NBM Structure


The NBM is a highly structured organisation with a strictly defined hierarchy and well defined roles within that structure. Each role with their own “fundamental obligations” to the organisation.

At the top is the ‘National Executive Council’ (NEXCO). Which although the word ‘National’ is used this is in fact to be seen as the international government of the NBM. It comprises the following positions: National Head (The leader of the whole NBM), National Chief Priest, National Eye , Assistant National Eye, National Butcher, National Ihaza, National Crier, Assistant National Crier  and National Legal Officer.

The NBM states that the NEXCO is “the highest administrative and executive organ of the organization”.

There is also the ‘National Council of Elders’ (NCEO) which comprises: The Chairman, National Head, National Chief Priest, National O/C Legal, Regional Heads, Zonal Heads, Zonal Chairmen, Former National Heads, Former Chairmen of National Council of Elders and two representatives each of accredited zones to be referred to as National Elders.

The NBM states that the NCEO is “the highest legislative and judicial organ of the organization.”

Next there is a regional structure under the leadership of a regional head whom the NBM state “shall be the highest administrative and executive authority over the region.” The regions are typically organised by geographic continents. For instance the European Region and the North American Region.

Below this is what is referred to as a ‘Zone’. A ‘Zone’ is typically organised by country. Although in some cases where more than one Zone is present within a country they are defined by a city. For instance there is the Italy Zone and the Germany Zone but in the UK there exists the ‘London Zone’ and ‘Manchester Zone’

Each Zone is overseen by a ‘Zonal Executive Council’ and a ‘Zonal Executive Council’ providing, as their counterparts at a ‘National Level’, “the highest administrative and executive powers” and “the highest Legislative and judicial organ” within the Zone.

Each Zone is then further comprised of individuals with the same roles of that as the National government. There is a Zonal Head,  Zonal Chief Priest, Zonal Eye , Assistant Zonal Eye, Zonal Butcher, Zonal Ihaza, Zonal Crier, , Assistant Zonal Crier  and Zonal Legal Officer.

A Zone is then comprised of members referred to as “Lords” which make up the bulk of the organisation.  Lords take on what are called ‘Strong Names’ as aliases which reference important African figures and leaders. They then identify themselves by quoting their Strong Name and year and location of blending (the university they were inducted into the organisation from).

Sometimes Zones are further structural parent to what are referred to as ‘Forums’. A ‘Forum’ been an aspiring Zone (often located with the geographic area of a city within a Zone) which has not yet acquired enough members to attain the qualification as a Zone.

In addition to the National Executive Body, National Council of Elders, Regional leadership structure, the Zones and forums there are also the: Temples.

‘Temples’ is code for the universities. Which although the NBM has stated it has withdrawn from… This is not the case. Members are primarily recruited from the Temples and they pay ‘dues’ the National Body. ‘Temple Ayes’ are responsible for a significant proportion of the inter-cult violence that occurs in Nigeria.

NBM/Black Axe structure and a functionality of the roles can be found, from the horses mouth, in the NBM’s own secret constitution