership goes public as Davido has. As though his effort to publicize his membership was not enough in the several Instagram displays and the constant engagement in altercations at public places with his crew. He went on to make secret Black Axe conversation lingo part of his monster hit songs. Outstanding among this was the song FEM. Upon investigation, Federal Character uncovered that the term FEM is a Black Axe old terminology for “keeping your mouth shut.” While many mistook it for FIM, which is a pidgin english term used in a sentence to mean the same. 

While millions innocently enjoy Davido’s FEM song, thousands of Black Axe members vibed to the words of their familiar frat slogans. If you have paid attention to Davido very well recently,  you would have heard him threaten that anyone who oversteps around him… (Go collect)… Collect in this context means you will get slapped in the face.  Indicating that he has no qualms with applying physical violence in response to any form of perceived disrespect. Something the fraternity is notoriously reputed for. 

While it is clear that our encountering the Black Axe man in Davido is far from over, we cannot tell how long before this youthful exuberance would result in a confrontation with the law or even maybe a scuffle with the confraternity over his trivializing their age long secret slogans.  Thanks to Davido, Black Axe members can’t use the word FEM as a code anymore. 

The paradox of this is that the same Davido who is visibly not carried away by having so much money as a result of his early exposure to immense wealth as a child, is childishly excited about the gangster street life as an adult because he has been shielded from the street all his life. 

So when next you come across your favourite pop star Davido and wish to make his day, simply holla at him… AYEEE!!!! And watch him smile proudly back at you. 

Kolagate Wahala – NBM Revelations

I came across what the NBM are referring to as: “Kola-gate”

Kola = Money

At first it just seemed like another instance of NBM blabbering, bickering and finger pointing regarding the all too common “misappropriation of NBM funds” 

It was very long winded. 

I persevered reading. Experience telling me these sorts of disagreements can often turn up one or two points of interest and indeed it did. 

Kolagate was initiated by the National Head Felix Kupa (Lord Mokiti Mozuzu)  when he proposed the de-axeation of Gerald Azonobo (Western Regional Head and founder of the very dubious KUTH Foundation). 

Felix Kupa stated the de-axeation was for:

  • An attempt to dent my image by Gerald Azonobo
  • Misappropriation of NBM funds Gerald Azonobo
  • Inciting Lords against the NEXCO and the NCOE Chairman
  • Abandonment of Office as Western Regional


Gerald Azonobo was swift to make counter claims against Felix Kupa throwing around his own accusations of  misappropriation of NBM funds, embezzlement, receiving kickbacks etc 

Over the course of several exchanges between Felix Kupa, Gerald Azonobo and a third member Onyema John on an official (secret) NBM platform a series of interesting revelations were revealed:

  1. Davido is in fact an official NBM member and paid 6 Million Niara (15,000 Euros) for the privilege
  2. Anambra state government gave NBM over 6m Naira (Another 15,000 Euros) for currently unknown reasons
  3. Of the 24 members of the Ghana Zone blended into the movement upon it’s inception only 11 were approved by the NCOE Chairman based on a “majority of the lords in Ghana are wanted criminals and ex-convicts”. Gerald Azonobo claims Felix Kupa authorized their blending for an extra fee of 50,000 Niara.
  4. PDP Member and Chairman of Oshimili North local government area Louis Ndukwe is an NBM member. Possible allegations he murdered the former Delta ZH (Mr. Believe).

The whole premise of this wahala been claims by Gerald Azonobo that Felix Kupa was demanding “kola” for every blending done (50,000 paid to the NBM, 50,000 paid to him and a 50,000 extra fee in the case of the member been an ineligible known criminal)

Onyema John taking Gerald Azonobo’s side stating Felix Kupa is as corrupt as his predecessor Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo and claiming Louis Ndukwe is trying to assassinate him. 

Felix Kupa kicks off:

Aye Axe men!


For some time now, we have been faced with the obvious abandonment of office of the Western Regional Headship, which started by him rudely and deliberately unplugging himself from all Nbm platform owing to the fact that NEXCO acted on a report he submitted to it.

This vacuum was very obvious in the just concluded protests against slavery in Libya as directed by NEXCO, wherein the Western Regional Head was conspicuously absent.

Several efforts have been made by NEXCO to find him out to no avail.
At a time, the NEXCO even sent a memo to all zonal heads within his region demanding to know his whereabout all to no avail.

From all indication, the said Engr. Gerald Azonobo has deliberately abandoned his office which contrary to the tenets of our constitution which he swore to uphold.

As we all know, vacuum is not allowed in the Neo Black Movement of Africa and we will not allow the absence of Engr. Gerald Azonobo to create stagnation in the activities of the movement.

Against this backdrop, I hereby suspend Engr. Gerald Azonobo (Dagogo) from the movement indefinitely. He is hereby directed to hand over every property of the region or NBM in general to the NEXCO member within his jurisdiction with 3 days.

Some of the items he is expected to handover include:
1.   All materials relating to the history project in his possession.
2.   The sum of N700, 000.00 paid to him by then Osun subzone towards their application for a zone.
3.   The sum of 700,000.00 being balance from the blending fee from the Ghana summit of N1, 200,000.00 out of which only N500, 000 was paid.
4.   Any other NBM funds or documents in his possession.

Moreover, he is to write to NEXCO within 2 days on why he should not be permanently de-axed from the movement.

The region shall be under the direct administration of the NEXCO in the meantime.

Lord Mokiti Mozuzu
NH, NBM Worldwide


Onyema John adds his voice:


*The Beginning of the End*

9:45am, the 14th of December my phone strangely receives series of messages. What could this be all about I asked? I opened up and Many expressing surprise and some joy. Dagogo has been suspended by the owners of NBM.

