Ike Bobby Onwubuya – Realigning the Temples

Ike Bobby Onwubuya is the former head of the London Zone NBM mafia (serving 2009-2012).

In addition to his post as the head of the NBM mafia in London he also served in the following positions in the organisation:

2007-2009 he was the Zone’s ‘OC Legal’

2005-2007 he was one of the Zone’s ‘Elders’

2003-2005 he served as the Zone’s ‘Butcher’ 

A detailed outline of his roles and responsibilities can be found here

Predating his London Zone membership he had some other, very interesting, positions:

1992-1994 was he was Ihaza at Kiriji HT serving two terms in that position and in the following year he served as an ‘Elder’ of Kiriji HT

What is Kiriji HT? 

Kiriji HT is ‘Kiriji High Temple’ which is the coded name given to the University of Lagos.

Temple code names can be found here for further reference

Why do the NBM use code-names to refer to the universities? 

Ike Bobby Onwubuya and other members use code-names to refer to the “temples” (often referred to simply as the “T’s” because any presence of the NBM in the universities is highly illegal and anyone found to be doing so is liable to upto 5 years imprisonment. 

Although Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s membership and leadership within the university of Lagos predates the  Cult Prohibition Bill

The law clearly states that upon it’s commencement all activity must stop. This is the reason the NBM claim (as an outright lie) to have “withdrawn” from the university system.

Below however is Ike Bobby Onwubuya’s proposal for a “Movement Census and Database Management System” which also illegally includes mention of the “Temples”

He says:

  • upon a Lord or TEMPLE Aye registering “TEMPLE/Zonal officials verifies the registration”
  • The online system will negate the need for “TEMPLE/Zones to report the forms to National (Body)”
  • “The census is a great opportunity to engage the TEMPLE ayes with a view to realigning the TEMPLES and bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies”
  • his proposed system will allow the determination of “the total number of TEMPLE Ayes”
  • that Zonal officials will be able to access “all information pertaining Lord and TEMPLE ayes within their jurisdiction”
  • and can also “monitor the number of Ayes in each TEMPLE and help control the blending accordingly”
  • that TEMPLE Officials can “view and download all information pertaining TEMPLE ayes within their jurisdiction”
  • His system will however restrict the functionality for TEMPLE ayes: “Individual TEMPLE ayes can only view the data pertaining to TEMPLE ayes and cannot download information”
  • but permits “A TEMPLE aye can search for example all the ayes currently in Udi HT to verify a person”
  • and TEMPLE ayes “will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification”


So despite the law stating a multitude of prohibitions regarding the NBM’s presence in any university Ike Bobby Onwubuya insists the NBM should act otherwise (in a multitude of different ways). 

He states really clearly the law is to be ignored and the NBM should enact his plan “bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies”

His proposal in full:


