Austria Zone – Ini Wahala

Head of the NL Zone grassing up the Austria Head.

Aye my National Head,

Aye my National Chair,

  This is to draw your attention to the shortcomings in the forthcoming initiation in Austria. Some of the ITJs lined up for initiation did not meet up with the minimum eduacational requirements of OND. If the constitution allows us to only inititiate graduates and matriculated students as Ayes I strongly believe that no zone has the right to breach this pre-requisite.

  Attempts to draw the attention of the Austria ZH to this is being turned into a personal issue. The Region agreed that since regional blending will be diffiucult in the region for security reasons, any zone that is intending to blend is obliged to buying the tickets for all the Heads in the region to ensure that the initiates are properly screened.

 Among some of the factors that the region also considered before any initiation ceremony is the legal status of the ITJs and nothing was received to this effect.

 If you will recall, the last application for initiation that was made on behalf of Spanish Zone was granted but the initiation did not take place because of the transparency in the screening processes.

 I am therefore asking that you do everything wethin you power to ensure that this inititiation meets the standard requirement for initition into the Neo Black Movement of Africa and provided by our constitution.

 May your metals ever remain sharp.

Mangosuthu Buthelezi

Rocky Olota ’95

Head Netherland Zone

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