List of NBM of Africa’s National Conventions

Not sure how they came up with the numbering but this is how the NBM see it:

(Edit… of course the dates have been fiddled with so that 1st convention held could be called the 7th)

1st 1977-79

2nd nil. 1980

3rd nil. 1981

4th. nil. 1982

5th. nil. 1983

6th. nil. 1984

7th Austin. E. :Abaka, Delta. 1985

8th Austin. E. :Benin, Edo 1986

9th nil. 1987

10th nil. 1988

11th G. Ogbeide :Benin, Edo. 1989

12th G. Ogbeide :Benin, Edo. 1990

13th G. Ogbeide :Benin, Edo. 1991

14th N. Imhodagbe :Benin, Edo. 1992

15th N. Imhodagbe :Benin, Edo. 1993

16th R. Okogua :Benin, Edo. 1994

17th R. Okogua :Benin, Edo. 1995

18th R. Okogua :Benin, Edo. 1996

19th P. Ogbome :Benin, Edo. 1997

20th J. Onobo. :Ibadan, Oyo. 1998

21th J. Onobo :Benin, Edo. 1999

22th J. Onobo :Benin, Edo. 2000

23th J. Onobo :Benin, Edo. 2001

24th J. Onobo :Sapele, Edo. 2002

25th J. Onobo :Lagos State. 2003

26th D. Akhilele :Asaba Delta. 2004

27th D. Akhilele :Lagos State. 2005

28th Dr. Mayor :Aba Abia. 2006

29th Dr. Mayor. :Lokoja, Kogi. 2007

30th Dr. Mayor :Ibadan, Oyo. 2008

31st Dr. Mayor :Warri, Delta. 2009

32nd Bar. Isimeme :Benin, Edo. 2010

33rd Bar. Isimeme :Uyo, Akwa Ibom. 2011

34th Bar. Isimeme :Auchi, Edo. 2012

35th Bemigho Eyeoyibo :Ijebu Ode, Ogun. 2013

36th Bemigho Eyeoyibo :Umoku, Rivers. 2014

37th Bemigho Eyeoyibo :Lekki, Lagos. 2015

38th Bemigho Eyeoyibo :Warri, Delta. 2016

39th Felix Kupa :Esuk Utan, Calabar 2017

40th Felix Kupa :Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State 2018

41st Felix Kupa :Abuja, Abuja State 2019


42nd Felix Kupa :Asaba, Delta State. 2021

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