LP/Jolly Disclosure Wahala

NBM members complaining about their LP’s (Local Productions) been made available publicly.

Complaints they are been uploaded to Youtube and made available to the ears of the common ju (non-member).

A careless activity indeed. One that seemingly annoys a lot of members.

So here’s: NBM Universal Jolly 2020 (by Songito)

Notably one of the more accessible jolly/LP’s I’ve heard without incoherent lyrics and a barrage of gunfire at the beginning. Massive tosh nevertheless.

Followed by a much more typical LP… Locally produced by the German Zone. For a piece of music that represents a charity who work tirelessly (or perhaps not) for orphans around the globe I’ve never understood the requirement for the music to be overlayed with the relentless sound of gunfire.

I guess the NBM of Africa is simply a very unique charity.

And given each and every release into the public domain makes an Assman cry a little….

and the instructions are: “LP should be shared from one axeman to the other”

and…. “do not share blindly to anonymous location”

Here’s my whole collection: https://mega.nz/folder/yQgy2Q7B#CSn376RPelUbiz-2tDXvLA

Note: the local productions are mostly created by the temples that dont exist… although secretly they do. Where the NBM has no presence (except secretly).