Bemigho Bites The Dust

I saw a Nigerian news article a few weeks ago where the NBM claimed to have over 3 million members worldwide. It’s significantly less than that.

Certainly much less as we approach the end of Felix Kupa’s tenure as National Head. After all his legacy will be one of rampant de-axation (removal from the NBM) of members.

At least one member still remains though… The infamous Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo. He was of course the National Head immediately prior to Felix Kupa. Nothing can stop him.

I have to confess I took my eye off the ball recently in regards Bemigho. I always saw him as a bit of a small boy (despite his plump physical structure) and quite a low level thief in the grand scheme of things.

Although the UK’s Crown Prosecution Service declared it a great victory to have prosecuted his sister in law and siblings. Although I was happy to see it. I didnt quite agree.

More widespread (Nationwide… if not across the whole of Europe) action is required to dismantle this very dangerous mafia.

When the CPS claimed the prosecution (should the million pounds be recovered) would “play a role in starving a dangerous criminal gang of funds” one has to laugh.

What planet are people on in the UK? This is an organisation that is said to have made profits of 2 billion euros in Italy alone (just from the one activity of human trafficking) in just one year. How then can recovering a million pounds “starve” a criminal organisation such as them.

I wonder about some people…

Anyway… having taken my eyes of Bemigho I was quite surprised to see that he’d recently (2019) attempted to run for political office again in Warri for a member of the House of Assembly.

Obviously having missed this event I was unable to campaign against him again. A campaign that of course in 2015 resulted in him losing miserably.

It seems however my campaigning was unrequired in 2019.

New report after news report were published last year finally calling him out as a (former) mafia kingpin and thief. Which must have either disqualified him from running, made him give up or ensured that he lost miserably… again.

And his misery was far from over.

Step up Felix Kupa.

Remember the cardinal rule that all Axemen are bound by: DO NOT GET CAUGHT.

Everyone in the NBM knew that Bemigho was a 419 scammer engaged in low level money laundering (although for a fair amount of time) but of course, given that most members are, it’s not a reason to de-axe or suspend them.

However as soon as you are caught and your crimes are made public then it’s a significantly different story.

Over to Felix Kupa:

Aye Axemen,

*Notice of Indefinite Suspension*

Sequel to the publications going on as per the alleged involvement of Hon. Bemigho Eyeoyibo in a case of fraud in far away United Kingdom; I, Lord Mokiti Muzuzu do hereby pronounce as follows:

1. That NBM of Africa do not condone acts of criminality.

2. That the constitution of NBM is clear on issues of discipline as regards acts of criminality.

3. That the mention of Bemigho Eyeoyibo’s name in different news media as a leader of Black Axe and his involvement in fraudulent activities is a big embarrassment to NBM of Africa and her responsible members.

4. That Bemigho Eyeoyibo should proceed on indefinite suspension from the movement, pending his ability to prove himself innocent of all charges against him at the crown court in UK and also get clearance from all the necessary law enforcement agencies.

This suspension takes immediate effect, until he is able to fulfil the above mentioned conditions. This pronouncement is to enable him follow up the process of proving that he is innocent of all charges as the punishment for case of criminality by any member of the movement is outright removal as a member.

NBM of Africa is forever committted to fight for justice and equality.

Lord Mokiti Mozuzu,

Head, NBM of Africa, Worldwide.


I’ve written to the CPS to try find out whether or not he’s been extradited (as Felix Kupa’s announcement perhaps indirectly infers) and is about to face trial in UK Crown Court and will update.

Bemigho Temple Wahala

Historic wahala from Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo’s time as National Head of the NBM.

The Elders at Futajallon Temple questioning why “If Zonal and National bodies have in the Open denounce link with temple activities why should they in secret be having a romance with Temples, interfering in temple activities and playing politics”

and recommending “all Axemen, temples and NBM bodies in Nigeria and beyond to deassociate themselves from His malreasoning and go about with their activities in disregard the acts of Bemingho and his cohorts”


Update from Futajallon….
We the Council of Elders in Futajallon would love to inform the members, bodies and Temples of the Neo Black Movement of Africa, that the ongoing activities of Jew Name Bermuda the supposed National Head, of Suspending Temples and various Temple Head in the Neo Black Movement is Ultra Vires his powers. The big questions that border our mind is? If Zonal and National bodies have in the Open denounce link with temple activities why should they in secret be having a romance with Temples, interfering in temple activities and playing politics. We say with great regret that Bermuda wants to drag himself to an egumon music that he would not love the dance that follows. Thus we are saying that there has never been anytime FutaJallon Mother Temple 1 has been under Zone or National Body in the past, present or in the future. We will like to say that the acts of Bernuda is as a result of his uncontrolled selfish interest, political ambition, tyrannical attitude and lastly his lack of basic orientation. We urge all Axemen, temples and NBM bodies in Nigeria and beyond to deassociate themselves from His malreasoning and go about with their activities in disregard the acts of Bemingho and his cohorts.
Aye axe men..