Suddenly there is a need to punish him for the content of my letter which I was deaxed for. Now these dictators wants to punish a man for doing what was directed by them. A letter they refused to investigate it’s content and allegations made. A clear case of ineptitude by these tainted rulers. When asked questions they answer incoherently.  Clowns in a circus.

The NCOE should sit and look themselves in the mirror and see if they are doing this movement more good or harm. You are placed in that position to act as a check  not to be sycophants and praise singers. Wake up from your slumber. NBM is suffering because of your silence. You allow and support  these men make laws that are Draconian in nature but you act blind when it can’t be followed. Who is fooling who? You allow these older men all in the name of “Former National this and former that” destroy this movement. Men who should be more worried about their graves are still seated plotting evil against younger brothers.

How come it took these crooks 5 months to tell the world that Dagogo had outstanding 700k to remit from the Ghana blending? The Ghana summit happened July 6th and today is December 14th and now it is the best time to tell you all that all monies was not remitted? C’mon people.  When would you start asking the necessary questions. When?

My open letter was to expose these shenanigans and to elicit a response but you sat down and allowed these old men knock off anyone who tries to make you all see what they do in the dark? Come to think of it, do you guys think Dagogo acted on his own? Some persons gave him the go ahead. Dagogo paid flight tickets, booked over 25 rooms and made drinks and food available to these men at the summit and you think manner fell from the sky? Now they want him to provide the same money he used in taking care of them. Can you eat your cake and have it? Whatever Dagogo did, some persons were responsible.

Dagogo gave kupa 500k as his personal money for attending the summit. Where is that money from? Louis confessed to me that Dagogo gave him 80k. Where do they think this money came from? When has NBM become a money making venture that some persons believe they are entitled to *remuneration* for attending a summit? NBM wake up and begin to hold these men accountable.

You all think Dagogo will on his own hold a second round of initiation when no one gave the go ahead? A summit that had the presence of the National Head and National chairman? It is funny you all believe Dagogo did all these without giving kickbacks to these people. They all got paid.

Cast your minds back to the last convention in Calabar. Before the convention proper, the Ncman came with a memo on the NCOE platform that blending will not be business as usual. That blending fee is now 100k. You all remember for sure but when his Godfathers(Izzi and his cohorts) refused to pay this amount, this same Ncman came back to the ncoe platform after the convention to tell us that HE alone has no right constitutionally to fix blending fees, so therefore blending fees remain 50k. Now, did they make any effort to refund those who had earlier paid the 100k demanded? What else can be more Fraudulent than this act and what did the NCOE do? Silence as usual but when it’s time to cast a stone on another who is defenseless, you see these men. Such a shame.

Do you guys get to wonder why the whole nexco and some NCOE members (isitwele, omelele and Louis) were ready to die for the creation of Greater Accra zone? The major sponsor of the zone recently told us they spent over 7m naira. A very good reason to die for them right? to the point of going against a law they recently made. 15 years to be a ZH. That didn’t matter when it was time to create Greater Accra and what did the NCOE do? Silence.

Recently the Anambra state government gave NBM over 6m Naira but these same men remitted less than 20% of that money and many of them are aware but are silent about all these. Who is more of a criminal and yet they want to come out with an excuse to kill Dagogo. I know your next plan for the poor man is deaxation. Will it surprise anybody; No. It has become a norm in Nbm, just like in a political setting; whosoever has a contrary view must be crushed.

Many of you in this movement follow these men ignorantly because of the paucity of information available to you. If you know the evil these men commit on a daily, you will marvel.

Like I call them; filthy politicians. Tainted and inept leaders. Your day of doom shall soon come. I am not scared of you, neither am I interested in returning back to this wreath of lies called a movement but I will be by the corner smiling as things fall apart under these tyrants for this is the *Beginning of the End*

A man of his words,
Your brother in the struggle
Onyema John
I remain Albert Luthuli



Gerald Azonobo’s rebuttal: 


NBM of Africa.


My attention has been drawn to series of allegations against me as contained in the message of the National Head. I have consulted widely and I now consider it imperative for me to respond to all the allegations in the interest of all persons who have contributed one way or the other towards the growth of the movement. I also considered it imperative for me to respond because my integrity, honor and my little contribution towards the growth of the movement is about to be tainted. I therefore appeal to all to read carefully without a pre-biased mind the response succinctly stated below;

1. The first issue raised in the suspension notice of the NH stem from the fact that I abandoned duty by unplugging myself from all social network/platform of the movement. i wish to state that outside the movement, we all have our private challenges to face ranging from business, health, marital issues, politics and spiritual matters. At every given phase in the movement we all also have our high and low moments in the movement. On some occasions our moral and spirits is awakened for greater exploits while on some other occasions the interest and morals is weakened due to prevailing circumstance that is beyond understanding of an objective mind. At a stage in the present administration the NH unplugged himself from the NCOE platform for reasons best known to him. The NCOE platform and other social platform of the movement remain a social platform and not the organ of the movement as it were. Meetings on social platform cannot be said to be a duly constituted meeting of the movement as defined in our books. Journalist Eto a great member of this movement and One time National crier during the reign of [Oluaye Bemuda] Aare Onakankafo former NH, was not on any of the social network of the NEXCO but performed his duties to the best of his ability and was never deemed to have abandon duty. No ZH within my region is incompetent. They have performed their duties with the support of their ZCOE to the best of their ability and that is why western region is strong today. I have equally given them support whenever my attention was required. As the western regional head before the present Imbroglio, I conducted regional ITS and seminars in almost the zones within my region namely; Lagos Zone, Lekki Zone, Ogun Zone, Ghana Zone, and Ibadan Zone. We have equally organized series of charity and advocacy work within my region. I am therefore surprised with the phrase “abandonment of duty” tagged to me. I have also attended most NBM functions if not all since the inception of this administration. The daily crises within the movement and in Nigeria is enough to give somebody psychological breakdown. Taking time off from all social Medias not only NBM is the best therapy to regain sanity and a straight mind to focus on family and business challenges. At a time when my spirit was high for work and I was busy organizing seminars and sending inspirational messages to encourage all, the NH tagged me a “jobless person”. What are my sins?

