The ‘NBM of Africa’ are also known by the names ‘The Neo Black Movement Worldwide’,  ‘The Black Axe’, ‘The Aiye Confraternity’ and are also by the acronym ‘NBM’. They refer to themselves collectively as “Axe-men”.

The current Head of the NBM is former Delta Region Regional Head: Kakor Ese (Formerly Felix Kupa 2016-21 who replaced Oritsebemigho Eyeoyibo 2012-16) having been elected at the 42nd NBM National Convention on 10th April 2021. 

The NBM are an international organisation illegal in their home country of Nigeria and officially classified as a ‘mafia’ by the Italian security services among others. Unofficially throughout the world they are referred to as “The Nigerian Mafia” due to their exploits in controlling large amounts of Nigerian organised crime being perpetrated around the globe. 

NBM activities include, but are not limited to, the following: Murder (including political assassinations), armed robbery, kidnapping, rape, violent crime (including acting as hired thugs for politicians), fraud (BEC fraud, cheque fraud, credit card fraud, identity fraud, immigration fraud, tax fraud and 419 advance fee fraud), drug trafficking, human trafficking and money laundering. 

The Neo Black Movement has terrorized communities in Nigeria now for decades. The most obvious example of this is the continued fighting of ‘cult wars’ against other confraternities/cults which communities and particularly the education system’s institutions have had to endure. These ‘wars’ have seen countless thousands of young men savagely murdered in the most barbaric ways possible including being beheaded and chopped up with axes.

Additionally they have a very worrying presence in Nigerian domestic politics. Members of the organisation are recruited by politicians to manipulate elections through the use of violence. As a reward they are given cash and rewarded with positions in government.  

In recent years The Neo Black Movement Worldwide worryingly are living up to their name and their members are taking up residency in many countries around the world. Official NBM ‘Zones’ now exist in the following cities and countries: Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Houston, Canada, Brazil, Venezuela, India, Japan, Malaysia, Bangalore, China, Mumbai, Dubai, Ghana, South Africa, Senegal, Togo, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, London, Manchester, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine. 

As we speak, not a week goes by without the NBM making the news. Mostly these news articles related to viscous murders or the arrest of various members who have been caught for various things. All the while in secret chat rooms and forums the NBM gloat and boast about how many rivals they have killed or brutally attacked with axes and how many of these murders they are getting away with. 

To counter this bad publicity the Neo Black Movement has a well oiled propaganda machine in operation at all times. Aside from members scouting the internet for adverse comments (and threatening to behead the authors) they have their tentacles within the Nigerian media who come to their aid whenever required. The media are quite happy to blindly publish stories and images of this organisation donating frivolous sums of money and materials to orphanages, hospitals and prisons. The NBM refers to this technique as “image laundry”. 

In addition to help from the media the NBM utilize dubious organisations such as ‘The Uhuru Foundation’ and ‘The Kuth Foundation’ which portray themselves as charities to further their “image laundering” objectives. These organisations wrongly present the NBM as being the African equivalent of UNICEF and fraudulently claim to be “partnered with the British Red Cross and The United Nations”.

To counter this “image laundry” I present to you: NBM147WATCH  

(Formerly Bemigho147Watch)

NBM Art of them killing their opponents
Members of the NBM are “proud to be Black Axe”

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  1. thank god for all men here .and i will use this medium to say dododrima to glorious axemen worldwide …….imam babatouf akanike .delta zone


  2. good afternoon. thank you very much for your blog. i would like to get in touch with you and discuss some matters. kindly yours, pls contact me over email.


  3. Wow .. I would like to shoot a script on this .. if you have a story for me.. Real life story … Maybe movie would get the government ……… Just a good script would do


  4. I like the believe of th NBM and I am interest to be a member of this great organization that fight for the right of an individual. I want to know how I can be a Member.


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