NBM Unofficial Criminal Romance

The Neo Black movement keep releasing statement after statement asserting that the NBM has no presence or control and certainly does NOT recruit in universities in Nigeria.

“NBM is not Black Axe and does not share values with any student group or confraternity” – Udo Richmond Esq.

They say this because: Any activity on university grounds or relating to students is illegal


Despite this the NBM has ordered that the relationship with universities be transformed from an “unofficial romance” to:

“All heads must get in touch and control of the temples in their zones” – Mr Bemigho

This is illegal and for good reason. Campus cults like the NBM are ripping apart society in Nigeria.

See: NH’s Address (2)

and in other news:

How I was lured into cultism in university – Graduate

A computer science graduate of the University of Jos, Amos Lucky, paraded alongside nine other suspected cult group members on Wednesday said he was lured into the group by a final year law student of the institution.

Mr Lucky, 25, said he belonged to the secret cult group called Black Axe, and paid N3000 per semester as due to the leader of the group, whom he called Zambruta.

The suspect spoke while they were paraded at the headquarters of Operation Safe Haven (OPSH) military task force in Jos.

“I was initiated in 2016,” he said. “I was invited to a party, when we got there we were taken to the bush around Bauchi Ring Road and beaten. I wanted to leave the cult but I was afraid because if you leave and they see you on the street they will beat you. They don’t really kill but they will beat you,” Mr Lucky said.

Spokesperson of OPSH, Adam Umar, an army major, said the suspects were arrested during a raid on criminal hideouts in the Jos metropolis.

According to Mr Umar, the suspects had been terrorising people in Jos.

“OPSH raided some criminal hideouts of some gangs and cultists leading to the arrest of some of their members who are responsible for insecurity being experienced across the joint operational areas.

“Specifically, on October 21, 2018, six cult members were arrested and preliminary investigation led to the arrest of four others who have been profiled, cross-examined and their statement obtained.

“Analysis of the revelation from arrested group members revealed that there are five distinct cult groups operating in Jos under various appellations as Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM), aka Black Axe; Supreme Viking, aka Baggar/Arrow; Aiye Buccaneers and Tin Gold, aka Blue Bird, ” Mr Umar said.

The spokesperson said OPSH remained resolute to deal with any form of criminality that may cause insecurity in the state.

“OPSH therefore wishes to reiterated that it would remain resolute to decisively deal with all criminal acts that are inimical to peaceful co-existence on the Plateau and hereby assures residents of their safety,” he said.


48 NBM Arrests- Delta

48 NBM Arrests in Delta State:

Neo Black Movement of Africa AKA: NBM AKA: Black Axe…. Illegal!

(1) The organizations, associations, groups or body of person listed in the Schedule to this Law are hereby declared to be secret cults and are prohibited (of which ‘Black Axe’, ‘The Neo Black Movement’ and ‘The Neo Black Movement of Africa’ are).

These giblets in a rats arse pretending to be humans could be rounded up by the hundred if there was the political motivation.

(4). No person shall use any sign pass word, code, ring, brooch, uniform,
oaths, rites, symbols or anything related or associated to cult or secret society.

Our country’s police should be advised to search the NBM on facebook and perhaps even visit the organisation’s own website. Many of them can be seen there “participating in activities relating to cult and/ or secret societies” as deemed illegal by law and wearing the uniform of these banned cults/societies.

(1) Any person who knowingly allows or permits a secret cult meeting or activity to hold in his hotel, nightclub or similar place of business, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for five years without an option of fine.

(2) In addition to any punishment provided under subsection (1) of this Section, any such place of business as mentioned in the subsection where a secret cult meeting or activity is allowed or permitted to take place shall be shutdown and the property confiscated.

