Felix Kupa – Mafia Manifesto

The former NH’s manifesto prior to been elected. He called for the NBM to “Engage in Worldwide Image Laundering”.


Aye! Axe-men, the days of Suru-egede and dancing Egwu….muo..oo in the dark has passed. Our Movement has come of age and has seen the light of day. I must appreciate and commend Axe-men world all over who has stood firm over the years investing their time and resources towards the growth and advancement of our great Movement. I doff my hat for our heroes past and present, may Korofo continue to bless us all.
The turmoil and sacrifice of our heroes past and present must not be thrown to the wind, we must guard jealously the time and resources we have invested into this movement.
Once again, the time has come for us to elect new crop of leaders to pilot the affairs of our great Movement. We must eschew all sentiments and be very critical in our decision. We must look into the antecedents of every individual from temple days, zonal level and the present. What is their history, can we really trust them?
The movement has suffered a lot of criticism emanating from individual carelessness and negligence, hence this time around we must cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s.
Aye Axe-man, I lord Mokiti Mozuzu, hereby offer myself to you for scrutiny and questioning, as a candidate for the office of the National Head of NBM of Africa, Worldwide.
I am a graduate of Electrical / Electronics Engineering, Masters Degree in Business Management and Ex-Officio, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, Delta State Chapter. As a magnate in the oil and gas sector, I stand tall to tell you that my business is doing great.
I have served the movement in various capacity ranging from zonal batcher, zonal head, and NCOE member. Over the years I have worked with different leaders of our great movement and it has being a success story.
My decision to serve as the National Head of our great movement was borne out of my desire to take our movement to greater height and also put a stop to some of the problems that threatens the existence of our movement both at home and in the Diasporas.
Some of my priorities will be as listed below;
1. Formatting and Resetting of Our Internal System – There must be a change of attitude, life style and social behaviour of some of our members. The careless attitude of some our members in the past has led to serious security harassment.
2. Ensure Security of Axe-men Worldwide – The Movement cannot keep up with the incessant arrest and harassment of our members both at home and the in the Diasporas. For this reason I and my team will ensure the last court judge executed to the letter. Also, we will make all law enforcement agents understand that NBM of Africa does not condole or support any act of criminality and for this reason all Axe-men world all over must learn to separate the Movement from any form of illegal business.
3. Engage in Worldwide Image Laundering and Rebranding of Our Movement – The name of this Movement has been tainted by a lot of  no do well rival groups and disgruntled elements through blasphemous reports in both the electronic media and newspapers reports.
I and my team will ensure that the world get a better understanding of NBM of Africa as a Pan-Africanist organisation and nothing else. We will engage in programmes and conventions were representatives from government agencies, media houses, civil right societies,  emissaries from foreign embassies (America, Europe and Asia) in Nigeria will be invited to come and learn the truth about the African story.
4. Give Every Axe-man Value for His Time and Resources – The confidence of those that has devoted their time and resources to the growth of this Movement must be restored. Our projects, activities and programmes will be design to reflect the true aspiration and desires of every devoted Axe-man.
5. Transparency at All Levels – Doubts has been one of the greatest enemy of our Movement. A bulk of our members silently lives in doubt, not understanding the true state of affairs in the Movement. This doubt has kept some of our active members inactive. I and my team will make it a point of duty to keep every Axe-man abreast of all NBM dealings and transactions.
6. Uphold the Aims and Objectives of Our Existence – Though, the path to Uhuru might be thorny, Uhuru must remain our destination. NBM of Africa must at all time stand against all vices of Child Slavery, Modern Slavery and all forms of Mental and Emotional Slavery against the black race.
7. Live in an Environment of Tranquility – NBM of Africa must live to impact on our immediate host communities as a peace loving organisation, thereby reposing the confidence of the citizenries on who we are and on our activities.
8. Empowerment of Members – As an entrepreneur, I understand the powers of the capitalist and the terms of capitalism. Therefore my team will set up schemes that will set all members on solid financial base through establishment Cooperative Society in all zones worldwide. These Cooperative Societies will be saddled with the responsibility of funding and giving professional advice for Small Scale Business owned by Axe-men globally.
Aye! Axe-men, I am not going to bore you with so many talks, because I personally believe in talking less and doing much. Therefore, I want you to see me through my works and just too many talks.
I implore Axe-men world all over to join hands with me and my team and lets move NBM of Africa to the next level.
Stand for Lord Mokiti Mozozu as NBM of Africa next National Head.
Yes, We Can!!!
Thanks for being there for me.

Yours in Service,
Lord Mokiti Mozozu,
Delta Zone

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