Malaysia No Be Edo

Lord Yakata Mohd pleeding for the minimum standards (regarding ZH elections) be lowered in the Malaysia Zone due to the shocking low quality of Lordy in that Zone.

Aye Axe Men!!!

The Census of Malaysia zone is over 250 registered lords, and an estimated 300 nonregistered lords. out of the 250 registered lords in Malaysia zone, it was just only 2candidates who were able to declare their intention to head this great non profit making Movement in Malaysia. What can we deduce from such interest without sentiment? ZEAL, LOVE AND DETERMINATION! etc. Aye my fellow lords, if in a population of 250 lords, just 2Aspirants were able to declare their intentions, will u constitutionally screen out the other 1 and elect just one Unopposed? Election is all about Challange, a fight without an opponent is never considered a fight.

National Bodies have their own opinion, Nigerian Zones has their own Guidelines, but one NBM. Majority of us are graduates from Nigeria, and we all know so well, that a Master degree holder will never consider Malaysia as a first choice to hussle, we all know that who ever have a Bsc with a promising job in Nigeria, will never consider Malaysia as a better alternative, we all came here with a single intention to hussle. i see Malaysia and other foreign countries, as a place to make up for your past failures back home in Nigeria, a fresh place for a new beginning. You will all agree with me that Nigeria Based Zones has the highiest number of Graduates as compared to other zones in Diaspora. As long as you will all agree with me that the mode of registration of lords into zones in Nigeria is very much different from the criteria for registering a lord in others zones in diaspora, therefore the criteria for electing an Axe Head in Malaysia Zone should be as well different from that of our zones in Nigeria, 

Our Nigerian Lord does not need an international passport with a valid visa to contest for the position of an head, we are the lords based in malaysia, and we know the fundamental needs of this country, in as much as we know that our certificate is not valid to be employed in any of the insitutions here in Malaysia, why do we need a teeth if it cant be used to chew and bite? we should look more into their sense of reasoning, their boldness, the content of their manifesto and above all the love, dedication and the zeal to move the zone to a greater height. i believe if am not mistaken, the basic reason why the National bodies included the certificate as a criteria to be elected as a head, was to make sure, that the aspirants was employed, therefore, he is not going to depend on/embezzle the NBM purse and to make sure that the lord can think critically. if we should reject a non graduate from being a member of Malaysia zone, just like our brother zones in Nigeria, where do we expect them to fellowship? we dont have temples, forums and neigbourhood here in Malaysia, we are all previledge to be in Malaysia alive, we still remember our temple mentality way back, where we see violence as our basic orientation to keep the movement at its apex position in your location, as a result so many lords has lost their lives and loads has lost their educational career fighting for this course. do you think we should neglect and reject or even denie a lord to the apex office of our zones in diaspora, who has layed down in educational career fighting for this great movement? do you know that over 90% of lords who sacrificed their certificate fighting for the movement in temples do travel abroad to make up for their loose? Korofo so kind, knowing their heart desire has blessed these lords in their endeavour wherever they are, and as a result they will want to come back to this great movement to be elected to the Apex office to practice their experience in life in such way to direct the movement away from violence, coz they ve seen the light in peace.

How do we define a Black lord? basic orientation define a lord as a graduate with a certificate from any higher institution of learning. and this means, an individual who is matured enough to take care of his responsibilities, an individual who does not depend on his family members or his parents for living. To this understanding, that was why during our transformation from a forum to a zone, every Axe Man in Malaysia were declared an Axe Lord.

I will want every lord to read and quote me without sentiment on tribalism nor finacial interest. 21st century Illetrate? a 21st century illetrate is not the individual without a certificate, rather, the individual, who have lived in this world for years, the individual, who has been through the four walls of the university, without the school going through them and this means, an individual who cannot read for Knowledge and think critically. Have you ever heared of the word ” EDUCATED ILLITRATE” this is what the 21st century illetrate is means.

These lords has faced challenges and insults as an aspirants, and non still havent stepped down nor backed out of the race, i see love for the movement, tolerance and the zeal to move the zone forward. do you think, we should open up the election gates for those lords, who personally screened themselves out without putting up a fight? the strong names we call ourselves today, where those men, who fought for what seemed impossible. This present regime, has faced alot of challenges and was able to rule for 3 good years. if you cant stand strong and firm at the beginning, you will never stand the test of time.

PLS NOTE: NBM Malaysia Zone is not disrespecting the Constitution nor the criteria, in a situation whereby we have more than 8 to 10 aspirants, then the criteria and the National constitution can fully be flexed. But in this situation where the Aspirants are technically 2. the constitution can be “bent” for election to hold. Just like same way we have cut off marks for Jamb, if the number of candidates required cannot meet up with the cut off mark, it will be reduced, before u will be allowed to write the post jamb. this same case applies to us in Malaysia Zone.

From all i have written so far, i will suggest, that these aspirant should go about their campaign, campaign with whatever you have, it is an advantage. All lord of Malaysia Zone, have their own criteria of voting, as our names and faces are different, so also, are our intentions and dreams. therefore the mandate should be left for the zonal lords to decide. if a lord is going to vote because of the certificate, its his right, if he is going to vote because of the finance, its also his right, and if he is going to vote because of personal relationship or tribal benefit, let them decide, you shouldnt force others to agree with your interest.

Morealso, regarding the Vote, to elect an Axe Head by the COE, i already, can tell the result, because there is division in the COE, both Aspirants are members of the ZCOE. We cannot endorse a head, based on their interest, the regime will handover soon, and the COE will be gone, the newly elected HEAD, is going to lead Zonal lords and not the past COE. Therefore the mandate should be left for Zonal Lords.

In Summary, all am trying to say, is that, the National Constitution for the election of lords into diverse offices, cannot be fully flexed in our Zones in Diaspora, we do have a fundamental constitution which provides that, all eligible aspirant, must be;

A registered member of the zone for atleast 1yr.
A documented legal Immigrant
A non Wanted Lord by the Malaysian Govt….etc. 

We are the lords living here, and we know whats best for us. I lord Yakata Mohammed, blended 2002 KEHT, graduated year 2006 from the department of Biochemistry, Delta State University Abraka, is eligible, but its not my wish for the mean time, therefore, i will never support the motion to kill the dreams of lords who have the love to move the zone forward. 

Aye Axe Men!!!

Dju Name Alhajis
Lord Yakata Mohd.
KEHT ’02
Malaysia Zone

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