Most Wanted Fugative

United States Secret Service say be on the look out for this doe eyed scoundrel. Check your bins and garden sheds. His name is Egbe Tony Iyamu but also might answer to “Lord Aminu Kano” or “Richard Amall” if called.

He, like many other thousands of Axemen, are currently on the loose.

ALIASES: “Lord Aminu Kano,” “Richard Amall”
DOB:April 20, 1986


Egbe Tony Iyamu is a member of the Cape Town, South Africa-based chapter of the “Neo Black Movement of Africa” criminal organization, also known as “Black Axe.” From at least 2011 until 2021, Iyamu and other members of Black Axe worked together to engage in widespread Internet fraud involving romance scams and advance fee schemes. The conspirators used social media websites, online dating websites, and voice over Internet protocol phone numbers to find and talk with victims in the United States, while using a number of aliases.   

The conspirators’ romance scam victims believed they were in romantic relationships with the person using the aliases and, when requested, the victims sent money and items of value overseas, including to South Africa. Sometimes, when victims expressed hesitation in sending money, the conspirators used manipulative tactics to coerce the payments, including by threatening to distribute personally sensitive photographs of the victim.

In addition to laundering money derived from romance scams and advance fee schemes, the conspirators also worked to launder money from business email compromise (BEC) schemes. In addition to their aliases, the conspirators used business entities to conceal and disguise the illegal nature of the funds.

Iyamu was the Cape Town chapter’s “Chief Butcher” from approximately 2013 to 2018. In this role, Iyamu functioned as the chapter’s security officer and was responsible for disciplining other members. 

The prosecution is being handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in New Jersey. The case is also part of an Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) Priority Transnational Organized Crime (PTOC) investigation.

If you have information regarding this individual, please contact the U.S. Secret Service at

The ultra-violent cult that became a global mafia


Cult member

A two-year BBC investigation into Black Axe – a Nigerian student fraternity which evolved into a dreaded mafia-group – has unearthed new evidence of infiltration of politics, and a scamming and killing operation spanning the globe.

Warning: Contains detailed graphic accounts of violence

During quiet moments, after he has finished lecturing for the day, Dr John Stone has flashbacks. It’s not the blood or the sound of the gunshots that haunt him. It’s the begging. The way people beg for mercy when they die. Begging him. Begging God.

“It’s so painful,” he says, shaking his head with a shudder. “The families of the dead, they will curse you. A curse will be upon your life.”

Dr Stone teaches political science at the University of Benin, in southern Nigeria. But for decades he was a senior member of Black Axe – a Nigerian mafia-style gang tied to human trafficking, internet fraud and murder. Locally, Black Axe are referred to as a “cult,” a nod to their secret initiation rituals and the intense loyalty of their members. They are also infamous for extreme violence. Images of those who cross their path – dead bodies mutilated or showing signs of torture – regularly surface on Nigerian social media.

Dr Stone admits he took part in atrocities during his years as an “Axeman”. At one point during our interview, recalling the most efficient means of killing, he leaned forward, squeezed his fingers into the shape of a gun and pushed them to the forehead of our producer. In Benin City, he was known as “a butcher”.

John Stone
Image caption,Dr Stone, a former Axeman, is now a vocal critic of the gang

The horror of these years has scarred him. Today, Dr Stone is remorseful for his past and a vocal critic of the gang he once served. He is one of a dozen Black Axe sources who have decided to break their oaths of silence and reveal their secrets to the BBC, speaking to international media for the first time.

For two years BBC Africa Eye has been investigating Black Axe, building a network of whistle-blowers, and uncovering several thousand secret documents – leaked from the gang’s private communications. The findings suggest that over the past decade, Black Axe has become one of the most far-reaching and dangerous organised crime groups in the world.

In Africa, Europe, Asia and North America, Axemen are in our midst. You may even have an email from them in your inbox.

Short presentational grey line

Our investigation began with a death threat – a spidery, hand-written letter, delivered to a BBC journalist in 2018. It was dropped by a motorbike rider on to the windscreen of the reporter’s car. Weeks earlier, the journalist had been digging into the illegal opioid trade in Nigeria and had met a number of Black Axe members face to face. Later, a second letter was handed to the man’s family. Someone had been tracking him and had found his home.

Did the threat come from Black Axe? How powerful is this crime network, and who is behind it?

Our search for answers led us to a man who claimed he had hacked tens of thousands of secret Black Axe documents – a huge cache of private communications, from hundreds of suspected members. The messages, which span 2009 to 2019, include communications about murder and drug smuggling. Emails detail elaborate and lucrative internet fraud. Messages plan global expansion. It was a mosaic of Black Axe criminal activity spanning four continents.

Uche Tobias
Image caption,”Uche Tobias” says he began pursuing Black Axe after coming across scam victims.

The source of the hack claims Black Axe are desperate to kill him. He would not reveal his real name, instead he used a pseudonym – Uche Tobias.

“A manhunt will befall you,” reads one death threat, sent to Tobias online. “The AXE will pierce through your skull… I will lick your blood and chew your eyes.”

The BBC spent months analysing Tobias’s documents. We were able to verify key sections of the data – confirming that individuals mentioned, and a number of the crimes committed in the documents, did take place. Much of the hacked material is too horrifying to publish. Axemen use secret forums – password-protected websites – to share photos of recent murders in internal chat groups. In one post labelled “Hit”, a man lies splayed out on the floor of a small room. There are four gashes on his head. His white T-shirt is surrounded by a pool of his own blood. The imprint of a boot, stained red, marks his back.

Within Nigeria, Black Axe is fighting a war of supremacy with rival “cults” – similar criminal gangs with names like the Eiye, the Buccaneers, the Pirates and the Maphites. Messages the BBC have translated from West African Pidgin show Axemen keeping track of how many rivals they have murdered, tallying up the figures like a football score in each region.

“Score is presently 15-2, the war is Benin,” reads one post. “Hit in Anambra state. Score is Aye [Axemen] 4 and Buccaneers 2,” reads another.

But internet fraud, not murder, is the primary source of revenue for the gang. The documents given to the BBC include receipts, bank transfers and thousands of emails showing Black Axe members collaborating on online scams around the world. Members share “formats” – blueprints on how to conduct scams – with each other. Options include romance scams, inheritance scams, real estate scams and business email scams, in which the perpetrators create email accounts that appear to be those of the victim’s lawyers, or accountants, in order to intercept payments.

These scams are not small-scale, conducted by a lone wolf on a laptop. They are collaborative, organised and extremely lucrative operations, sometimes involving dozens of individuals working together across continents.

Among the leaked emails, the BBC uncovered a case of a man in California who was targeted by a network of suspected Axemen in 2010, scamming him from Italy and Nigeria. The victim told us he was defrauded of $3m in total.

“The Bank that I was working with does not seem to exist???” the desperate victim exclaimed in an email to one of the conmen – the moment he realised his money was missing. “Can I make this any clearer??? The Bank in Switzerland seems to be fraudulent.”

