Anthony Orukoya – Mafia Manifesto

The man? The little weasel Anthony Orukoya. A highly problematic individual depending on your politics.


NAME: Anthony Orukoya  LLB, LLM, PHD (Albert Luthuli D’ Great)

PROFESSION: Solicitor and Advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria


Ø  Notary Public of the supreme court of Nigeria as well as an arbitrator of the United Kingdom.

Ø  Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Administrators Nigeria

Ø  Temple
As a temple head, young as I was then and at that point when FJ need a leadership that will instill discipline that will showcase every Axeman and encourage them to live by example, Luthuli came on board as Head and ensured all Axemen understood how exemplary their lives and conduct should be portrayed before themselves and other non-members;

Ø  Zone/National

As a National OC Legal I have stood up to be counted on a range of issues amongst which includes: setting up a national legal committee; facilitating legal workshops amongst OC legal worldwide; reviewing the constitution by acting as a Chairman and Liaison Officer between all Stakeholders ;

Ø  As National OC legal, I also led the legal team who saw to the release of our law abiding brothers who were unlawfully detained. Under the leadership of the current WWNH, I championed the legal battle against the Nigeria Police and other concerned groups to see that NBM got a high court declaration as a legitimate group with a right to assemble and carry out its activities legally without any harassment or resistance by any law enforcement agent or groups whatsoever.

Ø  These and many more I have done as National OC Legal. I have travelled far and wide across the globe on NBM matters, delivering talks in Zones, Regions and facilitating cooperation in among Zones, with a view of building national consensus for our policy matters;

Ø  The court judgment we recently achieved is a credit to this administration and to a very large e extent it has given us credibility and I share in that glory as the National OC Legal who prepared, filed and pursued the case vigorously in court, with the requisite support of the leadership of this administration.


I shall strive to give credibility to the Movement by doing what we claim we are i.e. fight for the masses globally starting from Nigeria so that people will see us as a human rights group – a voice for the voiceless and an advocate of the oppressed. We must stand on the side of the people and use our numerical strength to peacefully compel the government to be more responsible to the citizenry. – be that through becoming objective election observers, holding governments at local and national levels accountable and commenting on issues of national interest.


My conviction to serve as the National Head of NBM is guided by my personal perception of the Movement and our society at large. A perception developed from the following: personal experiences; feedbacks; yearnings from brothers worldwide; assertion from stakeholders(within & outside the movement) and the society at large. The principles and ideals of our beloved Movement were formed on the premise of Equality and Social Justice. An ideology we will continue to seek and continuously strive to achieve.  Unfortunately, acts of some few disoriented members usually put all glorious members in a state of disdain and our collective image slurred in the process. This is a problem that MUST be addressed as a matter of urgency and priority.

The Movement (NBM) that was founded on social justice, should rise and fight for the poor masses of our great country. We must stand to be counted, we must redeem the Movement and we must rescue our country from the hands of political merchants who are milking our country dry.  We (Neo Black Men) must be seen as a tool for social change cum re-engineering of our ailing country, so that we can take our pride of place in the global community. Together we shall achieve this. I am aware that we all dream of a Movement that will bring succour to the masses and be our collective PRIDE.  Ayes! We must not only dream the dream but act to see the dream come to fruition.

I call on all progressives to join as we act the dream!

Yours in the struggle,
Albert Luthuli D’ Great (Masaka D’ Great).


THE THRUST OF my manifesto is centered on improving and consolidating on our efforts since the creation of our glorious movement most especially the success of the previous administrations and building new frontiers as follows:

Ø  I shall create Financial Independence for the Movement that would lessen financial burden on individual members – this will ensure the Movement’s independence is not taken for granted;

Ø  I shall establish a Business Enterprise for NBM to fund its major activities; the enterprise will have zones as shareholders. It shall be managed by a team of professionals and be independent of the management of the National body, but would be audited regularly by the NATEXCO. Profit would be declared quarterly and shared by the Zones who are shareholders. Zones would use their share of profit to grow their Zones through various programmes that would be proposed and debated by various Zones;

Ø  I intend establishing through collective efforts, Skill Acquisition Centers (SAC) to train and empower our young members and make them more responsible members of society. We shall collaborate with various Agencies of Government on this. This would assist in taking our young members out of streets and reshape their characters for the benefit of the Movement and the Nation;

Ø  I will work towards making NBM become an organization of objective election observers in Nigeria and the rest of Africa;

Ø  My leadership will invest time and resources on building discipline and security of members;

Ø  The National Executive under my leadership shall build unity among members and create a synergy between the old and new generations of members in order to regularly chart a new course for the Movement;

Ø  My leadership will establish National Committees on Sectors basis to tap into various opportunities that will be beneficial to members. Membership will cut across young and old, which shall also include active participation of members in diaspora;

Ø  I shall continually improve on our voting system that will ensure that votes of individual from various zones count during our elections;

I pledge to build on this foundation and to work with all across the movement to take us on to UHURU. If we reach for the stars, we may not get there but we definitely will not come up with a handful .

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