Malaysia Zone Wahala

A Message from Lord Oba Akenzua II Dju Name OweezY To C.O.E Malaysia Zone.

Aye Axe Men, Are We Lords Touts? A Message To The C.O.E

It is very disgraceful that in the year 2012 when science and technology has taking over our daily lives and social community, a board of decision makers of an organization (C.O.E Malaysia Zone) will approve a candidate to lead their organization without any educational qualification as required by the constitution. So the C.O.E wants a head of an international zone that has a documented criminal record, a rebellious history, a movement betrayer who plotted with rebels to overthrow his own government even when he was the chairman of the government and again, a member of a very controversial and aimless group (Ofobi Group) who their activities and members are the same with that of our great movement headed by a power drunk member(Dju Name Biafra) who has refused to fellowship with this zone after his handover of power.

Is this a power transfer hijack? is the Ofobi Group trying to control our government by placing their member in our most crucial position? (Headship)? it baffles me how the C.O.E cleared a candidate over looking all these issues.

I have already drawn plans to work with the next government in the area of image re-branding and many others, are you saying when we have an appointment in the Nigeria embassy you want a 21st century illiterate to represent this great movement? When we have appointments with professors of African Studies/History from University of Malaysia and Nottingham, you will have us represented by a 21st century illiterate?

I must say i am very disappointed in dju name kester for declaring his endorsement for a candidate with such history, i use to think you were one of the orientated lords with positive ideas for this movement but after seeing your misdemeanor online supporting a candidate you know very well cannot represent you in any social literate gathering and you say you are a graduate, how will you make such a person lead you?

The first head of Malaysia Zone dju name fomzy has all educational requirements as requested by the constitution and even more so why will lords allow the 2nd head of the same zone to have None? is this going forward or going 7 times backward? without educational qualification you don’t even have the right to say you want to head, is this a spare parts meeting?

I don’t have a problem with anybody but the C.O E for approving a candidate without the required educational requirements by the constitution that governs this great movement or does the C.O.E has the power to overwrite our constitution?

For God sake how will such a candidate even come out in public to declare his intentions to become the head of an international zone that has so many intellectual bulldozers?

I have so many programs planned in which the next head Malaysia zone will have to make so many public appearances and press statements as we work together in creating a better image and social recognition for our great organization so who ever wants to be head must be intellectually and educationally ready to face the challenges.

For those lords who say it is not right to post a scanned copy of a certificate online most probably don’t really have one because if you really have one, you will be more than happy to provide it when ever asked because it is not easy to get one. All the details on your certificate is on your facebook account and even more, you can post your daily and party pictures online to millions of viewers and you think it is wrong to post a scanned copy of a certificate of achievement on our online forum that comprises of your fellow lords? Tout Talk.

I urge the chairman C.O.E Malaysia Zone to provide answers to these many unanswered questions because it will be the death of this zone if this great mistake is not rectified.

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn – Alvin Toffle

Lord Oba Akenzua II
Dju Name OweezY
Udi 05
Malaysia Zone

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2 thoughts on “Malaysia Zone Wahala

  1. One of the major aim of NBM is to fight against oppresssion of any kind, for Lord to come out here and call an Axeman like him an illiterate knowing so well that he is an aspirant should not be condoned nor emulated by another Axeman. It is not easy coming out as an aspirant for such position out of the battalions Egede men over there in Malaysia only two men are visibly interested for the office. The Writer being an Axeman should support his choice and not bash a fellow Axeman online.

    Jn Gift Appiah
    Axelord Nelson Mandela
    ZONE Kanta Ethiopia1
    Delta State Nigeria


    • My Lord Nelson Mandela,

      The point is the applicant is not qualified to be a member…. never mind the ZH.

      The writer does not use the term “illiterate” in terms of been able to read or write (I cannot testify to the subject’s ability or lack of) but in terms of understanding and intelligence.

      He is calling the subject a bumbling full who is not good for the movement.

      Kind Regards
      JN Uche


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