The emails show suspected Black Axe members adopting “catcher” names – fake names and identities – when scamming people, making use of forged or stolen passports. They refer to their victims as “mugu” or “maye,” regional slang words for “idiots”.

Image caption,Benin City, the heartland of Black Axe

Black Axe’s international cybercrime network is likely to be generating billions of dollars in revenue for their members. In 2017 Canadian authorities say they busted a money laundering scheme linked to the gang worth more than $5bn. Nobody knows how many similar Black Axe schemes are out there. The leaked documents show members communicating between Nigeria, the UK, Malaysia, the Gulf States, and a dozen other countries.

“It’s spread all over the world,” the source of the data hack told us. He says he’s an anti-fraud investigator in his private life and began pursuing Black Axe after encountering a number of their scam victims.

“I would estimate there are upwards of 30,000 members,” he says.

Black Axe’s global expansion has been carefully constructed. The correspondence shows Axemen dividing geographic areas into “zones,” and designating local “heads”. Zonal heads collect “dues” – something akin to membership fees – from those in their jurisdictions, before sending the money back to leaders in their heartland in Nigeria’s Benin City.

“It has spread throughout Europe and America, South America and Asia,” says Tobias. “It is not a little club, this is a fantastically large criminal organisation.”

Tobias’s assessment is backed up by international law enforcement findings. According to the 2021 Organised Crime Index, based on analysis from 120 experts in Africa, Nigeria has the highest levels of organised crime on the continent – and these networks are expanding abroad.

In Italy, decades-old mafia laws are being revived to tackle the expansion of Black Axe, who are said to be overwhelming local crime networks. In April 2021, 30 suspected members were arrested in the country, charged with human trafficking, prostitution and internet fraud.

The US has taken a more aggressive approach. FBI operations against Black Axe were launched in November 2019 and September 2021, eventually charging more than 35 individuals with multi-million dollar internet fraud. Between September and December this year, the US Secret Service and Interpol launched an international operation to arrest a further nine suspected Black Axe members in South Africa.

“Cybercrime is a multi-trillion dollar industry, it’s out of control,” says Scott Augenbaum, a former FBI special agent and cyber-security expert.

He says he dealt with hundreds of Black Axe victims during his 30-year career in the bureau’s cybercrime department, investigating fraud cases similar to those found in the leaked documents.

“I’ve seen lives destroyed, companies go out of business, life savings lost,” he said. “It affects everyone.”

Short presentational grey line

As global as Black Axe’s criminal empire may be, its roots lie firmly in Nigeria. The group was founded 40 years ago in Benin City, Edo State.

Most Axemen are from this region, and this affiliation may have played a role in the group’s international expansion. According to the UN commissioner for refugees, 70% of Nigerians who migrate abroad are from Edo State. Black Axe are reported to play a pivotal role trafficking those who travel illegally, moving them between their bases in Benin City, North Africa and Southern Italy.

In their homeland, male university undergraduates – aged between 16 and 23 – are Black Axe’s primary recruits. The gang’s secretive initiation process, known as “bamming,” is notoriously brutal.

Young Axeman
Image caption,A young Axeman the BBC met in Lagos

“I didn’t know I was going to bam that day,” writes one Axeman, detailing his experience in a post on a secret forum from 2016. He says he was led away from campus, thinking he was attending an exclusive party. He writes how he was taken to a forest, where a group of men were waiting for him. They stripped him and forced him to lie face down in the mud. Then they took turns whipping his skin raw with bamboo, beating him close to unconsciousness. Someone screamed they would rape his girlfriend, and when he had finished, he would rape her again.

“That was going to be the day I die,” he writes.

But the agony eventually stopped. A series of rituals followed, including crawling through the legs of his tormentors – a tradition known as the “devil’s passage” – before drinking blood from a cut in his thumb and chewing a kola nut, a caffeinated nut native to West Africa. To the echoes of songs and chants, he was then embraced by the men who had just tortured him. He had been reborn as what they call an “Aye Axeman.”

There are many reasons people join Black Axe. Some recruits are forced, others volunteer. In Makoko, a vast slum built on wooden stilts above Lagos Lagoon, we interviewed a number of Axemen, some of whom said they had joined against their will. Their loyalty, nevertheless, was strong – cemented by the spiritual bond of the initiation process.

“We worship Korofo, the unseen God, and he has always guided us,” the leader of the group told us, sitting in a small wooden building, surrounded by an entourage of Axemen. He said he was “proud” to be a member of Black Axe, despite saying he was forcibly recruited by a police officer. Another member claimed he joined after his father was killed by a rival gang. No matter how or why members join, many of them claim there are benefits.

“Secrecy, discipline and brotherhood,” a cult member told us proudly during another interview in Lagos in April 2021, when we asked why he had joined Black Axe. He claimed he made good money through the group’s criminal enterprises – better than he would earn working in a bank.

Image caption,Makoko, the vast slum where the BBC interviewed young Axemen

“Nobody will be able to touch you – once you belong to a cult, they will protect you,” said Curtis Ogbebor, a community activist based in Benin City, who tries to stop young people joining groups like Black Axe. “The process of initiation – it’s all about networking.”

Dr Stone says many Axemen join solely for networking purposes. Nigeria has the second highest rate of unemployment in the world, and within this challenging environment, he says joining Black Axe can provide protection and business connections. He claims not all members are criminals.

“We have members in the Nigerian army, navy, air force. We have those in academia. We have priests, pastors,” he said.

This mutual support was key to Black Axe’s original purpose. The group grew out of a student fraternity called the Neo Black Movement of Africa (NBM). It formed at the University of Benin in the 1970s. The NBM’s symbol was a black axe breaking chains, and its founders said their aim was to fight oppression. The NBM was inspired by the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, but in structure, secrecy and brotherly commitment, it mirrored societies like the Freemasons, which had a presence in Nigeria during the colonial era.

The NBM still exists today, and is a legally registered company with the Nigerian corporate affairs commission. It claims to have three million members around the world, and regularly publicises charitable activity – donations to orphanages, schools and the police, both in Nigeria and abroad. It holds huge annual conferences, some of which have been attended by prominent politicians and celebrities.

Leaders of the NBM claim Black Axe is a rogue, breakaway group. Publicly they strongly disassociate themselves from the name and are adamant that the NBM opposes all criminal activity.

“NBM is not Black Axe. NBM has nothing to do with criminality. NBM is an organisation that tends to promote greatness in the world,” says Olorogun Ese Kakor, the current president of the organisation, in an interview with the BBC in July 2021.

The NBM’s lawyers told us anyone from Black Axe who is found to be a member of NBM “will be expelled immediately” and that they have zero tolerance for crime.

International law enforcement have a different view. Statements by the US justice department, in the course of its prosecution of Black Axe members since 2018, say that the NBM is a “criminal organisation” and “part of the Black Axe”. Similar statements have been made by authorities in Canada, who have said the NBM and Black Axe as “the same”.

