Lagos police arrest four suspected cultists during 7/7 celebration

One thing been arrested for having an illegal party (which cult parties are) but they turned up in their NBM uniforms and with guns.


The Lagos State Police Command has said it arrested four suspected cultists during the annual 7/7 celebration in the Ajah and Ogombo areas of the state.

The suspects were said to be members of the Aiye Confraternity.

Muyiwa Adejobi, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, announced the arrest in a statement on Thursday.

He said the arrest was after the command warned against the Neo Black Movement of Africa, aka Black Axe 7/7 annual celebration, slated for July 7, 2021.

According to Muyiwa, operatives attached to Area “J”, Ajah and Ogombo Divisions in Lagos arrested the four suspected members of Aiye Confraternity.

“The operatives attached to Area J, Ajah, while on routine stop and search, arrested two suspected cultists, Michael Abejoye, 23, and Olalekan Quasim, 43, at Eleko Junction, Ajah Area around 1.30 pm, with the regalia of Aiye Confraternity.

“Similarly, the police operatives attached to Ogombo Division, arrested two suspected Aiye Confraternity members, one Andoh Kolawole, 25, and Oluwasegun Destiny, 28, on July 8, 2021, around 6.30 am, in the Ogombo area of Lagos State.

“Items recovered from them include one locally-made double barrel short gun, seven live cartridges, one expended cartridge and some regalia of the Aiye Confraternity.

The state Commissioner of Police, Hakeem Odumosu, has ordered that the suspects be transferred to the Command’s Strike Team, Ikeja, for proper investigation and possible prosecution.

Further arrests documented a few hours after:

7/7 – How I Almost Died During The Ojota Cults Clash Today!


Good evening my fellow nairalanders,

I hope you guys are safe and sound wherever you are?
Please let’s continue to be watchful.

Today, I saw death with my naked eyes.

It all started around some minutes after 4 when we heard gunshots fired into the air. I was at work at that moment and we had to stop everything we were doing and move out immediately. Though before today, we were warned that there will be cults clash in Ojota on the 7th of July because that day was known to be the aiye confraternity day.

My boss volunteered to take us home in his car and drop us at the nearest stop to our house. On our way, the atmosphere was tensed and everyone was running helter skelter. We could hear sporadic shootings Faraway. When my boss dropped us at our nearest bustop, I amd my colleague took a bike going to our street. On our way down the street, a police bus hit our bike so hard that we fell to theground. They shot at us but we had gotten to the ground before the bullets could get to us. My colleague was badly injured but I wasn’t. Though I was the must vulnerable because I was sitting behind him.

They pursued us thinking we were cult members. Omo come and see race … I never know I could run so fast. I threw away my phone and bag… I later went back to carry it after they left. Thank God for life.

The NBM are NOT the Black Axe

Check this out….

The NBM posted yesterday (7/7) a YouTube clip from channel: ABN TV a video which narrates a message from the NBM about the misunderstandings spread by what they call “stinking jews” (30 seconds).

The misunderstanding they say been that the NBM are the Black Axe.

Here’s the video:

Of course the naming issue has been discussed on this site many many times and anyone regularly reading here should be well versed on the real facts of the situation.

In short: There is no group called the “Black Axe”.

The NBM when it was founded were briefly called “The Black Axe Movement” and had a campus publication entitled “The Black Axe Magazine”.

The group’s name changed soon to: NBM

And the publication changed to ‘Black Uhuru’ and then later to simply ‘Uhuru’.

However the name “Black Axe” stuck in the public mind and it is what they are called 98% of the time in the press.

In the video the presenter claims (and this an official NBM narrative) that the NBM existed first and the “Black Axe” was a renegade offshoot. This you may think is difficult to actually prove.

This critical fallacy of major proportions can today be resolved thanks to the latest NBM image laundering initiate. That can be shown to have a major flaw.