2. With respect to my absence at the just concluded protest against human trafficking and slavery as mentioned in the letter of the NH as one of the reasons for my suspension. I wish to state that the NH directive for the conduct of the protest above referred was not in any way directed to me  to conduct the protest. The NH specifically instructed The National Crier and The National OC legal to coordinate the protest. In his words he said “I have directed The National Crier and The National OC legal to coordinate the planed protest on human trafficking and slavery of Nigerians in Libya, within the western region which is expected to hold in Lagos state” What are my sins? Was the planned protest a national body program or a regional program? It is certainly a national program and not a regional program from its content, that is, how it was initiated and driven. If it is a national program and the NH delegated The National Crier and The National OC legal to coordinate. How come I am crucified for “abandonment of duty”. I wish to know if it is now a sin to be absent in any NBM function. What are my real sins? If indeed NBM is a brotherhood and we care about each other we shouldn’t at the slightest opportunity present our brother to the slaughter for sacrifice. What are my sins?

3. In the NH suspension notice, he directed that I should hand over within 3 days NBM materials within my custody to NEXCO member within my jurisdiction [not members]. This directive is not specific and is ambiguous. Within western region we have the National Crier and the National OC legal.  I am at a cross road on the exact intent of this directive. What are my sins?

4. I shall deal with the issue of money alleged against me by the NH thus; the N700,000 alleged to have been paid to me by Osun Sub Zone, N700,000 being balance from N1.2million alleged to have been paid to me for blending in Ghana.

Before, Oluaye, Aare Onakankafo former NH handed Over at Warri Convention in 2016, Osun Sub Zone paid the sum of N300,000 for creation of a zone with the understanding that they shall balance N200,000 after approval due to some financial constraints, when I approached the then NCOE Chairman, Chief Issy, at the 2016 Warri National Convention, he declined, stating that the normal N500,000 application fee must be complete. I encouraged the members of the said Sub zone to raise additional N200,000 which they did and when I spoke with the present National Head, Mr. Felix Edore Kupa sometime in March 2017, he responded that the new zonal application fee is N700,000 for local zones and N1,000,0000 for Diaspora. I appealed to him to accept the old rate of N500,000 from Osun Sub Zone since it is an old application and their money was already with me as an official of the movement with the knowledge of the past administration. He declined and insisted it must be N700,000, even when I told him NCOE has not really taken decision on that increase. In order to avoid conflict with him, I had a discussion with some concerned persons from Osun State, like the present South Africa ZCOE Chairman, Mr. Tijani, who added extra N200,000 to make it N700,000, and when I informed the National Head before the 2017 Calabar National Convention, he promised me that the approval shall pass at the convention NCOE which did not happen. Recently, before Abuja NCOE, the National Head told me that all Zonal applications for creation of zones are now fixed at N1,000,000 both local and diaspora, and I pleaded with him to allow the Osun Sub Zone application pass on the basis of  the old rates of N700,000 earlier mentioned by him but he refused. I then told him that with the assurance of Mr. Tijani the N300,000 will be remitted to make it N1,000,000 as he requested. The National Head, Mr. Felix Kupa, blatantly told me not to send the N700,000 into the NBM account until I have completed it to N1,000,0000 few days to the Abuja NCOE. And to my utmost surprise, the Zone was approved at the Anambra even when the N300,000 balance hasn’t been paid by the said new Osun Sub Zone along with the N700,000 with me.

I recommended to the NEXCO in 2016 to adopt the NBM OF AFRICA HISTORY PROJECT, based on the series of distorted history and it was approved. Funds were being raised for the committee and zones were tasked N30,000 each. As the precursor of this idea, I was tasked to hit the field by the NEXCO for valid materials through series of interviews, and of course, it was brought before the National Head, Mr. Felix Kupa, that these interviewers and interviewees will be cared for in terms of logistics and stipends. I was obliged to start the course with my money, I traveled to Benin and met with early members of the movement and was assisted by the National Crier 2, Mr. Uyiosa Ilaide. In recovering materials, we had to engage other interviewers who accompanied us to Delta State, and then back to Benin City to continue. After the load of work in Benin, I continued again in Lagos and covered good stories from some important persons. These steps helped covered most of the areas as highlighted in the HISTORY BOOK PROJECT Synopsis I developed, and as such we can develop Chapters 1-5, and the others can be gathered from other regions narratives which are basically the narratives on how some early temples and zones started.
Hotel Accommodation Expenses, Feeding, Stipends (in envelope), Alcohol (3 Cartons of Remy Martin) and other drinks from PROTEA hotel bar as well as Food consumed by both Interviewers and Interviewees for the days spent in Benin amounted to N1,120,000. I have started compiling/writing based on the gathered materials and narratives gotten so far for the book. We have the


All these have been reviewed and correction made by the writing committee and I have gathered scanty lines on Chapter 2-5. I have asked to be paid back the money I spent to boost my writing energy and enthusiasm. But this was declined severally. After much pleading, I have only been paid N500,000 by the NEXCO to balance N620,000. If this sum is deducted from the N700,000 received from Osun Sub Zone, the balance with me on the Osun Sub Zone creation would be N80,000.