The documents seen by the BBC also appear to show links between some Black Axe members and the NBM corporation.

Many of the documents were sourced from an email account that belonged to Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo, the president of the NBM between 2012 and 2016. These files suggest Mr Bemigho, a successful investor and hotelier in Nigeria, has engaged in large-scale internet fraud. The BBC verified two major cases from the data in which Mr Bemigho appears to have been involved in inheritance scams targeting UK and US citizens. The victims told us they were defrauded of more than $3.3m.

“We have removed him close to 1M dollar,” says one message, referencing a victim, sent to Mr Bemigho by a suspected co-conspirator. The email contains the victim’s full name, email address and number, and instructions on how to progress the scam.

The documents suggest Mr Bemigho sent scam formats to a network of collaborators on at least 50 occasions. One message, discussing the expansion of the NBM, suggests he requested members establish NGOs around the world in order to “rake in millions”.

When messaging NBM members in the emails, Mr Bemigho addresses them as “Aye Axemen”. In one response, which appears to have been sent to Mr Bemigho via Facebook messenger, he is addressed as “national elder Black Axe”.

Augustus Bemigho
Image caption,Augustus Bemigho

In 2019, Mr Bemigho’s sister-in-law was charged with money laundering worth £1m in the UK. The Crown Prosecution Service, in a widely reported press release, referred to him as “the leader of the Black Axe” at the time.

When the BBC raised this evidence with the leadership of the NBM, they said they would investigate the matter, and that anyone found to be in breach of their code of conduct would be expelled. Mr Bemigho did not respond to the allegations when contacted by the BBC.

Dr Stone claims Black Axe and the NBM – beneath the surface – are the same organisation. He is speaking from experience. He was not only a member of Black Axe, but also a chairman within the NBM in their heartland of Benin City.

Image caption,A young Axeman

“It is one and the same,” he says. “It’s just a kind of formality to cover the informalities. It’s a coin with two sides.”

According to Tobias, the NBM has been instrumental in Black Axe’s covert expansion around the world. “The Neo Black Movement as an organisation is just a charade, it’s a smokescreen, it’s a public face of the organisation,” he says. He claims “the end game” of the NBM is “to subvert the opinion of the public”- to hide “what they really are, which is a mafia”.

Organisations operating under the name of the NBM are registered around the world, including in the UK and Canada. There are at least 50 Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts using a variation of this name, in addition to the corporation’s official social media channels. Some accounts have more than 100,000 followers. Others include implicit references to Black Axe – axe emojis, photos of people carrying axes or guns, and occasionally the signature slogan “Aye Axemen!”

The NBM has successfully established itself as a global brand, in multiple countries. In Nigeria, Dr Stone claims, the network’s influence extends to the political sphere.

“There are a lot of members in the House of Assembly, even the executive,” he said. “That is what Black Axe is. That is what NBM preaches: veer into any position that you know is humanly possible.”

Short presentational grey line

Augustus Bemigho, the former head of the NBM – described in UK court files as the former head of Black Axe – ran for office in the Nigerian House of Representatives in 2019, campaigning for the ruling All Progressive Congress Party (APC).

The activist Curtis Ogbebor claims Edo State politics is saturated with Black Axe members. “Nigeria has this mafia politics,” he said. “Our politicians, government at all levels, encourage our youth into cultism.”

Prospective Nigerian politicians, Mr Ogbebor claims, hire Black Axe members to intimidate rivals, guard ballot boxes, and coerce people to vote. Once in office, he says, they then reward them with positions in government.

“They arm them, they give them money during elections, and they promise them political appointment,” he says.

Two documents, which appear to have been leaked from the internal communications of the NBM, suggest that 35m naira (more than £64,000) was funnelled to the organisation in Benin City to “protect votes” and ensure support for a governorship election in 2012. In exchange for the support, the files state “80 slots [were] allocated to NBM Benin Zone for immediate employment by the state government”. This money was allegedly distributed directly “through the then Chief of Staff Hon. Sam Iredia” – who has now died.

During interviews with senior members of the NBM in Lagos, their legal representative confirmed that “a number of politicians” are members. He went on to name the Deputy Governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu, as an example.

“There are a lot of people that are members of our organisation and there is nothing to hide about it,” said Aliu Hope, one of the NBM’s solicitors.

A former member of the Edo State government, speaking to the international media for the first time, has come forward to blow the whistle on Edo State’s collaboration with organised crime.

Tony Kabaka
Image caption,Tony Kabaka has faced repeated assassination attempts

Tony Kabaka, a self-confessed “cultist” and member of the NBM, spent years working for the government in Benin, up until 2019. During this time, through his company Akugbe Ventures, he employed more than 7,000 tax collectors, generating billions in revenue for the state.

Since leaving politics, Mr Kabaka has faced repeated assassination attempts. His mansion, a huge white building with Roman columns, is littered with bullet holes.

“If you sat me down and say, ‘Can you identify Black Axe in government?’ I will identify,” he says. “Most politicians, almost everybody is involved.”

Mr Kabaka claims he was asked to mobilise cult groups to help win elections. He denies ever being involved in violence himself.

“If government wants to seek for election they need them,” he says. “Cultism still exists because government is involved, and that is the truth.”

We travelled to Benin City in July 2021 to interview Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu, but he twice failed to turn up to the interview. When we sent the government of Edo State and Mr Shaibu our allegations that they have links to Black Axe, they did not respond.

Short presentational grey line

Dr Stone believes Nigerian law enforcement and politicians are too enmeshed with Black Axe to effectively combat them. The solution to the violence, he says, lies within the cult itself. He is not the only former member who feels the group have become too dangerous.

“The reason some of us joined NBM was to join in the fight of oppression,” wrote one member of a secret forum leaked to the BBC. “But now, we have been labelled a criminal organisation with evidence all over.”

Internal Black Axe communications are littered with similar complaints from members.

“I didn’t become an axeman to take lives, I became an axeman in the bid to fraternize,” says another post. “Please, stop these killings.”

John Stone
Image caption,Dr Stone has set up an advocacy group that tries to de-escalate tensions between rival gangs

The leaders of the NBM say they are committed to ensuring the organisation stays true to its founding principles and promotes peace. The group’s current president, Olorogun Ese Kakor, told the BBC he was elected in order to root out criminal “infiltrators” and that these people are causing “the organisation so much harm”. In a bid to harness this push for change, Dr Stone has formed what he calls a “Rainbow Coalition” – an advocacy group made up of former cultists, influential Nigerian citizens and professors. Members try to de-escalate tensions when rival gangs clash, and are trying to steer Black Axe towards a more peaceful future.

“Rainbow’s contribution to society is to reduce criminality,” he says. “To reduce the rate of death among youths. To reduce the rate of widows and orphans.”

Rainbow’s co-founder, Chukwuka Omessah, wants Black Axe members to reflect on the society they are creating.

