Killed by Italy Mafia

A number of Benin Lords located in Spain, Italy and Germany recently sharing and reacting to the demise of ‘Desmond’ who they say was killed by the Italian mafia.

A news article here that appears to cover the incident:


Concern is growing in Castel Volturno, a broken city in the Italian region of Campania, over the death of a 31-year-old unnamed Nigerian migrant.

 The undocumented migrant was shot dead September 10 in an attack in which another unnamed Nigerian, 36, was wounded. Police suspect a group of Italians for the attack, which has been blamed on the battle for territorial control among criminal gangs.

 A major settlement for undocumented especially African migrants, Castel Volturno has become a hotbed of violence between Nigeria’s Black Axe Confraternity and other groups, including the Camorra, Italy’s old mafia.

Luigi Petrella, mayor of the city said yesterday that the situation “has become unmanageable,” adding that the population of irregular migrants amid the pandemic “grew visibly.” 

“There were 20,000 at the start of the year while today there are between 22,000 and 23,000.”

Neglected by government supposedly for its dominant migrant element, Castel Volturno has since collapsed into a ghetto bursting with crime, including drugs, prostitution and people trafficking.

Over 60,000 undocumented African migrants are believed to be resident in the area and the figure is further rising due to the pandemic. Lack of opportunities amid the refugee flux is, in part, contributing to the ugly situation.

“Episodes like this attack are the consequence of a lack of control of the territory, which is impossible to implement with the men and the means that we have. I am extremely concerned,” said the mayor.

“The state needs to intervene, I don’t want to use the situation, but it is necessary once and for all to manage a situation that has become unmanageable: the municipality, with just a few local police officers, can’t do much, only denounce,” he added.

Right-wing sentiments against migrants in the country are rising with the degeneration that has taken place, but government is unable to control the refugee flow as the city lies by the Mediterranean. Petrella said “it is impossible to control the territory and to guarantee the security of citizens.”

“The mayor complains legitimately,” said police chief Franco Gabrielli. “I have long stated that Castel Volturno is the emblem of how the migration phenomenon is managed—always with the approach used for an emergency; the dust is placed under the carpet and in the end, it becomes a problem of public order.”  

Blaming a lack of vision in the Italian government, Gabrielli said “flows must be regulated and, if this doesn’t happen, entries become illegal. It is then necessary to repatriate those who commit crimes and, finally, it is necessary to promote paths of integration. If we marginalize people, we create places of neglect and crime, which can also lead to situations of terrorism.”