7/7 – How I Almost Died During The Ojota Cults Clash Today!

Source: https://www.nairaland.com/6639609/7-7-how-almost-died

Good evening my fellow nairalanders,

I hope you guys are safe and sound wherever you are?
Please let’s continue to be watchful.

Today, I saw death with my naked eyes.

It all started around some minutes after 4 when we heard gunshots fired into the air. I was at work at that moment and we had to stop everything we were doing and move out immediately. Though before today, we were warned that there will be cults clash in Ojota on the 7th of July because that day was known to be the aiye confraternity day.

My boss volunteered to take us home in his car and drop us at the nearest stop to our house. On our way, the atmosphere was tensed and everyone was running helter skelter. We could hear sporadic shootings Faraway. When my boss dropped us at our nearest bustop, I amd my colleague took a bike going to our street. On our way down the street, a police bus hit our bike so hard that we fell to theground. They shot at us but we had gotten to the ground before the bullets could get to us. My colleague was badly injured but I wasn’t. Though I was the must vulnerable because I was sitting behind him.

They pursued us thinking we were cult members. Omo come and see race … I never know I could run so fast. I threw away my phone and bag… I later went back to carry it after they left. Thank God for life.

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