Davido’s Obsession With The Black Axe Confraternity

Date: 13/3/21

Source: https://federalcharacter.com/davidos-obsession-with-the-black-axe-confraternity/

For all undergraduates of Nigerian higher institutions, the story of the overcharged and excited new recruit of a school cult is very common place, but to find a graduate with a confirmed taste of life outside the university, to be visibly excited about joining a confraternity is news.  It is even more news when the individual is arguably the biggest musician in a country of almost over 200 million people. 

So you understand why Federal Character thinks it is worthy of note to report what it has found out about Davido and the Neo Black Movement Of Africa, AKA Black Axe. 

We began to follow this story when David Adeleke AKA Davido who graduated from Babcock University 6 years ago began to lobby influential members of the Black Axe confraternity in Atlanta, Georgia his home city for a spot in the brotherhood.  His quest understandably met a welcome reception a little over a year ago, but this reception and his celebrity status did not spare him of the traditional physically challenging initiation which took place in Lagos Nigeria. Unconfirmed reports has it that this took place in the Lekki/Ajah initiation group of the confraternity.  

While Davido is not the first or only celebrity to be a Black Axe member, in fact the confraternity may have the highest number of celebrity members in keen competition with the Buccaneers and Pirate confraternity. 

However, no celebrity has been more conscious about ensuring that their membership goes public as Davido has. As though his effort to publicize his membership was not enough in the several Instagram displays and the constant engagement in altercations at public places with his crew. He went on to make secret Black Axe conversation lingo part of his monster hit songs. Outstanding among this was the song FEM. Upon investigation, Federal Character uncovered that the term FEM is a Black Axe old terminology for “keeping your mouth shut.” While many mistook it for FIM, which is a pidgin english term used in a sentence to mean the same. 

While millions innocently enjoy Davido’s FEM song, thousands of Black Axe members vibed to the words of their familiar frat slogans. If you have paid attention to Davido very well recently,  you would have heard him threaten that anyone who oversteps around him… (Go collect)… Collect in this context means you will get slapped in the face.  Indicating that he has no qualms with applying physical violence in response to any form of perceived disrespect. Something the fraternity is notoriously reputed for. 

While it is clear that our encountering the Black Axe man in Davido is far from over, we cannot tell how long before this youthful exuberance would result in a confrontation with the law or even maybe a scuffle with the confraternity over his trivializing their age long secret slogans.  Thanks to Davido, Black Axe members can’t use the word FEM as a code anymore. 

The paradox of this is that the same Davido who is visibly not carried away by having so much money as a result of his early exposure to immense wealth as a child, is childishly excited about the gangster street life as an adult because he has been shielded from the street all his life. 

So when next you come across your favourite pop star Davido and wish to make his day, simply holla at him… AYEEE!!!! And watch him smile proudly back at you. 

Davido Implicated in Cult Killings



DAVIDO IMPLICATED IN CULT KILLINGS IN SOUTH AFRICA… as two leaders of rival groups were killed in 1 month, death threat issued on him


Multiple platinum artist and super popular musician David Adeleke aka Davido might have found himself in the middle of another huge scandal because of his rumoured connection with a top cult kingpin who was brutally murdered in recent clashes between rival cult groups in South Africa.
The South African police are said to have issued a statement saying their investigations revealed Davido might have some connection to one of the groups in the spate of cult clashes in South Africa which has seen the leaders of two rival gangs lose their lives in the past month.
Findings by The Lagos Times revealed that the deceased cult lord was felled by a gang of 8 from a rival group. He belonged to the dreaded Neo Black Movement of Africa Worldwide, more commonly known as Black Axe Confraternity.
Na Romeo, as he was popularly called, was their Chief Butcher in South Africa, the man in charge of making unwanted people disappear and he allegedly maintained a close friendship with Davido. There were reports he took a contract from the OBO crooner to discipline some people for him last year. And when Romeo was arrested for possession of guns it was said that Davido paid some money to get him released.
It is no longer news that the deadliest cult groups in Nigeria have exported their brand of thuggery and established outposts in other countries especially South Africa. Two of them, the Black Axe and the Eiye Confraternity, have been fighting each other for a very long time. Those who killed Na Romeo are believed to be Eiye boys exacting revenge for numerous losses they’d suffered at the hands of the Black Axe’s chief butcher.
Now that the SA police have waded into the matter Davido might soon find himself in hot soup on account of his relationship with the felled cult kingpin. Recent pictures of Na Romeo in Axe regalia posing with Davido are already all over the net. The police have already said he might be invited to answer questions in connection with two of their investigations.
Meanwhile, underground checks revealed that some irate members of Eiye and the Vikings Confraternity aka Aro Baggers are not happy with Davido over his alleged use of the Black Axe to eliminate their guys. They have vowed to deal with him should he set foot in South Africa again.