The NBM are NOT the Black Axe

Check this out….

The NBM posted yesterday (7/7) a YouTube clip from channel: ABN TV a video which narrates a message from the NBM about the misunderstandings spread by what they call “stinking jews” (30 seconds).

The misunderstanding they say been that the NBM are the Black Axe.

Here’s the video:

Of course the naming issue has been discussed on this site many many times and anyone regularly reading here should be well versed on the real facts of the situation.

In short: There is no group called the “Black Axe”.

The NBM when it was founded were briefly called “The Black Axe Movement” and had a campus publication entitled “The Black Axe Magazine”.

The group’s name changed soon to: NBM

And the publication changed to ‘Black Uhuru’ and then later to simply ‘Uhuru’.

However the name “Black Axe” stuck in the public mind and it is what they are called 98% of the time in the press.

In the video the presenter claims (and this an official NBM narrative) that the NBM existed first and the “Black Axe” was a renegade offshoot. This you may think is difficult to actually prove.

This critical fallacy of major proportions can today be resolved thanks to the latest NBM image laundering initiate. That can be shown to have a major flaw.

The presenter claims (and this was today backed up on the official NBM website and social media) that the below logo is the original and the only logo of the NBM:

and the NBM states that the offshoot renegades altered the logo…. removed ‘NBM’… and attached ‘AYE’:

It could be the case right? it sounds believable yes?

It sounds it… but if you have a pair of eyes something might not sit right in your mind when you look at the logos.

I don’t think you have to be the Nigerian equivalent of Columbo to be able to see it.

Let’s just remind ourselves what the NBM are now saying:

  1. The NBM were formed in 1977
  2. Some time later the Black Axe hijacked their logo and altered it (replacing ‘NBM with ‘AYE’)


Not true.

Maybe a little weak with my rebuttal there.


Let’s forget we have mountains of evidence such as their own admittance in private they are the organisation commonly known as the Black Axe. We’ll also forget all the evidence that when they say they removed themselves from campus when they never actually did.

Lets just look at the logos.

But first let me show you something:

It’s an alien spaceship hovering over what looks to be western or central Europe.

Do you think it’s real? Whatever you think doesn’t really matter.

Do you have any evidence that it is not real?


Various tools are available that allow us to forensically examine images using such techniques such as image noise analysis. Plus various other techniques that uncover photographic fakery and enable us to build up evidence against a story that is been attributed to an image.

Lets look at what the UFO image looks like when analyzed:

Above the image has been subject to ‘Noise Analysis’. The results for an authentic and genuine photo should show a homogeneous image. Anything that has been added will return results like the above.

The flying saucer and the paraglider above it are both showing to be added.

We can say the photo is faked without any doubt.

What happens when we do the same to the NBM’s logo?

Lets see….

It’s the same result as the UFO image in one part of the image….. the “NBM” letters.

How if the NBM created their logo first and the Black Axe altered it does the analysis show that in fact the letters ‘NBM’ have been added to what they claim is the Black Axe’s logo?

Na so e b clear

Here are the facts of the matter once and for all:

  1. The NBM were formed in 1977 (on the 7th July)
  2. The NBM had a logo that displayed ‘AYE’ at the bottom
  3. The NBM rebrand themselves as not murderers by replacing the ‘AYE’ with ‘NBM’
  4. They tell you that they always had ‘NBM’ at the bottom
  5. Uche prove them wrong

The NBM are the biggest group of liars on the whole planet.

They never removed themselves from the university campuses and are killing people almost daily.

They are a menace, a mafia, a murderdous gang of thugs. Liars, cheaters and thieves.

They are the murderous organisation that people call the Black Axe.

Image from the official NBM facebook page… the logo contains ‘AYE’
Image from the official NBM facebook page… the logo contains ‘AYE’

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