The presenter claims (and this was today backed up on the official NBM website and social media) that the below logo is the original and the only logo of the NBM:

and the NBM states that the offshoot renegades altered the logo…. removed ‘NBM’… and attached ‘AYE’:

It could be the case right? it sounds believable yes?

It sounds it… but if you have a pair of eyes something might not sit right in your mind when you look at the logos.

I don’t think you have to be the Nigerian equivalent of Columbo to be able to see it.

Let’s just remind ourselves what the NBM are now saying:

  1. The NBM were formed in 1977
  2. Some time later the Black Axe hijacked their logo and altered it (replacing ‘NBM with ‘AYE’)


Not true.

Maybe a little weak with my rebuttal there.


Let’s forget we have mountains of evidence such as their own admittance in private they are the organisation commonly known as the Black Axe. We’ll also forget all the evidence that when they say they removed themselves from campus when they never actually did.

Lets just look at the logos.

But first let me show you something:

It’s an alien spaceship hovering over what looks to be western or central Europe.

Do you think it’s real? Whatever you think doesn’t really matter.

Do you have any evidence that it is not real?


Various tools are available that allow us to forensically examine images using such techniques such as image noise analysis. Plus various other techniques that uncover photographic fakery and enable us to build up evidence against a story that is been attributed to an image.

Lets look at what the UFO image looks like when analyzed:

Above the image has been subject to ‘Noise Analysis’. The results for an authentic and genuine photo should show a homogeneous image. Anything that has been added will return results like the above.

The flying saucer and the paraglider above it are both showing to be added.

We can say the photo is faked without any doubt.

What happens when we do the same to the NBM’s logo?

Lets see….

It’s the same result as the UFO image in one part of the image….. the “NBM” letters.

How if the NBM created their logo first and the Black Axe altered it does the analysis show that in fact the letters ‘NBM’ have been added to what they claim is the Black Axe’s logo?

Na so e b clear

Here are the facts of the matter once and for all:

  1. The NBM were formed in 1977 (on the 7th July)
  2. The NBM had a logo that displayed ‘AYE’ at the bottom
  3. The NBM rebrand themselves as not murderers by replacing the ‘AYE’ with ‘NBM’
  4. They tell you that they always had ‘NBM’ at the bottom
  5. Uche prove them wrong

The NBM are the biggest group of liars on the whole planet.

They never removed themselves from the university campuses and are killing people almost daily.

They are a menace, a mafia, a murderdous gang of thugs. Liars, cheaters and thieves.

They are the murderous organisation that people call the Black Axe.

Image from the official NBM facebook page… the logo contains ‘AYE’
Image from the official NBM facebook page… the logo contains ‘AYE’

7/7 Celebration: Police put officers on alert in Lagos, Ogun

Mr Adejobi, the police spokesperson, said 7/7 is an annual celebration of the Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe and police officers have been put on red alert to curtail this.


Police also warned hoteliers not to allow their facilities to be used for any cult-related gathering, as owners of such facilities will be liable for prosecutions.

The police authorities in Ogun and Lagos states say they have placed police officers on red alert ahead of the 7/7 annual celebration (also known as ‘boogie-night’) of confraternities in the states.

This is contained in a press statement released by the Ogun and Lagos police spokespersons, Abimbola Oyeyemi and Muyiwa Adejobi respectively.

“Intelligence report at the disposal of Ogun State Police Command, reveals that members of various unlawful cult groups are planning to mark what they called “7/7” on Wednesday, being 7th of July, 2021.

“The report also revealed that the event may result in bloodletting and wanton destruction of properties,” Mr Oyeyemi said in the statement.

The police spokesperson said in view of the development, the command will reinforce security in the state, and persons planning such a move will be met with strong resistance from security agencies.

“To this end, all the Command’s tactical squads namely: SWAT, Anti-Cultists, Anti-kidnapping as well as the DPOs and Area Commanders have been put on red alert to nip in the bud any act capable of undermining the security of the State.

