Love ourselves and eschew hatred and political touting and violence

The IT started at 10:41pm with the NCP in opening prayers after the agenda was pointed by the moderator lord Bizingo and the motion for adoption was moved by lord fashimeji 2 and seconded by sizongo malunga.
Introduction was taken after which the NCOE chairman made a brief remark to declare the meeting open. The NH also reiterated the essence of this meeting and enjoined all present to be of good conduct. He also, went further to observe certain strong names that were used during introduction and those names were changed in the process. The NH also condemned the mode of dressing of some people present. He called for a change in this direction and said we must wear traditional dresses in our meetings.
Lord Fayinka observed certain omissions in the speech of the NCOE chairman. At the end it was taken but with certain conclusions from the NCOE chairman. The NCOE chairman condemned terms as used by our brothers in the temples he urged them to learn the correct ways of addressing our terminologies.
The NH announced that they would be a retreat very soon to give complete and correct orientation. On the passive assertion of the NCOE chairman on the possibility of the change of name of either FJ1 or FJ2.After a few speakers contributed the NH submitted that the topic be dropped but that the Benin ZH can make a request on if he so desires.
The Benin ZH gave his report followed by Bendel North ZH before Esan ZH.The NH frowned at the language of the Bendel North ZH and asked him to apologize to the NEXCO and he did. Only the KB temple head brought a report among all the once present. The NH called on the Z/heads to be up & doing in their discharges. He assured them of the support of the NEXCO upon a motion by lord Sonni Ali Lagos zone, the report f the KB HZ was withdrawn for shredding because of foul language in the write up .The Inikpi Dragon HT had presented his report next and also withdrawn for same reason. The reports came from FJ1, Ikpitan, Odighi Hts.The NH caught to discuss KB and Ikpitan reports. This led to the so called Ikpitan head misbehavior and was duly punished. At the end the NH asked the Zonal Heads to revalidate all blending from temples under them for the purpose of re blending or de axing those who will not pass the screening. The Bendel North ZH and NCOE Chairman spoke on the same issue calling for sanctions on defaulters 
The NH presented his report which lord kosoko moved a motion to adopt the prayer and was seconded by lord Obafemi Awololwo. lord fashimeji2 spoke on temples and called for compliance and guidance to collect our PR failures outside. lord kosoko on the atrocities of lords and the effect of their nuisance. The NCOE chairman further highlighted the constitutional provision on zones and temples to clear the air on induction into lordship. The NH while addressing the foundation laying feet of Bendel North Zone donated N100, 000 on behalf of the NEXCO to support the zone. HE urged others to also own a place of their own soon
The committee that was earlier sent to interrogate the unruly head of ikpitan was read by a member. The NH later confirmed suspension for him and the temple while the zonal head was asked to set up the high-powered committee to investigate the temple. lord Sunny Ali queried the strong name of Esan ZH and the ZH cleared the air on it but NH asked him to search for proper meaning of the same name. lord Kwame Nkrumah suggested that the temple heads must report any lord who patronizes their jolly for the purpose of blending a ju.
lord Oliver Tambo thanked the NH for the cash donation in view of support of the ICT project to check infiltrations he bartered the immediate past NEXCO on the issue of temples he also called for more such meetings in time to come. Benin ZH also called for reorientation and guidelines to manage the temples temple aye wanted to know who places metal on the head of a blendee should we have a zonal and temple heads in a jolly. The National OC Legal was asked to educate him on this matter. 
On the issue of the headquarters and seceteriat, NH said that secetariat is different from headquarters and that the headquarters still remain in Benin while the secretariat can be anywhere. 
On the rainbow coalition, the NH said it is unconstitutional but good for administrative ease. He said he would investigate fully to find out their extent of collaboration with any other body on issues that concern the movement. 
Advising the house the NCOE chairman frowned on the issue of disrespect to elders emphasizing on the need to love ourselves and eschew hatred and political touting and violence. He also announced his appointment as SSA to the governor of Edo State on neighborhood watch and community security. He finally thanked the house for giving him the chance to serve.
Food was served but did not go round the NH showed visible anger and apologized on behalf of the region.
Motion was moved for adjournment by lord kabaka seconded by lord Thomas Sankara.
The NCP closed the IT with prayers at 5:01am.

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