Go down to: Roseview Court 2 Omoba close Alagbole Akute via Ojodu Berger by AP filling station. An illegal NBM meeting point owned by the former head of the NBM and mafia pimp Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo.

Let’s see much of this. 48 arrests is not enough. Both the public and law support such actions

Olu of Warri, Ogiame Godwin Ikenwoli, and other eronious citizens

Hmmm Let’s see here.

It says: “Eyeoyibo, the NBM’s immediate past NH, said the group typically uses the platform (convention and lecture) to interface with the society and government as partners in integrating resources, cultures and programmes for sustainable development.”

But this is the first one that hasn’t been held in secret so how can it be “usual” for the NBM to use the convention to “interface” (plot) with the government the (killers in) “society”? Is this Mr. Bemigho Eyeoyibo letting it slip that the government attended the NBM’s secret meetings which, of course, are or at least were at the time in fact illegal under the Prohibition of Secret Cults Act.

Of course it’s known that the government(s) use the NBM as political mercenaries and thugs and of course it’s known many cultists are members of government and will have attended these secret meetings.

Mr. Bemigho Eyeoyibo is creating a lot of further ambiguity though over the scale of the government involvement or otherwise at these secret “conventions” in the past. Both the Black Axe and the Government should be more transparent of both membership and how and why they are financially cooperating with each other.

and let’s please be most clear about the most erroneous of the errors in this propaganda piece: Mr. Bemigho Eyeoyibo is not HONORABLE and there should be addressed accordingly as Mister like the rest of us.





Bemigho Steps Down

After a 4 year tenure as head of the now global Black Axe mafia Bemigho Eyeoyibo has stepped down as it’s Worldwide Head. His leadership of the self-proclaimed “movement” from 2012-2016 was certainly an eventful one.

Before we take a look at the new incumbent of the role the (less than) Honorable Felix Kupa let’s look back at  Bemigho Eyeoyibo’s 4 years in office as head of this crime gang.

He should be remember for the hundreds of children and young adults that were brutally murdered in the name of the Neo Black Movement of Africa. During his tenure the inter-cult violence even spreading throughout Europe, Asia and North America.

He should be remembered for the resulting hundreds arrested during Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase’s ill-fated crusade on cultism, political thuggery and murder.

Dozens of his own members were among those arrested for terrorism and murder and it should be remembered Bemigho Eyeoyibo had to run, hide then beg for mercy to the highest level.

It should be remembered that begging for mercy was heard and the corrupt took care of the corrupt.

He should be remembered for his ill-fated political campaign in Warri which saw him get only 20 votes out of the possible tens of thousands of them on offer. It should be remembered that although the people in high places will look after Bemigho the people really have the power and they rightly told him to get on his tricycle and that crime bosses were not welcome in government.

He should be remembered for his attempt to work out who in fact was a member of the NBM crime gang and who wasn’t and to try find out how many assmen there actually is. All of which failed miserably and them only able to narrow the figure down to somewhere between  20,000 and 50,000 members. Not to mention the whole cencus data falling into the hands of unscrupulous elements and it’s more high ranking members published online:

He should be remembered for it been during his leadership the NBM’s lies about been “partnered with the British Red Cross”  and “”partnered with the United Nations” was exposed as a fraud. He should be remembered also for his initiatives the Uhuru Foundation and Kuth Foundation were initiatives solely in the fields of image laundry and fraud.


He should be remembered for leading an organisation in complete turmoil internally with it’s members misbehaving, killing, been arrested or one other thing or another in every single zone around the world:

He should be remembered for turning the NBM into the incredibly lucrative and hardworking international crime organisation it is today. Bemigho Eyeoyibo was always at the forefront of drawing everyone together worldwide to commit as much fraud as possible. During his time he forged the cloest ties with those Zones making the most money from fraud (Netherlands, Spain, Japan, UK, Malaysia, USA and Canada).

He should be remembered for so much more too. Too much to mention again here.

On a personal level though Bemigho Eyeoyibo to me shall be remembered most for his moronic buffoonery. His hand caught time after time in the cookie jar and time and again telling the world, mouth full of cookies, that he wasn’t a thief.

4 years of promoting the concept of a “360 degree change” of the NBM turned into 360 degree exposure of their lies and true intent and activities.

Here however is how the NBM themselves purport to the world on how they will remember this crook.