Movement Census and Database Management System
The Census and Management system will be a 3-phased projectof which we can choose which to implement
1.       Phase 1 :- Census and Database – Conduct a Census and build an online membership database for the movement
2.       Phase 2:- Interactivity – enhance the database on phase 1 to be a closed interactive network for the movement. All registered verified members can interact, share pictures, share documents, send private messages and integrate Nbmarena.com into the database
3.       Phase 3:- Movement Management system – enable the system to help National/Zones to manage member’s attendance and dues. Sending information to individual members on how much they owe and collecting data on attendance
I will focus on only Phase 1 for this proposal
1.       Carry out a Census that systematically records information about our members and serve as a headcount to determine how many we are and where we are located
2.       Create a Database out of the census information that would serve as an effective membership management system for the movement
·         The census will be carried out through a system of Online Self-Certification. 
·         Each Axeman will be responsible for registering themselves on the online system.
·         The system will be onlie 24/7 so that each Axemen where ever in the world will have the same access to certify themselves. The worldwide coverage of an online system makes it an invaluable tool above a manual system
·         The Census will have 2 concurrent phases where the individual Axeman registered, and the Temple/Zonal officials verifies the registration
·         The main advantages of online self certification are Efficiency and Time saving– It minimises the efforts of getting people to fill forms and waiting for the Temples/Zones to report the forms to National, then manually entering each individual form on a database
·         A product of the census is that every axeman will have a unique identifying number.
·         The census is a great opportunity to engage the temple ayes with a view to realigning the temples and bringing them under the effective control of the National and Zonal bodies
Census Time frame
The Census will be an ongoing exercise however there would be a time frame for delivering the initial phase. The NH would be able to deliver a census report at the 2013 convention which should give a total number of registered Axemen and making the database system available for use
Census Information
Each Axeman will log on to the website and fill out a form which should not take more than 5 minutes of their time
The information to be obtained
Ju Details
Strong Details
Current details
Ju Name
Strong Name
Zone/Temple registered
Year of Blending
Current position
Temple/Zone of Blending
Country of Residence
Temple Attended (if diff from temple of blend)*
Head at Blending (Ju Name)
Head at Blending (Strong name)*
Age range*
Year of Lordship induction
Venue of Induction
* Optional information
The Census is really a by-product of the database. The database holds the information that we obtain from the census and it would be constructed in such a way that we split the data stored in many ways to obtain any kind of information we need.
When the database is complete, the advantage to the movement will be immeasurable. The advantage and views for different individuals are
National Officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining every and anyaxeman and zone in NBM
·         Can select to see for example the total number of Temple Ayes and the Total number of Zonal Ayes
·         Can see the number of Ayes in a given location like Brazil and can determine if they can have are ripe zone or not
·         Given the number of people in different zone, National can decide to change the national dues structure based on the number in a location
Zonal officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining Lord and Temple ayeswithin their jurisdiction
·         Can monitor the number of Ayes in each temple and help control the blending accordingly
·         See the number of Ayes within their jurisdiction and can contact those slacking and those who do not even know about the existence of the zone
·         Can monitor the migration of Ayes between zones
Temple officials
·         Can view and download all information pertaining Temple ayes within their jurisdiction
·         Individual axelords can only view the database but cannot run reports and cannot download information
·         A Lord can search for example all the ayes blended in Udi in 1997 to verify a person
·         Every individual will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification
Temple Ayes
·         Individual temple ayes can only view the data pertaining to temple ayes and cannot download information
·         A temple aye can search for example all the ayes currently in Udi HT to verify a person
·         Every individual will have their own private section where they can upload their photos for better verification

Cultism and other Violent Behaviour Prohibition Order 2018!

Sadly only Akwa Ibom State in this case….


Governor Emmanuel outlaws 33 cult groups in Akwa Ibom


Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State has signed the Cultism and other Violent Behaviour Prohibition Order 2018.
The law took effect from March 12, 2018.
Emmanuel said security issues reported recently in Etim Ekpo, Ukanfun and Ikot Ekpene local government areas necessitated the proactive measures.
Speaking on Monday during the signing ceremony at Government House in Uyo, he said the Order would re-energize the already existing criminal code law, Cap 38 Laws of Akwa Ibom State dated 2000.
He said: “Let me also implore other local government areas that have actually embraced peace to continue to show that in their conduct and everything that they do, because we want peace in every part of this state.”
The proscribed groups are Vikings, Black Axe, KKK, Buccaneers, Mafia, Luttox (Junior Black Axe), Debam, Dewell, Icelanders, Red Skins, Pirates, Amoc, Akwa Marines and Utoto Groups (419)
Others, which have more members in Secondary Schools are The Red Skins, St. Stephens, Dewell, Sept 11 Group, Secret Sons of Satan, King Cobra, J.V (Junior Vikings), Bats, Predators, Black Ladies, Black Cross, Scavengers, Skylolo , Sons of Nights, Blood Brotherhood, Junior Buccaneers, White Angels; and Musket.
Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Barr Uwemedimo Nwoko, explained that the Secret Cult Prohibition Law provides a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment for culprits.
He said, “Just like any other law, it will serve no useful purpose if the members of the society do not rise up to support the law because even security agencies will need the cooperation and information from communities, schools and principals to identify the operations of these groups.
“Some of them are operating in secret manners and it is the responsibility of every Akwa Ibomite and every resident of Akwa Ibom who identifies or knows where they operate and the name under which they operate to bring to the knowledge of the security agencies and the government for effective action.”