“The full weight of the law will descend on members of any unlawful societies who intend to use public places to perpetrate evil, as the Command will not fold its arms, while some misguided and unscrupulous elements attempt to make life difficult for law-abiding citizens of the State,” the Ogun police said.

In Lagos, the police say they have identified some of the cultist groups planning to partake in the 7/7 celebration.

‘Red alert’ in Lagos

Mr Adejobi, the police spokesperson, said 7/7 is an annual celebration of the Neo Black Movement of Africa aka Black Axe and police officers have been put on red alert to curtail this.

Police warn cultists planning 7/7 anniversary in Osun


The Police Command in Osun on Tuesday said it would clamp down on cult members planning to mark July 7 (known as 7/7) in the state with any form of gathering or celebration.

The command’s Spokesperson, SP Yemisi Opalola, in a statement in Osogbo warned against unlawful gathering or assembly that could jeopardise the peace of the state.

“The intelligence that availed the police command revealed that cultists are planning to mark July 7, 2021 to celebrate cultism.

“In view of this, the Osun Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode, warned cultists and other unscrupulous elements in the state to stop the plan or any of such action(s) forthwith.

“Consequently, the state police command, in collaboration with other security agents and local security outfits will not tolerate any unlawful gathering or assembly that will jeopardise the peace of the state as the plan to mark 7/7 may lead to bloodletting and destruction of property.

“Therefore, the CP has given marching orders to the Area commanders, Divisional Police Officers and Tactical units to be at alert and nip in the bud any act capable of truncating the peace of the state,” Opalola said.

She advised parents and guardians to caution their wards to be law-abiding and desist from any act or unlawful gathering or assembly before, during and after the said date.

“Also, hoteliers, recreation/event centres and landlords/landladies are by this announcement warned not to allow their facilities to be used for any cult-related activities/meetings, as owners of such facilities are liable for prosecution.

“The CP advised the people of the state to go about their lawful daily activities while the command has taken necessary security measures to forestall any likely breakdown of law and order.

“Citizens are urged to be security conscious, vigilant, co-operate and collaborate with the security agents by giving useful, credible and timely information.

“They should also report any suspicious movement or activities of cultists and other criminals through these numbers: 08039537995 and 08123823981,” she said.

Opalola stated that the command would arrest and prosecute defaulters.

Delta: 28 arrested in foiled Black Axe cult initiation


Twenty-eight persons have been arrested by the police in Delta State while undergoing initiation into the Aiye confraternity, commonly known as the Black Axe cult.

They were rounded up at about 3 am in the forest around Ogume in Ukwuani Local Government Area of the state by agents of the State Anti-Cult Unit (SACU).

Four of the suspects, according to the acting Public Relations Officer of the State Police Command, DSP Bright Edafe, had already begun the initiation rites before agents stormed the grounds and foiled the process.

Edafe said two locally made single barrel guns, eight vehicles, six motorcycles and charms were recorded.

According to him, operatives of the Command’s Rapid Response Squad also arrested five suspected armed robbers and cultists.

He gave the names of the suspects as Prince Onotanare (22), Gift Ogbeje (19), Lucky Egere (22), Charles Eungu (25) and Joshua Omatseye (22), adding that were intercepted along Otokutu bridge Udu Warri during a routine patrol.

‘The operatives of RRS who had reasons to suspect them, subjected them to search, openly searching them.

‘A fabricated Barretta pistol with 9mm live ammunition was recovered from the first suspect.

‘They all confessed to being members of Aiye and JVC confraternities. The cases are under investigation,’ he added.