 Greetings to the Distinguished Brotherhood:

It is no surprise to any NBM brother that we’re here today celebrating one of our leaders who has made a mark in the anals of  history within our fraternity over the past four years, you will also agree with me that this  brother, father, leader and mentor did reform our great fraternity into  what it has become today through his 360 degree turn around agenda under his administration as the National Head of NBM of Africa.  I write you today earnestly to share this epilogue and enumeration of a man well deserving of all honour and why.  It is without hesitation that we deemed it fit and worthy to celebrate a man that has invested himself immensely towards the growth and advancement of this great brotherhood fraternity.

While serving as Zonal Head, I have had the privilege of working directly alongside Bro. Bemigho to represent the brothers of the Western Region and the brothers beyond on the National Council of Elders.  During this time, I  witnessed his commitment to excellence in this Fraternity.During same time, I learned first-hand, the detailed nature by which he approaches his work and his emphasis on transparent and regular communication with the Brotherhood. He engages each and every task with the strategic mindset you would expect from the leader of a 20,000-member organization and particularly one to which you pay dues.

What I have found to be most revered about Bro. Bemigho is his diligence and the provocative thought offered when it comes to addressing the many pressing matters that are presented to this Fraternity.  I believe that an imperative part of leadership is about having the audacity to lead authentically, and Bro. Bemigho has proven he is about just that.  He has modeled the appropriate leadership behavior which has fostered trust, and when you look at the roadmap Bro. Bemigho has already trotted down in this fraternity, you can see that he has not jeopardized this in any way.  He continuously dedicated his time, commitment, and heart to the fraternity,it’s  betterment and overall good of this very  brotherhood. We as brothers have reaped the fruits of his labour.  Let us not judge a brother by what he says, but judge him by what he does.

Bro. Bemigho is heavily invested in the renewed lifeline of this Fraternity – the college brothers.  In our unique dual college/alumni leadership position, he gave me the freedom to lead in our region and voice my concerns.  He was open to hearing my viewpoint and allowed me to execute my plans alongside his.  That is the foundation of our fraternal ideal – equipping young men with the developmental leadership qualities by providing an outlet where they can build themselves into better men to be able to go out and better this world.  Bro. Bemigho understands this philosophy – he preaches it, practices it, and ensures we prepare college brothers for it.

I once said, “We are quick to identify a paper brother, but we play blind to paper leadership.”  For the latter part of that quote, I can attest to the fact that when it comes to leadership Bro. Bemigho has not fainted or faltered, and knowing the man and brother he is, i  do not expect him to do so even now that the power of national leadership has changed hands. He has led this House of NBM with excellence in these doubtful and troubling times – not only those facing NBM, but those facing this world at large, where the efforts of NBM men are needed and called.  The path we choose to embark on at this present position of this great fraternity will undoubtedly shape our unwritten and written legacy. We must make sure that such legacy is protected, preserved, and nurtured with the right investments in order to ensure that when we look back at this moment it will be unequivocally clear that we stood up for the principles and ideals envisioned, articulated, and personified by the jewels.

We must search deep in our hearts while using every ounce of energy in our minds to ask some serious questions regarding the present state of NBM as well as our near and distant future. Some may say that NBM has lost its soul. Others may say that this is just business as usual and that all is good in the House of NBM. Some may not even have an opinion. No matter what school-of-thought you belong to on this spectrum of perspectives, one-fact surfaces: NBM should and must remain “the college of friendship, the university of brotherly love, and the school for the better making men of men.”

As Western Regional Head, I call on all brothers of this great fraternity to practice NBM as aligned with our founding principles, ideals, and objectives. The right investment will be a step in the right direction. We must invest in our future by making a careful investment now just like Brother Bemigho. We must invest in NBM’s leadership. Can one man make NBM the greatest organization in the world? That’s a far-fetched fantasy. But most of us can agree that we all must be servant leaders with the adequate skill-sets to help stimulate the environment that will ultimately enable our success as an organization. We need leaders that can galvanize a balanced team of Brothers across all regions and demographics of NBM so that we can build a climate destined for success.

Here are some facts about Brother Bemigho  that I can attest to based upon first-hand experience working with him. All through his national leadership tenure of 2012-2016, it became clear that he is a steadfast leader, a visionary, and a Brother’s brother whose dedication to the ideals of NBM will never waver under any circumstance. He was an independent thinker on the Council and always stood up for what he believed was in NBM’s best interest. He never voted for something just because it was popular or politically expedient to do so. He always stood up for NBM’s best interest. Why is this important? We need to know where our leaders stood yesterday, stand today, and will stand tomorrow and the days, weeks, months, and years to come. Brother Bemigho’s core as a servant leader was not influenced by political tides and/or desires for personal gain.