Source: https://www.today.ng/news/nigeria/governor-emmanuel-outlaws-33-cult-groups-akwa-ibom-96125

River State Wahala

River State Neo Black Movement member arrested… Should be charged with ‘illegal possession of a dangerous weapon in furtherance of activities of a secret cult’ (cult prohibition bill 2004) at the very least.

Below From: http://dailypost.ng/2015/09/09/i-wanted-fame-prestige-so-i-became-a-cultist-uniport-graduate/

A graduate of the University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, identified as Ikeadighim Michael Nwachukwu, is currently in the custody of the Rivers State Police Command over his alleged involvement in cult activities.

DAILY POST gathered that the suspect who just graduated from the department of Marketing, UNIPORT, had confessed that he became a cultist to gain prestige.

 Nwachukwu, while been paraded by the state Commissioner of Police, Hyelasinda Musa Kimo, confessed that he was caught with a battle axe on his way to Umuahia, Abia State.
 In his statement, Nwachukwu said: “I had already joined the Black Axe fraternity in Lagos before gaining admission into UNIPORT to study marketing in 2011.

”I was caught with this axe while traveling from UNIPORT to Umuahia. The axe is a battle symbol for cultists. I won’t deny it, I’m a cultist. I have not killed anybody before. I was taking this axe home to bury it because I had graduated.

“The reason I joined them,” the culprit continued, “was not to kill anybody. I joined cultism just for the prestige and fear. I belong to Black Axe.”

The Devil to Investigate Sin – The Benin Zone Crisis

The Neo Black Movement National Head ‘Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo’ has formed a committee to “investigate the Benin Crisis”. By his logic i’m assuming the crisis of NBM been arrested by the truck load and the tentative legal position the NBM holds in the State. This assumption is based on the order for all Benin Zone members to surrender all NBM uniforms, insignia and documentation to their Zone’s National Eye immediately. This of course due to the law stating:

Any person who has in his possession or custody of under his control any of the insignia, documents or other property belonging to a secret cult, or wears any of such insignia or is marked with any sign or symbol of a secret cult, or undergoes any rites or takes any oaths of a secret cult, shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved to be a member of that secret cult.

The real crisis in Benin (when not seen through the eyes of Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo and the NBM) though is the daily murders, robberies, kidnappings and rapes perpetrated by mafia groups such as the NBM of Africa.

So we are in a position where the creators and protagonists of a problem are setting up a committee to investigate a crisis of their own creation.

Surely the Government in Edo State would be better suited to investigate the crisis created by the NBM?

This is where things get very interesting. Who has been appointed by Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo to investigate the Benin Crisis?

Well in addition to all National Executive Council of Elder (NEXCO) members there is the addition of the following:

NBM Member Hon. Barr. Isimeme Irogbe aka Lord Jaja Opobo is former National Head of the NBM 2009 – 2012 and now Commissioner for Special Duties (Oil and Gas). 

NBM Member Hon. Athanacious Ugbome who is ‎Political Aide to Governor of Edo State at Edo State Government

NBM Member Hon. Osaro Obazee who is Executive Chairman of Oredo local government

NBM Member Dr Mayor Onyebueke aka Lord Patrice Lumumba who is former National Head of the NBM 2005 – 2009

In addition to several other NBM cronies in government positions in Edo State.

Does anyone else in Nigeria not see how ironic this is? This is like appointing the devil to investigate sin.

Here are some mug shots of this crack committee charged with the task of investigating themselves:

Dr Mayor Onyebueke:

Better get rid of that uniform and badge old boy you are breaking the law!

Dr Mayor Onyebueke 2

Dr Mayor Onyebueke you may also want to step away from the flag and I hope to God you were not actually at that conference (though i know you were)

The law clearly states:

Any person who attends to participates in a meeting or activity of a secret cult shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, to be a member of the secret cult.

Dr Mayor Onyebueke 3

Hon. Barr. Isimeme Irogbe 

Hon. Barr. Isimeme Irogbe aka Lord Jaja Opobo of the Black Axe Confraternity (NBM) pictured center. You need to turn your silly yellow NBM scarf  into the National Eye immediately. Tell those two assmen pictured to your left and right to the do the same too. Those books and documents have to be handed in too. They cant fall into the hands of the security services!!!