In July 2017 after the Calabar National Convention, I called the National Head, Mr. Felix Kupa, concerning the Ghana Summit, and intimated him on the blending that may occur. During our discussion, the National Head made it clear to me that he cannot be serving the movement for free and at the end of the administration he leaves as a broke man, that the sum of N100,000 must come to him on every new intending member (N50,000 for NBM and N50,000 for himself as kola), otherwise the blending will not hold. I pleaded with him to have a change of heart considering the facts that the summit will cost so much, and the region needs financial back up since the zones were only tasked N150,000 each, and out of 5 zones that were mandated to pay this amount, we only raised N450,000 instead of N750,000. On this premise, I informed the stakeholders of my region (Western Region) and they got angry and vehemently frowned at it, stating that the only money due to the NBM is N50,000 per new intending member. Upon arrival in Ghana, a day to kick off of the summit, this N100,000 demanded by the National Head became a serious heated issue between both of us at the Kempinski Hotel, I was able to control the situation with the intervention of Apapa Zonal Head, Mr. Michael Ojede, and I pleaded that I pay him N20,000 each aside the N50,000 due for NBM which he agreed, making him understand that I also have pressure from the NCOE chairman, Mr. Louis Ndukwe, who also demanded for “Kola” on each new Intending member.
Following the pressure around me during period, I demanded from members of my region that a sum of N120,000 be paid each for any new intending member, to enable me to cover the huge expenses before me. For the new intending members, we had 23 from Ghana and 1 from Ogun, and the monies paid on each new intending member are as follows;
A. 23 Ghana members at 1,200GHS = N95,700 = N2,201,100
(With the normal bank rate, 1,505GHS = N120,000)

B. 1 Ogun member N70,000

Grand Total = N2,271,100

N450,000 was raised by Zones under Western Region against a budget way above N10,000,000.
Flight Expenses for 13 persons                                                      ​​ = N2,520,000
Hotel Accommodation                                                                     ​​ = N1,875,000
Summit Materials                                                                              ​​= N1,770,000
Feeding                                                                                                ​​= N420,000
Incentives for Invitees and some VIPs including the external speaker      = N550,000
General Logistics                                                                                 ​​=N1,560,000
Media Publicity                                                                                  ​​   = N200,000
GRAND TOTAL                                                                                    ​​   N8,895,000

If you take out N1,200,000 from N2,271,100 covering 24 intending members at N50,000 each for the NEXCO you will have N1,071,100 left considered as the proceeds for the region.
All these payments were made to me in cash at the Summit Venue in Ghana and when the NEXCO demanded for the NBM money I told them I must change the money to Naira and that a transfer will be done. Note that the bulky part of this money was used to cover part of the 25 Rooms I booked costing to N1,875,000 or more. That same night, July 6, 2017, few hours to blending the NH Mr. Felix Kupa said I should make available his “kola” (N480,000) alongside NBM money (N1,200,000), but I had to transfer the sum of N150,000 to the NCOE Chairman same night to balance him N50,000 the following day. I had all these Ghana cedes (GHS) with me but was doing the needful from my personal account. The transfer I made to the national chairman for his “kola” that is share of the money is evidence in my statement of account and I am ready to produce same before any unbiased panel of enquiry or court of law just to save my name and image.
The number of new intending members that were presented before the NCOE chairman were 24. At the end of the screening 11 were approved for blending and 13 asked to leave. The process went ahead with the 11 approved candidates. The following day, leaders of Ghana Zone came to me aggrieved and pleaded that I speak with the National Head and NCOE chairman to allow the rejected 13 to be inducted and after much ado I spoke with the National Head who said that each of them should pay extra N50,000 incentive, which I communicated with the Ghana leaders. I also called the attention of the NCOE Chairman to the new development as advised by the National Head and he consented. The NCOE Chairman collected extra N100,000 from me in GHS to cover what I owe him previously and this new arrangement. I was given a sum of N500,000 extra for the 13 yet to blend members. I gave an equivalent of N60,000 to be shared among Ikpoba ZH, Mr. Eribo, Ikpoba National Elder, Mr. Francis and Benin National Elder, Mr. Ozeba who helped organize the re-screening and blending proper of the 13 persons. An equivalent sum of N30,000 each was given to all the Zonal Heads and ZCOE Chairmen under my region excluding Apapa Zonal Head, Lagos ZH, Ghana ZH, Ghana ZCOE Chairman and Ibadan ZH, summing up to N210,000.

*PROCEEDS FROM BLENDING:* N1,071,100 + N500,000 = N1,571,100

NOTE: I gave each Zone under me 50,000 to assist their logistics/transport to Ghana. This sum is not yet deducted from the above balance.

To cut the long story short, I told the National Head and NEXCO that the summit is costing much and with these kola issue I might be running at a big loss and may have to borrow from the NBM purse, which eventually put us in debt of the NEXCO.

I was only able to pay N500,000 to NEO BLACK MOVEMENT OF AFRICA ACCOUNT, leaving with N700,000 to balance the NEXCO N1,200,000
I paid N400,000 to National Head, Mr. Feli Kupa
I paid N250,000 to NCOE Chairman, Mr. Louis Ndukwe
I paid NCP, Mr. Melvin Udo-Richmond, a sum of N110,000

The share of the money is evidence in my statement of account and I am ready to produce same before any unbiased panel of enquiry or court of law just to save my name and image.

On a good note, the proceeds from the blending was to support the region financially in the hosting the summit because the zones under the region were able to raise less than N500,000 against the proposed budget. I had to use most of my money with the support from Apapa ZH, Lekki ZH, Lekki ZCOE Chairman and few good men to support the hosting. And since I had to pay “kola” for the major leaders amounting to N760,000 I have being unable to balance the N700,000 to NBM account.
Note that at Ghana Summit in the open the NH demanded that I provide all money received by me including his “kola” that is share of the money or else he will stop the blending and when I informed the NCOE Chairman he frowned at it. This almost led to physical confrontation between the NH and NCOE Chairman at the summit venue. The situation was controlled by Samako, Amadasun, Aigbebo, Masaka and some other leaders present.



