Abdulkareem Ikharo – Mafia Manifesto

I like these… Can get a good view of the person’s perspective of the organisation and it’s problems.

In Abdulkareem’s case he’s worried about: image, image, image.

“Addressing our present problem of identity… regarding our Image and identity of being a Secret Cult”

“Improvement on publicity both in the print and electronic media for image laundering and showcasing the activities of the Movement to the larger society”

Isn’t that what NBM147Watch is for old boy?

Aye Axemen !

The problems of the Movement can only be solved by a Head that has the understanding of the problems, passionate about the Movement, must have the time, the energy, the experience; self discipline, must be honest, current with NBM activities and above all the fear of God at heart. The individual must be ready to stay clear of politics or political party activities which today are the biggest distractions that have stalled the initially well outlined mission of the present regime.

a) I have remained actively and consistently involved in NBM activities for the past twenty years, at the Temple, Zonal and National executive bodies of the Movement.

b) The nature of my job makes it very possible and convenient for me to address and tackle the daunting task ahead since I can respond immediately to emergency situations when such occasion arises.

c) My already established cordial relationship with virtually all our  Zones and members of the NCOE is of essence.

d)My over 5 years as an axe man in the North and another 15 in the South couple with my multi lingual advantage ( Yoruba, Hausa , Edo  and a decent ibo languages) will be useful to me .

e) My records as a former Temple COE Chairman, Temple Head, Zonal Butcher, Zonal Head, National Butcher and the present National Chief Priest are there for all to see.

f) If NBM is a social cultural Organization, my experience as a Curator with the National Commissions for the Museums and Monuments shall be of advantage in an effort to actualize this pivot aim.


1) Sensitization and holistic execution of our failed recertification exercise and a proactive review of blending into the Movement.

2) Addressing our present problem of identity with special attention to some our abandoned cases in various courts regarding our Image and identity of being a Secret Cult.

3) Hire the services of experienced Constitutional lawyer to draft a proper and befitting constitution that will no longer suffer the present unnecessary and unfortunate manipulations, changes and reviews we have experienced in the past years.

4) Reduction in the present annual and Convention dues being paid by the Zones with a view to reactivate our dying zones and putting an end to the over dependence of the National body on Zones for funds.

5) Setting up a database for plans that include empowerment of members, census, information dissemination etc.

6) A proactive approach to bridge the present gab between Temples and Zones and encouraging scholarship schemes for Ayes like the ongoing Lord W.E. Du Bois Scholarship Scheme.

7) Addressing the present indiscipline, lost of values and ideals of the Movement and unbridled lack of respect for Constituted authorities in the Movement

8) Networking and Connectivity with other NGOs, socio cultural organizations and governmental bodies like the South African Govt.

9) Improvement on publicity both in the print and electronic media for image laundering and showcasing the activities of the Movement to the larger society.

10) Work very hard to commence the actualization of putting up a befitting National Secretariat.

11) Setting up of workable Committees especially on Political Matters, Disciplinary measures, Finance, Welfare, Publicity and Legal Matters that will advice and assist the National Executive in these various areas.

12) We shall sustain and even improve on the major projects of this present regime like the Uhuru Foundation and Cooperative Societies in all the Zones given the immense growth it will bring to the Movement.

I seek your support and mandate not particularly to lead you my brothers and soldiers in the struggle, but to serve you the way services are truly rendered.

May Korofo, the ever merciful continue to have mercy on us.

Abdulkareem Ikharo

Lord Fayinka.

National Chief Priest. Damisa 1991.

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