There are a number of men who, since my initiation, have become Big Brothers in the truest sense and I count Brother Bemigho amongst them. He is the example we should follow in seeking to be good, committed and diligent servants in this organization of leaders. His is the example of a man who achieved that heavily sought balance between brotherhood and business and did so at the expense of neither. While capable, Brother Bemigho’s respect within this house is not rooted in his ability to give a stirring speech. While knowledgeable, it is not grounded in his ability to recite to us our own history. Brother Bemigho’s respect within the House of NBM is squarely founded on the years of sincere time and effort he has given to NBM and, more importantly, to the community that NBM serves. This is a Brother whom an army of gentlemen that endeavor to be servant leaders would be proud to have as their mentor.

These are the qualities we need to fortify the House of NBM. Sound practices, proven results and an ability to execute are hallmarks of Brother Bemigho’s leadership.

Lastly, I would be remiss not to discuss how Brother Bemigho carved an administrative ease passage through creation of Regional structure across the demographics of NBM, which has become a functional constitutional arm of government in our Fraternity. What a great feat he has achieved.

He has successfully served this great movement under different leadership capacity from Zonal to the National Level and he handed over the mantle of national leadership to Hon. Felix Kupa, National Head, NBM of Africa (Worldwide) on the 28th of May, 2015 at the just concluded 38th Annual National
[11:54 PM, 6/25/2016] Dagogo: Convention in Warri, Delta State, after serving under two administrations and having learned the legacies of those that preceded them, I can fully understand the significance of the National Head.

Hon. Bemigho Eyeoyibo, while he served as the National Head, was a steward who could  and would  ensure that your NBM Investment was constantly  protected.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Brother Gerald A. Azonobo
President, Western Region
NBM of Africa.⁠⁠⁠⁠


Class of 88 Re-Union with Bemigho Eyeoyibo

Well…. Must be quite embarrassing for Bemigho Eyeoyibo to return places for reunions. Whereas his former classmates can boast of of marriage, successful businesses, families, jobs etc. What would he say in reply to this inquiry?

No doubt he’ll spin tales of been CEO of Roseview entertainment and been head of a Lagos hotel and club. No doubt throw in some tales of his various charity dealings.

Wonder if he’ll tell everyone the rest?

How about his long stint as head of a worldwide criminal mafia the ‘Black Axe’?

Wonder if he’ll tell them about leading the Black Axe’s dealings in drug trafficking, people trafficking, fraud, political violence and murders and boast about how much money he’d made from such crimes.




Students of the Federal Government College Ugwolawo, Kogi state (FGCU) class of 88 alumni, had their 28th year reunion celebration in Lekki Lagos state on Saturday, July 2.

The event was a memorable one that brought together old classmates together after almost three decades.

FGCU Class of 88

Members came from all parts of the country and abroad to relive those wonderful moments they shared together in their adolescence age.

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The event started with a red carpet and photo shoot session; afterwards the event proper took off with prayers for their departed comrade-members as they took turns to reminisce on their school days experiences.

The students all in unison agreed that the solid background they got from their school experience prepared them for the herculean task of the larger society.

Guest speakers at the event Nelson Wilbert and the FGCU alumnus president Uche Ocho both in their lecture decried the pitiable state of our federal schools and implored the federal government to inject funds for the overall development of the schools to return them to their original place of pride.

FGCU Class of 88

Nelson Wilbert

Members afterwards took up a project they will embark upon in their alma mata to complement efforts of government in giving the children in school a conducive learning environment.

The occasion was emotional and fun filled with “Igboro”crony Famous, KIN, Defizy and other A-list acts and comedians with DJ Lexzy on the stable of Roseview entertainment, whose CEO Bemigho Eyeoyibo is also a member of the group thrilled guests to contemporary hip hop music that got them on their feet dancing all night.


Nigerian Hollywood star Christopher Omoaghe who is also part of the group was also at hand to give some old school love renditions with his guitar. The event was a huge success that pulled together classmates that are successes in their various fields with a common vision to network and give back their quota to their alma mata.

See photos below

FGCU Class of 88

FGCU Class of 88

FGCU Class of 88