Prince JJ dumps Vikings for NBM



A former member of the cult Princegroup, Supreme Vikings, Odinaka Adoga popularly known as Pince JJ is now a member of the Neo Black Movement (NBM).

Although Prince JJ who quit Vikings in 2009 did not give reasons for renouncing his membership of the Vikings Confraternity; he has threatened to enforce his fundamental human rights to freedom of association in court, if some members of the cult group does not stop the frequent harassment of his person since he took the decision to part ways with them.

In a letter of notification addressed to the Capone of the Supreme Vikings and signed by C.E. Okoye of the K.C. Ezeanyika and Co, Adoga called on the leader of the cult group to call his members to order, failing which he said he would be left with no other option but to seek redress in a court of law.

The letter of notification titled, “Re: Odinaka Junior Adoga: Formal Complaint Against the Incessant Disturbance from some of your members read in part, ” We are solicitors and our legal services have been engaged and retained by the above named person who has granted us his absolute legal authorization to communicate this notice to this fraternity. We all due respect, may we make all necessary references to him hereinunder as our client.

“It is our client’s full briefing that some members of your fraternity have been disturbing him incessantly; pestering his life and causing gross distractions to him. It is our client’s firm position that he does not wish to have any form of relationship with the fraternity and as such, would want his decision to be respected.

“Prior to this letter, our client had engaged our chambers who have taken adequate detailed official procedural steps which include but not limited to confronting the adequate federal government agency that is involved with the renunciation to lodge and register this complaint.

“It may interest you to know that our client has advanced greatly in the steps that he is taking in this direction.”

Prince JJ has done what is expected of a member of the civilized world for in chosing to engage the services of a law firm; he has demonstrated his love for civility and a peaceful means of resolving conflicts.

It is now expected that the Capone will do the needful by calling his boys to order. Prince JJ is not in a position to advise adults on the variant of organizations they should belong to. Yet, the expectation is that his choice of parting way with the Vikings and embracing NBM should be seen for what it is: The end of a romance and the begging of a new one. Whoever does not respect this is an enemy of peace who will not be spared the full wrath of the law.

Adoga has not and will not force anyone to join a group or association and must not be forced to do same. No man born of a woman has the liberty to disrupt the peace of another man. Prince JJ will enforce his rights by going the whole hog to guarantee his safety and peaceful living.

For K.C. Ezeanyika and Co, Barrister and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, the wheel of justice may grind slowly but the verdict is no respecter of persons. It is hope that henceforth, Prince JJ would be allowed the freedom and peace of mind he requires in his pursuit of legitimate business to earn a living.

One thought on “Prince JJ dumps Vikings for NBM

  1. You have to be with MEN that has vision, know what they live for, and know what they fight for. I did the same as well. I PROUD TO BE AN AXEMAN


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