“Everyone has a conscience,” he says. “You may deny it on camera, deny it during public, but you cannot deny it in your quiet time – it will haunt you.”

Dr Stone knows that pushing Black Axe towards reform is a dangerous business. He knows his former comrades might come for him one day. He is ready for them if they do. The professor keeps a three feet-long sword hidden in his car, and a licensed shot gun at home.

“For personal guard, personal safety,” he says, with a half-smile. “If they come after me, can’t I also come after them?”

NBM in Europe (Shocking Video)

It was only a week or two ago that I posted a video of cultists on a violent rampage in UAE.

It was shocking, scary and something we never want to see again.

They stacked up outside a room in an apartment complex corridor. A member identified the door they were looking for and after several kicks they made entry.

A CCTV camera captured an endless stream of cultists filtering from the corridor into the apartment.

Phone camera footage taken of the aftermath of what happened inside was gruesome to say the least.

Reports stated that 22 people had been murdered.

Bodies lined the floor. Blood was everywhere. Gallons of it.

Here is the original post

Of coure such events are common place in Nigeria and probably not even news worthy most of the time.

At the time I said it’s only a matter of time until it happens in Europe or elsewhere the NBM now have a presence.

Truth is… behind closed doors nobody knows what is happening or has happened.

The NBM (and other cult groups too) are without question responsible for all kinds of evil crimes that we’ll never get to hear about. The victims will never see justice.

I got information this morning about one such incident.

The following video I must stress is highly disturbing.

Very little information is available at this time regarding the clip.

I implore people with any information to contact me:

Edit: Youtube removed the video… which is maybe just as well.

That’s how bad it was.

77 Metal Day Special – NBM Question and Answers AKA Black Axe Question and Answers

Happy Metal Day!! (It’s just into 7/7 where I am)

44 years to this day on the 7th July 1977 (7/7/77) the NBM were formed.

In order to mark the occasion may i present to you Questions & Answers formed from your own inquiries to the site.

77 of them!

Let gets thing started and if you have any complaints please write:

what is the black axe?

There is no organisation or group called ‘The Black Axe’.

The NBM (Neo Black Movement) are only popularly known as ‘The Black Axe’.

The NBM like to distance themselves from the name ‘Black Axe’ (due to the dreaded reputation associated with the name). Although privately they acknowledge the Black Axe and the NBM are one in the same.

In the very earliest days they briefly called themselves “The Black Axe Movement” although this changed to NBM.

A campus publication they produced was called “The Black Axe Magazine”. This later became “Black Uhuru Magazine” before becoming “Uhuru” as it is known today.

what is nbm africa?

The NBM are a criminal organization (a mafia) that parade themselves as a charity/movement/NGO. Although some charitable giving is evident it is dwarfed by colossal amounts of organized crime that members commit. Charitable actions are purely cosmetic for the purposes of “image laundry”.

The organization serves no real purpose aside from networking (for criminal exploits) and resolving issues between members (when their criminal exploits go wrong).

what are the nbm idiology?

Initially it’s ideology was described as: “The ideology of the movement was Neo-Blackism, which was a complex mix of Intellectual Radicalism, Pan Africanism, Negritude, African Traditional Religion (ATR) practice and research, Fraternal Relations, Secret Rites of Passage and Militant Action”

Today the Neo Black Movement of Africa claim to be “a socio-cultural organisation that seek to revive, retain and modify where necessary those aspects of African culture that would provide vehicles of progress for Africa and her peoples.”

However if you can find any evidence of any of the above occurring over the last 40+ years… please let me know.

Vast amounts of evidence exist though that shows the NBM to be a violent criminal organisation responsible for countless murders and vast amounts of organised crime.

what is the motto of nbm?

The motto of the NBM is “​equality and social justice for all”

However they are a racist, misogynistic and homophobic group who have no interest in either social justice or equality.

what is the constitution that guide nbm?

The constitution of the NBM can be found here:

what is nbm code of conduct?

The NBM’s “code of conduct” can be found here:

However it’s purely a smokescreen and used pitifully by them as evidence that the organisation does not allow or promote criminality. It says members cannot commit crime and therefore they don’t…. Fooled?

black axe national head is who?

The head of the Black Axe (assuming you really mean the ‘NBM’) is currently: Ese Kakor (Lord Dauda Kairaba Jawara).

who is the present national head of nbm?

Ese Kakor (Lord Dauda Kairaba Jawara) is the current National Head of the NBM.

who is the present CP of the nbm?

Eribo Emwanta (Lord Idris Alooma) is the current National Chief Priest of the NBM.

who is the current NCMAN of the nbm?

Tony Masaka (Lord Albert Luthuli) is the current National Chariman of the NBM.

where is the current worldwide head of nbm coming from?

Ese Kakor is the 3rd NH in a row to have hailed from Delta State (following Felix Kupa and Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo)

ranks of the neo black movement?

The NBM’s order of precedence is:

The Founding Fathers
The National Head
The National CP
The Chairman, NCOE
The Zonal Heads
The Zonal Chief Priests
The Zonal Chairmen
Members of the National Executives
Members of the NCOE
Members of the Zonal Exco
Members of the Zonal COE
Members of the Movement according to their year of initiation

what are the seven hierarchy of nbm?

The “Hierarchy of 7” refers to the structure within the Temple (university) and is as follows:

Axe Head (been the correct term… often wrongly called ‘Temple Head’)
Chief Priest
Chairman and his COE (Council of Elders)
Chief Butcher and his Butchers (Now rebranded as ‘Marshalls’)
Chief Ihaza and his Ihazas
Chief Eye and his Eyes
Chief Crier and his Criers

who are the founding fathers of nbm?

The ‘Founding Fathers’ of the NBM:

John Okogie
Uche Almona
Marvel Apoyibo
Bernard Ojishua
Godwin Ehigiator
Ojo Olagunju
Idemudia Nicholas
Gbolahan Dosumu
Tokunbor Brown

And if you were to ask someone who thought of themselves as a Black Axe member they would say:

John Okogie
Uche Almona
Marvel Apoyibo
Bernard Ojishua
Godwin Ehigiator
Ojo Olagunju
Idemudia Nicholas
Gbolahan Dosumu
Tokunbor Brown

Spot the difference?

when were nbm founded?

The NBM were founded on the 7th July 1977….. 44 years ago today.

And if you were to ask someone who thought of themselves as a Black Axe member they would say: 7/7/77

The coincidence is eerie.

who is the first head in nbm?

The first Head of the NBM was Aye Waziri Zako…. known as John Okogie to his Mother.

who is john okogie in nbm?

Known within the NBM as ‘ Aye Waziri Zako’ John Okogie is one of the founding fathers of the NBM and also served as the first Head.

who is the first chief priest in nbm?

The position of Chief Priest did not appear until the academic year of 1979/80 and was occupied by: Aye Banda Kamuzu who was a pharmacy student called Femi.

The position of CP had been created to replace the positions of ‘Right Hand’ and ‘Left Hand’.

