Two of the NBM’s ‘Temple Ayes’ have been killed at KBHT.

A ‘Temple Aye’ is an NBM member prior to graduation who has been inducted into the NBM while at university.

KBHT = Kanem Borno High Temple

Kanem Borno High Temple = Auchi Polytechnic.

It’s notable the very existence of both Temple Ayes and KBHT is highly illegal in Nigeria. Every singe NBM member (unquestionable the full 100%) knowingly lie and cover up the existence of the NBM’s presence in the university system in order to retain the NBM’s fragile, teetering and fabricated legitimacy.

Any who. What happened to these two TA’s that resulted in their deaths?

It was two separate incidents.

The first incident was at an NBM jolly (party) in the bush. A member wandered off from the jolly briefly and upon returning was mistakenly shot by the Temple’s Marshall (Butcher). Presumably quickly buried there in the bush and becoming this weeks guy at school who vanishes.

The second incident. The former Head of KBHT was poisoned. He reportedly had been playing around with a girl working for another cult. Who had him murdered.

The hard reality of life in the gruesome world as a cultist.

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