NBM Media Wahala

The NBM/Black Axe subject to some media wahala. No shortage of it in fact since their latest feeble image laundry attempt gifting two iron shelters to the traffic police in Osun State. 

Popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji posting the news on her blog (since removed due to NBM threats) and entitling it: Photos of ‘Black Axe’ cultists donating iron shelter to traffic police and correctly referring to them as “a dreaded cult group”

The NBM not too happy and issuing the following statement: 



Neo Black Movement Of Africa gave LINDA IKEJI 14 days I mean 14 days to bring down the nonsense she posted about NBM and also apologize and pay 30m for calling NBM a DREADED cult group and Black Axe Cultists. NH u deh game o, Linda Ikeji must pay and also apologize publicly to NBM Worldwide so that others journalism blogs will learn from it.

Nbm is not a cult group and it will never a cult group

Nbm have tried a lot in Nigeria and not only Nigeria but to the whole wide world where Our Zone had been established.

Nbm is well registered under CAC and it never a cult group I repeated 👌

Linda Ikeji is owing us apologies for the good we does to our great country Nigeria and don’t forget that she must also pay for it. Linda Ikeji can never come and tarnished the image of our great movement and go free, Nbm no be child’s play, she’s must pay for it, few days remaining.

Kodus to NB💪
Greetings to NBM Worldwide 💪💪

Video: Neo Black Movement Don Vex 4 Linda lkeji


The NBM got their work cut out in getting the article removed from the web… It’s been reposted/reblogged dozens of times….

For those often asking are the NBM and Black Axe the same. This is popular opinion in Nigeria: 

“NBM is the umbrella under which the dreaded ‘Black Axe’ cultist group otherwise known as ‘Aiye’ operate in Nigeria.”

“The Black Axe has been fingered in most of the violence across campuses in Nigeria.”

“The Neo Black Movement of Africa also known as Black Axe…. dreaded cult group looked happy”

“dreaded cult group, Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe”

“The Neo Black Movement (NBM) cult group…. also known as Black Axe or Ayee confraternity…. killings and shootings allegedly carried out by the Black Axe….. organized a murder squad that hacked the student union secretary-general, George Iwilade and four others to death….. they kill, rape and cause threat to the public and yet police felt they are good to collect iron shelter from them”

“In a bizarre move, members of Neo Black Movement of Africa more known as Black Axe has taken up the project of donating an iron shelter to traffic police…. Is this a kind of cult partnership between the police and members of Black Axe?”

“outlawed cult groups are being given recognition by the Police….. What is more appalling is that the police were happy for the gesture and even took turns to snap selfies with the members of the secret society….. What kind of partnership should exist between the police who swore to protect Nigerians and a secret society which has been known to be a threat to peaceful living?”

“They frolic , party and are in bed with our Law enforcement agencies , politicians and big people anytime.”

and a few more…


Photos: Black Axe Cultists donate Iron Shelter to traffic Police in Osun State





Photos Of ‘Black Axe’ Cultists Donating Iron Shelter To Traffic Police In Osun State




Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe, donate shelter to police in Osun state




PHOTO: Black Axe cultists donate iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State

Photos of ‘Black Axe’ cultists donating iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State

Black Axe Donates Iron Shelter To Police In Osun



Aiye ‘Black Axe’ cultists donates iron shelter to police in Osun (Photos)

Black Axe Cult Group Donates Iron Shelter To Traffic Police In Osun.

Photos Of ” Cultists Donating Iron Shelter To Traffic Police In Osun



Photos of ‘Black Axe’ Cultists Donating Iron Shelter To Traffic Police in Osun State




Photos of ‘Black Axe’ cultists donating iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State


TRENDING: Controversy trails Black Axe’s ‘donation’ to police – Premium Times Nigeria



Photos: ‘Black Axe’ cultists donating iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State




Black Axe cultists donate iron shelter to traffic police in Osun State



May have managed to spook Linda Ikeji but still a bit of work to do….

Nigerian Mafia, Italy, land of conquest: 1700 arrests this year

Source: https://www.leggilo.org/2019/10/18/mafia-nigeriana-guadagni-italia/

(Translated by Google)

The structural model of organized crime in Nigeria is formed by independent autonomous groups dependent on a single summit. National leaders, local leaders, a top-down structure and a change of roles, these are the common elements among the Brotherhoods, each of which has its own turnover and its own nicknames.

The handcuffs were taken for more than 20 people yesterday, Thursday 17 October in Ferrara following an anti-drug operation against a band of Nigerians for dealing in cocaine, heroin and marijuana, writes Adnkronos . Thus the provisional budget is over 1700 arrests from the beginning of 2019 with the prospect, according to the current trend of exceeding the numbers of 2018. Last year the arrests were 2144. Today the Nigerian organization manages to cover the whole Italian territory with rising profits. From the papers of the inquiry Athenaeum in Turin and of which Repubblica  spoke, it was learned that the chief – called don – of the Maphitehe was entitled to a fixed sum of 35 thousand euros every three months; the deputy don – the vice – took 17,000; the chief 0 – the lieutenant – managed to get his hands, in the same period, on 11,000 euros; from the chief 1 to  chief 5, the loot was 9 thousand euros, again every three months. And that was also the basic ‘pay’ of other minor figures.

