Country policy and information note: trafficking of women, Nigeria, April 2022

What is otherwise a quality report becomes poor and inaccurate simply by making reference to “the (non-existent) black axe” and not using the organisation’s actual factual name. Such a poor inclusion is understandable from such low level newspapers as The Sun and The Express… but c’mon this is supposed to be the all knowing government.

Doesn’t bode well for Linda Ikejis 1 billion Naira law suit trial upcoming on the 13th.

Linda demonstrating she has bigger balls than the UK government piddly mice things.

We’ll be at court on the 13th reporting live.

Full document:

Selected Highlights:

Nigerian organised criminal gangs, some of which are linked to confraternities or ‘cults’, are thought to be responsible for much of the trafficking of women to Europe

‘The terms “Nigerian Mafia” or “Costra Negra” have been employed to describe the range of Nigerian confraternities operating across much of Nigeria and Europe with Italy and Nigeria as the epicentres and Nigerians as the victims… These confraternities are the brain behind majority of the human and drug trafficking operations ongoing between Nigeria and Europe, with Italy as the European hub…

‘The Nigerian confraternities have specific characteristics and modus operandi that distinguish them from other criminal gangs but that also help to sustain and strengthen their roles in the human trafficking chain.

‘It seem[s] very clear that the Nigerian confraternities are able to function and profit based on the laws of demand and supply. As long as there are throngs of desperate young Nigerians there will always be a supply pool of victims of trafficking to help meet the demand for cheap, exotic and younger sex workers on the streets of Europe where prostitution is not illegal in most countries.

‘Nigerian human trafficking gangs linked to criminal confraternities or “cults” are very powerful, brutal and violent in their operations. These confraternities have millions of members spread out across Nigeria and in different European countries with strict codes of loyalty and solidarity and with the use of traditional religion as a hallmark of their business operations. The deteriorating socio-economic situation in Nigeria is creating a growing pool of potential victims of human trafficking.

‘Nigerian criminal networks are largely active in THB [Trafficking in human beings] for the prostitution market in Europe, posing a great challenge to EU law enforcement agencies since Nigerian networks have achieved significant influence in EU organised crime by regular cooperation with local criminal groups. Besides THB, Nigerian Confraternities are known to be active in other criminal businesses in the EU, such as drug trafficking, fraud, money laundering, migrant smuggling, corruption and currency counterfeiting. Europol has been supporting several priority investigations involving a wider range of destination and transit countries used by Nigerian human traffickers

With the increasing challenges of moving and trafficking victims via Libya and the Mediterranean sea, the confraternities have devised new methodologies to traffic women. It seems that direct trafficking from Nigeria has been displaced with more victims originating or carrying the passports of other African countries, but with the stamp of the Nigerian mafia all too visible.

The confraternities are well known to employ excessive violence and brutality in every aspects of their operations both in Europe and across Nigeria. Violence is a key element in the recruitment and initiation of victims of trafficking as well as cult members, which can include physical abuse, rape, excessive use of force and torture… Violence is employed in the course of trafficking and exploitation of victims who are beaten, raped and mentally tortured in different ways to make them compliant and obedient.

Perhaps the key factor in the success of the confraternities is that they are very versatile, very well organised criminal networks, very quick to adapt and change their modus operandi as the situation requires

Experts stated traffickers recruit victims directly from asylum or migrant reception centers in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Larger, well-financed, and highly organized criminal groups – some of which are linked to Nigerian criminal organizations or confraternities originating in Nigerian universities, including Black Axe, Eiye, or Maphite – are responsible for much of the sex trafficking to Europe, especially in Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

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