Spain Zonal Eye Wahala

Aye my Chairman & My Elders
It is very unfortunate that thing are going on this way,It all boil down to experience which
give birth to higher orientation in any position you finds yourself there is no doubt about it,
we are all  learning, all position weather assistance you call it is contest for, there must
be  an election.
You cannot just make a Zonal Eye on a personal discretion from a recognized Forum within
the same zone without the knowledge of the said forum Coordinator & his EXCOs and push
it to the COE for approved. The said lord (Candidate) must have 2/3 major of approval by
the Excos of that forum if such appointment/election must ever happen. If this process was
not followed that means the process is totally wrong, you do not imposed a person on
people who fellowship in the same forum. The Zonal Coe need to have a record of the said
person from the forum directly to ascertain if the person pay his due, attends IT or  if they
have the full knowledge of him that will discharge his duties in accordance in respect to the
position without a conflict.
For any lords to a member of NCOE or elected into the National EXCO he must belong to a
zone and he need a zonal approval and everything concern the lord will be
made known to the NCOE before is eligible to contest any position. A National
Head cannot imposed any Exco position weather assistance or otherwise to a
zone. The Zone recommends a lord to National assistance, so it is apply to a
zone to forum issue. If this point is not agreed on we can take it
to for further debate for clarity seeks.
There is a cry in Sevilla forum where their coordinator (CD) and 3 other
lords made a complain that their CD was suspended for his constructive contribution
to the way further of this great Zone, although I am not in position to welcome their
claim, I have to direct them to the Zonal COE chairman, where the highest law

making power can decided if the claim was right or wrong, we are all one brother in
a hood, we need to differential an constructive argument, an insult, an
indiscipline so as not to apply personal grief to judgment, sometime is good to
seek and check properly if I am really insulted as person , my position is been
insulted or I felt insulted on try to discharge my assigned duties. Every action
has its own price.
I will not remain silent as far as this great Zone is concern; we need to look into issue
to correct our disunity, I use this medium to appear to the zonal COE to look into this
piece of mind, if the coordinator desires more punishment or freedom. As a founding
Zonal Head and a permanent Elder which via rumors many say they will not
recognized there is a founding member, I am sorry history has made it so; I remain a
recognized Founding member I must speak what I know & the truth, nobody can
enforce my silent for all what I have put into this great zone both dedication,
financially, physically contribution for years no stop, I thank GOD I speak for future
Lord Ibn Battuta
Ju Bishop.

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