Kunle Akerele – Mafia Manifesto

GREETINGS TO ALL MY LORDS: I seek to serve the Movement as National Head.

About Me:

Name: Kunle Akerele

LD Ngugi Wa’Thiongo

Ogunpa ’90

former Head: Abuja Zone

former National Ihaza

former Nominated member NCOE

National Award Recipient of NBM

Zonal Award Recipient


·        Why is indiscipline rampant in the Movement?

·        Why are we not moving to national limelight?

·        Why are we not playing more positive role in our society?

·        Why are we not pursuing a clear-cut national objective?

·        Why don’t we know all our members?

·        Why are some members not identifying?

·        Why are we not harnessing our potentials?

·        Why are we being used and dumped by the Political class?


I promise to give the Movement a honest and purposeful leadership that will make it the envy of all. In pursuit of this I will strengthen the existing structures in the Movement and work with the NCOE to create a system that will forever throw up our best materials for our leadership position. To achieve this:

Ø we shall further aggregate ideas to come up with an Amended Constitution that will fill lapses that we have observed in the operation of this exiting constitution;

Ø We shall in addition to this create a Financial Regulations for the Movement that will guide our financial operations.

Ø We shall embark on population census of our members with a view of creating a data base that other successive administration will grow on it;

Ø We shall create a machine readable computerize Identity Card that will be carried by authentic and loyal members;

Moreso, the following groups will be created to pursue some specific objectives:

Ø We shall establish NBM Business Group- This Group will constantly identify business opportunities and modalities for financing for NBM Members and serve as an advisory body for young NBM entrepreneurs;

Ø We shall establish NBM Information and Propaganda Group – This Group shall educate the up coming members and public on the activities of the Movement and shall project our organization in good light, they will grant interviews and make newspaper publications;

Ø We shall establish a Group that will pursue the idea of Reparation – This Group shall work assiduously with other existing international organization that is pursuing the idea of reparation for African countries that suffers from the effect of slave trade and slavery, this will include contemporary issues on brain drain;

Ø We shall establish NBM Political Contact Group – This Group shall  negotiate with Political Parties and groups that requires our support with a view of deriving maximum benefit for the Movement;

Ø We shall establish Youth Building and Empowerment Group – This group will work on the youths with a view of ensuring that they have vocational training, the aim is to reduce the incidence of unemployment in the society;

Ø We shall establish NBM Professional Contact Group- This will comprise of various professionals within the Movement that will work with the professionals in the larger society, so that members can derive maximum benefits from their membership of various professional bodies and also work with other professionals that are pursuing humanitarian work;

Ø We shall establish NBM Pan Africanism and Ideological Group- Please note that the oldest civilization known in the Americas was the Olmec, and it was of Black Africoid origin and flourished over a 5000 years period.   This civilization existed in the Americas before the arrival of the red Indians, this Group will identify most of these historical facts that abound and propagate them for the purpose of education and to ensure we instill pride in black race; and

Ø NBM Human Right Group- This Group will ensure that will take up cases of basic abuse of human rights and bring them to public fore, as well as working with other human rights groups in the larger society.

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us.

What we have done for others and the world remains and


Akinkunle Akerele

Abuja, Nigeria


Appears to have died about 5 weeks ago.

With Sadness in our hearts but total submission to the will of God, we announce the death of a great leader, father and friend, Deacon Kunle Akerele (Baba K), which unfortunate event took place on 17th May 2021. He died in his sleep.He was the pioneer President of NBM Abuja Chapter and a former National Treasurer of NBM. Until his death, he was a Director in NAPTIN (National Power Training Institute) under the Federal Ministry of Power.This is a huge blow to the movement as Mr Kunle has impacted quality leadership on countless members. The movement is once again plunged into mourning at this time. We pray the Almighty grant his wonderful soul eternal rest.

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