The following year (80/81) the position was occupied by Aye Fazi Wazi, ju name: Odigo.

He became the first CP to wear white regalia… a tradition that has continued to this day.

who is ibn godidi de saddest?

Ibn Godidi De Saddest is the codename for Idemudia Nicholas who is one of the Founding Fathers of the NBM.

He was the primary archtect for the creation of the NBM.

Notably he is appalled by what the NBM has become today. Often seen describing it as an “evil organisation” and “hijacked by evil forces”.

who introduced the nbm national anthem?

The NBM’s National Anthem was written and composed by Lord Oba Akenzua (JN Israel) who is the former Delta Zone Chief Priest.

nbm a registered organisation?

The NBM despite it’s illegality under Nigerian law somehow managed to register itself as an official organization.

what is the registration number of neo black movement of africa?


nbm registered with who?

Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)

who betrayed nbm?

The story goes that Charles Robert Kokoma betrayed the movement by giving away the organisations secrets to a rival group. He is said to have beheaded on a basketball court on Ekenwan Campus. The legend is propagated in order to deter members from giving away any secrets.

nbm first temple in nigeria?

A temple is a university campus where the NBM operate. The NBM claim to have no presence in the university system but this is one of many many lies that the organisation propagate.

The first ever temple was FJ1 = Futa-Jallon.

Later modified to FJMT = Futa-Jallon Mother Temple.

This is Uniben (The University of Benin).

Axemen (because they have killing on the mind) wrongly refer to it as “Murder Temple”.

where did the black axe started?

Uniben. The group known as the “Black Axe” started at the same place and at the same date and time as the NBM (because they are the same group).

inikpi dragon high temple was been in existence since when,year,month and who is the first head?

Inikpi Dragon High Temple is the codename for The Federal Polytechnic Idah, formerly Idah College of Technology.

The creation dates of the temples are often confused and disputed by members.

We know Inikpi Dragon High Temple gave birth to KBHT (Kanem Borno High Temple – Auchi Polytechnic) in 1983.

Ernest Osa Amadasu was blended in Inikpi Dragon High Temple in 1982.

I heard the year of birth is 1980 but it’s not 100% confirmed (though the above shows it could be the case).

why inikpi dragon is called second murder high temple?

None of the Temples are called “Murder Temples” they are: Mother Temples.

The Mother Temples are the temples that have over time given birth to others.

what is the functions of scribes in nbm?

The ‘Scribe’ is simply an administrative role charged with the duty of taking down meeting notes.

how many colours are in nbm?

The colours of the Neo-Black Movement are Black, White and Yellow.

Black – Signifies our identification with the Black Race and the dignity thereof

White – Signifies Peace and purity of mind and body

Yellow – Signifies strength and intellect.

what and what does 7 represent in nbm?

The ‘7’ represents the AXE!

what is the meaning of 147 in black axe?

147 is the magic number

1 – represents a blade (knife)

4 – represents a firearm (gun)

7 – represents the AXE!

We often see it written also as: 0147

With the ‘0’ either representing the beret or bandana depending on who you speak to (some members claim that the ‘0’ was present before they started wearing the beret and represents a bandana or sash that the early members wore).

after joining the black axe before ur strong name what is the name of the oat that u are going to swor?

It’s simply called the “Oath of Members” (or “Kokoma Oath”… because that’s what is spat into your face when you say it).

what is the nbm oath of allegiance?

I ————- wishing to be an Axe man do hereby make oath and say as follows:

That I will live, speak and fight for the best interest of all within the Neo-Black Movement. That with the cooperation of my fellow Axemen shall fight and struggle for the unity of all oppressed people. A cry from anyone of us in the Neo-Black Movement shall echo in the body of our common goal and in self defense we shall protect our common interest. The day I become an agent of murder, oppression or discrimination against the black race, should this Kokoma squeeze life out of me. So help me God.

who introduce broken into nbm?

I think you mean “Breaking” as in “Breaking Metal”

‘Breaking’ someone’s metal means to de-axe them.

To be de-axed means you are removed as a member.

‘Breaking Metal’ goes back to the very earliest days of the organisation. In the early days every member would have their own personal axe. When a member was de-axed they would have that personal axe physically broken to symbolize their removal.

what is the meaning of region body in nbm?

I think you mean the ‘Regional Body’.

Section 15 of the NBM Constitution states:

“There shall be a Regional Structure in the Organization under the leadership of a regional head. The National Executive Council shall constitute or group zones within close geographical proximity into regions and this shall be ratified by the NCOE. The zones shall retain their independent structure within the region.”

The Regional Body is simply part of the organisational structure. At the top there is the National Body. Under that the Regional Body. Under that the Zonal Body. Under the Zones are any temples or forums that might be operating in that geographical area.

A list of Regions and their Zones can be found here.

what does egede mean?

There are three types of egede….

  1. Done by clashing forearms (always right arm) with another member.
  2. Mini egede – Done by crossing trigger finger (the index finger used to pull gun trigger) with another member.
  3. Referring to the traditional African drum.

what is the meaning of itj in nbm?

ITJ = Intending Ju

It means a non-member (Ju) who is going to become a member.

Not to be confused with “In-Ju” which refers to members of another cult.

what is the meaning of aye in nbm?

Although ‘Aye’ and ‘Aiye’ are said to have meanings in Yoruba the general consensus is that the original meaning within the NBM relates to the earliest days when they were called the “Black Barracards”. The Black Barracards been violent seafaring pirates. Hence the “Aye!”.

Members at University, prior to graduating and becoming a full Axe Lord, are also referred to us “Temple Ayes”.

how many body forms are there in nbm?

Today just the ‘Head’ and the ‘Eye’ are body forms that comprise offices within the organisation.

Historically though there was also the Right and Left Hand.

These two positions were later dissolved and became the office of Chief Priest (2nd in command… the Head’s right hand man).

what is the meaning of bam in nbm?

‘Bam’ has several different meanings.

One is simply as a positive affirmation and could be directly translated to mean good/great.

Also it’s used, mostly by Temple Ayes, instead of “Blending” (Been initiated into the organisation).

although this is commonly accepted to be incorrect usage.

Another is as a secret acronym:

B = Black

A = Axe

M = Man

who is korofo in nbm?

A common misconception within the NBM is that Korofo = God.

Founding Father Idemudia Nicholas explains that Korofo is “the cult of underground”

The NBM (although we’ll notice in the link above Pa Nick calls the NBM the Black Axe throughout) deny been a cult (due to that making them illegal) and yet it’s explained very well that’s exactly what they are.

what is the meaning of lp in nbm?

LP = Local Production

A bit more detail and some examples live here

what is nbm trinity?

Reason + Courage + Grace = NBM Trinity

what are the names of politicians who are members of neo black movement of africa?

Sadly there is no shortage of politicians who are NBM members.

Some are detailed here.

list of super stars in neo black movement of africa?