Ancient methods of transferring money 

But how does money get to Africa? National leaders, local leaders, a top-down structure and a change of roles are the common elements among the brotherhoods, each of which has its own business and its own nicknames. But how do they control and transfer the money raised from their activities?

The most widely used system at the moment is hawala –  as explained by a DIA analyst in an interview with the newspaper – which is a trustee. The passage of money via hawala appears identical to that of a money transfer. The difference for the hawala is all in who moves the money and in the commission applied. The hawala is definitely more convenient. The hawaladars, the bankers, are people with so much money available on which to transfer their debt. It is they who anticipate and circulate money. They anticipate the money on behalf of others: the debts and credits between hawaladar, the one from the country of departure of the money and the one of arrival, will be paid at a later time, following hundreds of operations. Trust is the basis of this method which seems to be, among other things, very efficient.

4 models for practicing crime worldwide

Infiltration in the territory, flexibility, profits and logistic capacity and various levels. At this point, according to the investigators, it can be presumed that the characteristics of the criminal organizations present in Nigeria will soon become a constant of the groups operating in the Italian territory. According to a study carried out by Cesi – Center for international studies – analysis of the behavior of organized crime in Africa, it allowed the identification of four operational models used for criminal activity:

The first operational model is similar to the mafia-type criminal organizations active in Europe and Asia. In this case, criminal associations can be defined as authentic “mafias” because they are characterized by secrecy, unity, verticality, initiation rites, family structure or clans and territorial control. These organizations systematically resort to violence for intimidating purposes and to impose their power in the nerve centers of the illegal economy. The second model is formed by free connections; they are not closed hierarchical structures and recognizable as happens for the mafia model. They are activities carried out by individuals who have differentiated licit and illicit occupations. For example, drug trafficking on the eastern and western coasts of Africa is conducted through “criminal entrepreneurs” who use their own logistic networks, generally used for legal activities, in order to smuggle illegal goods. The greatest danger of this operating system lies in the mixture of underworld and politics – in the ability of some administrators to use illegal revenues to co-opt popular consent – pushing the population to consider criminal activities legitimate as bearers of works with positive social impact. It is the case ofEric Amoateng , Ghanaian politician, arrested in 2005 in the United States for drug trafficking. At the news of his arrest the discontent in his country was strong. In 2011, tribal leaders publicly thanked him for the work he had done: he had financed the construction of new roads, guaranteed salaries and loans without interest.

The third model expands the actors of the criminal network to rebel organizations and irregular armed groups. This model develops mainly in unstable areas. There is evidence of ongoing negotiations between jihadist commanders and criminal leaders. In this context, in some cases elements of the Armed Forces and security, in breach of their professional ethics, behave like rebel militias and jihadist brigades, offering servants armed escort or demanding passage rights to illegal goods convoys. Niger and Mali are key countries for both drug trafficking and migrant trafficking. The Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate in its latest semi-annual report writes that the Nigerian Mafia is “in constant contact with the mother country, which must be monitored to prevent contamination by pro-Islamic extremist expressions in Nigeria, where Boko Haram continues to spread “. According to the DIA, keeping national penitentiaries under control is the basis for preventing the phenomenon from undergoing radicalization.

The fourth model of organized crime is that relating to illegal activities perpetrated on the Internet. This is a deconstructed model par excellence, as the evidentiary material and the investigations carried out so far by the national African and international authorities have shown that computer crimes – scams, fraudulent money transfers – are committed by isolated individuals or small networks with low levels of coordination.


Source: Adnkronos, Cesi, Bbc, Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate, Il Quotidiano

Shut down all activities at the tertiary institution level?

The NBM official website states: “The Neo Black Movement of Africa, is a Movement that has its origin at a tertiary institution level.”

Which is illegal….

But claims: “Presently, as a corollary of enacted vague laws of the FGN in regards to any form of associations presence in tertiary institutions, the NBM of Africa as a law abiding entity had to shut down all activities at the tertiary institution level.”

And yet…..

Eight Imo undergraduates belonging to the Black Axe Confraternity arrested

Eight members of the Black Axe Confraternity who are students of various tertiary institutions in Imo state have been arrested by the officers of the state police command for involvement in cultism.

The state Commissioner of Police, Rabiu Ladodo, who paraded the suspects at the command headquarters in Owerri, said the Anti-Cultism Unit of the command had been charged to deal with issues of cultism.

He listed the suspects as Chinasa Nkwocha, 19; Chukwudi Ebendu, 25; Kelechi Anyaegbu, 33; Ikenna Amadi, 22; Chidiebube Emecheta, 26; Chibueze Unegbu, 23; Chiebube Anyanwu, 27; and Joseph Okereke, 26.

