Welcome to the Austrian Jungle

Aye Axemen!!

I personally do not see what is wrong with holding Ini in the jungle or ITs in secret locations in Nigeria. We in Austria hold our Jolly in the Jungle and ITs in Locals, and Austria is a Police country. They have not come to boost our IT ground for once even with all the latest technologies at their disposal.

What we should check is the manner in which ayes carry out their activities and this never ending fighting and killings. When there is fighting my brothers, the Police will do everything possible to make sure they wipe out such groups whether be it in Nigeria or diaspora.

Recently the police boosted the Neo-Nazi group in Germany because they are an anti-social group even when they are German citizens, but the same Police have visited the venue where we were having a European Regional IT in Germany, though they know we were axemen, but since there was no crime committed or against us they left the same way they came.

Lord Kaduna Ezeogwu once posted here that NBM items and logos are displayed in Police stations in Benin, Nigeria; there are warnings against members by authorities, my brothers do you think where such alerts exist the police will not arrest members of such groups? Surely they will, it has nothing to do with our traditions but everything to do with fighting and killings that has become the norm in NBM.

So if we want things to go accordingly without the police arresting members, then we have to change this our business as usual attitude. Na so I see am reach.
The truth did not say we shouldn’t tell it – Etsako Proverb

Jesse Makoko

German Zone Mafia Leadership

The Germany Zone are hard at work… as are their close brothers in the Austria Zone.

I’ve written to two charities in recent weeks in an attempt to disrupt further “image laundering” attempts by these Zones. Germany and Austria have ranked highly on the website’s visitor log since then.

The charities were receptive to the warnings and have taken steps to remedy their mistake (one of the charities demanding the NBM take down their images… which they have subsequently done)

“We already stopped any contact with this organisation in early summer because of their dubious history”


“Unfortunately none of our team knew who these men were or what they stand for. Our team however felt something was off with this group and one of our team members did a Google search of the group, but this was after they had already left. The information was vague and at that point we really did not quite understand what they do or what their role was. Following your first email, our team contacted the group leader and asked  them remove any pictures and videos they have of their visit from their website and asked that they would not use our name or pictures in any publications. The group took great offence at this querying whether we had ever asked any other group to do this, but our team stood their ground. We will follow up to ensure that this is done.”

And out of the blue also someone in Germany requesting information about any current investigations been conducted by LE in the German Zone.

In meeting with Bemigho147watch’s policy of open information regarding the NBM I’ve obliged the request and published the German Zone’s leadership structure below.

Furthermore I’ll be writing this evening to Julius Inegbedion’s (Head of Black Axe Germany) employers asking if they know who he is.




                                                        Neo Black Movement of Africa                                                   NBM Germany e.V








Aye Axemen,


Election Report

it’s my humble privilege to notify all members of NBM worldwide about the just concluded handover that took place in German zone.

Below are the details of all Executive/COE members who were elected into various positions in line with the recommended criteria’s of our great movement. :


Julius Inegbedion (aka Ologbo-Baz)

Lord Haile Selassie                                                 –    Head

Kanem Bornu  HT.1988

(OND Auchi Poly, Bsc. UniBen)


Osahon Orumwense

Lord Beko Nyerere                                                  –    CP

Sobi HT.1993
Chinedu Collins

Lord Julius Nyerere                                                 –    Butcher 1

Kanta Okemini 1997


Prince Asonsere

Lord Oba Ovonramwen                                            –    Butcher 2

Italy 2003
Henry Peckins

Lord Adaka Boro                                                      –    Ihaza

Germany 2005


Godwin Ben Edo Osagie

Lord Patrice Lumumba                                              –    Eye

Ikpitan HT. 1999


COE Members:


Cashniar O. Audu

Lord Isusulu Malunga                                                  –    Chairman
Ogunpa 1989
(B.Tech. Unitech Akure, MBA. Uni Freiberg Germany)


Victor Ekhorutomwen

Lord Thomas Sankara                                                  –    Member

Ikpitan HT. 1989


Kessington Osa’s.

Lord Zembulu                                                              –    Member

National 2005
Chibuzo Obijiaku

Lord Kamuzu Banda                                                     –    Member

Obanta HT. 1999


The election went on smoothly without any hitch as members were allowed to express themselves freely through their vote in an open and transparent way.We pray that with the support of all the members of the zone, this Executives/COE member will move the zone to greater heights.




Lord Patrice Lumumba

Ikpitan HT. 99
Eye, German zone



Julius Inegbedion

osahon orumwense

Osahon Orumwense


chinedu collins

Chinedu Collins

prince asonsere

Prince Asonsere


Henry Peckins Oshiomegie



   Osadebamwen Ben Edo Osagie



Germany Zone Wahala…. Again

Neo Black Movment of Africa

NBM Germany e. V



Office of the Head/EXCO

Office of the Chairman/COE

European regional coordinator

All Zonal Head/COE

Members of NBM world wide


Aye Axemen,


Suspension Notice


I will like to officially notify all members of Neo-Black Movement world wide that Lord Thomas Sankara (JeuName Victor Osadiaye Ekhorutomwen)  has been suspended with immediate effect from the movement for 3 months. He is hereby bound from all NBM activities. This decision was taking during the last Inter-Talk of the zone in Ludwigshafen after he was found wanting for embezzlement of German Zonal and Austria Zonal monies during last regime when he was German zonal Head and European coordinator.


The reasons are as follows:

  • He took 370 Euros from the zonal purse for his own personal use and refused to pay back the full amount after repeated deadlines given to him by the present executive and COE. He paid back 250 Euros in bits and pieces and bluntly disobeyed the Zonal Exco/COE.
  • Austriazone sent him sometime last years during their Initiation 300 Euros for his transportation: He did not show up and did not refund their money. The NH asked German zonal head to recover the money for Austria zone.
  • The last straw that broke the camels back was when the zonal Head wrote him a mail and the NH was copied, requesting Lord Thomas Sankara to reply but again he saw himself even too big to reply and copy the NH. My NH was in the last European Regional Inter-Talk when the issue was discussed.
  • There is a resolution backed by the conference that gives him till 30thJune to balance 120 Euro back to the zone and 300 Euro to Austria zone or face DE-AXATION after the date. Enough is enough.


These were decision taken in good faith to re-establish trust and to build a leadership standard within the scope of NBM.




Lord Patrice Lumumba

Eye, Germany zone.