Sadly there is no shortage of “super stars” that are NBM members.

One very obvious example is Davido.

Others include:

Jn Daddy Showkey, Lord Muta Muta Baruka (Blended at 2013 national convention, held in Ogun state),
Jn Burna Boy, Lord Malcolm X (Blended at Ewekoko HT),
Jn Yung6ix, Lord Kwame Nkrumah (former butcher, Kanta Ethiopia HT),
Jn Oritsefemi, Lord Emperor Haille Selassie (blended at 2015 national convention, held in Omoku, Rivers state)

davido nbm strong name?

Davido, the massive muppet, bares the Strong Name: Lord Kwame Nkrumah.

He was blended in Lekki Zone and it caused some wahala.

as a member of nbm if i been asked to identify myself what will i say?

A member is required to identity themselves stating their strong name, temple and year of blending.

For example: Lord Malcom-X, FJ1 98.

Of course further questions could be posed to ensure you haven’t just made that information up or copied it from someone else. The list of possible questions is almost endless. Some of the most common might be to give details of your LM (Link Man) so they can confirm who you are. Also you might be subject to trivia questions relating to the Temple you claim to have blended from. Such as who was the Axe Head at the time of your blending.

Such questions easily root out imposters.

who is jesse makoko?

The Strong Name ‘Jesse Makoko’ relates to Rev Gilbert Oluwatosin Jesse

who is axe lord ibn battuta?

Lord Ibn Battuta is an NBM Strong Name shared by many members.

Osato Iguma of the Italy Zone and Clinton Meka of the Spain Zone are two examples.

The Strong Name relates to the Moroccan explorer.

what is the meaning of chakadezulu?

‘Shaka de Zulu’ is a Strong Name in the NBM.

It relates to Shaka kaSenzangakhona who was King of the Zulu Kingdom from 1816 to 1828.

is sylvester madu aye axe men?

I’d say not.

nbm strong names that originated in nigeria?

Former NH Jasper Biekpe Onobo has become a strong name following his death. He is as much of an African hero as I am.

Fela Kuti is another Strong Name of Nigerian origin.

They are few and far between.

what are strong names of national black movement?

Strong Names are names given to members following their initiation. They tend to be named after African heroes, leaders and freedom fighters.

The Strong Name is then adopted as a codename in order to add a layer of secrecy to their dealings.

Of course if you was to read here that Nelson Mandela has shot and killed someone or Martin Luther King has chopped someone’s head off… then it’s fair to assume it’s an NBM member who has hijacked that person’s good name.

top ten black axe strong names?

The NBM’s most popular strong names was documented here

is santos payama a black axe member?

The name Santos Payama refers to ‘José Eduardo dos Santos‘ who was the president of Angola from 1979 – 2017. Making him the second longest serving president in African history.

The name is used as a ‘Strong Name’ by the NBM.

Any misbehavior associated with cultism in the orbit of that name will be thanks to NBM hijacking it as a codename for it’s criminal enterprises.

is felix kupa a nigerian?

Yes he’s from Delta state and attended Delta State University. Which is where he was blended (initiated) into the NBM mafia. Later becoming it’s National Head 2016-2021.

in black axe how many temples are they in akwa ibom state?

There are at least 3 NBM Temples in Akwa Ibom. Despite the group claiming not to have anything to do with the university system.

Odudu HT is the codename for Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic, Ikot Ekpene.

Sango HT is the codename for University of Uyo

Akwa HT is the codename for Heritage Polytechnic Eket.

nbm high temples in benue?

There are at least 5 NBM Temples in Benue State.

El-Kanemi HT is the codename for Benue State polytechnic in Ugbokolo.

Swem Karagbe HT is the codename for Fidei polytechnic in Gboko.

Ifi HT is the codename for Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi.

Takuruku HT is the codename for Benue state university, Makurdi.

Amber Loko HT is the codename for College of Education in Katsina-Ala.

Historically there was Ifi HT 1 and Ifi HT2 but these were replaced recently by Ifi HT and Takuruku HT.

adamawa high temple is find in which state?


Adamawa HT is the codename for Institute of Management Technology, Enugu.

neo black, biafran high temple locate which state?


Biafra HT is the codename for Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, Unwana-Afikpo.

how many zonal nbm have?

At least 80 Zones in the NBM.

About half of them are located in Nigeria.

The other half are located in Europe, South America, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

Aside from a small number located in other African countries.

who registered neo black movement?

The NBM mafia were registered with CAC on 24th February 1994.

5 trustees were appointed and they were:

Abdul-Rasaq Okoogua, Isimemn Triogbe, Alhaji Momodu, Mike Okojie, Prince Paschal Ughome.

who is the first chairman in nbm?

Tony Ejiofor (Aye Mona Lisa) was the first COE Chairman within the NBM.

who was the first national head in nbm?

The first “National Head” was Austin Edoror (Lord Lord Muta Karibu) in 1984 (Until 1987).

Austin Edoror is heavily criticized by the Founding Father’s as been where it all went wrong…

The first NH is often misattributed as been John Okogie but he was simply the first Axe Head of Uniben. There was no National Head (leader of all temples) until 1984.

what is the name of the first 3 temples in aye axemen?

1st in 1977: Futa-Jallon Mother Temple – University of Benin, Benin city.

2nd in 1979: Kanta Ethiopia 1 – Delta State University Abraka

3rd in : Udi HT in 1980 – Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma

Axemen, miseducated morons, often dispute the above based on the misconception that the “temple expansion” began in Edo State. However this is based on one major history fail.

Edo State did not exist until 1991. The first three Temples above were created in Bendel State.

Benin City and Ekpoma becoming part of Edo State and Abraka becoming part of Delta State.

in nbm what is the meaning of sm?

SM = Strong Man…. The term came about during Austin Edoror’s tenure as (the first) Natioan Head 1984-87.

Austin Edoror recruited new members purely for the purpose of fighting. Picking only the strongest he could find (often ex fighters from the Biafra/Nigeria civil war).

black axe initiation process?

The NBM’s initation process is documented here.

In short… intending members (ITJ’s) are taken off deep into the jungle and severely beaten. The beating is intended to simulate interrogation/torture and leaves the members (who survive) labeled as “tested” and “trusted”.

felix kupa strong name?

Felix Kupa’s Strong Name is: Lord Mokiti Mozuzu.

Can i view view the address of nbm new national head?

Of course not! the NBM are a highly secretive organisation.

although on second thoughts not so much these days.

The NH Address’, Convention Resolutions, Regional Summit Minutes are now available in the DOXCO section of this site.

what is national executive in nbm?

The National Executive Council (NEXCO) is the “highest administrative and executive organ of the organization”

It comprises: The National Head, National Chief Priest, National Eye, National Butcher, National Ihaza, National Crier, National Legal Officer and the Assistant National Eye and Assistant Crier.

ayes confraternity war clash victims?

Thousands of young men and often innocent bystanders have been murdered by NBM members.