2. HISTORY BOOK PROJECT BALANCE OF N620,000 but this I have deducted from the Osun Sub Zone payments made to me as stated above.

3. GHANA TRIP UPON NEXCO ORDER N650,000 (FLIGHT & LOGISTICS). I hereby deduct N80,000 I am to balance NEXCO after the deduction of my N620,000 of the debt they owe me on HISTORY BOOK PROJECT from the Osun Sub Zone payment of N700,000. Hence the balance to be paid to me on GHANA TRIP UPON NEXCO ORDER is now N570,000.

It is disappointing that a suspension order was placed on me on grounds which members of the NEXCO know that I am not guilty of. I should not be given a name to hang me simply because of perceived ill feelings towards me stemming from last NBM pre-election and election matters. We all have our personal beliefs on various matters and nobody should be nailed for having a perspective different from that of the leadership of any organization. I have written and circulated series of motivational messages just to build love, trust and comradeship among us but events in recent times shows that we are far apart from being our brother’s keeper. I hope that my explanation above will exonerate me of any misdeed and put all on a corrective path to be a better Man.


Emperor Haile Selassie III
Western Regional Head
NBM of Africa



Felix Kupa returns with a much more lengthy account:


Aye! Axe-men, I greet every one of you this beautiful Sunday. Normally in my quiet nature, I would have just looked at Gerald Azonobo’s (Dagogo) defense on his suspension and keep quiet, but for the malicious lies told by him, I am pushed to bring out the facts as it stands.
When I took office as National Head, I promised to be transparent and accountable to the Movement. Though, the path of accountability has been very bumpy and colossal, it’s a path I have chosen and I will not retreat.
At the time I was handed over to, I met a deficit account and there were complains here and there, ranging from financial mismanagement in NBM projects, to blending issues. Top most was the blending of a renowned artist in Lagos, who paid  the sum of Six Million Naira (N6, 000,000) and nothing was remitted to NBM’s account. Another major issue was the donation to Internally Displayed Persons (IDP) at Benin City. The cheque NBM presented bounced, because there was no cash in the account, though we contributed over Two Million Naira (N2, 000,000) for the IDP’s project, items presented there were not worth Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500, 000).
In order to save the image of our great movement, I have to pay the sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N250, 000) from my personal pocket to clear the cheque.
*** With all these ugly experience at the inception of this regime, I decided that all monies must go into the Movement’s account no matter the caliber of persons in involved.
Gerald Azonobo’s (Dagogo) Suspension:
I exhausted all avenues to make Gerald Azonobo (Dagogo) understand that is no longer business as usual, but he will not understand. Dagogo, being a key player in the N6m blending saga, I cautioned him to desist from such in this present regime, but he will not take to advise. First of his defiance to the NEXCO order, was during the Western Regional Summit at Ijebu-Ode, where he blended djus including a serving Local Government Council Chairman (who paid so much) and till date as I speak, he did not remit one naira (N1) to the National account from the blending fees he collected.

Ghana Summit:
Western Regional Summit held at Ghana in July, 2017 then came up and I insisted on him paying into NBM account before carrying on with the blending. This resulted in the misunderstanding between me and the NCOE Chairman, when Dagogo tried to use the NCOE Chairman to persuade me to relax on my stand of paying to the National account before blending. Some National Elders, Ernest Amadasu, Samaco and others pleaded with me to allow the blending take place and let him remit to NBM account later. These elders can be called upon by anyone to find out if the bone of contention at Ghana was issue of giving me Kola or that of blending fees must hit NBM’s account before blending. It is worthy to note that against Dagogo claim of giving me Kola at Ghana, there was nothing of such. Dagogo didn’t give me a dime as Kola in Ghana. Though, he took extra money to blend the djus that were initially screened out by the NCOE Chairman, NCP, National Elders (Samaco, Amadasu, e.t.c.) the next morning, without due consent of the NEXCO and NCOE Chairman, Dagogo still could not remit the complete blending fee to the National account. As I speak, he owes Seven Hundred Thousand Naira (N700, 000) as balance till date. I thank God that in his submission he did not deny owing these monies, rather he was try to calculate fictitious expenses and bills to cover up for what he is owing the Movement.
While going to Ghana, I took care of my flight from Warri to Lagos and from Lagos back to Warri. Also my vehicle with which my backup team came to Lagos got spoilt and I spent over Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N350, 000) fixing the car and all the time, I and my crew were lodge in Apapa Zonal Head’s hotel. Dagogo should be asked, if he contributed a dime to all the expenses I made above.