List of NBM of Africa’s National Conventions

Not sure how they came up with the numbering but this is how the NBM see it:

(Edit… of course the dates have been fiddled with so that 1st convention held could be called the 7th)

1st 1977-79

2nd nil. 1980

3rd nil. 1981

4th. nil. 1982

5th. nil. 1983

6th. nil. 1984

7th Austin. E. :Abaka, Delta. 1985

8th Austin. E. :Benin, Edo 1986

9th nil. 1987

10th nil. 1988

11th G. Ogbeide :Benin, Edo. 1989

12th G. Ogbeide :Benin, Edo. 1990

13th G. Ogbeide :Benin, Edo. 1991

14th N. Imhodagbe :Benin, Edo. 1992

15th N. Imhodagbe :Benin, Edo. 1993

16th R. Okogua :Benin, Edo. 1994

17th R. Okogua :Benin, Edo. 1995

18th R. Okogua :Benin, Edo. 1996

19th P. Ogbome :Benin, Edo. 1997

20th J. Onobo. :Ibadan, Oyo. 1998

21th J. Onobo :Benin, Edo. 1999

22th J. Onobo :Benin, Edo. 2000

23th J. Onobo :Benin, Edo. 2001

24th J. Onobo :Sapele, Edo. 2002

25th J. Onobo :Lagos State. 2003

26th D. Akhilele :Asaba Delta. 2004

27th D. Akhilele :Lagos State. 2005

28th Dr. Mayor :Aba Abia. 2006

29th Dr. Mayor. :Lokoja, Kogi. 2007

30th Dr. Mayor :Ibadan, Oyo. 2008

31st Dr. Mayor :Warri, Delta. 2009

32nd Bar. Isimeme :Benin, Edo. 2010

33rd Bar. Isimeme :Uyo, Akwa Ibom. 2011

34th Bar. Isimeme :Auchi, Edo. 2012

35th Bemigho Eyeoyibo :Ijebu Ode, Ogun. 2013

36th Bemigho Eyeoyibo :Umoku, Rivers. 2014

37th Bemigho Eyeoyibo :Lekki, Lagos. 2015

38th Bemigho Eyeoyibo :Warri, Delta. 2016

39th Felix Kupa :Esuk Utan, Calabar 2017

40th Felix Kupa :Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State 2018

41st Felix Kupa :Abuja, Abuja State 2019


42nd Felix Kupa :Asaba, Delta State. 2021

Italy Zone – Petition Letter Against ITALIAN ZONAL HEAD. JU NAME SIXCO

Below is of course very normal behavior for any charity/NGO.

You go to a meeting then the boss says your going to someone’s house. Instead he drives you to some isolated cemetery and tries to have you killed. You wake up in hospital all fucked up.

Welcome to the world of the NBM.