Disturbingly the NBM keep track of their victims on secret forums in the form of what they call “war scores”.

War Scores read like football results. When the NBM are celebrating an 11-2 victory it means they have lost 2 members but killed 11 of their opponents.

who is augustus bemigho-eyeoyibo?

Augustus Bemigho-Eyeoyibo (Lord Are Ona Kakanfo) is the former National Head of the NBM (Serving from 2012-2016) until he was replaced by Felix Kupa. He is the owner of Roseview Court Hotel in Lagos and has on two occasions attempted to run in Warri to be a member of the House of Representatives.

He was named in 2016 as the “The leader of the Black Axe”.

Further information pertaining to his history in the NBM can be found here.

names of nbm temple in cross river?

There are at least 3 temples in Cross Rivers State.

Bakassi HT is the codename for Calabar polytechnic

Kanta Bakassi HT is the codename for Cross River State university of science and technology

Moriqua HT is the codename for the University of Calabar

Whenever the term “Kanta” is used it means that temple was born from another.

In this instance Kanta Bakassi HT was born from Bakassi HT.

meaning of nbm in aye?

N = Neo

B = Black

M = Movement

godwin obaseki a member of neo black movement?

Based on a number of factors I’d say it was highly probable that he is not.

who is melvin udo richmond?

Melvin Udo Richmond is a high ranking Elder in the NBM.

Most recently he served as the Chief Priest in the Felix Kupa regime (2016-2021)

(1) Felix Kupa – National Head
(2) Melvin Udo – National Chief Priest
(3) Franklin Igbokwe (Nat Eye)
(4) George Omoregie (Nat Eye 2)
(5) Obiora Aduba (Nat Crier)
(6) Uyiosa Alaide (Nat Crier 2)
(7) Fola Odimayo (Nat Butcher)
(8) Onaiwu Williams (Nat Butcher 2)
(9) Ikharo Ahmed (Nat Ihaza)
(10) Onos Ohwevwo (Nat Ihaza2)

i want to join nbm movement?

No you don’t!

Although on paper it might seem like a good idea. A chance to meet Davido? A foot up on the criminal ladder? more chance of running for government?

Although the chances of the above might nominally increase… your chances of been murdered increase 1000 fold.

If a rival cult member doesn’t cut your head off then a fellow member will. Either that or the police will not think twice about shooting you.

Say no to cultism.

Get a real job.

77. were is nbm heading to?

Koforo is purported to have said “the death of the NBM will never be heard”

Of course in reality FF Pa Nick has already explained that this was never actually relayed from Koforo and was simply made up.

I’m therefore of the belief THE DEATH OF THE NBM WILL BE HEARD… and in the not too distant future.

Happy metal day again!



       NBM of Africa Worldwide
N/Hq. Amagba, Benin City, Edo State.

*ATTN* :
All members NBM worldwide



The above subject matter refers:

This memo is deemed necessary due to the incessant and indiscriminate recording of LP’s by Zones, Subzones and Temples.

The leadership of this movement places an outright ban on it and all aforementioned structures of the movement are strictly warned to desist or be ready to be sanctioned with a Five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) fine.

Those members that own the labeling company doing the recording should also take note of this notice.

And at this period of our image laundering, you will all agree with me that this decision is salient and necessary.

Long live, NBM of Africa Worldwide.

*National Crier*
*For:* The National Head,
NBM of Africa worldwide



Police nab notorious armed robber in Kaduna


The Police Command in Kaduna State said its operatives have arrested a notorious armed robber and cultist and recovered a Baretta pistol from him.

The command’s spokesperson, ASP Mohammed Jalige, made the disclosure in a statement in Kaduna on Sunday.

Jalige said that the command acted on credible intelligence received through the DPO Kabala West on May 8, at about 07:00hrs.

“We were reliably informed that a suspected armed robber responsible for terrorizing and dispossessing unsuspecting commuters of their valuables on Nnamdi Azikwe Expressway, Kaduna, was sighted at a usual spot.

“On getting a hint of the situation, the operatives of the command swiftly swung into action, carefully traced the location and succeeded in apprehending the suspect.”

He said that the suspect hails from Dekina LGA in Kogi and lives in Karatudu Unguwan Romi, Kaduna.

“We recovered in his possession 92G Elite Centurion Baretta Pistol loaded with six rounds of 9mm ammunition,” Jalige said.

According to him, the suspect confessed to being a member of the Black Axe Cult Group and where he acquired the prohibited firearm.

“The operatives have expanded investigation with a view to arresting other members of the gang and recover their operational weapons after which the suspect would be charged to court,” he added.

Jalige said that the command has urged communities to work closely with the police to ensure success in the fight against criminal elements.

He said the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Umar Muri has assured all those who volunteer information to police of their safety and absolute confidentiality.

Nigerian mafia, the national head of the Black Ax commanded from L’Aquila

I was a little dumber after reading the BBC article but this one is quite good.

Edit: Having got hold of the names I can say the article is quite inaccurate when it suggests these guys formed a “low key” off the grid type of criminal existence. They are full blown overt NBM members flaunting their stuff for everyone to see.

Source: (and translated from Italian by Google)

L’AQUILA – Head of the Italian Black Ax, the Nigerian mafia with activities in 80 countries around the world, beheaded. The head of the Italian cult worked in L’Aquila.

Seki or “Titus”, the head of the Italian cult of the Black Ax , one of the most dangerous Nigerian mafias operating in over 80 countries in the world, had landed in Pozzallo in 2014 from a boat from Libya . He was then assigned to a reception center in L’Aquila , where he remained for about two years, before leaving for Reggio Emilia. But “Titus” had then decided to return to L’Aquila , for two reasons: the central position and close to Rome, which allowed him to better manage contacts with the leaders of the cult and the tranquility of the Abruzzo capital, where it was possible to pursue one of the basic rules: low profile. A low profile that however did not escape the operators of the Flying Squad of the Police Headquarters of L’Aquila , directed by Dr. Marco Mastrangelo , who tonight, with the help of the SCO (the Central Operational Service of the State Police) and the Mobile Squads of Rome, Rieti, Bari, Caserta, Naples, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Modena, Catania, Genoa, Messina, Potenza and Terni, have finalized the “Hello Bros” operation , carrying out 30 precautionary measures in prison issued by the Gip Guendalina Buccella upon request of the Attorney Michele Renzo and the Deputy Attorney Stefano Gallo , and subjecting 25 other suspects to search. Heavy protests: criminal association of mafia type, ex 416 bis , for the Black Ax, the most dangerous Nigerian mafia active in the world.

To illustrate the details of the operation, the Quaestor of L’Aquila, Gennaro Capoluogo , the Director of the Anti-crime Center, Francesco Messina , the Public Prosecutor of L’Aquila, Michele Renzo , the Deputy Prosecutor Stefano Gallo and the SCO Director, Fausto Lamparelli .