The CP said the suspects were members of the Black Axe Confraternity, who were returning from an initiation at Awo-Omamma in the Oru East Local Government Area of the state. Ladodo stated that one locally-made gun, one live cartridge, one machete and a wrap of substance suspected to be Indian hemp were recovered from the suspects.

The CP said, “While on a stop and search duty on the Ogbaku/Onitsha Road, Owerri, operatives of the Police Mobile Force, Squadron 18, Owerri, stopped one commuter bus with number plate ACA 22 WZ conveying 18 male persons suspected to be cultists.

“On a thorough search, one locally-made short gun, one live cartridge, one machete and a wrap of substance suspected to be Indian hemp were recovered from the bus.

“After thorough investigation, it was discovered that the suspects were members of the Black Axe Confraternity returning from a certain bush in Awo-Omamma in the Oru East Local Government Area of Imo State, where they initiated new members.”

The CP said further investigation revealed that the gun and machete were linked to the first suspect, Nkwocha, a student of the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri.

Source: https://www.expressiveinfo.com/eight-imo-undergraduates-belonging-to-the-black-axe-confraternity-arrested/

I’ve Killed 3 Persons Since Initiated Into The Black Axe Confraternity – Undergraduate Confesses

An undergraduate and cult member, Chijioke Ogbonna, also known as Ogbotiti who was arrested by operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Imo State, has confessed to killing three people since he was initiated into the Black Axe confraternity in 2014.

The 23-year-old undergraduate of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, who is an indigene of Umuejije, Isialangwa South Local Government Area of Abia State, said his resolve to seek revenge led him into killing three persons, one of whom was a member of a rival cult group.

The suspect whose main weapon was a locally-made gun, was described as a deadly cultist and armed robber by the Police Public Relations Officer in Imo State, Andrew Enwerem. According to the police spokesperson, the police had been on the trail of the suspect since 2014 for his alleged roles in other criminal activities, and he was nabbed by F-SARS operatives on August 19 at Ama-Hausa in the Owerri Municipal area of the state capital.
It was further gathered that the suspect jumped two-storey building while receiving treatment in a private hospital for multiples bullets injuries, upon learning that the police was on his trail.
“The suspect, a strong member of Black Axe, confessed to the crimes. He mentioned their gang members, nicknamed as Efizy, Ikalika,Shinshi, Bulldog, Baggy, Sky, now in Owerri Prison and X-money killed in an operation.

“He also confessed that they were the gang that killed one Michael, a student of Nekede Polytechnic, in 2015. In the same year, they killed one Mgbele on Douglas Road in Owerri and one Ifeanyi, a student of Nekede Polytechnic, in 2015.

“He confessed that they had killed so many people and had been on the run when he learnt he was being hunted by F-SARS operatives. Also, last year in Owerri, upon information that he was being trailed by the police, he jumped down from a two-storey building while receiving treatment in a private hospital for multiples bullets injuries” the police spokesperson told Punch’s correspondent.

NBM Tries to Sue the Black Axe (LOL!!!)

Potentially the craziest thing I have read today… The Neo Black Movement is trying to sue the ‘Black Axe’ (The Same Organisation) for copyright infringement relating to their usage of the same logo!! LOL!!!


NBM disowns Black Axe over arrest of 120 suspected cultists

Adewale Sanyaolu

The Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM) has denied having any relationship with a group named Black Axe, saying the use of its logo by the group was an infringement on its copyright.

Recall that the Police had, last week, arrested 120 persons alleged to be members of Black Axe group during the celebration of 777 in preparation for initiation into the group in the Ikorodu area of Lagos.

The NBM, in a statement by its National President, Engr. Felix Kupa, said its attention had been drawn to the picture accompanying the arrest of 120 suspected cultists in Lagos, which is currently circulating in various online website and blogs, adding that NBM has no approval of any ceremony on the said date.

‘‘While we commend the Police Force for the prompt enforcement of law and order, we are however constrained to make this public announcement in view of our noticing a possible infringement on our organizations copyrighted names and logo in the accompanying picture.

“For the non-discerning, the banner in the accompanying picture may seem as ours and therefore may have a damaging effect on our brand name in the eyes of those who are not able to tell the difference between the one in the picture and ours.

“We hereby restate, as we always have when our attention is drawn to possible abuse of our names and logo by imposters.”

The NBM said as a law-abiding organisation registered with the  Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and which  facts have severally been reaffirmed by various courts of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have no relationship with Black Axe.

“The banner is not ours and we state without any equivocation that none of our member is among the arrested persons.

“We have instructed our solicitors to liaise with the police to ascertain who or those we will be pressing a case of copyright violation against.

“We as an organisation remain resolute in the aims and objectives guiding our organisation regardless of the attempts by imposters to distract us from our chosen path.

“We urge the Police Force to, within the context of due process; charge any infractions of the laws to the court for proper adjudication,’’ Kupa said.

Basicly anyone caught doing crime is labelled as “Black Axe” and “Imposters” and deemed to be guilty of copyright infringement.

Anyone not caught for the crimes they are doing can freely use the logo and are deemed to be law abiding respectful members of the community and glorious members of the “Neo Black Movement”