15th JUNE, 2015
I write you with great reluctance and a heavy heart.
I am not at ease with such dealings but
what has to be done,has to be done! It is about the
notorious and unbelievable act of the italian zonal
Head lord IBN GODIDI.JU Name sixco Humphrey
who is suppose to show quality of good leader.
Refering to his regular quote which states: (say no to violent that affect the Nation building).
He has acted oppositely to his know quote. the collapes of
NBM in italian zone.
He has been the head italian zone for about 3 years and his leadership role has
been doubted because of his power drunkeness. has a result treat ayes in italian zone in an unlike manner
that may bring to the down fall of the NBM IN ITALIAN ZONE.
The petition against him is that he is very irritating and
over-authoritative. Being a HEAD in terms of service period,
he throws his weight around especially on ANY AYE that comes his way.
This was not the way We saw these great movement of ours.
I and other ayes in unity forum have the same designation.
It is on this note we want to bring to the NOTICE OF ALL MEMBER.
On the 14 of june at about 6:35 Am JU NAME EVANS. (LORD valentino D Stercher)
A spiritual in unity furum. A forum under italian zone.
where sixco is the HEAD. luckily escaped death as planed by
It all started at the end of the show in the club when sixco asked the ju name evan the situation report of the forum.
so Evan told him that we as a forum are having a little problem with some aye in the juridition not willing to fellowship.
because of the absent of freedom of speech and the fear of being de AXE when the say their mind for the reason the choose not to fellowship .
so sixco furiously ask quote who be does men when the reason that matter.
but Evan saw his mood and said it has not come to that my head,
immediately sixco as that all men present hould relocate to JU Name Hope house.
When we got to hope house . we where still on the move to an unknown detination.
because sixco was the one driving. we got to bush part close to cementry he ask every body to come down.
so he as evan to repeat what he told him in the club. so evan said he has forgotten. that sixco should please remind him.
sixco immediately order him to be play. ju name Edwin ZB.2 punch ju name evans in his ear and as a result blood came out of evan ear and nose.
SIXCO now ordered me ju name Eddy unity forum cordinator to do same then i told him it was not fair to treat and evan like that.
he slap me with his both hands i did not say a word in insisted i must join him and EDWIN to JUMEND Evans of wish i relented.
so he got angry and ask the ZB EDWIN to get inside the car he start up the car and intentionally ran Evans down.
His motive was to kill him but KF on ourside Evans woke up later in the hosipital.
But even AS A HEAD he has no authority to kill any Aye or treat us like slave.
Ju name Evans is a Married man and a father of two kids.
Now he is in a critical condition of health and can not do anything as a result of this devilish act..
We have consistently face his irrational behaviour. He doesn’t have the spirit of a true leader, quick to anger and lacks work etiquettes.
i have summarised the count of his previous abusive of office and power drunkiness base for all further reaction.
NBM is not for JU name sixco alone.
I am hopeful sure a prompt action would be taken otherwise. the police will be involved in the this said act.
And it is will be hard for me and other AYES In my juridition to continue fellowship with italian zone. .
I am enclosing that I the cordinator ju name EDDY and few other lords witness the wicked act of sixco.
there names are…
1.JU Name kizo Elder Italian zone
2.JU Name OZ Elder italian zone
3.JU Name hope memeber UNITY Forum
4.JU Name Ken. Italian Z .B
Yours Sincerely,

MF Vs Aye: See The Bloodied Dead Body Of Cultist Killed In Edo Cult War (Extremely Gruesome)


What is going on in Benin City? When would all these menaces end? People’s parents are slaughtered just like that all in name of cultism.

This young parent by name AKA Eddy Bongos was brutally murdered yesterday @Gapiona in GRA Benin City he was a victim of the renewed Black Axe and Maphite currently in Benin City which has left no fewer than 8 dead.

See Gruesome pictures below.

Edo Cult War: The “Scores” So Far As Maphite Allegedly Demands 42 Aye Heads In 42 Hrs (Black Axe vs MF)

Business as usual for the NBM in Benin.


Benin City is red once again as cult activities have taken centre stage In the old ancient city. This time around it is the dreaded Black Axe confraternity and Maphite confraternities at loggerheads. Last week a final year student of the University of Benin was gruesomely murdered after writing his final exams.

The Maphite confraternity is known to always come for a reprisal attack to celebrate the anniversaries of its war with adversaries, same time last year the Black Axe confraternity was at war with the deadly Maphite cult group.

In a reprisal attack to the killing of the fresh graduate at Uniben, two cult rival gang members were shot dead in the highbrow GRA axis of Benin City two days ago. After a cult gang member was killed earlier in the day at the Uselu area in Benin City.

The gang member killed at Uselu was a member of the State vigilante network. Also, unconfirmed reports have it that another cult member was shot dead at the Aduwawa axis of the state.

As we speak the score count within the last 72 hrs has risen to about five deaths. Meanwhile, there is a worrisome message circulating on social media that the Manphite confraternity has demanded the heads of 42 Axe men within the next 42 hrs .

According to local sources, this development is very worrisome as both cult groups are notorious for their deadly attacks. Some say the Black Axe confraternity has vowed to secure the GRA neighbourhood of Benin City and would do everything within its powers to maintain its supremacy.

Residents are now leaving with fear as social activities have been restricted in certain areas of Benin City due to the renewed cult clash.

In March 2010, a bloody war between the Black Axe and Maphite Confraternity reportedly claimed over 15 lives in Benin City.