“The investigations – underlined the Attorney Renzo – were finalized thanks to the wealth of knowledge and ability to pay attention to what is happening in Italy. We often wonder about the presence of foreigners and integration, but there is no integration without respect for the rules “.

black police ax

Nigerian mafia, the tentacles of the Black Ax from L’Aquila to all of Italy.

In L’Aquila, therefore, the head of the Italian cult worked, a 35-year-old Nigerian who managed the criminal activities of the association, through a summit composed of “Small Boy” operating in Reggio Emilia, “Bross Irene” , who in Naples, “Esosa” from Bari, “Obalige” from Caserta and “Osamuy”from Rome. This is the criminal summit that managed the affairs of Blaxk Ax in Italy, with the head, “Titus” in L’Aquila. While not disdaining the “classic” dealing and prostitution sectors, “Titus” preferred the “low profile” imposed on the cult, which in fact operated mainly in online scams or in the so-called “romantic scams”. The earnings all went to Nigeria, but “collections” were also made to support the families of the arrested affiliates. The investigations started collaterally with the finalization of the “Papavero” drug operation. Among the couriers of that drug dealing system, just “Titus”, remained under observation thus allowing the police to behead the national leaders.

black police ax

Blacke Ax, origins and criminal history.

As explained by the Attorney Michele Renzo , the Black Ax was originally born as a university brotherhood operating in Nigeria with very healthy intentions, on the themes of anti-colonialism and anti-racism. Over time, however, the organization has lost its original connotations, resulting in a real criminal association which, according to the latest FBI report , is operational in over 80 countries around the world and is considered the most dangerous. The organization is territorially divided into “cult” which can correspond to the national territory, as in the case of Italy, or wider. At the head of the Italian cult, therefore, the 35-year-old who had chosen L’Aquila as an operations center.

Affiliation: just like the “homegrown” mafias, as explained by Commissioner Benedetta Mariani , head of the Judicial Police Office of the Prosecutor’s Office, and at the time of the facts with the L’Aquila Mobile Squad, the affiliation to the Black Ax takes place through very strict protocols and rituals : in the meantime, you must be introduced by a sort of “godfather” who acts as a “guarantor” of the loyalty of the new affiliate, who was subjected to tests of courage and rituals in the woods, based on drug “bombs” or the so-called Kokoma. “Titus” was a “fundamentalist” of the Black Ax, or – in addition to the low profile – required that the new generation be affiliated only in Nigeria.

mafia that, like the more advanced mafias, has gradually abandoned the “explosive violence” against individuals, as noted by the Attorney Renzo, for “violence on systems”, such as the economic one. In the two years of activity under investigation, in fact, the Black Ax has mobilized about 1 million euros, also using bit coins.

Operation “Hello Bross”, thanks from Mayor Biondi.

“Thanks and commendations” were addressed by the mayor of L’Aquila, Pierluigi Biondi , to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and to the State Police of the police headquarters of the capital for the operation that is leading to dismantle the Black Ax, the Nigerian mafia rooted in Italy with offices in several cities, including L’Aquila.

“To the district anti-mafia and anti-terrorism investigative direction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the questore, the flying squad and the judicial police, who have brilliantly conducted the investigations for a long period, the women and men of the police engaged in this difficult operation against this trend of organized crime go the most fervent congratulations for the brilliant action they are conducting – added the mayor Biondi – Of course, to learn that for two years the boss of this organization, which had a wide circulation and that the investigators considered extremely dangerous lived in our city gives rise to more than one apprehension. But it is reassuring that the leader of this criminal structure, dedicated to drug trafficking, illegal immigration,

“It is also by virtue of the attention and skills of the police forces, as well as the general correctness of the citizens, that the Abruzzo capital is among the most peaceful and safe cities in the national field in the various surveys on the quality of life” concluded the mayor Biondi.

Italy rounds up 30 suspected mobsters from feared Nigerian Black Axe mafia clan infamous for ritual murders, mutilation and rape in the 1990s


Italian police have carried out raids across the country, arresting some 30 people suspected of operating for the Nigerian Black Axe mafia syndicate.

Police say they face about 100 charges including drug and people trafficking, prostitution and internet fraud.

The gang allegedly used the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to carry out clandestine financial transactions on the dark web.

Black Axe emerged from Nigeria in the 1970s, where they carried out rape, mutilation, and ritual murders.

They went on to build a powerful international network.

“There is evidence that the members had a direct connection with the Nigerian gang, drawing on the same vocabulary, symbols and affiliation rituals,” Italian police said.

Those arrested are accused of using Bitcoins on the dark web to buy the details of cloned credit cards, which were used for online shopping sprees.

The arrests took place in 14 provinces across the country and included the Black Axe’s alleged leader in Italy – a 35-year-old man who lived in L’Aquila, in the central Abruzzo region, Reuters news agency reported.

“This proves the ability of the judiciary and police forces to fight against old and new mafia groups which are trying to extend their criminal reach and expand their business,” Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese said in a statement.

Who are the Black Axe?

They are one of the most notorious secret societies to have emerged from Nigeria.

The Black Axe surfaced in the 1970s and were originally known as the Neo Black Movement. Its founders said the group’s aim was to “liberate” the black race.

But at universities, the group no longer seems to be driven by any political ideology. Instead, Black Axe members are accused of numerous killings and sexual attacks.

Other Nigerian secret societies, also referred to as confraternities and campus cults, have names like Vikings, Eiye (a word in the local Yoruba language for bird), and the Buccaneers.

They have a chain of command similar to militia groups, use code words and have insignia bearing the favourite weapon of the cult, along with its colour.

Members are promised protection from rival gangs, but it is mostly about power and popularity.

These secret societies are banned in Nigeria, and hundreds of members have been arrested and prosecuted over the years. Nevertheless, they continue to operate in the country, especially on university campuses, where they still attract new members.

Two dead as rival cult groups clash in Benin


A renewed cult clash between members of Black Axe and Eiye confraternity groups, has reportedly resulted in the death of two persons in Benin City, Edo State.

The recent clash was said to have begun on Saturday following the beheading of one of the victims identified simply as Ogbomo, allegedly by a rival group.

He was reportedly hacked to death at about 4pm, along Esigie Street, by four assailants.

Obviously angered by Ogbomo’s death, the other group was said to have retaliated his killing on Monday afternoon, as they shot dead a commercial bus driver, along 3rd Circular Road, by Esigie Junction.

An eyewitness who simply identified himself as Okharedia, said: “I and other passengers boarded a commercial bus from Ekiosa market to New Benin.

“Half way into the journey, an Audi saloon car drove dangerously from behind-obstructing our bus and forced the driver to stop.

“The next thing was rag-tagged gunmen came out of the Audi car, dragged the bus driver out of the steering and fired him at closed range.

“There was confusion as they [the hoodlums] fired sporadically and also dispossessed all passengers of their belongings.

“I strongly suspect it is cult-killing, because I heard one of them was shot dead on Saturday. I think the government and security agencies should act fast,” he stated.