Monies I received from Dagogo:
In September 2017, I was in Lagos and summoned Dagogo and all the Zonal Heads and ZCOE Chairmen within Lagos to Lekki Zonal Arena. I presented Dagogo’s case and everyone present including Dagogo pleaded for mercy. As a leader, I listen to them and forgave Dagogo. I asked him to update the National account within two weeks, which he agreed. It was after this settlement that Dagogo gave me Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200, 000) through bank transfer to cater for my accommodation and that of my backup, including other expenses that I might incur in Lagos.
While in Lagos, I delegated Dagogo as Western Regional Head to go Ghana and see to the delineation of the Ghana Zone in order to create the Greater Accra Zone. He called me from Ghana, giving me a lot complains about the attitude of Lords in Ghana and the need not to create a new zone in Ghana, this I asked him to put into writing as a proper report. Later on, he transferred the sum of Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200, 000) to me from Ghana. That was where he got it all wrong; Felix Kupa was never to be bought with money. There and then I decided I am creating the Greater Accra Zone. Whoever connived with him to send me the Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200, 000) will have their scores to settle later and that is none of my business.
As rightly said by him, he should print his statement of account and make it public to confirm which of us is lying as the dates will be there to ascertain the truth.
On Osun Zone
Dagogo’s narration on Osun zone payment is laughable. According to him, it started during the last regime, when Osun Sub-Zone paid Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000) and he approached the former NCOE Chairman for approval and he refused that the money should be completed Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500, 000). My questions are:
Why didn’t he submit the Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300, 000) and application fees for zone to the NEXCO, pending the balance payment?
Since when did a Regional Head started approaching the NCOE for creation of a new zone?
What stopped Dagogo from approaching the former NH (Bermuda) who could have given a waiver on the balance and proceed for approval, could it be as a result Dagogo not being able to account for the money?
Again the fee for creation of zone in the last regime, was it Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500, 000) or One Million Naira (N1, 000,000)?
Dagogo said I keep inflating the money from Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500, 000) to Seven Hundred Thousand Naira (N700, 000) and later to One Million Naira (N1, 000,000), this again laughable. Since the last regime the fee for creation of a new zone has been One Million Naira (N1, 000,000) and Dagogo who was a member of the NEXCO and Committee of Heads in the last regime knew this very well.
When the South Africa ZCOE Chairman wanted to pay the balanced Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300, 000), Dagogo almost collected it, I was the one that asked him to pay directly to NBM’s account that Dagogo is yet to account for so much money in his procession. Anyone can put a call to the South Africa ZCOE Chairman to confirm. NBM is yet to receive the initial Seven Hundred Thousand Naira (N700, 000) paid to Dagogo. The zonal was created because we can’t punish them based on someone else’s financial misappropriation of public fund.

History Committee
Dagogo is the only member of the history committee who brought a shocking bill of over One Million Naira (N1, 000,000) to the NEXCO. According to him, Three (3) cartons of Remy Martins (it must be a drunk history), Stipend to those present (NBM gave them job and they were paying themselves, that is wonderful). I am sure he forgot to add his olosho bill to it.
A MBOF and a National Elder went to Abraka to interview Lord El-Fatador (FJ ’79), in their entire journey they never requested for fuel money. The same elders with Omelele went to interview our former NH at P.T.I., no bill was brought to the NEXCO.
For Dagogo not to thwart effort of the history committee, I have to approve Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500, 000) for him. It should be on record that the NC2 flew from England to Nigeria and travelled across states for interviews and held several meetings with participants and even Professor on the history book, the NC2 did not ask us to return a dime to him!
Now Dagogo is making calculations and making deductions to cover up for NBM’s money, Dagogo should bow his head in shame. Recently the Delta Regional Head called for a Regional IT and in his financial report, he presented over Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300, 000) in the Regions account. This money did not come from zonal dues, but only one blending done by the Regional. Under minding the security breaches and money spent to maintain orderliness, the Region still have money. Dagogo should come and tell us how much is in Western Region Account.

Dagogo and Kola
I was present in France when djus paid up to €700 each, I did not demand for kola; I personal took care of all expenses including my flight ticket. UK / Ireland in 2016, I did not demand for Kola; London blended in 2016, I did not did for Kola; European Regional Summit in June 2017, dju paid up €1000, I did not demand Kola money; I was present in Delta Regional Blending, I didn’t not demand for Kola. I asked the Delta Regional Head to pay with his money when he could not account for the blending fee of one dju brought by for NH (Bermuda), I told him no conception everybody must pay.
Dagogo, why is the National Head demanding Kola money from only you? It is laughable.
Most Regional Heads and Zonal Heads do make money from blending, but I am not privilege to such entitlements. Even though I am entitled to certain amount for my travels, I have never collected a dime from NBM’s pause to travel.

Dagogo’s Grievance
Dagogo went to Ghana for the purpose of delineating Ghana Zone to form Greater Accra Zone, but rather he brought a security report, stating that majority of the lords in Ghana are wanted criminals and ex-convicts.  Based on his report I closed down Ghana Zone and the Lords in Ghana strained relationship with him as far as questioning his means of livelihood. Dagogo called me and was angry that I would have kept his reports secret, that he only wanted to confide on me. How can I keep such a report secret considering the challenges we are having in some diaspora zones. However, the report he wants me to keep secret, he did not sent it to me directly, but to the National Eye through email.
Not knowing how to redeem his image on the Ghana saga, he backed out of the Movement and went silent. I made several efforts to reach him to no avail. I asked all the Zonal Heads with Lagos, Lekki COE Chairman and the National O’C’ Legal to reach him, but Dagogo will not talk to anybody.
He has chosen his part and we cannot force him, but he must return every NBM items and monies in his pocession to the National O’C’ Legal and pay all monies to NBM account. We do not owe Dagogo a dime and he should acknowledge he owes the Movement.

India Zone
With my present experience with Dagogo, I want to draw everyone’s attention to the India Zonal Head. Recently they did blending and the Zonal Head paid only for Five (5) djus out of the Nine (9) djus he said he blended. He then sent a Hundred Thousand Naira (N100, 000) to my account; I have asked him to calculate the Hundred Thousand Naira (N100, 000) as part of what is left as balance for the remaining Four (4) djus and send the balance to NBM’s account. I am still waiting for his response, if tomorrow he defaults and I decide to suspend him, then he will come and say he gave NH Kola.
Attached below is a munch copy of my conversation with the Indian Zonal Head.