Isimeme Irogbe

Athanacious Ugbome

Athanacious Ugbome, those clothes and that bow-tie are legal and can stay. However you old boy are not legal. You are deemed a criminal by Nigerian law and therefore must go.

Athanacious Ugbome

Hon. Osaro Obazee

Hon. Osaro Obazee, one of many so called “Honorable” members on this committee. I find nothing “Honorable” about other self-proclaimed “Honorable” NBM members awarding themselves positions within government. You are part of an illegal mafia and you are a criminal. Hand your self in old boy.

open your eyes 4

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo

and of course Head of the committee himself

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo, you forming a committee to investigate the Benin Crisis is not simply just like the Devil investigating sin. It is more like Adolf Hitler forming a committee and appointing Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich and Rolf Günther etc to investigate the holocaust.

Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo you are the Head of a worldwide mafia. Turn your self in now to the authorities and they may take it easy on you.


Further reading on the state of Edo State corruption is available at: http://neoblackmovement.exposed/corruption.html

Questions, requests, comments, threats all welcome to: neoblackmovement.exposed@ gmail.com

Rose View Court Hotel Wahala




About the Hotel

Located along the Akute Road in Lagos, Rose View Court Hotel is many of the few hotels that guarantee maximum comfort and cosiness within the axis.

“Within the axis”…. Would this be the “Axis of Evil”?

Rose View Court Hotel is the establishment of Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo (aka Bemuda… Head of the Neo Black Movement).

Not only was each brick undoubtedly funded with the proceeds of crime there is one other reason that the Nigerian Police should seize the hotel (preferably along with it’s cultist occupants).

See below what Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo does not want anyone to know:

Aye axe men!!

NEXCO/council of heads IT holds on friday 27th july 2012@Roseview Court 2 Omoba close Alagbole Akute via Ojodu Berger by AP filling station by 6pm prompt..

Please reach out to zonals heads around you.

Dedan Kimathi Waciuri
Nat.Crier 2

Why does Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo not want you to know this……?
Cult Activities in Hotels

(1) Any person who knowingly allows or permits a secret cult meeting or activity to hold in his hotel, nightclub or similar place of business, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for five years without an option of fine.

(2) In addition to any punishment provided under subsection (1) of this Section, any such place of business as mentioned in the subsection where a secret cult meeting or activity is allowed or permitted to take place shall be shutdown and the property confiscated.

So in addition to Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo been criminalized by the law. So is his hotel.
The law clearly states Rose View Court should be shutdown and the property confiscated.

is neo black movement registered with corporate affairs as non governmental organisation?

I’m seeing a common inquiry to the website: is neo black movement registered with corporate affairs as non governmental organisation?

There is a quick answer and it’s yes… well at least the entity “NBM of Africa’ is.

and not as an NGO but as a “corporate body”

See below their registration:


Here though is the big BUT…..

This a registration after been called ‘Black Axe’ (then that been made illegal) then renaming themselves ‘The Neo Black Movement’ (then that been made illegal) then renaming themselves ‘The Neo Black Movement of Africa’ (then that been made illegal) then registering themselves as ‘NBM of Africa’ thinking that makes any sort of difference to their legal status.

The law states:

(1) The organizations, associations, groups or body of person listed in the Schedule to this Law are hereby declared to be secret cults and are prohibited (of which ‘Black Axe’, ‘The Neo Black Movement’ and ‘The Neo Black Movement of Africa’ are.

(2) Notwithstanding the schedule to this Law, any organization, association, group or body of persons which acts or operates in a manner similar to those referred to in the Schedule is deemed to be a secret cult under this Law.

(3) Membership of all such organizations, associations, groups or body of persons declared or deemed to be secret cults under this law is prohibited

So it does not matter what the NBM call them self they are ILLEGAL. It does not matter what they register themselves as they are ILLEGAL irrespective of the registered name.

They do not simply “operate in a manner similar to those referred to in the Schedule” they are the exact same organisations as the ones listed and therefore ILLEGAL

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZQPbcQpOKU

Bayelsa Cult Prohibition (1)

Click the links below for full documents of the applicable laws:

cult prohibition bill 1999

cult prohibition bill 2004

I hope this suitably answers the users inquiry 🙂