Aye! Axe-men, in my manifesto I promised you transparency and accountability and this I will do till I hand over. Those of you that were in Calabar Convention can testify to this, from a deficit account handed over to me, I declared over Ten Million Naira (N10, 000,000) in my financial report in that Convention. We must joined hands to keep the flag flying. Do not give room to any single individual to convert our collective resources for his personal use.

The truth remains that Gerald Azonobo’s (Dagogo) has not being sincere in his dealings with NBM of Africa. Severally, the NEXCO has found him wanting in financial issues and can no longer condone his excesses.
If his case is not properly handled, it will serve as a bad precedence for those will take over the leadership of the Movement by tomorrow.

I am also serving this as a petition against Gerald Azonobo (Dagogo) to the NCOE for the following reasons.
An attempt to dent my image by Gerald Azonobo (Dagogo)
Misappropriation of NBM funds Gerald Azonobo (Dagogo)
Inciting Lords against the NEXCO and the NCOE Chairman
Abandonment of Office as Western Regional
A call for his deaxeation based on number 2 above.

My NCOE Scribe please take note. I want an independent person/group of persons amongst us to come and investigate or try me on his allegations or any suspected financial misappropriation…

I wish you all a happy and blessed new week.

Aye! Axe-men.

Lord Mokiti Mozuzu
(Worldwide Head, NBM of Africa)



Onyema John replies:



I read the letter put out by Mr. Kupa as a defence to the wonderful revelation published by Dagogo. What a shame. I see the level NBM has degenerated to and all I can say is shame. The movement has been overtaken by Mendacity and perfidy. That’s the decadence the organisation is faced with today.

*You have no right to hold others accountable for standards you refuse to apply to yourself. Our beliefs do not make us better people; Our behavior does.* You suspend Dagogo for refusing to coordinate a match against slavery in Libya when you as the president of the organisation never appear publicly in any of these events. The same man you branded *Jobless* for organising summit is the same man you want to crucify because he has decided to slow down with organising programs; Double standards. You claim not to have received KOLA but in your letter you admitted receiving 200k twice from the same Dagogo. Very smart. What is he paying you for? He has openly called for a fair independent panel to investigate the matter, why call for his deaxation? Can there ever be an unbiased and independent panel in NBM? I doubt cos every panel is made up of corrupt old men like Omelele. Do you guys ever get tired of bullying? In any sane society, when a leader is accused of a crime, such person will  recuse himself from taking charge of the investigation process, steps aside for the issue to be properly investigated but in NBM, you always try to intimidate your way through. Why?

Those who live in Glass houses don’t throw stones. You were quick to point to the Davido blending when you also received money from the same Davido. I guess that’s not Kola.🤣 Suspending Dagogo from NBM was a wrong move cos you know quiet well that he knows too much and now that he has been pushed to the wall, he is ready to fight and now he is gonna fight dirty.

I said in my last letter that everything Dagogo did at the Ghana summit was with the approval of these men. The money requested by the NH for every blended member is 100% true. The NH claims every single time that he spends his money for this and that. He claims to be different from past leaders but it was in our very eyes that 550k was approved for his travel. The NH threatened to bring down the heavens in Ghana summit if Dagogo does not provide more rooms for his toy soldiers even after giving him 2 rooms. So tell me who is encouraging Dagogo to source for money by hook or crook.

Let’s all analyse the whole July Ghana summit  blending issue together. The NH and NCMAN claim not to be aware of a 2nd initiation. They claim not to have approved it. Let’s take their position on the matter to be true. *Now, if they claim to be aware of only the first 13 persons that blended; Dagogo already made payment of #500k, so the balance should be #150k. Why then is the NH asking Dagogo to pay a balance of #700k?🤔 Now Subtract 150(supposed 13 persons balance)  from 700(Balance requested by NH), you get 550k. Divide this 550k by 11 persons then you see where the second initiation comes into play.* so how come the national leadership who claim not to be aware of a 2nd initiation turn around to demand  proceeds for what they claim not to be aware of? Guys, some persons gave Dagogo the go ahead and trying to turn it against him alone is not only absurd but disgraceful.

Now, with all the copious  revelations thus far, can they explain why I was punished? Is it not obvious some persons just wanted me silenced? I knew what I was saying all along. Corruption has eaten deep into the organisation and for a truth, those who appear to you as saints are not. This present leadership have plunged NBM into an abysmal depth and until we stop being  parochial about these issues, NBM will not recover anytime soon. People should begin to ask these so called leaders questions and hold them accountable. KOLAGATE is real. It is no Hoax and it is ludicrous to regard it as a norm in NBM like I heard some sycophant put it today.

Remember how Bato the former Benin zonal Head was disgraced because he received some money from the government and remitted less to NBM? Why has the present  leadership of this movement not explained the over 6m naira received by Melvin from Anambra state government. Why did the NH refused to address that? Think people, Think!

Like I put it in my last letter; I will sit by a corner as things fall apart under these tyrants for this is the Beginning of the End.  More revelations to come trust me. It’s turning out to be a long movie. For those who have been crying why I keep signing my Strong name at the end of my write up, I am about to do it again, come and beat me.🤣🤣

Your brother in the struggle
Onyema John
I remain Albert Luthuli



Onyema John adds more:



My attention has been drawn to the threats made on my life by Mr. Louis Ndukwe on several NBM chat room where the term “personal sorting on Street” has been made on my Character. As a politician that you are, I am not surprised because spilling of blood is common with you but I am putting out this open letter as a support to the letter prepared by my lawyers to you and your cohorts to let you know that I have taken precautionary measures as I am not willing to wait and be a *victim of any planned robbery that eventually ends in  assassination. The Death of Former Delta ZH(Mr. Believe) and how he died is still fresh in my memory and in the minds of every Axe man and i will not wait to be another victim*. This step is not taken as a result of fear but to put the authorities in the known while I continue to speak the truth.

I am aware of your clandestine activities at the political level but I will not hesitate to go beyond NBM in exposing you if you make any further threat on my life. *Dog wey like to chop shit, when them open suckaway(sewer) for am, e go run leave shit*. I am not that everyday Axe man you can threaten. I will fight against oppression every legal way I can. This I promise you.

You have branded me getting information about NBM a dastardly act but your boss who has never been a member of NBM is aware of NBM activities and present happenings as expressed by you and you are very fine with that. You have not investigated how he got the post but you are very quick to cry about me knowing what is going on. Now I see how secret you keep NBM secrets. You wonder how i get information about NBM; is it not obvious that many Axe men know that the punishment metted out on me was unjust and that is why they still relate with me? Have you reasoned along that line? That I do a letter and members of the movement help it go Viral?

You are worried about your name being everywhere on the internet but you did not care about putting my name out on social media when you and your gang claim to have deaxed me for doing no wrong? For writing a letter? When has that become a deaxable offence in NBM? A letter that it’s content is true? A letter you refused to investigate and even after you agreed to some allegations of the letter and returned 80k (part of the KOLA), you still did not think it necessary to retrace your steps and you expect me to keep quiet and bow to your threats? NEVER!

You used this same pattern on Etim. Etim and some other fine axe men world over fought against the change of name and Logo of the organisation  and you deaxed him even though you ended up not achieving your aim. So what was the point of deaxing him? Today, this is the same name you and your cohorts are using to gain political and depot positions.  Who are you fooling? Enough of this abuse of power. Enough.

Allegations have been made against you and Mr. Kupa. Why don’t you both do the honourable thing of stepping aside while a free and fair investigation is conducted. Even though the Number 2 man of the movement Mr. Melvin udo is equally corrupt, which I will bring more of his ignoble acts to the public notice in my subsequent letter but for now, members can make do with him until the investigation is concluded. Why have you guys not explained the 6m Naira from the Anambra state government? Or you want to pretend Melvin did not tell you about it or give you part of it? Or you also want to pretend melvin did not get that money through the movements name? Show NBM where you paid it into her account. What were you doing in Anambra state during the governorship elections? Are you from that state? You think we don’t know? *He who fights with a pig should be ready to end the bout very dirty.* let’s see how it all ends.

Maybe you are forgetting that NBM is registered with the cooperate affairs as an NGO and it is criminal for executives to demand for gratification from money meant to be for the organisation. You could get gifts from personal pockets no doubt but to tag organisational funds as KOLA is illegal

Stop making threats on my life because it doesn’t move me one bit. I speak for the very huge amount of boisterous and concerned members of NBM. So many people have got questions but too scared to speak. I am not afraid of you I repeat. I am not uche Tobias who acted cowardly, tried to tarnish the name of the movement and operated behind a mask. Our course is entirely different. I am known and  I am out to make sure tainted leaders like you lead NBM according to the tenets which NBM is built. I will continue to speak until every Axe man world wide see what you do in the dark.

You Louis Ndukwe fought and criticized Dr. Mayor but today can not stand another pointing out your wrongs and illegal activities. If Dr. Mayor had done that bad, would you be a National chairman of NBM that you are today? I also heard you threatened to kill Dr. Mayor then, little wonder you are quick to make threats on my life. You do not really know me cos if you do, then you would know that was a grave mistake you made. I won’t back down. Threats are the last thing to deter me from speaking the truth.

I have tried so hard not to take NBM on a legal battle but since it has come to threat of life and properties, you leave me with no option than to go down that route. Like I always end my letters; This is the Beginning of the End.

Your brother in the struggle.
Onyema John
Still Albert Luthuli



Davido Implicated in Cult Killings



DAVIDO IMPLICATED IN CULT KILLINGS IN SOUTH AFRICA… as two leaders of rival groups were killed in 1 month, death threat issued on him


Multiple platinum artist and super popular musician David Adeleke aka Davido might have found himself in the middle of another huge scandal because of his rumoured connection with a top cult kingpin who was brutally murdered in recent clashes between rival cult groups in South Africa.
The South African police are said to have issued a statement saying their investigations revealed Davido might have some connection to one of the groups in the spate of cult clashes in South Africa which has seen the leaders of two rival gangs lose their lives in the past month.
Findings by The Lagos Times revealed that the deceased cult lord was felled by a gang of 8 from a rival group. He belonged to the dreaded Neo Black Movement of Africa Worldwide, more commonly known as Black Axe Confraternity.
Na Romeo, as he was popularly called, was their Chief Butcher in South Africa, the man in charge of making unwanted people disappear and he allegedly maintained a close friendship with Davido. There were reports he took a contract from the OBO crooner to discipline some people for him last year. And when Romeo was arrested for possession of guns it was said that Davido paid some money to get him released.
It is no longer news that the deadliest cult groups in Nigeria have exported their brand of thuggery and established outposts in other countries especially South Africa. Two of them, the Black Axe and the Eiye Confraternity, have been fighting each other for a very long time. Those who killed Na Romeo are believed to be Eiye boys exacting revenge for numerous losses they’d suffered at the hands of the Black Axe’s chief butcher.
Now that the SA police have waded into the matter Davido might soon find himself in hot soup on account of his relationship with the felled cult kingpin. Recent pictures of Na Romeo in Axe regalia posing with Davido are already all over the net. The police have already said he might be invited to answer questions in connection with two of their investigations.
Meanwhile, underground checks revealed that some irate members of Eiye and the Vikings Confraternity aka Aro Baggers are not happy with Davido over his alleged use of the Black Axe to eliminate their guys. They have vowed to deal with him should he set foot in South Africa again.